• MICROPLASTICS & PHTHALATES! AND HOW WE CAN LIVE WITH LESS! More Embodiment and Purging going on, so please consider keeping up with Healthy practices for your overall Avatar! (Mind, Body and Spirit) Plasma absorption or Ionized particles (Adamantine particles) will increase! Especially in the spring of 2020! So daily detoxing and a Heavy Metal detox for sure! These are just a few Holistic Health Tools we cover in the Workshop! Stay Hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! We are Sovereign, We are Free! #HolisticHealth #Ascension https://youtu.be/MiX03gC27wI
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  • “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” on #5G Being “4G on Steroids” and “Flying Blind” with Health Risks http://ow.ly/IQ5o30py1PX
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  • SPORE PROBIOTICS! (SBO's) Info and Inspiration to get you thinking about Beneficial Soil Based Microorganisms and our Gut Microbiome! Blessings Everyone! Stay Hydrated with Structured Water! We are Sovereign, We are Free! I really mean that. Serious changes beyond block chain. Wow! #HolisticHealth #Ascension https://youtu.be/HXdd0IeCqpQ
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  • The swamp made millions trafiking Children to clowns 24/7  the last thing experienced kidnappers  whant to be dealing whith, is a well organized community association and technology,communications, intelligence cooperation whith 1 intention 100% evective child upduction prevention security policy + fail safe reaction and recovery units. 800 000 children gets sold to the narcissistic sycophantic organ harvesting satanic child sacrificeing cannibalistic mind modified delusional evil and wicked adrinacrome addicted demonic swamp clowns and making a $180 000 000  a year profit.The solution is a foundation spending massive amount of money Saving the children from that experience. 1 child's upduction is a  devastating tragedy for humanity. There are 72 000 000 children in the usa if every child donates $2 . The biggest problem in the world now requires a understanding of cooperation communications awesomeness and associations. To prevent the next child upduction . The solution is going to be easy because it requires people how love children and after reading this information required to stop this ongoing issue. Not supporting and sharing this information is implementing the individuals for allowing the upduction of children. When it could be prevented.
    180 000 000 000
    72 000 000 ~ $150 = $10 000 000 000 foundation
    The family are invested in a $10 000 000 000 company
    There are 1 200 000 000 active child predators including 6 000 000 Satanist in the world.

    Family first { fail-safe system } training
    +risks management training +++
    +security training +++
    +fail safe thinking Traning+++
    +health and safety traning+++
    +Security training +++
    + communications services training +++
    +behavior identifying training+++
    +information gathering & analysing training+++
    +Crowd funding & Investment+++
    Phase 2
                                    ~  The godfather foundation ~

    So what i need to do is to show these swamp clowns the real value of 72 000 000 children and make a foundation for them.
    After reading this and understanding we can prevent all crimes against children. This can be achieved by croud funding and partnership. Starting in the usa then spreading to every child on earth.

    This is what needs to be done
    CuttingEdgeDynamic is a investment  opportunity for perants because they invest in their childrens foundation. with excellent planing, communications and training  clients whil keep operational costs minimal, when the capital grow . How ths works is perants invests $150 ass the investment then belongs to children so by using their foundation match needed services can then be used. . The reason this plan whill works is not all children are in danger all the time so we spend maney for those in need red zones . the money we spend it on is like after school activities lowering the risk.  This is jast for the children. Its not a lot of money but together it whil be enough to get people engaged .This can stop human trafficking completely the children disappear because they are extremely expensive and the only way to block them Is to make it more profitable protecting the children.

    You have home security. Workplace security, car security but what about the children.

    This plan dont need capital to start and can grow financially faster than the trafiking has ever grow when my plan starts the trafficking ends. from start 30 days of people working together to change the world by Helping me to run a management operation for 24 hours
    7days a week for 30 days.
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  • Too many hooked on prescription drugs - health chiefs http://ow.ly/tIO330pvWCl #NHS
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  • HOLISTIC HEALTH WORKSHOP COMING UP! Come and spend 4 hours of uplifting, inspiring and supportive camaraderie where we talk about #HolisticHealth in this current #Ascension Cycle! Blessings Everyone! Stay Hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! https://www.meetup.com/Holistic-Health-for-the-Ascension-Process-WORKSHOP/events/263348872/

    Holistic Health for the Ascension Process! WORKSHOP with Travis Carper

    Saturday, Sep 7, 2019, 1:00 PM

    Medford Library
    205 S Central Ave Medford, OR

    2 Members Attending

    If your in the Rogue River Valley this is a don't miss seminar packed full of Tools, Techniques and Information on the Ascension Process that you can use on a daily basis! Come and spend 4 hours of uplifting, inspiring and supportive camaraderie where we talk about Holistic Health in this current Ascension Cycle! Holistic Health for the Ascension P...

