• Yes, I do still check in here to search the groups...mining for info...sorry for being a low content provider recently ya'll...too distracted studying cults and cult leaders! GOD help me!!
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  • ExoNews Exclusive - Cargo Cults, Extra-Terrestrials, & Humanity https://exonews.org/exonews-exclusivecargo-cults-extra-terrestrials-humanity/
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  • Arrogance and deception in the new spirituality world
    by Pat Legere MSW
    It's interesting to explore what is going on in the 'truth-seekers' online community. It seems to me there is an intense spiritual battle going on. Living in a world of duality consciousness (knowledge of good and evil) and a world where we have free will (not sure an absence of free will could ever be a good thing!) - well we all get bombarded with various bits of propaganda and we get to make our choices about where we stand with it. I grew up in this world, just as you did, and was exposed to a heavily propagandized, institutional narrative about what life is and how 'civilized' human beings are meant to live.
    My parents lived in a world torn by world wars and the trauma that goes with it. They were fed such lies about why those wars needed to happen and why we had the Great Depression. Many were taught to celebrate the winning of the wars and to forget about the troubles involved and just move on to happily developing a brave new free world. 'Work hard, pay your taxes, send your children to educational institutions that will help you teach them to behave in a controlled, civilized manner. When children acted out, they were to be heavily reprimanded. Parents were often blamed for having 'spoiled them' and not taken the proper steps to maintain good discipline. In schools, the strap was used to punish children - and a lot of demeaning strategies towards the children to 'make them' behave as expected. If they continued to act out, they were sent to Reform Schools with the label of being delinquents or incorrigible where they were exposed to heavy discipline and punishment.
    The global efforts of the 20th Century were set up to build a controlled global community, ruled by the authority of a few people at the top and to build a compliance to that rule by several institutional frameworks that were put in place. What are these institutions? Well, there is the global financial system - wage control, capitalism control, taxation for the masses, bare minimum financial aid to those who were non-compliant to the plan (meant to keep them suffering and quiet), secrecy of the enormous wealth and privilege of the elite. There is the playing at 2 sides of war to further traumatize countries/people who weren't accepting the globalist rule. The educational system and pharmaceutical industry infiltrated everyday life to control people's minds. Politics and regimes that ruled countries were orchestrated by a few blood-line families that were the real ruling elite.
    My point in this article is about today's world and I will get to that. In order to understand today, it's important to understand how we got here and the precursors to present activities.
    I first began to really learn about the ruling elite when I began hearing personal histories from people who were brought up in and survived involvement and severe abuse in satanic cults. When I began researching the literature about the activities they were telling me about, it all began to form a picture of what had been going on for at least a century. High level satanists were in every level of organisations and in every discipline. I later got introduced to the extraterrestrial component when a client told me about having been abducted through his life by aliens and all that this had entailed. Again in researching other sources of information, I learned a whole lot more about the alien presence on earth, probably since long before there were human beings here.
    A couple of years ago, I was listening to Coast to Coast radio program and George Noory had a guest on from Oakville, Ontario. He was with the freemasons and spoke about how good the freemasons are and basically tried to discredit people who would suggest otherwise. For the next few months on Coast to Coast, I found the quality had gone down and there was a lot more to promote fear. I am assuming that Coast to Coast has been back to its great quality in the last year or two.
    Yesterday (Dec. 29/18) James Gilliland interviewed a fellow who he'd also spoken with a year ago (I haven't listened to the earlier post). He said this fellow had been an advisor to the Pope, which might be commendable if the papacy wasn't such a cover for satanic activities and deep state control. James always encourages people to do their own research - and when I looked up this fellow's history, it showed signs of child sexual abuse and also likely involvement in more secret activities that go on via or at the Vatican.
    Then there is Teresa's (Yanaros) video on youtube at present where she talks about greed and misrepresented authority among those in the ufology and truth-seeking communities. In the end she states that the only ones she holds as authority is her inner self and God. I support that. We should all listen to our inner self and the God within to get guidance about the truth.
    Oh, la la! I can see that the dark ones have been infiltrating everything that is good in the world. They play on people's vulnerabilities and they take truth and twist it 90 degrees to suit their agenda.
