• Anyone interested in Energy work consultations, energetic clearings and upgrades? I utilize an ancient healing technique from the times of MU and even older.
    Give me a shout either here or at Unified Energetics on facebook.

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  • Good Sunday Beloved #LightFamily! A #BlessedWesak & #FullMoon in Scorpio to you all! Here’s your weekly reminder for our #SundayMassMeditation, the #KeytoFreedomMeditation, it begins in about 1 hour & 45 minute. First, in 45 minutes from now, those who feel the need for some healing can connect to the 2nd session of the monthly Remote Healing Session with Ascended Masters & Stellar Healing Rays provided by International Golden Age Group (IGAG) & Prepare For Change (PFC) Japan.

    This is a half-hour remote healing, a gift to everyone & FREE of charge. 
It helps many people around the world to heal their inner being & mind. It helps me a lot! Scroll down for the links to their live feed.

    Half an hour after that healing is done (about 1 hour 45 minutes from now) please join with meditators all around our beautiful world in our weekly Sunday Mass Meditation!

    The Key to Freedom Meditation: 

    (Dear Ones: if that link does not work due to FB magic, clicking on the PICTURE does work!)

    For USA friends, this is:

    11:00 am Eastern Time, 10:00 am Central Time, 09:00 am Mountain Time, 08:00 am Pacific Time, 05:00 am HAST Honolulu

For London Friends this is 4 pm BST

    In another time zone? Check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

    The #FREERemoteHealingSession with #AscendedMasters & #StellarHealingRays with #InternationalGoldenAgeGroup (IGAG) & #PrepareForChange (PFC) Japan is always provided 2 days a month at the Full Moon from:
    2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

    for USA Friends this is:
10 am Eastern, 9 am Central, 8 am Mountain, 7 am Pacific

    Connect with their Live Feed at: 


    if you are in another time zone , Check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

Beloveds we are in such a powerful time of #transformation. 
BE Peace. BE Love. BE Light. Keep your frequency high & SHINE YOUR LIGHT. 
Find, allow, give, accept & receive COMPASSION. Let it be your mantra.
    Remember: the vibration you find & maintain for yourself will be the vibration you attract!

    For those of you who can & resonate, we also do the Key to Freedom Meditation daily at 3 PM UTC & until further notice, also every 4 hours

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio in English:

    (Remember, dear Ones, if that link does not work due to FB magic, clicking on the PICTURE does work!)

    En español:


    Key to Freedom Guided Audio PLAYLIST in MANY languages:

    Key to Freedom Event page: 


    Here’s a great interactive tool some of you may like using for this meditation!


If you are new to this meditation, you can read more about it at

    Remember Beloveds, there are MANY synchronized meditations on the WLMM blog active meditation page--but if there is only ONE Mass Meditation a week you can join in, this Weekly Meditation—the Key to Freedom is the one where reaching the CRITICAL MASS of 144,000 meditating at once is the MOST IMPORTANT!

    Please do check out the latest We Love Mass Meditation Blog for regular updates & links to all the presently scheduled & ongoing meditations that you can join in to help harmonize & raise the frequencies of the planet!


    Thank you to ALL who join in these Mass Meditations! 

    HAPPY MEDITATING & I will see you in the ethers!


    Zeeva Amrita 

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  • Lightworker sounds better than shadow worker, I get it.

    But don't be afraid of your shadows. Your shadows are simply...

    The inner child that desperately needs your love and attention

    The ego that has been disconnected from Source and Oneness

    The blindspots that keeps you anchored into a repeating pattern in which you have the power to break!

    Sometimes I use the label Lightworker. Yes I do reiki, I work with angels, glitter and sparkles and everything nice

    But I'm also a shadow worker. I will dive into the subconscious with you if you let me, heal the inner child, remove entities and help you remember what a beautiful light being you truly are

    I'm an alchemist. I'm not afraid of working with the shadows, because I know that,

    Your shadow is parts of you that needs, Love.

