• The Lure of a Stimulus-response World https://snooze2awaken.com/2019/05/13/the-lure-of-a-stimulus-response-world/ “Part of the control covert op involves convincing people they’re stimulus-response organisms and nothing else.” #JonRappoport #censorship #deplatforming #freedom #liberty #freedomofspeech #FirstAmendment #imagination #voice #findingyourvoice #creativity #Matrix #controlsystem #Cabal #DeepState #awakening #consciousevolution #rulefollower #sheeple #brainwashing #propaganda #individual #individuality #sovereignty #whistleblower #health #activism #AI #artificialintelligence #woke
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  • TONIGHT: Reflections delves into the minds of Crimson and Indigo, their thoughts on self-preservation in the guise of their own destruction. First, Indigo to Crimson, and then in the after thought of what could happen to any one of us in our own reality, we'll visit with Crimson to Indigo ...

    For a moment, love's own light blossomed:

    It’s only been a month since I started this journey ... but it seems like the longest moment in my life. Yet, it remains as if nothing has changed, or maybe it has. I don’t know. There’s nothing to tell me one way or another. Maybe it’s me that’s changed. I feel the same, but I am different, no longer silent. I’ve watched time slip by with no reason, or rhyme, neither answers nor conversation, no example or understanding. Yet, it makes me wonder what to expect ... I believe there’s nothing to prepare for, no whisper in the wind. I am but the wanderer, lost in my own thoughts and I can only hope to be on common ground, why else prepare for what is to come. There’s only silence or the perception of it. At first glance, contact has come and gone, passed me by as if something out of existence vanished leaving only a memory until nothing else remained ... but is that so bad, perhaps incomprehensible that I do not know what is real and what is fantasy?

    Is that why I am still here? There is simply no reason, or point in leaving. Or is this in no uncertain terms a quest? There is nothing greater than knowing, but what should I learn from this encounter, this bending of my mind to thoughts that remind me of you? Is that why I linger, taking only one step at a time to find my way to you? Is there still so much to discover ... can I live knowing you for only a moment, or is there more to this story yet to unfold?

    I have only questions ... I hope you have the answers.

    Time is not your enemy, be silent and listen to your heart. What it tells you is the truth. What you seek will find it's way back to you, that is a certainty. We are of the same cloth you and I, alone, but in the annals of time, more than remembered. We are ... and have been. At this moment. we simply rediscover one another, in safety, love and the bud of romance, although neither of us see it that way. Of course it is complicated given who you are. I am but the predator you the consciousness. Not that it matters who is which, we learn from one another. The future holds great things for each of us, some together, some apart. I know you that is what is important. What happened before will happen again, it is inevitable. One future is tied to the other, hand in hand for a moment in time. I believe that is true. We simply begin again, where we left off. One future repeated in tandem with the other. For now, walk the line, I will catch up ... Love abounds you.

    Our moments together are precious, do not discard them.

    ​Hence, the lasting words of Crimson to Indigo. A future revisited, one life in the palm of the other, and vice versa. Love stems from the heart. It belongs to those who exchange its vow, not those who wander the night in search of it. For the needs of this story, that of the love affair between symbiont and host, the thought of love abounds, yet in separation, the heart longs for the other. So it is with Crimson and Indigo, once united now in the sorrow of separation with only a blind eye to the reality of reunification and its embrace. For Convergence, however, the moment of conjunction has come and gone, the blending of one future in the hands of the other needed to be more than a mystical bond. It needed to be a reality unto itself, only then can the traditions of memory and recurrence, even devotion remind the viewer of their own inhibitions and desires. One walks hand in hand with the other, like lovers on a beach, feet bare ... the warm sand under their feet. Perhaps, it is that moment we all feel abandoned, alone and vulnerable. The fusion of souls makes us stronger, love is the binding that ties us together, but life pulls us apart, takes hold in our lives, leaving only that which was strongest to remember, grieve or despise.

    In the matters of heart, Crimson and Indigo long for what they remember, although they are apart, now in the face of reunification, in the heart of yet another incarnation, Olivia becomes our focus, which allows for a new set of feelings and thoughts to find its way, maybe even bubble to the surface. Anything is possible when the past, present and the future collide in a way that fleshes out our lives to a single entity. What happen before, will happen again, and because of it life repeats itself.