    It's good to know what your vulnerabilities are Some are very susceptible to being manipulated by money. It makes me think about an international business guy I worked with. He had been a multi-millionaire and very successful in his international business dealings. In his 60's he lost everything. When I looked back with him over what had happened, it was apparent that the more elite business people tried to buy him. He was pretty attached to his humanitarian and God-given values and wouldn't bow to their pressure, including a honey pot they sent him and tried to video tape him with. Well, they set him up to be sued into poverty. In the truth community, there is always a struggle to make ends meet if you're outside the worldly system. The focus on money can bend your view of the world and end up putting money before people and your mission to help them.
    Some people are very much wanting to be valued as smart and insightful - to have their opinions valued over the opinions of others. There are dark ones then who can come in and play on that. They can make you feel that people in general aren't smart enough to know and value what you're putting out there. They'll feed your ego and break you from the mission you had set out with.
    Sometimes vulnerabilities aren't so much what you want e.g. money, but what you are afraid of. Dark ones can play on those fears to shut you down. When you speak the truth, the dark ones will find ways to try to shut you up. For example, once when I was asked by the child abuse network in the city where I lived to do a presentation about ritual abuse, a man came to the presentation. He heckled me frequently, saying I was being irresponsible in reporting such information since it was based on false memories and unreal data. The presentation went well as I pointed out to the audience how this was the same criticism that came out when we tried to open the issue of incest in families. It was interesting that the gentleman's name was given as Dr. Faux - LOL.
    There was a live video with Jordan Sather recently where he was talking about people he doesn't trust who are out there doing truth movement videos. I fairly much agreed with each of the people he spoke about. He wasn't so much bashing them as really calling into question the truth of what they are saying and their motivation for putting out the types of information that they do. It very much resonated with me that people are afraid to call people to task for what they say, since it seems so filled with negative energy to do so. However, after centuries of conditioned narrative about the world, it is very important to remain discerning of all information. It's important to listen to the voice within you that guides your understanding. If you feel unable to do so, just practice it. It's so important to not give your power to someone else e.g. by picking one person and deciding they are the best person for believing in all of what they say. You are the best person for knowing what to believe. For me, I find that a lot of what doesn't resonate for me just falls away and I don't think about it again. What does resonate stays with me - maybe not in the whole detail I would like - but when it comes up again, it refreshes my understanding and again feels like it stays with me.
    Yes it is important to remain in a higher frequency vibration. I try to remember each day to say: Let me be the love in all that is. For all who have been led astray or who are led by motivations that are not of love - well I send light and love, hoping they will find their path to truth. It's rather humbling to know everyone here holds the divine within themselves. But it is also a world where we all belong to the One. We all are an important part of the whole. This does not mean we can't be critical/discerning about what we are being offered on our quest for truth. It's okay to question and criticize others in the field, just wish for all to learn whatever they came here to learn and send them love - perhaps in loving detachment at times, but definitely love.
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  • My Spirit Warrior Christmas - What Holidays are like for survivors of #SRA and defectors out of satanic #cults, who have to deal with biological family who are still in the #cult. #Christmas #Spirituality #Angels #SpiritWarrior #Warrior
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  • Last August my spirit guides clearly gave me
    instructions to share who I truly am on my social media platforms. This meant sharing that I study and live by occult principles and that I am an advanced tarot reader. I was super nervous because I didnt feel like I was ready to interact w the public on such a personal level. Needless to say I have flourished with the knowledge and following that I have gained. It has gotten to the point that I have alot of people requesting readings and I am no longer able to give my energy freely. The Tarot has given me my game plan for the year. First and formost Strength ruled by Leo this is my need to still become more outgoing more honest and to put myself out there even more publicly. The Emporer ruled by Aries inverted denotes that I need a game plan. I need to initiate this process and take control.Right now Im kinda just riding the wave but I need to get my **** together so I can rule my realm with order. Queen of wands inverted again is talking about my introversion and my need to be more outgoing and confident I need to trust myself as people have really trusted me with their very personal issues. Its been really tough for me to come out of my shell more. Lastly the wheel of fortune. Jupiter in Sagitarius talks about growth learning wealth and expansion. This is also denoting the year of my service to others coming to a close. I have freely served my followes with readings and advice for almost a year. I must now grow and change with the turning of the wheel. And the Ingwaz rune talks about something growing like a seed in transition to becoming a plant. Great reading following yesterday's new moon/supermoon!! I'm so excited to see what the coming year brings!! #themagician #lessonsfromthehermit #tarot #riderwaite #tarotreadersofinstagram #occult #dailyreading #psa #strega #druid #witch #runes #occult**** #lightworker #healer #healinghumanity #selfhelp #selfhealing #spiritualtruth #spiritualwisdom #spiritualteachers
