• Epigenetic Health / Helping our Dormant DNA Re-ignite! "Methylate!" Stay Hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! We are Sovereign, We are Free! #ascension #holistichealth https://youtu.be/H9fDmZVkWkc
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  • Federal Judge Bans Healthy Children from School for Being Unvaccinated http://ow.ly/YqJs30o3nKy #Vaccines
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  • Heating with Hydrogen HHO or Hcat. This man does just that.Health, heating, transmutation of matter. https://youtu.be/Bd_yrSldFWw via @YouTube
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  • Wanting to share a series of interviews I did on The Dr. Pat Show educating the public about women's health. YouTube links below.
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  • Social media is a difficult thing. On one hand it brings people together and open up opportunities. On the other hand it can bring out the worst in people and open up for some seriously bad situations, which takes its toll on your mental health and causes damage to your core..

    It breaks my heart to see people I love and look up to, go through suffering because of social media. It's hard to handle people/friends as it is. Add social media on top of it, and there's a potential recipe for disaster.

    Misunderstandings are part of human nature. But instead of being resolved fairly quickly and painlessly with minimal damage; social media adds additional stress and hurdles that can blow things way out of proportions. You have to type your messages. And then there's that wait for the other person to reply. If ever. Things are so distant and dragged out. It's easy to dehumanize the person you're at typing-war with.
    And if you're a public person or somewhat known, you risk to 'air your dirty laundry' in front of the world to see.
    Not a fun thing. Not healthy for your mind nor soul. Whomever you are.

    I'm placing this blessing, this magical spell on a certain someone, that I know is going through some very hard times right now due to friends and social media.

    I wish TS nothing but the very best. May he find peace and comfort in his heart. May he find strength again to lift himself up. May he find clarity to see things from a positive angle and new opportunities that were once hidden.
    TS - Keep making videos and share knowledge with the world. The world needs you. We are many that love you. Things seem hard now, but things will get better!

    So mote it be!
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  • Mar. 11, 1983: #QuietRiot released their Metal Health record.
    What memories do you have of this album?

    best links for videos
    record signing
    #FrankieBanali #ChuckWright #RudySarzo #CarlosCavazo
    ~ #KevinDuBrow ~
    October 29, 1955 – November 19, 2007
    #classic #rock #metal #music #history #OTD #80s
    = CIRCUS Magazine: https://www.circusrockmag.com/ =
    World-saving Public Service Announcements
    for the week of Mar. 4th – 10th
    David Wilcock https://youtu.be/P9OiszmswXo
    Mike Quinsey https://galacticchannelings.com/english/mike01-03-19.html
    Montague Keen
    THRIVE trailer https://youtu.be/OibqdwHyZxk
    #Alliance #WhiteDragonSociety #GalacticFederationofLight
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  • Lista corporaciones propiedad de George Soros

