• Crown Castle Withdraws 5G Small Cell Tower Application After Village Council Makes A Stink
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  • 2020 MAGA = fake news.
    (((-- #SelectedNotElected --)))

    basically the corporations of the DNC and RNC ((every party)) are polling the public to help select their CEO for the next 8 years. They don't have one, until this process completes itself every 4 years. Presidents (CEO) are selected based on how well they the company policy to the public, and nothing more. #ByLaw we vote for the party, not the person. No one in all of recorded history has ever voted for a person to be in that seat. They voted for a policy. Party platforms should be looked at as company policy, and it's this that lobbyists lobby. They do not lobby the white house, they lobby congress, and why our system actually has an official name called the 116th Congress right now. After 2020 it will be called the 117th Congress. It's not who we vote for, it's what we vote for.

    Want to know real fake news = any time any of your media says Trump is, Obama did, or Tulsi will. That's it. If they do not tell you the process, then it's part of the illusion. We have not ever had a commander in chief. EVER. N. Korea has a commander in chief. So if you buy into this programming, you have already accepted socialist take over of the country. In a previous post below titled " The Fireside Chats". They don't even select judges or directors. They are empty seat, and have always been that. A face. But if you don't understand the process and rules of engagement, you'll end up chasing blood lines, crown, banks... it doesn't work like that either.

    Term limits wouldn't work either.... if you're voting for parties and not people... it doesn't matter what face is there to the system... just the company policy. The deep state lobbies the (R) party for a reason. A vote for Trump is actually a vote for the deep state. The nanny state lobbies the (D) party for a reason. The former is obvious, but let me explain the nanny state = Banks lobby the (D) party because they hold the food stamp and student loan accounts. It's in the best interest of the banks to make sure (D) stay in power so they can get as many people with liberal arts degree or on food stamps as possible.

    Know the what and not the who... and it's also easier to track the money trail.

    From the rules of engagement. The system telling you, not me.

    "Each candidate running for President in your State has his or her own group of electors ... When you vote for a Presidential candidate you are actually voting for your candidate's preferred electors"
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  • The #SpaceForce - It's not what you think it's going to be for.

    The final white paper was dropped to the public the summer of 2016. As you can see in the post view [1] - it started in 1998, and was to be deployed in 2020. Do you really think Hilary could have sold the public that a new branch of military was about to go live, in one of the largest expansion of the industrial deep state complex, growing government to some extreme level like this?? NOPE. Presidents truly are selected, and this is proof. For the alt-right and Q crowd, this is going to come as a shocker, but Trump leaves at some point, and these things won't leave with him. They are designed for the next system to use to their advantage. WITH THAT.... it's important to know, that Trump has NOT had an original idea of his own. He's touting older agenda's. Fulfilling Obama / Bush administrative systems... with a face that YOU approve of. Even waving American flags for it. His entire campaign promises you think he's fulfilling??? Has a date, and can be tracked as it rolls through congress. GREAT EXAMPLE - The trade issues being negotiated right now, both here and abroad, started back in 2005. The legislation for the steel tariffs started in 2013 through congress... and actually need the world trade organizations approval for it [2].

    Back to the Space Force. The same agency deploying the white paper on its creation, also has another white paper to look into titled... get this - "weather as a FORCE multiplier" to be deployed in 2025 [3]. Words matter people. Know what happens in 2030?? UN's sustainable development [4]. Controlling the weather by 2025, using the same agency as the so called space force... in 5 year intervals leading to the largest UN agenda on the planet. The US is basically in control of NATO. Not Trump or Obama or Bush or Hilary... NATO is controlled by agencies like the USAF and NAVY. We are the world's police. No president can stop this. How do you think the police force will start to enforce global insurance for the coming carbon credits against all the other countries??? Even Trump has voice the deep states desire that every nation needed to start kicking in the funds to help it out. How does THAT get enforced??

    No one is pulling out of anything. Its being orchestrated and organized using states rights against us versus some top down structure. The war on terror is being set up through the UN by way of the states called the Strong Cities Network. The Paris Accord is using it called the C40 City. Bottom up... not top down. It's how fluoride got deployed across the country, and how 5G is being set up. Nothing is being federally controlled, but its being implemented across the country simultaneously none the less. "States Rights". How do you disagree with that huh??? Trump never pulled out of the 2030 agenda... because he has no control over the states. It was a feel good measure for the camera while this all unfolds behind the curtains of the mind and tv screen you're staring at.

    No one is talking about it. No one is covering it.... but it's all there in black and white. Worse people are waving american flags thinking this is all something else happening. It's crazy. Dumbfounding. And outright treason and tyrannical IMO. Shame on everyone supporting Trump when it's provable he's just a tool for the system.

    How in the world do you enforce the Green New Deal... A global system all by itself that needs control of the weather to boot?? Create an agency to monitor it. But make sure it also has all the tools to it's advantage as well. The reorganization of all the agencies to come on board with new tech also started some years back. ((links if needed can be supplied)) #Technocracy #Transhuman and all the other stuff, actually has it's roots in Green agenda's. It has its police force now. ((all something one can easily research)). And if you still need more to digest - this is also in the NDAA, coincidentally enough, open to the public now to digest [5].... "The $1.4 trillion spending bills that Congress passed this week included a little-noticed provision setting aside at least $4 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to conduct stratospheric monitoring and research efforts. The program includes assessments of “solar climate interventions,” including “proposals to inject material [into the stratosphere] to affect climate.”