    NEXT TIME: Symbiont and host, survival as one and the variations of loss of individuality, as we draw to a conclusion on the aspects of proliferation, ideals and our own belief systems as reflected in the worlds of Crimson Indigo. It's important to look at humanity in the context of life as a living machine. Manufactured, born, cloned, all of which offers a rendition of reincarnation, soul retention and, of course, access to the Points of Origin.

    Reflections is the Blog of Author Grant Fausey
    Creator Of Crimson Indigo

    ©2018 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

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  • Mike Adams posted on Fourwinds10.com


    “Walking along a street in any crumbling urban area in this country you see miserable faces staring blankly as they trudge through their lives on the road to nowhere or wasting time absorbed by trivialities and bull**** emanating from their iGadgets,” writes Jim Quinn in an especially prescient post on The Burning Platform Blog:

    The lives of so many are a meaningless march of misery and mindless repetition of daily chores. There is an overwhelming cloud of sadness permeating the lives of the masses as our repulsive culture, built on fulfilling desires, consumerism, selfishness and greed, ultimately results in delusional, disappointed and desperate human beings.

    Quinn explains the collapse of cognizant civilization as arising out of “social indoctrination” and the organized programming of children via the disastrous public education system:

    Our society did not become so ludicrous, misguided and defective overnight. It has been decades in the making. And it can be attributed to the purposeful effort by those in control of the government in destroying our educational system and replacing it with a social indoctrination system. Children are no longer taught how to think, but how to feel. Children are being raised by the state as nothing more than cogs in the machine.

    Children who question authority or do not act in a subservient manner are immediately diagnosed with ADD and drugged into submission. The public-school system doesn’t want high performers, critical thinkers or anyone questioning their government mandated orthodoxy. The ruling class (aka Deep State) wants controllable, malleable, non-thinking automatons to do the menial low paying jobs, buy cheap foreign crap with their credit cards, and be dependent upon the state for their miserable existence.

    His assessment is correct, but there’s another layer to this that makes the public school indoctrination possible: The mass poisoning of human beings with brain damaging chemicals.
    The coordinated mass poisoning of humanity

    The mass poisoning of humanity isn’t an accident: It’s a coordinated, engineered assault on the human mind, carried out by globalist corporations and swept under the reg by “captive” government regulators that have long since sold out humanity. The purpose of the mass poisoning is to weaken the human mind and spirit, crushing any outbursts of consciousness, awakening, innovation or revolutionary ideas that might challenge the status quo.

    All humans must be chemically restrained and prevented from breaking free of their chemical prisons, the globalists believe. This is the only way to prevent humanity from rising up and overthrowing the globalist cabal that depends on mass indoctrination and subservience for its own continued existence.

    They’ve built prisons for our minds, and those prisons are constructed out of tiny, toxic molecules that now inundate the food supply, common medicines, personal care products and even the open skies. Here’s a short list of the primary vectors of this mass poisoning that’s now driving the human race to the point of utter madness and collapse:

    Toxic food is sprayed with brain-damaging pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, often right before harvest. This guarantees the maximum potency of toxic chemicals in the food raw materials that are used to manufacture cereals, baby food, corn tortillas, breads and thousands of other common grocery items.
    Toxic medicine is deliberately engineered to alter brain function in the name of “treatment.” From the mass drugging of children with ADHD medications to the exploding prescriptions of SSRI antidepressants for adults, Big Pharma’s chemicals are altering the brains of over 100 million Americans… with catastrophic results on mental stability and cognition. And yes, flu shots are still intentionally formulated with mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal that damages the neurology of all living beings.
    Toxic personal care products are intentionally made with brain-suppressing fragrance chemicals, cancer-causing additives and hormone-disrupting molecules that help push the population toward transgenderism, the enemy of sustainable sexual reproduction (which has sustained the human species since its inception). These toxic chemicals inundate laundry products, shampoos, deodorants, skin lotions and cosmetics, saturating the human body with chemicals that damage the nervous system and promote cancer.
    Toxic disinformation is mercilessly broadcast by the propaganda networks (CNN, NYT, MSNBC, etc.), “weaponizing” false information that burrows into the minds of the masses, whose brains have been weakened by chemical assault. When the mind no longer functions, individuals become incapable of questioning disinformation and are easily recruited into becoming the thought police / speech police that now typify the Left Cult, which is full of obedience-demanding “progressives.”
    Toxic culture hammers the “softened up” masses with utterly toxic, self-destructive cultural memes such as transgenderism or narcissism. Seeking peer approval, the groupthink masses are easily corralled into narrow fields of social behavior. Social media is used to reinforce obedience and attack independent (or even rational) thinking. An especially shocking example of this is the fact that indoctrinated progressives now claim that men have vaginas, that genetics do not determine sex, that men can get pregnant and that all children are born “genderless,” then “assigned” an arbitrary gender after birth. These are not metaphors or allegories, they are believed to be biological facts by the brainwashed left-wing masses that now dominate news, culture, education and the voting population.