    Love illuminates the most vulnerable and precious parts of ourselves that have been forgotten, lost, fractured and fragmented.

    It needs...

    I have over 16+ healing modalities in my batman toolbelt, but in the end, the most powerful ingredient is really, LOVE.

    Self Love.
    Love for you.
    Love for all.

    I refuse to bypass the shadows by only facing the light, why should I reject parts of me that really needs my love?

    And before I know it

    My love have alchemized my shadows into light.
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  • Have been having difficult memories arise lately. Taking the time to feel them fully and let them move through and out of me... will share at some point. Letting the pain fuel my fire to bring healing to the other #milab survivors ❤️
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  • I don't know how this OnStellar network works yet, but slowly I'll catch up with it... In the meantime, anyone out there interested in #aliens #healing #psychic #pastregression #spirits #spiritcommunication #ancestors #spiritualcommunication #crystals #wicca #spells #magick, etc? Please hit me up. Thanks everyone!
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  • People with a Sense of Unity Experience Greater Life Satisfaction https://snooze2awaken.com/2019/05/05/people-with-a-sense-of-unity-experience-greater-life-satisfaction/ #lifesatisfaction #satisfaction #happiness #joy #contentment #humanpotential #consciousness #consciousevolution #unity #unityconsciousness #wellness #wellbeing #healing #health #mentalhealth #awareness #awakening #psychology #positivethinking #positivity #connectedness #interconnectedness #universe #mind #enlightenment #meditation #spirituality #metaphysics #oneness #inspiration
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  • Dear Ones, I AM wishing all such a very #HappyBeltane & #MayDay! AND I am calling all #Lightworkers & #Lightwarriors to join in a daily special meditation in Love & Light & around the world daily starting TOMORROW May 1st & continuing through May 6th at 1:30 PM UTC.

    Let us use this very important day & the days after for anchoring #GoddessLight through the planetary #LightGrid.

    Did you know that the actual day of #Beltane is not always on April 30th or May 1st? This is because while most of us are using Gregorian calendar in our daily lives, the actual day of Beltane falls on the mid-point between March Equinox & June Solstice. We know the dark forces like to use these powerful times for dark rituals & dark magic, so let us flood our world with SO MUCH LOVE & LIGHT we can counteract those!

    For USA friends this is:
    9:30 am East Coast time, 8:30 am Central, 7:30 am Mountain, & 6:30 am Pacific

    For all other time zones, use this link to convert UTC timezone to your local time:

    You can do this meditation at the synchronized time & also as often as you wish. Do it alone, do it in groups, do it in your circles!

    Here is the facebook event:


    Here is the link to the guided audio for this meditation in 12 languages:



    1. Visualize a bright pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body into the heart of Gaia. Then visualize one other pillar of Light going upwards from the center of the Earth through your body, through all points of Light in our solar system and in our galaxy back to the Central Sun. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, Light flowing both upwards and downwards.

    2. Now visualize above your head, inside of that brilliant pillar of Light, Goddess in a shape of a beautiful woman embodying energies of divine feminine: unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, peace, harmony, grace, beauty and healing. Feel her energy.

    3. Descend the Goddess into your body while singing mantra OM. You can do at the same time mudra with your hands above your head, then descending them and laying them gently on your Heart. Feel the Goddess energy entering your body and anchoring into your Heart.

    4. Call on the presence of the Goddess Dou Mu, presence of all ascended Goddesses like Isis, Maat, Hathor, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, White Tara,.. to help with nullifying all ongoing dark rituals on the planet and to restore divine Light and Justice.

    5. Extend your hands in front of you and send the divine feminine energy through your hands towards all negative rituals neutralizing them, making them harmless and ineffective, losing all their power. See all dark rituals fading away, dissolving in the Light and Love of the Goddess.

    6. Now visualize Galactic Central Sun pillar of Light expanding into the soul star chakras (situated 20cm above the head) of all beings involved in those rituals reconnecting them with the Source and inspiring them to desist from doing them. See them beginning working for the Light.

