• The Insidiousness of Power and MoneyThe power people/families that have run this world for centuries care all about power - not about human beings or other beings who inhabit the earth. The matrix that we live in continues to deeply manipulate our minds to attach dollar value to living entities.

    When you truly love yourself and humanity, you want everyone to have abundance. It has been my view for many years that: 'for everyone who has more than they need, there is someone who has less than they need'. Life on this planet has changed some though, and it is my opinion that with the developments in technology, it is now possible for everyone to live in abundance - if that is what we aim for. Perhaps it was always that way but we have the technology coming that can make this an easy reality.

    The issue of power and money runs deeply, though. We are looking forward to a global economic reset and the removal of poverty on this planet. But what will that look like? I hear too many well meaning people who look forward to 'helping the impoverished' by 'providing' for their needs. This is from a place of heart-felt compassion but it still lives within the power and control dynamic of the old world order. It still presents a reality in which we have the 'haves' and 'have-nots'. Perhaps the 'powers that were' (PTW) specifically supported this to keep a wrench in their power dynamic. We are constantly bombarded by messages of those who are suffering and the push for us to give of our limited resources to help them out, always feeling like we don't have enough to help in a way that would really correct the situation. We also hear of big money people who supposedly give big amounts to 'charity'. This continues to be part of the mind game that supports the energy that keeps money as the primary power differential in the world.

    In the new world, what will 'kindness' look like when there aren't the poor and disadvantaged to help? It can be difficult for most people to imagine an enlightened world. We build a lot of self-esteem on feeling needed by others. We also build a sense of worth on the idea that we have 'earned' our status of having more than those who have less than us. When you get people together who do have privilege, it's interesting to hear them talk about their pride in their accomplishments and to hear them feel sorry for people who have less than them. This attitude supports the money/power paradigm as well.

    We base our sense of value/importance on financial well-being. When we are barely scraping by and look to see others who frivolously spend money or who have very nice opportunities and possessions, we feel as if we are less than them - either because we are unlucky or made poor decisions in life - or other such reasons that support the idea that we are either unfairly hard-done-by or are less valuable as people. It's the knowing that we have more than others that helps us feel better about having less than others.

    In my view, none of this is suitable within the higher dimensional reality for which we are headed. I consider myself very lucky in having had the experience of talking with 1000's of people over the years at a much deeper level than  the superficial social milieu affords. When you work in the helping profession, the big goal is to 'not be needed'. There has never been a time when that was the case. The helping agencies/services are overwhelmed with referrals. It's important for people to realize this when they get to thinking that the helping professionals are perpetuating their own economic stability by 'defining people as sick or in 'need'. There are, of course, those who look at a dollar value of their service but the needs for help and support are great and many of the helpers are trying to do the best they can to offer effective service.

    In the new dimensional reality that is unfolding, many more people will be able to be close to others and know how to connect in more meaningful ways. It's not about servicing 'physical needs' such as food, clothing and shelter. Those needs will be easily met by our own sovereignty. Perhaps the greatest need in these times is to acknowledge the amazing strength and beauty of each soul living in this world. Perhaps we will focus on the joy of living on this beautiful planet, sharing in our creative visions and insights. I hope the old concept of 'competition' will finally fall by the wayside. Old divisions between the haves and have-nots and between the well and the sick will also no longer exist.

    Be kind to yourself and others.
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