    As Quinn explains, the tech giants have transformed social media into a “social concentration camp:”

    Combining the power of the surveillance state with the devious underhanded methods of Google, Facebook and Twitter has created a social concentration camp with government armed guards and social justice warrior corporations providing the propaganda.

    Social media is nothing more than virtue signaling and peacocking by people trying to pump up their own egos. The incessant narcissism broadcast by the “beautiful” people results in others comparing their lives to these shallow egocentric elitists. When normal people spend their days comparing their plain lives to the fake awesome lives of strutting egomaniacs, they become depressed and unhappy with their own lives.

    Until people put down their gadgets, spend time living in the real world with real people and stop idolizing shallow faux icons, they will become even more mentally unstable.
    Unleashing the animalistic mob that’s driven by lower brain stem function

    Inside every human brain that’s capable of higher thought is an animalistic brain — the “reptilian brain” — that’s driven by sex, violence, lust, power and self-centered behavior. When the bombardment of chemical and cultural toxins obliterates the higher brain function of which humans are capable, it unleashes the animalistic lower brain function that we now see dominating our crumbling society.

    Pop culture is now devoid of higher thought or the celebration of individuality. Rather, it celebrates and promotes sex, lust, fame, violence, narcissism and the destruction of others. Any last semblance of morality, work ethic, self-discipline, individual achievement or honor is long gone. In its place, the left-wing “progressive” culture pushes all the traits, behaviors and mental models that resemble the brain function of animals, not humans.

    Today’s human children are cognitively retarded compared to the children elephants. They are less intelligent than child dolphins, and they are less compassionate than chimpanzees. Most of today’s children have less survival instinct than a newborn dog, deer or armadillo. The youthful masses of modern society are trained for mass indoctrination and obedience by a sick, authoritarian society where every individual is a slave to their electronic device that tells them what to think and feel.

    I was at a Thanksgiving dinner over the last few days, and at one event, a 14-year-old boy spent the entire time glued to his mobile phone, utterly oblivious to the reality taking place around him. From his point of view, the entire point of a Thanksgiving dinner was to take photos of “cool” things that could be shared with his fake friends on social media in order to gain social standing in a virtual world. The actual events taking place in the real world — with his real family — were of no value to him. Like all youngsters, he has been trained to dissociate himself from reality and focus all his attention on a fictional construct where the “friends” and “likes” and even the lives of those he admires are all faked.

    Reality is of no interest to those children anymore. And whatever their mobile phones tell them is relevant is what matters most in their lives. The mobile phone has become a prison that enslaves children, and parents sit by and willfully allow this mental kidnapping of their children to take place right in front of them. Those parents are no longer raising their own children, they are merely surrogate care providers who are raising obedient zombie children for the authoritarian State.
    No way back: Poisoned minds have turned the human race into a “suicide cult”

    Survival is arguably the strongest instinct in healthy human beings, yet the survival instinct has now been obliterated by the mass poisoning of human minds, launching humanity down a path of self-destruction. This “suicide cult” is now a deranged, lunatic mob of emotionally charged, cognitively suppressed automatons who obediently follow whatever commands they are given by popular sources.

    The coordinated censorship of independent voices by the evil tech giants guarantees that children and teens will no longer encounter any information that encourages them to speak out as individuals. Even the twisted encouragement by parents who tell children to “be themselves” by coming out as gay or transgender is nothing more than a sick, new form of mass conformity buoyed by the adornment of adults who now indoctrinate their own children into transgenderism in order to achieve social standing among their peers. “Look at my little Tommy, he used to be a girl. Isn’t that amazing? He’s such a unique individual.”