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  • Unwrapping Spiritual Beginnings
    I feel very fortunate that I have spent a lifetime being aware of my experiences and exploring my feelings rather than just putting them away somewhere because the world around me wouldn't have heard or valued what I was going through. This has truly been a gift from my higher self. When I decided to go into the helping profession, it was encouraged for therapists to become self aware at the time. The motivation by the field training was not so much for the therapist's well-being. It was so that we wouldn't take our own issues into therapy sessions. It was important to be really focussed on the personal issues that the client would expose, whether overtly or covertly. So continuing to be aware of myself was really part of my 'professional' development. However, for me it was just great personal growth which I never felt apologetic about and didn't have to hide. Most 'jobs' don't offer that opportunity. Of course, listening to the inner experiences of others just validated the value of paying attention to one's inner experiences.
    In my times of big spiritual awakening, I looked back on what spiritual experiences I had been through in my life and saw the spiritual awareness there from a very young age. I will present a few of the early experiences here. These early experiences laid a foundation of building some important strengths in becoming a lightworker.
    Age 5 or 6
    When I was aged 5 or 6, I remember having a dream where I was in a swimming pool and was being chased by a whale. I doubt I could swim much at that age but I was trying my best to get away from the threatening whale. When I got to the edge of the pool and could go no further, I turned around to meet my fate but the whale stopped right in front of me and did no harm. When I woke up, I was aware that if something scary is chasing you, you have to turn around and face it and you will find that it won't hurt you. That's a big realisation for a 5 or 6 year old girl! (It's also interesting that it was a whale in the dream, which we know are more evolved beings.)
    Age 8
    In my family we had 5 kids and two parents. I was 4th born. My younger brother was a troubled soul. In those days there was a lot of pressure on parents to impose discipline on unruly children. My father became very abusive to my brother - a longer story that I won't go into here, but it was painful to hear my brother's cries. I remember at age 8 being up in my bedroom, quite upset about this and I looked out over the city and into the skies. I wished that all families would live in harmony and not hurt each other anymore. This was likely the first time I sent light energy out into the cosmos, sending love and blessings to all who were suffering. I didn't know then about such spiritual practices but it was my heart guiding me to do so. Looking back I know that was a very powerful thing to do. It helped others and also helped me. A couple of years ago, a colleague came up to me and asked me how to cope with being angry at the perpetrators of sexual trauma. I think she was expecting to get into a conversation of expressing a lot of anger and judgement towards those perpetrators. However, I took the question as a sincere request about how to deal with the natural anger that listening to trauma brings up. I told her that I look out to the world and send 'prayers' that all trauma survivors feel comforted and cared about and that all perpetrator of such pain find a way to learn what they truly need, find their path into the light and stop doing such things. She was overwhelmed by my response and said it was quite profound and helpful. This 'knowing' was definitely guided by my inner self, as was that energy at age 8.
    Age 18
    At age 18, I was living in a communal house with friends - it was 1970! I was working at some fast food place. I lived with those people for 6 months to a year - not sure exactly how long. One night I was in my room and a very dark, omminous energy came into my room and was taking me over. I was aware that I had no real strength compared to that energy. But just when I was about to be taken over completely (this happened very fast), it was like a big hand/arm of love energy came in and shielded me from the dark energy. At the time, I saw it as being like the hand of God. I know now that the whole experience was my higher self showing me that my spirit guides and all were there to help me even when I felt too weak to do it for myself. It also taught me that even though I felt weak, I and my guides were very strong and capable of fighting off evil energies. This learning helped me profoundly through my life, especially when I began hearing the experiences of people who suffered the intense pain of growing up in families involved in satanic cults.
    Summing up
    I have had many profound experieeences like the above through my lifetime and I would encourage the reader to look back through their lives to see how spirit moved them to being the strong energy thay are today in this time of change. These experiences helped me to deal with fear in a different way than I would have otherwise. They also taught me some ways to use the light within me to deal with experiences around me. By the way, my father and I worked out a lot of issues later in life and he is/was a very good spirit.
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  • Raised Jehovah’s Witness: Firsthand experience with “cults”, and bloodline / family of origin spiritual issues.
    Wicca: Self dedicated Wiccan student at age 16. High Priestess / Wiccan teacher at age 18. Founder of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”, from 1999 to Present. Over 20 Marriages brought together under my ministerial services.

