• ‘Beyond belief!’: Labour leadership hopeful enrages Scots after using Catalonia as example of how to ‘beat divisive nationalism’
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  • I hope she's learned her lesson: Israeli footballer, 19, who had sex with British 'gang-rape' teenager has no sympathy as she flies home to continue fight to clear her name after Cyprus president failed to pardon her
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  • Happy New Year to all my OnStellar friends. Hope 2020 brings many manifestations of joy to you all <3
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  • Well, I was attempting to post a picture, but apparently that did not work for some reason.
    Oh well. ..... Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year!

    I did record some crystal bowl meditations today. If you have the time, hope you enjoy.


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  • ABOUT: In this episode of "Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy" that we have titled as "PSEC - 2019 - Communitarianism: First Things First" -- Dave Kelso speaks with Lark In Texas, JJ ZAP and Lauren Tull about one of the most important topics for our current modern age, that most people don't have a clue is even a thing. This topic helps to simplify and make sense of a great many things that otherwise seem to most people as disorganized random chaos in an increasingly insane world. This discussion is intended to be empowering, not to fear monger or spread nihilism or hopelessness.

    This video has been designed in such a way that it intends to allow the average mundane normie to be able to make sense of it. There is no prerequisite knowledge you need to have in advance of watching this, though if you do have some -- all the better. This video will make sense of the local, national and world stages -- as pertains to what it all has to do with you, and what you can do about all of the things.

    This video also includes some third party content for purposes of illustration and expression, all of which fall squarely under fair use and Creative Commons License.

    Participants List: Dave Kelso, Lark In Texas, JJ ZAP, Lauren Tull, Fair Use / CC: Larken Rose, StyxHexenHammer666, Tim Pool, Paul Joseph Watson, TSM, Blank On Blank, Chris Capel, DJ RX, Foamy The Squirrel, Poseidon, Idiocracy, Jaboody Dubs, STOGAM, The Juice Media, The Unlisted, Weird Al, RWappin, Yuri Bezmenov, TeamFourStar, They Live, Misc
    Hashtags: #communitarianism #communitarian #sustainability #government #society
    Paradigm Shift an Educational Comedy
    PSEC - 2019 - Communitarianism: First Things First [hd 720p]
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  • Levelnaut Forum

    Dear friends! Dear readers and subscribers of!

    I have one interesting offer for you and I hope that you can’t refuse it.

    In short, I suggest you use as a regular forum with this link on the main page.

    Here you can discuss any issues that relate to 2 important topics - cryptocurrency and learning online a variety of subjects

    As you know, this site already has hundreds of subscribers who receive mailing lists, but this is far from all. All the information that is published here on social networks, as well as in cryptocurrency and online learning groups.

    In this case, the audience of this forum site automatically expands to 500 thousand readers (at least). And this is the case even if you do not repost and do not share information with your friends.

    All you need to do in order to participate in the work of this virtual forum is to enter in the search a suitable word or topic that you want to discuss. And then your comment will look just like any post on any other forum. But they will immediately see him and you will immediately receive feedback.

    The only request to everyone is to preserve this information space from ordinary spam. Therefore, if you want to share some link, you can do it at any time, but be sure to comment on that information in your own words, leave your personal observations, comments or tips.

    You can write in any language - today everyone knows how to use Google Translator and no one will have problems understanding what is written.

    If you do not want to miss anything interesting, you can also subscribe to this site and always receive the most relevant information.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • I hope you guys have been staying in lightin
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  • Magenta all you do is talk about love, light and freedom when the truth of this reality is that we are trapped and will never be free. The controllers are in control and this reality is much darker and far worse than you describe. You keep making people think that things are better than they are and you refuse to see the truth of just how dark this world is.

    Mine/Nine's response; Yet I have spoken much about the darkness, the trapping system of the matrix and the prison planet. We must understand this aspect of which you speak. But if you do not embrace the truth of light, freedom and full planetary and cosmic realisation then you are lost and trapped within the matrix. If you only embrace love, light, unicorns and rainbows you are lost and trapped within an illusion. Only the simultaneous embracing and understanding of BOTH frequencies/concepts/dimensions will bring you true freedom. With this you shall find the ability to create a harmonious reality existence for yourself and all humanity on Earth and beyond. When you believe this reality to be lost and beyond all hope, forever locked within the prison of the matrix simulation then that is the timeline you shall experience. When you deny your shadow aspect and refuse to face the global shadow then you are incomplete and ungrounded and are likely to experience crashdown after crashdown as life brings you down to Earth in an attempt to create balance within. When both light and darkness are embraced through positive polarisation then one moves into an experience whereby both light and dark are positive aspects within one's reality. The shadow flips into the sun stream of light and the light is thus grounded in the warrior strength of the Indigo. The key is always balance and integration <3
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    Hello ,im pascal 33 years old i'm  researching for over 15 years so im a very consious and good person , but my life took a tragic turn . Bad thing after bad thing started to happen and in short , i lived with my mom and stepdad to take care for them , first my stepdad died 2 weeks after a successful operation where they put a defibrillator to help him . i was working 3 shift's in a company lifting matrasses and after 14 years i got injured . My spine is compressed and surgery is to dangerous . So i got chronic back pain all the time . Taking the good with the bad i was then able to take care for my mom 24/7 . Soon My mom got breast cancer! 2 operations a breast amputation and she had to get chemotherapy treatment . For 3 years the battle took place to defeat cancer and last december she overwon it . And was cleared cancer free ! unfortunately 18 august my mom past away suddenly and i was left to pay the funeral costs and medical bills ! 