    Except it isn’t unique at all. It’s just one more twisted fad being pushed by a mentally ill society that has decided the exploitation of children to push adult sexualization agendas is suddenly socially acceptable. The fact that such exploitation of children is now applauded in mainstream America is further evidence of the collapse of sanity and the power of social conformity to convince living beings to destroy their own children. Only human are so foolish. No animals deliberately destroy their own children, because that would be suicidal. Yet humans now celebrate it on daytime television such as Good Morning America, which recently featured a trans male child parading around in women’s clothes while adult audience members applauded with glee.

    Take a close look at the picture below, and read the caption, noting how the media asks him to describe what “inspires him to express himself.” Thus, the twisted abuse and exploitation of children with adult sexualization themes is now framed as “individuality” and “courage” rather than the child abuse it clearly has become:

    All these efforts to twist the minds of humans have been shockingly successful, and they have put humanity on a catastrophic path of self-destruction at every level of existence. Global “progressive” society is killing itself, and it’s all by design. Here are just a few of the ways this is being accomplished:

    Learned helpless / the teaching of victimization – Children and college students are now taught to be helpless victims who cannot think for themselves, rather than capable individuals who can solve problems.
    Cultural invasion and occupation – The globalist left-wing call for open borders is designed to overrun First World nations with Third World masses who have proven they are only good at destroying nations and civilizations, not building them up into successful, sustainable systems.
    Chemical suicide / infertility explosion – The mass inundation of humanity with toxic chemicals is causing a deliberate implosion in fertility, leading to dramatic drops in birth rates and reproductive sustainability. This is all part of the depopulation plot to accelerate the elimination of the human species.
    The vilification of sexual reproduction – The sheeple are now being taught that sexual reproduction is abnormal and weird. Only gay sex or transgenderism is now accepted as “normal.” Anyone who attempts to sustain the human race through traditional procreation is designated a bigot, racist or purveyor of hate speech.
    Fomenting race wars and hatred – What used to be “tolerance” of the political Left has now become outright bigotry and racism, with the mass indoctrination of children, teens and college students to hate white people and decry them for being born with white skin. Even white people have signed up for the brainwashing, professing their “white guilt” and apologizing for “white privilege” while the racist Left pushes for the complete elimination of white people from all public offices or positions of power. What used to be called “eugenics” is now called “equality.” Adolf Hitler would be proud.
    Fiscal suicide and a global debt time bomb – The coming global debt implosion will wipe out entire nations, destroy national economies and send much of the world into a Venezuela-like scenario of mass poverty and starvation. This will, of course, lead to the concentration of power in the hands of corrupt government — the very same government that currently allows for the mass weaponization of the food supply as a means to decimate the human population and make way for the rise of the labor robots that will soon replace human workers.
    The destruction of reason – As an added layer on top of everything else, the very foundations of logic and reason are under assault by “progressives” who claim that mathematics, science, physics and even the rules of logic are racist and rooted in a “White patriarchy” which must be relentlessly attacked by irrational Leftists who equate stupidity with equality.
    Ecological mass destruction – The mass pollution of the planet with pesticides, GMOs, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing chemicals is already obliterating ocean ecosystems. The mass pollution of the soils with concentrated toxic waste and human feces (concentrated in cities) is called “Biosludge,” and it is a government-approved form of mass chemical pollution. (See Biosludged.com for the full film, coming out in days.)

    Solutions? There is no solution except to survive the coming collapse

    Considering what you’ve learned here, you might wonder what the solutions are to reverse course, save humanity and put us back on a path to sustainability and abundance. After twenty years of analyzing current events and human behavior, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there is no solution except to survive the coming global collapse.

    The self destruction of the human race can no longer be stopped. We are long past the point of achieving a sufficient critical mass awakening that might turn things around and end the insanity. Human societies are now inescapably headed into a shared, global catastrophe that can only end in mass financial, political, ecological and cultural collapse.

    With that collapse will come global pandemics, disease wipeouts, social unrest, political chaos and mass starvation. This outcome is now inescapable, and some believe the world is being deliberately pushed in this direction to achieve both a global population wipeout and the establishment of global government that rises out of the engineered crisis to “save” humankind.

    One in ten people might survive what’s coming, and no one will survive with their individual liberty intact. Following the global collapse of modern society, a dystopian, globalist-run police state society will rise to power. It will be modeled after China’s authoritarian social score system that monitors the online speech, purchasing behaviors, physical movements and psychological profiles of every citizen, then blocks access to societal infrastructure (travel, home loans, public education, etc.) for those who do not sufficiently conform to the demands of the State.