    Abbott Laboratories
    ACI Worldwide Inc.
    ADC Telecommunications Inc.
    Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
    AES Corp.
    Allegheny Energy Inc.
    American Equity Investment Life Holding
    AMIS Holdings Inc.
    Applied Materials Inc.
    Arbitron Inc.
    Archer Daniels Midland Company
    Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.
    Best Buy Co. Inc.
    Boston Properties Inc.
    C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc.
    CA Inc.
    Cabot Corp.
    Carnival Corp.
    Cascade Corp.
    Caterpillar Inc.
    CB Richard Ellis Group Inc.
    CEC Entertainment Inc.
    China Mobile Ltd.
    Coach Inc.
    Colgate Palmolive Company
    Aetna Inc.
    Alcan Inc.
    Alltel Corp.
    Altria Group Inc.
    American Oriental Bioengineering Inc.
    Arris Group Inc
    Ashland Inc.
    AutoZone Inc.
    Baidu.com Inc. ADS
    Banco Ita Holding Financeira S.A.
    Banro Corp.
    Bemis Company Inc.
    Brinker International Inc.
    CalMaine Foods Inc.
    Capital Common Serie
    CarMax Inc.
    Chemtura Corp.
    Comcast Corp.
    Community Health Systems Inc.
    Constellation Energy Group Inc.
    Corning Inc.
    Deere & Company
    DIRECTV Group Inc.
    Dominion Resources Inc.
    Duke Energy Corp.
    EMC Corp.
    Emerson Electric Co.
    Equity Residential
    FedEx Corp.
    Fortune Brands Inc.
    FPL Group Inc.
    General Dynamics Corp.
    General Growth Properties Inc
    Getty Images Inc.
    Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
    Google Inc.
    H.B. Fuller Company
    Halliburton Company
    Health Management Associates Inc.
    HLTH Corp.
    Honeywell International Inc.
    Host Hotels & Resorts Inc.
    ICICI Bank Ltd.
    Illinois Tool Works Inc.
    Compuware Corp.
    Convergys Corp.
    CVS Caremark Corp.
    Cytec Industries Inc.
    Danaher Corp.
    eHealth Inc.
    Entergy Corp.
    Entravision Communications Corp.
    Exelon Corp.
    Expeditors International of Washington I
    Flextronics International Ltd.
    Garmin Ltd.
    GemstarTV Guide International Inc.
    Goldcorp Inc.
    Greenlight Capital Re Ltd.
    Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.
    HarteHanks Inc.
    HewlettPackard Company
    Idearc Inc.
    Infinity Property and Casualty Corp.
    Integrated Device Technology Inc.
    Intel Corp.
    International Game Technology
    J.C. Penney Company Inc.
    KEMET Corp.
    Liberty Media Corp.
    Liberty Media Corp.
    Live Nation Inc.
    Lockheed Martin Corp.
    Lowe’s Companies Inc.
    Macy’s Inc.
    MAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    Marriott International Inc.
    Marvel Entertainment Inc.
    MasterCard Inc.
    Mattel Inc.
    Merck & Co. Inc.
    Minerals Technologies Inc.
    MSC Software Corp.
    NAVTEQ Corp.
    NCR Corp.
    Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc.
    Network Appliance Inc.
    Interactive Common S, Autodesk Inc.
    InterDigital Inc.
    iShares MSCI Japan
    Ladish Co. Inc.
    LandAmerica Financial Group Inc.
    LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd.
    Lifeway Foods Inc.
    Logitech International S.A.
    LouisianaPacific Corp.
    Lyondell Chemical Company
    MasTec Inc.
    McDermott International Inc.
    MeadWestvaco Corp.
    Mechel OAO, Broadcom Corp.
    Medarex Inc.
    MercadoLibre Inc.
    Micrel Inc.
    Molson Coors Brewing Company
    Nabors Industries Ltd.
    Nalco Holding Company
    NII Holdings Inc
    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
    NVR Inc
    OM Group Inc.
    Pall Corp.
    Palm Inc.
    Pantry Inc.
    Peabody Energy Corp.
    PPL Corp.
    Public Storage Inc.
    Quest Diagnostics Inc.
    Research in Motion Ltd.
    Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
    RPM International Inc.
    Safeway Inc.
    Scholastic Corp.
    Secure Computing Corp.
    Select Comfort Corp.
    Simon Property Group Inc.
    Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.
    Starbucks Corp.
    State Street Corp.
    Novell Inc.
    Payless ShoeSource Inc.
    PepsiCo Inc.
    Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.Petrobras
    Quanex Corp.
    Questar Corp.
    Raytheon Company
    RealNetworks Inc.
    RockTenn Company
    Rockwood Holdings Inc.
    Rohm and Haas Company
    Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc
    Schlumberger Ltd.
    Sensient Technologies Corp.
    Shire plc
    Skyworks Solutions Inc.
    SonicWALL Inc.
    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.
    Stillwater Mining Company
    Support.com Inc.
    Tech Data Corp.
    The Bank of New York Mellon Corp.
    The Boston Beer Company Inc.
    The Gap Inc.
    The GEO Group Inc.
    The New York Times Company
    The Southern Company
    The Walt Disney Company Disney
    Titan International Inc.
    Under Armour Inc.
    Union Pacific Corp.
    United Microelectronics Corp.
    United Parcel Service, Inc.
    United Therapeutics Corp.
    Universal American Financial Corp.
    Walgreen Company
    Wells Fargo & Company
    Wendy’s International Inc.
    Western Digital Corp.
    Whole Foods Market Inc.
    Wynn Resorts Ltd.
    Sybase Inc.
    The McClatchy Company
    The SherwinWilliams Company
    The Valspar Corp.
    TiVo Inc.
    TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.
    U.S. Bancorp
    Unibanco Unio de Bancos Brasileiros S.A.
    UnitedHealth Group Inc.
    Valassis Communications Inc.
    VF Corp., Nordstrom Inc.
    Vornado Realty Trust
    WalMart Stores Inc.
    Westlake Chemical Corp.
    Weyerhaeuser Company
    Worthington Industries Inc.
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  • IS IT REALLY HAPPENING??? You Decide ...Release of free energy devices...and health and rejuvenation.....https://youtu.be/0DyK_cguXLk via @YouTube
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  • #Vaccine Industry to partner with police, come after home school students in Iowa for mandated quarterly “health and wellness” checks http://ow.ly/ZnqN30nRRll
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  • Suspended and Suspense-filled Life in the Midst of Change
    Have you noticed that it's hard to just continue on living life 'as usual' with all the changes that are predicted and seemingly in view? The last couple of years have been particularly intense. I do believe we are moving into a very different way of life in the world. There are major, life-changing technologies that have been kept secret and hidden from us. I hope they will be released soon from their bondage so we can move on into the Jetson Age. (If you never watched the Jetson cartoons, it was all set in a high technology, futuristic world)
    When you find yourself in between two different realities, it's a bit discombobulating. The world as we have known it doesn't seem very real anymore. Most of what we were taught about the world and life is complete propaganda - an illusion. The powers at the top had a whole agenda to play out and they used every communication tool they could find to manipulate the regular people on the planet. It involved them living in power and luxury while the rest worked as their labour force or lived in unsustainable poverty. The 'developed' countries were the slave labour and the 'third world' countries were in poverty.