    A few days later i get a eviction notice to leave the house in 6 months. And in my situation im desperate , i cant work anymore , i took my life to learn truth raise consiousness, to take care for my mom and stepdad , i try to stay positive but i don't know a way out of these problems that i got ! 

    I hope and pray our community can help me , so i can start a new life for myself after i sacrifice my young life to take care for my family . I am now alone and nobody to help me in my situation . 

    I can't drive anymore , i can only walk for 20 minutes before my back give out . I hope you have the heart to look at the link here and maybe donate freely . Thank you for your time and all the wonderful information on ONSTELLAR 

    Thank you all and be blessed!!
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  • Good Sunday dear #LightFamily! USA friends, I hope you recall your time-change, your clocks fell back an hour last night! In about an hour, dear Ones, please join with meditators all around the world for our #weeklySundayMassMeditation, the #KeytoFreedomMeditation ~~ as always 3:00 pm UTC Sundays!

    For USA friends, this is now:

    10:00 am Eastern Time, 09:00 am Central Time, 08:00 am Mountain Time, 07:00 am Pacific Time, 05:00 am HAST



    If you’re in another time zone, check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

    There’s so much going on all around the world my Dear Hearts, please remember that meditation is a fine way to balance & raise your own frequency as well as help raise the frequency of this planet! I especially encourage you to participate in the #PEACEmeditations, especially now for Catalonia, for Syria, for Ecuador & Chile! Please check #WeLoveMassMeditation’s Page (link at bottom of this post) for #allcurrentMassMeditations, with links & tables that show the times for a selected set of timezones, so you can join into the ones that resonate most with you at the times that you can!

    My dear Ones— we’re now IN this last Mercury retrograde of the year & it is in Scorpio… lots of transformations! There are a number of meditations you can join in with happening daily— every four hours— & we’re also #anchoringGoddessenergiesdailyat1pmUTC until Nov 7th!

    To learn more, including about some Goddesses you can call on for this daily meditation & the link to the guided audios for this meditation in different languages, please read this #WeLoveMassMeditationblogpost:

Beloveds, now is a good time also to start making your plans to participate in #theSilverTriggerEvent at the 11/11 portal!

    Thank you to all doing the #FlowerofLifemeditation!
    The Light Forces continue to ask us to meditate, visualizing the #FlowerofLifegrid encompassing the planet helping to harmonize the planetary situation, so we ask everyone to do the Flower of Life Meditation as often as possible.
    We are now doing the Flower of Life Mass Meditation EVERY 4 hours & asking those of you who resonate & who can, to join in! Join them ALL or join in any one or more them as you are able to or feel so guided! 

    Description, directions & links to guided audios here:

    In this post from the #WeLoveMassMeditationblog, there’s a table so you can see what the scheduled times are in your part of the world!

    Please feel free to do this meditation ANY TIME YOU FEEL LIKE IT!
I continue to encourage us all to continue to LOVE & nurture ourselves & others with KINDNESS & COMPASSION.

A beautiful 11-minute guided audio for the Flower of Life Meditation is available in many languages here:

    Remember my dear Hearts, LOVE wins! SHINE your LIGHT! Be LOVE!

    For those of you who can & resonate, we also do the Key to Freedom Meditation daily at 3 PM UTC & until further notice, also every 4 hours

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio in English:

    En español:

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio PLAYLIST in MANY languages:

    Key to Freedom Event page:

    Here’s a great interactive tool some of you may like using for this meditation!

    Remember Beloveds, there are MANY synchronized meditations on the #WLMMblog active meditation page--but if there is only ONE Mass Meditation a week you can join in, this Weekly Meditation—the Key to Freedom is the one where reaching the CRITICAL MASS of 144,000 meditating at once is the MOST IMPORTANT!

    Please do check out the latest We Love Mass Meditation Blog for regular updates & links to all the presently scheduled & ongoing meditations that you can join in to help harmonize & raise the frequencies of the planet!

    Thank you to ALL who join in these #MassMeditations! 

    HAPPY MEDITATING & I will see you in the ethers!


    Zeeva Amrita 

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