    We are living in the last days of anything resembling human freedom, and yet the blind continue to lead the blind, with obedient left-wing Brownshirts demanding more censorship of independent media, more attacks on independent voices and the complete crushing of individual liberty or even free market economics.

    It is only by a very narrow path of unlikely events that any region of the world might emerge from this with anything resembling liberty or freedom. If any region is to survive the globalist takeover, it will be America with its Second Amendment mass armament of citizens and the desire of its citizens to resist tyranny with force. Within the United States, the only regions still capable of such resistance against globalism are the Idaho / Wyoming / Utah regions, Texas and perhaps portions of the Deep South. The East and West Coasts are already lost to globalists, and the brainwashed youth who inhabit the politically progressive regions of the country are beyond reformation or rescue. Montana, Colorado and Arizona are largely controlled by sellout Leftists, and even once-rural areas like Michigan are now run by insane, self-destructive Democrats.

    Now might be a good time to take a serious look at strategic relocation so that you and your family have at least a slim chance to live in a free society after the coming global collapse. From here forward, any individuals who dare to speak the truth, defend freedom or protect their borders are all considered enemy combatants by the globalists. Plan accordingly and prepare to fight for your very right to exist.

    How to stay informed:

    See tens of thousands of independent videos at Brighteon.com

    Read NewsTarget.com for daily news on liberty, globalism and more.

    Read Censored.news for near real-time updates of news headlines from dozens of censored news sites.



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    "Walking along a street in any crumbling urban area in this country you see miserable faces staring blankly as they trudge through their lives on the road to nowhere or wasting time absorbed by trivialities and bullshit emanating from their iGadgets," writes Jim Quinn in an especially pres
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  • DJT declares war on Globalist ideology and agendas. He's a super-hero to go up against the Cabal at the 73rd UN General Assembly on Sept 25. This is a shining moment of American individuality when an elected president finally has the guts defy the system of fascist, mind-control and brainwashing that we've let slowly encroach upon our every freedom and liberty.

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  • From intaractions.

    Empathy is ability to "read/recognize/understand" the "informations/sum of informations/energy" in every form/presentation - and not only in the form of some emotions, because emotions are also sum of informations - like everything.
    This wannabe empaths, what only cry with others people and stay in drama, only brake the evolve of self and others people (even if that looks like help), because get stuck in the same energy - without move.
    Many of empaths are sympaths, because those sympathize only with own choice of "selected informations"; therefore only some of emotions - which are close to the current own emotions - which are those able to recognize.
    The "empathy tool" in spirit is a ability, where the one originality/individuality is able to go partly or fully "in it/feeling into" other originality/individuality, no matter that this originality/individuality is the "being/human/stone/happening/universe/existence/animal/plant/murderer/child/thought/computer/ghost/atmosphere/space/any type of technology/alien/wind/planet/things/objects/schemas/programs/anything/constructions/everything/(in duality - so called good/bad informations and emotions of it; and also at first place always the base - therefore the neutral informations)".

    Empathy is practical tool for orientation in every happening, in every world, in every moment/situation, in every existence point.

    Those which recognize self - those use the empathy.
    Thanks to the empathy and the attentiveness/calm (no matter if someone is temporary "forgotten" in some game of lifes and don`t know who is, or where is, why is, etc.) recognize everyone the self - in "every information/thought/being/happening/variation reflection/possibilities/energy/sum of informations".
    Those which master the empathy (for the free spirit is that a natural part/tool of self - without any effort; nothing special) - those know - that is precise feeling/sensor tool (feelings are sensors/senses tools technology in the spirit, for example the empathy/recognition, intuition/direct information, etc.).
    "Honesty calms the spirit."
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  • From interactions.

    Copyright is human artificial made-up theme/problem (temporary functional program), what brake the humans in practical life; because have no sense do a stamp on every drivel, or on every fart - which the human do.

    The human is not the source, therefore is a parody to try say "is mine", that`s the same like with lands/parts of earth, or sources from earth, etc., no one of the humans have the right for it, even if that`s meanwhile try again and again - but the nature/spirit/logic/universe law/etc., - always win; but the human try that again; is obviously a show for braking the self evolution.

