• Magenta, if Divine Princess Aurora is the collective consciousness of the starseeds who is Queen Sophia her Mother? Is there an entity that encompasses all humanity on Earth not just starseeds?

    Queen Sophia is the feminine counterpart of source itself (so the consciousness of all awareness and consciousness structures embodied within the feminine polarity.)
    There is no one single entity embodying all humanity on Earth save for that which you may refer to as 'logos'. Third dimensional humanity is polarised therefore there will be at least two entities emboding humanity on Earth (Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self). Yet when one looks at full unification of all humanity (and one sees the fifth dimension here which is your future if you are third dimensional and your present if you are fifth dimnensional) one would always see the Divine Princess Aurora as your now moment collective energy is feminine. The male counterpart to this would be Arch Angel Michael. These "Twin Flame" masters are known by many names. Queen Guinevere and King Arthur and Mary Magdalene and Jeshua Christ being the most widely known.
    The many entities that are birthed by your thoughts as humanity hold many different frequencies or mass. There are those who last for just moments and then dissipate due to lack of cohesion within the mind of said individual or group upon Earth. There are those who hold such infinite unification that they exist without needing a cohesive thought from activated humanity for they are pure cohesion of thought in and of themselves.
    As each starseed awakens and becomes cohesive in their thought structure they add 'weight' or 'mass' to the entity you refer to, the feminine logos that is the Divine Princess Aurora, Guinevere or Mary Magdalene. This is a geometric structure of light known also as 'The Magdalene' or 'The Mag-Da-Len.' This energetic is represented as 'The Grand Cosmic Merkabah' and as you 'Go Galactic' the cohesion of thought from those you know as 'Extra Terrestrial' within the positive polarisation join with your cohesive thought to create these entities or structures as 'Galactic Grids of Light', of which you are able to access and download and enter the initiations of true remembrance known also as DNA reconstruction and full crystalline, cellular memory recall.

    We are the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine.
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  • "Age of Cyborg Overlords: The Extraterrestrial and A.I. Cosmic War" https://youtu.be/Rq7EQ9oblzg
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  • A New eBook! The Temples of Malta are rare jewels in the crown of Earth's finest treasures. There are more than fifty prehistoric temples on the islands. #sacredsymbolcards In 2011, Christine Aloisio received information/insights about the geometric symbols of the sacred temples of Malta and Gozo together with a message for each temple. These were printed in a set of Sacred Symbol cards, and now, they are replaced by this eBook format to be accessible worldwide. In this eBook edition there are new sacred symbols of temples that were not in the original set of cards like Mosta, Mistra, Kordin III, Filfla & Alabaster Temple on Malta, and Ta’ Cenc, Ta’ Verna & San Dimitri on Gozo.
    Together with The Cosmic Perspective to the Maltese Temples, this Sacred Symbols eBook is a ‘must’ on your journey of discovering and understanding the Mystic and Mysterious Temples of Malta and Gozo. (It is also available in PDF format from the author). The Sacred Symbols are a tool used to raise our state of consciousness to a new frequency and to the next dimension. Links for the eBook:
    *Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/959065
    *Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sacred-symbols-the-geometric-language-of-the-temples-of-malta
    *Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Y3XSH7W
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  • Dear Ones, Tomorrow we have a #SuperNewMooninVirgo (August 30th, 2019 at 10:37 am UTC--scroll down for US & UK times!) This is a particularly powerful #SuperNewMoon, because this is the closest Super New Moon of the year! Many of you are already feeling the energies & frequencies of this New Moon portal that opened yesterday!

    We have an amazing amount of #Earthenergy going on: the Moon is in Virgo, so are the Sun, Mercury, Venus, & Mars (the personal planets, does that give you a hint on how/why you are feeling about now?)

    Add to that, Saturn & Pluto are in Capricorn, Uranus is in Taurus, & the New Moon & the Sun, Mercury, Venus, & Mars are ALL trine to Uranus! With all this Earth energy going on, so much of it in Virgo, of course there is a sense of practicality & a great desire to HELP the EARTH. & Gaia so needs all of our help right now!

    We also have tremendous cosmic support for Change & Adaptability right now: 7 planets are in mutable signs: the 5 that are in Virgo, Jupiter is in Sagittarius (mutable fire) & Neptune is in Pisces (mutable water.)

    Beloveds, with all these planets in Virgo, there can be a real narrowing down of focus. You~~ as an individual~~ as well as you with any groups you’re involved with~~ can really use this energy to focus on HOW you can help our #PachaMama best during this powerful time to help Mother Earth! Whether in individual action, a group project, or ritual celebration with your community or tribe, or ALL of those~~let us truly honor the Earth & give gratitude for the abundance & sustenance she gives us.

    For USA friends:
    the New Moon will be exact at 6:37 am Eastern, 5:37 am Central, 4:37 am Mountain, & 3:37 am Pacific times

    for friends in (the European) UK time 11:37 am BT

    Those of you who wish to join the monthly #NewMoonMassMeditation, it happens Friday at 2:45 PM UTC.

    This the time #WeLoveMassMeditation found that the most people around the world can join in & put intention together!

    For USA friends this is:
    10:43 am Eastern time, 9:45 am Central, 8:45 am Mountain & 7:45 am Pacific

    For London friends this is 3:45 pm

    Here’s the link to the guided audio in English:

    & the link to the guided audio playlist for this meditation in 11 languages:

    If you don't see the times of the exact New Moon in your zone or the New Moon Mass Meditation, please check here:

    My dear Hearts, we’ve been being blasted with intense higher dimensional frequencies of Light that are exposing many lower resonating energies that are still active.
    So microcosm (individuals) to macrocosm (countries, national & international politics, storms & fires affecting Mother Earth) issues are re-surfacing. There are so many obsolete energies that need to be cleared!