    Professional Psychic:
    Age 17, Premiere engagement, at “The Warehouse Nightclub” 1992 – 1997.
    Exclusive Psychic of “Jillian’s Entertainment Complex”, 2000 – 2005.
    Psychic fairs, personal clients, and a myriad of special engagements, parties, social gatherings and rock concerts. Professional Tarot and psychic soul coun’soul’ing currently, for 27 years. Along with my personal studies, and evolution,I have unlocked many mysteries of the human psyche and heart through gnosis (experiential learning).

    Buddhist Devotee of Sri Mamau Devi: I took refuge with my Guru Sri Mamua Devi, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha in 1995, age 21. Currently under psychic guidance of my Guru, and the Bodhisattva Karma Kagyu lineage.

    Owner of “The Occult Shop” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 1998 – 2004
    Spiritual retail and community temple, home of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”. Owner and webmistress of “TheOccultShop.com”. Large Event creator and organizer. Professional cat herder. Expert on “Pagan Time”.

    Co-Owner of “Aquarius Star and Shangri-La Spiritual Center” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 2006 – 2008. Still owned and nurtured by my business partner, Lydia Stec. Rebranded “Lydia’s on Ludlow”.

    Founded Events:
    “The Cincinnati Witches Ball”: Creatrix, Founder, Producer. 2001 – Current. An Annual full costume, DJ spinning, Witches Dance. Age 18+, for those of all faiths who have a “Witchy” side. Hosted at the Historic victorian mansion, “The Southgate House”. The Cincinnati Witches ball became the event of the season. Our first year, we had over 600 in attendance. I was the coordinator, head of vendors, Mistress of Ceremonies, Priestess of Live Wedding on stage, playwright of Halloween skit.

    “HearthFire Festival”: A collaborative community effort I spearheaded, to meet the late Druid / Author / Activist, Isaac Bonewitz (r.i.p.). A weekend pagan festival, 4 days of camping, vendors, performance ritual and sharing. Family Friendly.

    “Womens Full Moon Lodge”: A weekend retreat for ladies only. Based on ritual and mythos of Inanna. Spiral dancing, ritual, meditation, guided visualizations, group healing reiki, Organic food + chef catered, camping on private property, vending, networking and celebrating the Goddess within. Co-created with Lydia Stec. (Just the two of us and the retreat was an amazing success, lives were changed!)

    Youtube Content Creatrix:
    Over 3000 subscribers, over 150 Videos; http://www.youtube.com/user/occultpriestess
    Radio Show and Podcast interviews also posted on the Occult Priestess youtube channel. 2008 – Current.