    Every essential information - is in every happening, in every being, in everything, therefore is no drama/no panic/no problem, when humans artificial self problems - known as "TV news/internet news/grandma news/books/unpractical informations for life/lies/fable of history any type/etc." - having a copyright; because no one need that - never - for the evolving in the world of reality; therefore "why defend something - what is unnecessarily".
    We are connected in the spirit and communicate (we communicate not about gossip and not in lies - like the current human type of communication is) - direct, practical and funny at the same time (is like clear InterNet - without nonsense and chaos; is it a logical ordered technology).
    I create worlds, also this world of reality (in human consciousness and others, thinking schemas, corrections, the happenings, directions, etc.,) and also I create through the physical possibility - like now (every my creations from the thought, through the word, until the doing - am I; I recognize me in the consequences/synchronicities/reflections) - and yet I do not go with the stamp on the people and do not stamp it they humans foreheads "made in mine" (is not my need to stamp, because I recognize my thoughts choices in the transformations/synchronizations and that is always sufficient).

    So, the who is the originality/creator/spiritON/etc., have not this problems of the copy/most humans; because nothing can truly be stolen (is always temporary and also naively - to try it).
    Only the direct experiences have the value, the rest is always the "unsure second hand informations" for the lazy unconsciousness people - which are not truly ON, but only follows some programs.
    The system is the "deterrent example" - which increase and shows itself clearer and clearer and harder in one's own intention; this is the inspiration/motivation for the "originality/individuality own life direction" and not for the follow of a system template of the "obviously unpractical/nonsense/artificial rules".

    The system (states/money/false safety/police/separations/ways of thinking/programs/drama/problems/poisons/army/health service/etc.) learn humans to be independent, be strong and efficient - but not with the system - but without him - that is the inspiration/motivation/direction, because if originality/individuality became a strong in self/with self - then first is there the sense for connection with others - which are also independent (and not the 95% of humans weaklings - which copy only old programs and are in everyday shocks about something); and with this "experiences/recognition knowledge" - is easy change the world in the harmony "for self and at the same time for everyone welfare" (to be the conscious creator also in this world of reality - is a possibility for one, few, or for all - with the SpiritUs technology - without a need of the copyright).
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  • From interactions.

    "Doctor José Delgado—whose current work with radio waves was underwritten by the CIA and Navy—believed scientists could transform, shape, direct and robotize humankind. “The great danger of the future,” Delgado warned, “is that we will have robotized human beings who are not aware that they have been robotized.”"

    "Clearly, breaching the ultimate stronghold of privacy—the mind—has been accomplished. If the U.S. government plans to do the thinking for all Americans, the days of freedom, liberty and justice—and human identity itself—appear to be numbered."
    But that is already old program/think type - is no practical sense this reanimate.
    When I switched me on in the human body in the 80`, then I direct recognized (also from this point of view), that humans are like robots.

    "Sometimes" - from one of my points of view, which is down - as my direct nature, but up - as the human point of view - "I was not sure - that humans are alive/conscious about the own do; or is that only a backround component - which support the happenings of this program/game of life; with the sense to create more credible interactivity - for the creator player like me".

    Because the world of reality (among others) change the schemas/programs and forms accord to my thoughts (this is my function in every expression), therefore is no wonder, that I was in some moments not sure, that the componets of my playing/creations are the individual living beings.

    Is simply that same schema, like the humans doing with the animals/plants/A.I./etc.; this using of the program is reflected also in other forms - micro-macro (someone can this describe as the "control of the lower species"; until recognition of all consequences of it).
    But since I arrived, then the percents go down with the "unconsciousness beings in the humans body", because I correct the humans consciousness also "direct" in the game of life in the direct experiences - in a human body (this is practical for precise informations - to be also direct in the happenings; even if the transformations of thoughts was slowly; but that I already also changed/corrected; because natural is - that all is direct accord to the thought).
    The humans mini-games - for example "change the mind" (mind is not spirit, but only a one tool of spirit - translator/organizer/etc. of informations/thoughts from spirit to the body - in physical is that brain; if comes to disharmony - coming from the spirits someone like me - to correct the game, therefore is "all fine and in harmonie"), or when "human try to build a artificial civilization - separate from nature symbiosis" - are grotesque; because we all are spirit and function in same way - in the essentiality/cores/nature.
    We are connected in the spirit, that is technology with multidimensional functions, which is also practical for creations - direct in different programs - like in the humans consciousness, therefore is no wonder that some (so-called) humans listen voices, see pictures, or receive any other forms of data informations, because we create also through the humans (but with permission from the spirit within the originality/individuality; human can that designate as "subconsciousness communication"; but this is just the natural communication between spirit/us/consciousness - which humans now again recognize as natural tool of the spirit).
    When have someone a problem with receive of informations/thoughts (chaotic, or too much, or too little), then is that (among others) a inspiration for mastering the own mind; therefore be conscious in the edit of own setting - recognize and organize the informations/thoughts and not run away from that possibility, because that is a practical tool - which do stronger; that is not a problem or attack against you (even if that looks like - in the superficial show as "temporarily" drama).
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  • From interactions.