    7. Thank all goddesses and all Light beings and feel gratitude for this being done.

    You can also anchor Goddess Light by doing the Goddess meditation an hour later at 2:30 PM UTC:

    Thank you to ALL who join into these meditations!

    May #GoddessBLESSyouALL!

    I will see you in the ethers!

    I send you ALL SO MUCH LOVE!

    Zeeva Amrita
    Meditation over the period of Beltane to anchor Goddess Light and neutralize dark rituals
    A blog for organizing mass meditations leading to the Victory of the Light!
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  • The “World Group Service” will be facilitated by WhiteAvatar,through the collective universal voice of us all. As a vessel, I give us all my voice to facilitate the Consciousness of God~Creator~Love.
    This is no religion, it is no man with white beard in the sky, or an entity in a physical or non physical vessel. This is the purest Consciousness of creation itself. This is beyond the creation of universes. Many third dimensional, linear words for this frequency is used by us humans. This is the source of “Simplicity of life, and the way of living as co~creative beings,on this planet,and all creations there is. This Consciousness invites in all of God~Creator~Loves children,all around creation. Beyond the human lineage, all children in all ages that is. It has come a time, where balance shall yet again lay in everyone’s hearts, and live it through the physical and non physical vessels, everywhere.
    The illusion of separation, the belief systems of linear thinking, all world created matrix systems shall crumble; one by one,from the inside,and out. The healing of collective wounds shall be taken to a whole new level of awareness,and understanding. The time where we as humans separate us into groups are dying. We shall stand together in the storms to come. The controllers of the linear created systems shall return to source energy, and the balanced shall inherit the way of the living.
    God~Creator~Love has never left the building, only those who listened, stopped listening. It has come a time, where we shall all start listening again.
    And this time we shall act!

    In humble love, I EL, invite you,Brothers and Sisters from all around creation,to join in a co-creative awakening, once and for all.

    This will be an interStellar event ✨

    More info will be at www.whiteavatar.com next week. Today’s date is 27 April 2019.

    The Force IS with us.

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  • Kitchen Apothecary! Healing Herbs and Foods right in our own Pantries! Reduce Ascension Symptoms and Warm the Heart! Stay Hydrated with H3O2! We are Sovereign, We are Free! #HolisticHealth #Ascension
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  • We are now going through a collective dark night of the soul. An immense consciousness and spiritual initiation that is hitting everywhere and everybody, holographically, multidimentsionally represented in our world through what we perceive as polarizing difficult, attempting divide and causing these effects in all of us. We are all going through our own experiences, and collectively of "death", and opportunities to rise and become awakened ascended beings, new risen forms of ourselves, right now.

    RIGHT NOW SOOO MUCH MORE I (and I m sure that most of you) have noticed. BIG STUFF is happening NOW and going to be happening very soon.

    Stay grounded out their folks. Stay loving, kind, positively openly objectively looking at each occurrence in your own life, and collectively, as opportunities for spiritual, soulful, growth, ultimately an ascension opportunity through new insight, learning, understanding with the death of your previous self, essentially.

    Don't let the hardships, negative greetings, get to you and postpone meeting with your own shadow, at this time. Unacknowledging your own shadow, that aspect of yourself that you've karmically acquired. For otherwise you will continue find moments, opportunities to face it because it is shown to you very directly, more forcefully each time, meaning possibly more difficult each time, yet still more quickly to heal, undertand, and get through the hardship if true momentary focus is given

    . Face your shadow, face yourself and the shadow of our collective world (as seen through politics, science and knowledge or philosophy in-fighting, ethics, societal ways, and etc.) with courage, love, intelligence and full allowing the in-flow of intelligent energy to guide you to full understanding, full acceptance, to become full love and healing, raising your being.

    You have the conscious power, the world is an ascension opportunity for everyone right now, much as the pyramids of Egypt were first created to be tools for, now, is of the world with the help from the many strategically place pyramids amongst the Earth.
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