    The Kosmic Kore Podcast: My dear friend Freeman Fly, of FreemanTV.com challenged me to come up with a Podcast, he would then host on his network. I continue to work with Freeman, though currently, I am independently producing “The Kosmic Kore”, and seeking opportunities. 2016 – Current.

    Broadcast: Interviewed by local FOX news, Subjects: “Columbine School Massacre and the Gothic lifestyle”, as well as a highlight piece on my business, “The Occult Shop” retail store and temple. Writing, art and expression, have also been ways I give of myself to my community. Over twenty locally published articles, and interviews (Ohio/Kentucky).

    MY FIRST MOVIE: “The Nightmare” a new kind of film, a real life mixed with horror movie magic, a hybrid. Directed by Rodney Ascher, on the subject of Sleep Paralysis and the Shadowman entity, a bedroom intruder. I am one of seven Sleep Paralysis survivors, who share their Story, in this most unique film of 2015. Premiering at Sundance Film Festival. Available on Netflix. Rodney Ascher contacted me directly after seeing my YouTube Presentation of “Death and the Maiden”. Connected through Ted Torbich, podcaster.

    My Second Movie: “The Hatman Files” : Yet to be released. On the topic of “Spiritual warfare”. Addressing the phenomenon of the Shadowman, with a hat. Directed by Kyle Jay. Projected Release 2018.

    First Live Performance in Los Angeles: August 2017, a two night engagement, as hostess and narrator of “The Ancient Rites of the Cultus Septem”. A Stage Play / Initiatory Rite, hybrid, with musical score and full costumes, by Johnny Royal. See Full blog at this LINK. Thanks to Chris Sanders and Creator Johnny Royal!

    Fade To Black, December 2017: A Guest on FADE TO BLACK #F2B Radio with Jimmy Church. That week the guests were Me, David Icke + Linda Moulton Howe. 2 Major teachers, and me ~ wow!
    Occult Priestess
    M.I.B. : MAIDEN IN BLACK Korinne Wilson: Also known as, “Kore”, “Reverend Banshee” Just the Facts Ma’am: Raised Jehovah’s Witness: Firsthand experience with ...
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  • Cults and Secret Societies
    By John Ventre