    Check out this Meetup →

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  • Revealed: Health tourists cost the NHS £150m in unpaid bills as doctors say asking for payment is 'racist' and hospital chases Nigerian mother for £500,000 over birth of her quadruplets three years ago http://ow.ly/D1G430pqeua
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  • Rising Awareness About 5G as WSJ Reports Cities’ Concerns Over Aesthetics, Health and FCC “Bullying” http://ow.ly/cYLn30ppQp0
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  • Simple questions # 1: Why is there no regulation for chemicals in fuel oil?

    (Arjan Bos) You wouldn't say it at first sight, but the Netherlands is still the chemical waste pit of the whole world. From everywhere, and in very large quantities, we import chemical waste here. The processing of this is expensive, but because the Netherlands is the only country in the world that has not drawn up adequate rules for what may be in fuel oil, the chemical waste is largely processed here.

    Worldwide this is the country where companies dump their chemical waste for a good price and this is then used to make cheap fuel oil. So cheap, in fact, that ships that use 70 to 100,000 liters a day sail from the Mediterranean to refuel in Rotterdam.

    These large users pollute much more than airplanes. In fact, only 16 large sea ships pollute as much as all cars around the world. Now, around 22,000 of those large seagoing vessels are filling up in Rotterdam, almost half of the world's fleet. Those ships that refuel here therefore together burn 1,375 times the total emissions of all cars around the world. But now with the addition of neurotoxins, cyanides, acids, heavy metals and even radioactive waste.

    This all ends up in our environment, an appropriate term for this is ecocide. And only because of the missing regulations on fuel oil. It comes in the sea, in the fish, in our drinking water and in the air. Because we drink, eat and breathe, that also comes to us!

    Cautious estimates, due to the use of polluted fuel oil in shipping, result in 60,000 deaths per year. These are not as visible as in a war, but if simple and fair regulation could prevent at least 60,000 deaths a year, you could also call it genocide?

    Companies with a criminal record due to environmental crimes may co-write in the Netherlands with a crucial new environmental law at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. They can even determine how often they can be checked and which chemicals they can mix with fuel oil. And as if that wasn't enough, research shows that in addition to this red carpet for dubious companies and multinationals, government officials are involved in 48% of environmental crime cases.

    But in the House of Representatives, Rutte explicitly called for fewer rules and fewer controls: all that hassle would only dampen companies. In the meantime, the environmental inspectorate has surrendered three-quarters of its manpower and the government explicitly thwarts enforcement and investigation. Fraudulent waste processors can get started without a permit, and the companies involved are now eagerly raising subsidies and making extra profits.

    The climate goals have even been laid down by law, all election campaigns as green as grass, and the environmental impact has reached a record high in 2017. But despite all the election promises, this does not go to great initiatives such as the Ecoliner with sails on cargo ships that can save 50% fuel oil with the same crew and thus reduce 687 times the total emissions of all cars throughout the world. On the contrary, instead of subsidy, they have to deal with strong opposition from the government and business and the fossil industry still receives 7.6 billion subsidy per year.

    Let me ask all members of the cabinet 1 simple question:

    Why is there no adequate regulation and enforcement for chemical waste in fuel oil?

    And now that I have you on the line, I make another suggestion:

    Sustainable ambitions are very easy to buy:

    Give a sufficient part of the 7.6 billion subsidy that still goes to the fossil industry every year to the development of sailing cargo ships. If the fuel oil is then no longer chemical, it is also used 50% less. A saving of more than 687 times the emissions of all cars throughout the world

    Then back to you and me:

    We now see a government that openly protects businesses against the citizens,
    even convicted polluters to make new environmental laws
    and public health accountability is completely neglected

    What do you and I do with it?
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  • THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM CONNECTION! Consider your Gut Microbiome when decalcifying your Pineal gland and balancing hormone levels! Blessings Everyone and Stay Hydrated with H3O2 my Friends! We are Sovereign, We are Free! #HolisticHealth #Ascension https://youtu.be/jKUjYyZ2E5U
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