    Hang in there~~ as this clearing occurs, you might find some past life trauma or disease manifesting physically or emotionally.

    B-R-E-A-T-H-E. REST. #MEDITATE. Let. it. GO.

    Mother Earth is going through a lot of changes & clearing.
    For those of you who wish to join in with the #EmergencyMeditations to help calm conflicts, the fires & #helphealMotherEarth, please do check the most recent #WeLoveMassMeditationblog post & active meditations page!
    This last post also shares about the upcoming #ALL1UNIONMassmeditation on September 1st & a very exciting announcement: the official launch of the #WeLoveFirstContactblog!


    #HappyNewMooninVirgo dear #LightFamily!
    Sending you all SO much LOVE & LIGHT!

    Zeeva Amrita
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  • I've noticed something interesting lately through my desire to remember my MILAB experiences while also trying to reaffirm my spiritual practice through witchcraft. There are so many instances where a healer or psychic or medium will mention the idea of soul retrieval (a concept referring to the rediscovery/reconnection with parts of the soul that have separated from the main soul body during serious traumatic events) specifically in relation to past lives.

    This has recently come up very frequently for me, and it's become a sort of threaded connection I've been playing around with. During an episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode described the process of preparing individuals for the end of their service, which included a sort of de-aging where the individual's physical body was age regressed back to its original state just prior to the MILAB abduction. Once they're put back into their original timeline, that individual essentially lives those years twice. I was taken around the age of 7, and assuming my service was for 15-20 years, my physical body will be reliving its own lifespan until I'm between 22-27 (which lines up with the time frame for my memories beginning to resurface).

    I don't think it's at all irrational to believe that the trauma involved with participating in this program (unwillingly for me, as an astral operator) would cause a fracture in the energetic/soul body, which might not immediately return, either on its own or after being sought out. But this leaves an interesting notion with how the metaphysical community might be interacting with this phenomenon without really realizing what they're dealing with. I've only ever heard soul retrieval used in relation to past life trauma (unless it was explicitly for a trauma that an individual remembered as part of their normal lifespan), so it would be likely that those years people spend in MILAB, due to the process involved with blankslating, would in fact seem or feel like their own past life.

    I suppose this realization came to me in a moment of frustration, when I recently within the last few weeks went to a local metaphysical shop to inquire about soul retrieval. The woman I spoke to insisted that it was almost always in relation to past lives, which didn't exactly fit for me because I know for sure that my MILAB experiences were far more horrific than my last few past lives (the most recent of which had me as an orphaned boy whose later wife died of the plague). So I was frustrated because I already knew the nature of this missing piece of my soul body, why it stayed away, when it returned to me, and the reason for its continued refusal to connect with the rest of me. I thought about this a lot for the next couple of days after I took up the woman's offer for a meditation to connect me with my personal Fetch Beast (an astral companion specific to the task of helping one travel to the astral, which I struggle with incredibly because of my MILAB service) and realized that my own frustration was keeping me from seeing the bigger picture.

    Part of my journey in this life, I truly believe, is to help bridge the gap between metaphysics and this aspect of disclosure. Energy healers are going to start coming into contact with a lot of MILAB individuals and will probably have quite a time trying to understand this odd addition of 15-20+ years attached to the soul's current lifetime that are not reflected in the physical body. And I believe that simply due to the nature of blankslating, after having read Dr. Michael Newton's books on past lives and life between lives, those years spent during service will probably energetically feel like their own separate past lives, when that's not totally the case.

    I'm sure there's more to it, or that some part of my rationalization is flawed, but ultimately the basic idea feels true to me, and I guess I just wanted the opportunity to write it down and read my thoughts for myself. It's difficult to pair these intensive disclosure aspects with the "woo woo" of metaphysics, but I think it's a really important connection to make.
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  • Ascension & End Times Prophecy QnA- Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves - Part 2

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  • Ascension & End Times Prophecy - Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves - Part 1

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  • WELCOME TO THE LIONS GATE PORTAL! G1 minor Geomagnetic storm in effect. Let our Benevolent Star Family in the Sirius Star System guide us to expand our consciousness and help us slow down enough to meditate! Wonderful changes can occur when we can sit in silence out in Nature with our shoes off! The natural Circadian Rhythm of Gaia will help you realign with the Cosmic alignments! Please consider staying hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! Blessings Everyone! We are Sovereign, We are Free! More inspiration and info at https://www.youtube.com/c/TravisCarper C&G 8-6-2019 3:30pm PST
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  • August 2nd energy spike.

    August 2nd inpouring of the new diamond light frequency which is the merge of Sirian and Solar plasma light codes (negative and positive polarity intertwined).
    Seed points into solar ascension codes, activated diamond frequency or that which you know as 'Platinum Ray' (Sophianic Immortality Codes - memory of architect of reality as self) this is a dodecahedra matrix or fifth dimensional Mer-Ka-Bah (into Grand Cosmic Merkabah) - energy peaks in fullness on 8/8/2019 the 'Diamond Lion's Gate Portal' - 'The Nine' through Magenta Pixie

    Photo from Crop Circle Connector - reported on 28th July, Hampshire UK

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