    In 2016, I was contacted by a woman in Europe who wanted to be on our YouTube lecture show but couldn’t reveal her identity. She discussed secret societies and services. That prompted my interest to do some research. The term cult is derived from the occult or hidden knowledge. Secret Societies are just secret to non-members.
    There are many interesting colorful groups out there. The Templars date back to 1100AD. They were the warrior knights of the Crusade and protected the arc and chalice of Christ. They influenced the Masons and disbanded in 1307 when Pope Clement V and King Philip IV of France conspired against them because they had become more powerful than the Pope or King. They were accused of devil worship and their property was seized and they were tortured. When the Shroud of Turin was mistakenly carbon dated to 1300AD (a patched area of the garment was tested), the Free Masons said it was the shroud of Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay who was tortured and wrapped in a shroud in 1307.
    The Rosicrucian’s date back to 1600 AD and were alchemists.
    Some say the Free Masons date back to the building of King Solomon’s Temple and the killing of master builder Hiram Abiff. Masons are mentioned in a 1425 poem and in a 1598 memo from Edinburgh Scotland but most recognize 1717 as the official date of the founding of the Grand Lodge of England. The Masons have ritualized meetings, signs and handshakes. They operate the Shriners Hospitals and Roman Catholics that join Free Masonry are excommunicated from the church.
    The Illuminati, founded in 1776, oppose religious influence over politics. They believe in the power of the people and not God. They are said to control world affairs by planting agents in governments around the world.
    The 1832 Skull and Bones is Yale’s oldest student society and were originally called the Brotherhood of Death. They use Masonic type rituals and were the original founders of the CIA.
    The 1872 Bohemian Grove Society in San Francisco boasts hundreds of the leading men from Presidents to CEO’s. They meet every July to plot strategy and perform satanic rituals.
    The False Face society dates back to the Iroquois Indians who claim a hunchback spirit can cure you but then you become a member. They wear ritual wooden twisted face masks. In 1962, Batman comic #152 featured the False Face Society gangsters. Today there are cosplay groups that dress up like the Batman characters.
    Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in 1875which was the forerunner of the New Age movement. In 1891 on her death bed, she said that the Ascended Masters were actually demonic entities.
    The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn used Rosicrucian rituals and mysticism, alchemy and ancient Egypt. Their members included Aleister Crowley and Yeats. Crowley went on to form the 1904 Order of the Temple which still has over 3000 members today. They practiced satanic rituals and evoked Egyptian Gods. They are famous for the saying, “Do what though wilt” or there are no rules if it makes you happy and were the forerunner of liberal beliefs.
    The Opus Dei celibate order was founded in 1928 in Spain. It is a French myth that they battle the 1956 Priory of Sion group in trying to keep the truth about Mary and Jesus’ daughter Sarah a secret.
    The Black Sun was a Nazi Thule Society symbol and meant the opposite of light. Nazism actually got its occult start through mystic Maria Orsic and the search for the Vril society of Antarctica. Orsic convinced Hitler that the novel, The Coming Race, was a true story.
    Scientology was founded in 1952 by sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard who was an early student of Aleister Crowley along with Jack Parsons and Ray Bradbury and versed in Satanism. Parsons had an encounter with Satan at age 13. Parsons and L Ron Hubbard danced naked with members and practiced sex magick. Parsons conjured up a female elemental to conceive the anti-Christ. He founded JPL and died in an explosion in his basement during a ritual. Scientology is based on Dianetics, a form of psychology with pay for levels of advancement and is based on the extraterrestrial Thetan race and leader Xenu. There are many complaints of isolation by members. Numerous lawsuits forced the IRS to recognize it as a church. Many countries do not recognize Scientology as a religion. The Collins Elite was also formed in 1952 and is a CIA branch that investigates the paranormal and UFOs. Convinced by Jack Parsons that UFOs were demonic, it led to Project Often to acquire demonic power, then MK ULTRA to control/alter people. The Jason Society is the NSA version of the Collins Elite. It is an Illuminati quest for the golden fleece of knowledge and truth. Some say there is a battle between the NSA & Navy (secretive) vs the CIA & Air Force (public).

    1954 gave us the invitation only meetings at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands where Europeans and Americans plan world strategy. The content of the meetings are not made public so members can speak freely. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church was also founded in 1954. At 16, Jesus asked Moon to continue his work. Moon managed to escape North Korea. After 7 years in his church, Moon would choose your partner for you. He eventually moved to NYC. Numerous lawsuits by parents and tax evasion in 1982 never closed his church and he died in 2010.

    When you listen to President John F. Kennedy’s 1961 speech on secret societies, you have to wonder what the young President had discovered. His speech sends chills through my spine every time I listen to it. Kennedy said, “We decided long ago that the dangers of concealment of pertinent facts far out way the dangers cited to justify it. There is a grave danger that an announcement for increased security will be ceased upon for censorship and concealment. No one should censor the news, stifle dissenters or withhold from the press and public the facts they deserve to know. There is a conspiracy which relies on covert means. Preparations are concealed not published. Mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no secret is revealed.” Those are powerful words which we can view in a different light 57 years later.

    The 1966 church of Satan was founded by Anton Lavey. He wrote the Satanic Bible. He said that demons are projections of one’s own mind and personality. The FBI investigated the Church of Satan and concluded they were not involved in crimes or ritual sacrifices although 9,000 Americans permanently disappear each year. Over 100k Americans identify as Satanists. I find it interesting that the Pennywise character of the movie It is a shapeshifting demon who steals children.

