• It's an easy mistake to make. Many of us come to holistic healing looking for something to fix us, something to make us feel better about ourselves.
    Often times we are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and want something to give us our peace back.
    The most difficult lesson is that we can only find permanently within ourselves. Other people, places or things may help temporarily, but at the end of the day it's down to number one.
    Luckily, all the peace in the universe already resides inside of you, you just have to learn how to tap into it.
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  • Wave of sadness.-111518/grief/loss/12:40ishPST.
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  • Integrating Loss and Letting Go. Signed Transmission. 18 October 2018

    We are called to let go in this signed light language transmission. We are allowed space for the grieving process. In this time when many people are experiencing loss – but who are putting up resistance to this natural healing process – we are encouraged to really feel all that comes up.

    Let go of shame or guilt for moving on, expressing grief, and integrate this lesson into your life and soul journey. Open your heart and allow all to occur, move through it into transformation and growth. Honouring all that has passed. This is a natural process.

    Accompanying vlog chat here about loss, grief, sadness, letting go (ego death), and also channeling.

    My guides in this transmission are Arcturian Collective Christed Light Beings.

    #lightlanguage #guidance #grief #healing
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  • Healing loss and grief. Channeling. 18 October 2018.

    A video chat about loss and grief, sadness, depression, and disability. Moving into healing and recovery.

    Also talking about channeling, and the awakening journey, self-realisation, ego, and identity.

    Accompanying light language transmission to assist you here

    55 minutes #ego #grief #selfrealisation #awakening
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  • Past life memories bring such joy, connection and most often deep heartache and grief. Most of all they give you clues as to who you are now X
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  • We age ourselves by hanging onto hurt, hate, guilt, regret and grief. That’s not to say that we should ignore these powerful emotions. Awareness of negative emotions and how they are hurting us can spur us to refind our equillibrium. Taking a moment visualize ourselves as a mountain with the wind blowing all around us but not touching us. Finding the space within and being one with that space, allowing all that appears to happen to passon through. Visualizing swimming in a vast clear ocean of warm water, supporting and nourishing us, cleansing us. Or a fire whose flames burn away the metaphysical gunge that has stuck to us. Or our souls, lighter than air, riding the clouds, surfing the sky, having shed the weight of our pain and identifications.
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  • Watch live and join the chat room on Facebook or listen on the Late Night in the Midlands radio Network!
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    Carla Wills-Brandon always wanted to do two things professionally: be of service to others, and write. After receiving a scholarship to California State University, Fresno, she graduated with high honors and a degree in psychology. She then went on to finish a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno, an APA approved school. Her husband, Michael “Tex” Brandon, also received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from this institution. After publishing eight books, and developing a successful private practice as a State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Carla decided to go back to school. Not interested in treading a traditional education path she completed a two year course of study and dissertation in a Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition program at Clayton College of Holistic Health. Her dissertation was titled “A Four Pronged Approach to the Holistic Treatment of Food Disorders.” Carla has published 12 books, one of which was a "Publishers Weekly Best Seller." Her most recent book, “Beyond The Chase: Breaking Your Obsessions That Sabotage True Intimacy” is proving to be a great success. She has also lectured across the U.S. and U.K., and has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs, such as Coast To Coast Radio with George Noory, Geraldo Rivera, Sally Jesse Raphael, Montel Williams, Art Bell’s Coast To Coast Radio Show, Uri Geller’s Coast To Coast Radio Show and Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher. Considered a relationship and trauma expert, many of her media appearances have been dedicated to discussing healthy intimacy, recovery from sexual abuse and trauma resolution. She has also appeared on several programs with her husband Michael, as the two clinicians often see couples in their private practice as a couple. ​ Aside from her work with relationships, intimacy issues, sexual dysfunction, addiction, trauma resolution and grief, Carla has been investigating spirituality and other related phenomenon for over a decade. Her major radio show appearances have been dedicated to topics ranging from Near Death Experiences, After Death Communications, Deathbed Visions and Premonitions. She is considered to be one of the leading researchers into deathbed visions. In her private practice, grief work, lectures and workshops she teaches people how to integrate these unusual encounters into everyday living. Currently, she is working on another project involving the mysterious departing visions of the those on their deathbed. In 2008 She and her husband, Dr. Michael Brandon Ph.D., a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, have been in private practice for over two decades. They have been married for over 40 years. The Brandons have two sons, Joshua and Aaron. Along with this, they have one Golden Retriever, four kitties, one Chinese box turtle, and two Love Birds. Sadly, the tarantula did not survive hurricane Ike.

    Call into the show to ask questions of our guest!
    Call in line Skype ID:
    Souplivechat 800livechat

    By phone
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  • Today on Monday October 1 2018 ....
    In Loving Reflections and Memories of 'My Beloved' Mom Kiki!...
    1 Year Ago.. 2017.. Today Kiki 5:15pm OUR House-Seattle
    With Music of 'The Hawaiian Wedding Song!...Playing!..By Her Bedside!
    (Seems Just Happened Yesterday)!...Still In Grief!.. IN Process........

    My Mom- KIKI- SHE IS- 'MY Wonder Woman Warrior'!...
    With Her Divine Grace-Her Faith in God!- In LOVE!!....
    KIKI-She 'Fought-Battled'-Her Cancers!...Now in Peace!...
    In Heaven-With NO Pain-NO Suffering!..And with Her Family!..

    Mom Is 'OUR Guardian Angel'- and She is 'Looking OUT' For ME!..
    My Dad- All OUR Family Members!...W/Protection-LOVE!..Guidance!
    With Her Loving 'Angel Signs' All Over 'HER Beloved' The Garden-Plants...
    and OUR HOUSE!...It Continues!...

    My Dad and I ..We Were Her Hospice Caregiver and Support!..
    And Guided/ Supported With The Evergreen Hospice-Social Workers-
    Nurses-Caregivers! ..All Staff Members...Located in Kirkland WA
    Thank YOU!.....
    And Many Many Angel Blessings For All Your Love!..
    And All YOUR Support!...They are in 'OUR Hearts!'..Forever!

    With All My Love!!....
    Many Many Angel Blessings-Peace-Love...
    Nameste- LOVE YOU!! Kate

    Love- And Continue Embracing Meditations..OF
    'The Love-Heart Consciousness '

    Music Of The Day...FOR YOU MOM!-Songs...
    *'The Hawaiian Wedding Song'!..
    And Traditional 'Hawaiian Hula' Music...
    *David Gilmore's 'Blue'-For YOU!..
    *Pink Floyd's- 'Wish You Were Here'

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