    The humanitarian earth alliance people behind the scenes today are working to change everything to build a peaceful world that works for everybody. It's not a 'New World Order' that I'm talking about that reflects much of George Orwell's vision of a future where all are controlled. Most people have been taught to believe that without our present governments, laws and leadership, that people would become savages. Leadership is somewhat important but can be done at a smaller community level. If we had a world filled with abundance - which is very attainable - then you wouldn't have a lot of the problems you have with a world of scarcity and depravity.
    Suppressed Knowledge and Technology
    There are a few very important technologies that are being suppressed that I will mention first. Most people reading this will already be informed about this. Free energy is a big one. There is technology that is known where energy can be created from small devices that can power everything we need. There is no cost to creating the energy, other than meagre costs of manufacturing these devices. We also have hidden technology that could clean up our oceans, air and land that needs to be released. They also have ways of getting rid of garbage in clean, energy-efficient ways - not just storing it in landfills or transforming it into other pollutants. What about food replicators that can create food and other items from plasma? We can have whatever we need and want without worrying about GMO's, droughts or flooding and without killing animals. Another big area of technologies that has been suppressed is in the form of health diagnostics and treatments (cures). Healthcare also has a lot of suppressed knowledge about how to care for our bodies and the ills of the pharmaceutical industry that both robs us blind and keeps us sick.
    Hmm - there are several 'high level' people who want to get rid of this debt-based financial system that we have. The top elite have billions of unneeded money while countries and people are debt-poor and barely surviving financially. Can you imagine a 'Jubilee' where all debt is forgiven and economies support everyone having a home of their own and all else they need? We've been told that a new 'Quantum financial system' is ready to be launched which will make it impossible for theft and misappropriation of funds. We have enough advanced robotics that people would not have to work other than to help in their own community with what is needed. That workload would be covered by volunteers - lots of them happy to help out.
    In The Middle
    Energy is an interesting phenomena. During spiritual practices, you become much more aware of energies beyond the physical realm that you experience around you. Some say we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. There is a lot said out there that suggests that we are creators of our world and our reality. Of course we are all co-creators and so are affected by each others' energies. Even so, living in this world isn't the same reality for everyone. On a simplified level, some people live in fear of others or feel the need to defend themselves at every turn. They live in a world of struggle, caution and conflict. Others look at the world as filled with people who have so much to give, if only acknowleged and supported in doing so. They live a life of healing and kindness. Life struggles are just opportunities for us to help out and watch miracles happen. Most people fall in the middle between those two extremes. But how you approach life seems to greatly affect what you experience.
    There is a world-wide push towards a new, better world. Much of that 'push' is in energy creation. The more people let go of the old paradigms of reality and envision a future of abundance, peace and cooperation, the closer we get to that reality 'manifesting' before us. Fighting for peace is an oxymoron. Taking responsibility for how and what you put your energy into - whether in thoughts or action - well that takes a lot of work and practice. Knowing it will lead to a breakthrough makes the whole journey a joyful one.
    Let me give a couple of recent examples in my life of how this work goes. I have a group of friends who get together every couple of weeks. It was interesting. This last time that we were to meet, I had my grandson's first birthday to attend and would have had to leave the gathering quite early. To my surprise, the group talked about changing the day in order to accommodate me. This can involve 7 - 9 people and I felt it as a big kindness that they would offer to change the day. It had been their idea, not my request. Well, in the end the day got changed back to the original day - but without me being informed of this. I had made a couple of suggestions that no one responded to. In the end, I just emailed everyone and asked for them to let me know when we would be meeting next. So then I had to work on letting go of conflicted feelings about the whole thing. I had a choice about how I was going to handle the connections I have with different people in the group. I really care about these people and so I have truly been able to let it all go and focus on the loving energy that is among us all. There was no ill intent or actual abandonment that had taken place, though it felt that way at the time.
    Another situation that came up in the past couple of days was a debate I had with my daughter-in-law about whether vaccines should be made mandatory. I was clearly able to make my point that I feel people should have the right to choose. She felt that she was well-informed and 'right' in believing it's better for everyone to be vaccinated, whether they think so or not. She also brought up that some children are unable to be vaccinated due to a sensitivity to the vaccines and those children were at risk around children whose parents chose for them to be unvaccinated. I agreed that those 'vulnerable' children's parents should have a right to have their child in a safe environment but that would not mean mandatory vaccinationns as the only option. I felt good that I stood up for my point of view - which isn't always easy - but I also have been careful to keep a positive and respecful view of my daughter-in-law. People believe what they believe because of what they have been exposed to and drawn to in their life experiences.
    It Can Be Isolating
    Sometimes it's easier to just stay by myself instead of going through all the work of being with others. When alone I am not reacting to all the craziness out there. However, when I go out into the world at large, I try to take my heart and smile with me knowing I will run into lots of people along my way who will be grateful for the energy that I share. Let me bring more of the creator's loving energy into the world around me and 'know' that change is coming and people will be much happier than I am seeing right now. All will be revealed.
    Being alone or being out in the world around me - I feel I am in the middle, between the past and the future. Time doesn't seem real. All seems to be in motion. It is an interesting time that we are in at present and I plan to fully experience all that it entails.
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