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  • Australia - Wake Up Or Die! - MAKE THIS VIRAL! @thecrowhouse

    The Drought and accompanying firestorm currently gripping Australia has been brought about, and is being managed, very deliberately. And the treasonous criminal racketeers masquerading as the Australian Government are using the drought they have purposely manufactured to push Agenda 21 onto the people of Australia. If you are an Australian, or you care about Australia and its people, please share this everywhere and help make this video viral. Please Share - Mirror - Reupload and repost this video Everywhere you can.
    Please folks, I implore you to help because we are getting hammered here in Australia and this is no joke. The creek out the front has stopped flowing. Ive been in this area 52 years and these creeks have never been dry. Hideous droughts Ive seen, all the grass dead, but I have never seen the creeks stop flowing because they are all spring fed from aquifers below ground. But now they have harvested the water from the flood plains, they are draining the artesian basin and they have felled trees on the mountains and exposed the well springs to the sun and the springs have stopped flowing. And this NOT from "climate change". This is Deliberate! And its not just in the valley where I live. It is all the creeks around here on both sides of the ranges... the springs have stopped.... the sky is full of smoke outside and the sunlight is red.... it looks surreal... they are killing us, they are killing everything, all the wild life, everything, and they are driving the people into the cities. This is agenda 21 in full swing.
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  • Spread of Wahhabism was done at request of West during Cold War – Saudi crown prince
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  • Shock and outrage as masked Antifa crowd blocks and shouts at elderly couple in Canada (VIDEO)
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  • A New eBook! The Temples of Malta are rare jewels in the crown of Earth's finest treasures. There are more than fifty prehistoric temples on the islands. #sacredsymbolcards In 2011, Christine Aloisio received information/insights about the geometric symbols of the sacred temples of Malta and Gozo together with a message for each temple. These were printed in a set of Sacred Symbol cards, and now, they are replaced by this eBook format to be accessible worldwide. In this eBook edition there are new sacred symbols of temples that were not in the original set of cards like Mosta, Mistra, Kordin III, Filfla & Alabaster Temple on Malta, and Ta’ Cenc, Ta’ Verna & San Dimitri on Gozo.
    Together with The Cosmic Perspective to the Maltese Temples, this Sacred Symbols eBook is a ‘must’ on your journey of discovering and understanding the Mystic and Mysterious Temples of Malta and Gozo. (It is also available in PDF format from the author). The Sacred Symbols are a tool used to raise our state of consciousness to a new frequency and to the next dimension. Links for the eBook:
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  • The swamp made millions trafiking Children to clowns 24/7  the last thing experienced kidnappers  whant to be dealing whith, is a well organized community association and technology,communications, intelligence cooperation whith 1 intention 100% evective child upduction prevention security policy + fail safe reaction and recovery units. 800 000 children gets sold to the narcissistic sycophantic organ harvesting satanic child sacrificeing cannibalistic mind modified delusional evil and wicked adrinacrome addicted demonic swamp clowns and making a $180 000 000  a year profit.The solution is a foundation spending massive amount of money Saving the children from that experience. 1 child's upduction is a  devastating tragedy for humanity. There are 72 000 000 children in the usa if every child donates $2 . The biggest problem in the world now requires a understanding of cooperation communications awesomeness and associations. To prevent the next child upduction . The solution is going to be easy because it requires people how love children and after reading this information required to stop this ongoing issue. Not supporting and sharing this information is implementing the individuals for allowing the upduction of children. When it could be prevented.
    180 000 000 000
    72 000 000 ~ $150 = $10 000 000 000 foundation
    The family are invested in a $10 000 000 000 company
    There are 1 200 000 000 active child predators including 6 000 000 Satanist in the world.

    Family first { fail-safe system } training
    +risks management training +++
    +security training +++
    +fail safe thinking Traning+++
    +health and safety traning+++
    +Security training +++
    + communications services training +++
    +behavior identifying training+++
    +information gathering & analysing training+++
    +Crowd funding & Investment+++
    Phase 2
                                    ~  The godfather foundation ~

    So what i need to do is to show these swamp clowns the real value of 72 000 000 children and make a foundation for them.
    After reading this and understanding we can prevent all crimes against children. This can be achieved by croud funding and partnership. Starting in the usa then spreading to every child on earth.

    This is what needs to be done
    CuttingEdgeDynamic is a investment  opportunity for perants because they invest in their childrens foundation. with excellent planing, communications and training  clients whil keep operational costs minimal, when the capital grow . How ths works is perants invests $150 ass the investment then belongs to children so by using their foundation match needed services can then be used. . The reason this plan whill works is not all children are in danger all the time so we spend maney for those in need red zones . the money we spend it on is like after school activities lowering the risk.  This is jast for the children. Its not a lot of money but together it whil be enough to get people engaged .This can stop human trafficking completely the children disappear because they are extremely expensive and the only way to block them Is to make it more profitable protecting the children.

    You have home security. Workplace security, car security but what about the children.

    This plan dont need capital to start and can grow financially faster than the trafiking has ever grow when my plan starts the trafficking ends. from start 30 days of people working together to change the world by Helping me to run a management operation for 24 hours
    7days a week for 30 days.
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  • ‘We are used to it,’ say journos after #Syria coverage called ‘Goebbels s**t’ by regime change crowd
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