    The 1967 San Francisco Manson cult is one of the few Non-religious cults. Manson believed blacks would win a Helter Skelter race war. Manson would then lead them. Manson framed blacks for nine murders to try to incite a race war. His group killed the Folger coffee heir and pregnant actress Sharon Tate. Manson died Nov 2017 in prison.

    The 1970 Brethren are vagrant garbage eaters who shun all contact and technology, medicine and bathing. They work odd jobs to survive.

    The 1974 Raelians are a French ET cult that claims to have cloned a baby in 2002 and live in an open sex environment.

    An article in the New West magazine convinced Jim Jones to move his 1977 Peoples Temple from the Utah- SF-LA areas to Guyana. When Congressman Leo Ryan visited he was shot and killed. The cult committed mass suicide (900) by drinking poison rather than be arrested.

    There are 5000 Snake Handler members today. Snakes represent demons and believe God will save them from bites. Many have died.

    The Night Riders are Black para-military helicopters behind the cattle mutilations and abductions that are blamed on aliens or in cooperation with aliens.

    In 1984, the Aum Shinrikyo Japanese Doomsday cult carried out the Tokyo sarin gas attack in the subway killing twelve and maiming 1000. The 1984 Order of the Solar Temple in Switzerland, believe in Templar Knight Principles and the second coming of Christ. In 1994 they killed a three month old child they identified as the Antichrist. They execute murderers and then commit suicide.

    The 1986 Japanese Happy Science group has 12M members, is a US 501c3 and believes in a nine dimensional heaven. They call for war with China and N Korea and to rebuild Japan.

    David Koresch, the 1993 Branch Davidian leader, slept with member’s wives and minors with parental consent to fulfill biblical prophecy, amassed automatic weapons and refused to vacate their compound. A botched ATF raid killed six members and four ATF agents and resulted in a 51 day standoff ending in a 700 men, tank and tear gas raid that burned the facility down killing 82 members including 23 children. The FBI, intent on ending the resistance, lied to Janet Reno. Koresch died for his religious beliefs at age 33, same as Jesus. The 1995 OKC revenge bombing by Timothy McVeigh was said to be an act of revenge although he was not a member he was present at the siege.

    The Heavens Gate UFO cult was formed in 1974 and had 39 members who committed mass suicide rather than be taken or killed by a UFO trailing the 1997 Hale-Bopp comet. The group had taken out a $1M insurance policy out on each member against alien abduction, pregnancy or death. Suicide is not covered.

    The Manhattan Congregation of the Light has 200 well to do Aryan members who are doomsday preppers who marry old men with young women and have children born into the cult. They are a U.S. 501c3 non-profit. Can anyone say Eyes Wide Shut?

    CERN is the world’s largest particle lab in Geneva Switzerland. Some say they have opened a portal to dimension-time travel to change the past and plan to plant false writings or an alternative bible? Shiva the Goddess of Destructions statue sits at the entrance to the facility. It was built on Roman site to Appollyon, the Gate Keeper to hell. Nearby, Geneva officials paid $9M to perform an occult ceremony to Baphomet marking the opening of the Goothard Tunnel in June of 2016.
    The 1994 Denver Airport is full of occult symbolism and artwork depicting a deadly virus and children dying and eventually turning all weapons over to an Illuminati German boy who destroys them. There is a Free Mason time capsule to be opened in 2094. In the 1997 Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie, coordinates are given which match up to the Denver Airport location. Occult symbolism is found all around us in the perverted media and entertainment industry today.

    Then again, we have the Boston Church of Euthanasia who wants to restore earths balance. They are mostly white Liberals who forbid pregnancy, promotes abortion, suicide, cannibalism of the dead and gay life styles. Their slogan is, “Save the Planet by Killing Yourself”.

    These are all personality traits like being liberal or conservative. Our soul is on a journey and the things you do will follow you through eternity. Some things, like a flat tire, won’t take you where you need to be. My advice is to not follow the crowd looking for acceptance. Leaders are like eagles, they don’t flock!

    More at johnventre.com
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