    Cute video style with sense within.
    This what is described in video (and many more) - is for me natural, even if I will do not that designate as fasting.
    We interaction mutual with "sum of informations/energy/thoughts", this have maximal of different forms, one of this is (so-called) physical form.

    The "being/originality/individuality" is also/naturally a "sum of informations/energy/thought" - like everything.

    We exchange the energy through the thoughts - we fill us with the "thoughts/sum of informations/energy", but the most of humans (temporarily), only with the thought in form of "physical exchange of energy/food" and all (in game of life) fill self automatical with the "sum of informations/thoughts/energy" in form of breath, sun, water, creativity, social connections, nature, existence/life self, etc.

    But some of those that exchange the energy through "sum of informations/thoughts/energy" are conscious in choices of the form like the "sunlight/wind/just-breath", "moving/sport/dance/tramping", "creation/creativity", "attentiveness/calm/observing", simply - in every form "spiritual/mental/physical", etc. (some eat rocks - is also a possibility).

    Fear/joyfulness/gratitude/emotions/conscious/etc., are also a form/possibility of exchange the energy/food (for different beings).
    Therefore is the "form/presentation/schema" of the "sum of informations/thoughts/energy" for exchange the energy in mutual interactions - only a choice from maximal possibilities of the existence.
    I be in fulfillment/filled with creation of this and others worlds - and thereof the following "consequences/transformations/synchronizations", with creativity in every direction, nature (or meet with animals), humor/ironie/truth/consciousness/existence, with fitness (because I have body also), physical food, etc. (I be breatharian, vegan - without self limitation; simply one time this and in other time something else), this are the sum of informations/thoughts which I "exchange/eat".

    When I be in time/memory, where I not eat physical food, but I exchange it the energy with another forms of "sum of informations/thoughts/energy" - then I have more energy; my senses/sensors are even more clearly, when I do fitness - I must me sometimes stop - because I have so much power, naturally I be never sick and my perception of connections are even more directly (with that all, what is there, but humans not see it - because ignored many of "sum of informations" and limited with that the whole perception).
    Every "sum of informations/thoughts/energy" have specific consequences in every interaction, therefore - when human eat a food (animal, vegetable, etc.), or eat others informations/thoughts forms - like tv news/drama/movies/etc., or eat symbols on self (clothes/tatoo) - or in self - the "schemes/programs/behaviour/habits, etc.", then this every accepting information - affect him automatical in the consequences; therefore is wise for self - the own attentiveness into "choices of thoughts form possibility".

    So, therefore is the thought of fasting not efficient - in the case - that someone take the physical food away and is in the state of rejection, because practical is "simply to switch to another possibility of exchange energy" - which "fill up the self/process the fulfillment of self".
    When I was (so-called) child, I ReCognized that possibility, where I was filled from moments without physical food (in forest, alone with nature, creativity, creations), therefore I asked many times my environment "why we eat animals, why do we ever eat ?", but the reaction was from ignoration to aggression.

    The environment/family has me literally fattened; I was ill from eat and drugs for/(against) the illness - until I was 18 years and I could (official) away from that psycho humans family.

    After that I returned to (my) nature, in the first time (shortly after my 18 here) - was 90% difference from illness to direction healed, consequently big obviously difference.

    Today since years I be never sick, also therefore that I eat when I have appetite (not in habit style - like humans do; simply when I have appetite; I and body/we precisely knows "when") and I don`t eat physical food - when I feel that I have appetit at other choices of exchange energy possibilities; is simply natural/childlike logic (this is fit in every topic - in the game of life; hearing on the self).
    We are "perpetuum mobile/unlimited energy/spirit" - which only change/transform the form, we are therefore at all sides "cause which contains the consequence".
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  • Power Songs are oral prayers expressing your true self, your nature, your individuality, your power. It is usually just a line or two repeated over and over. You can use words or vowels or an imaginary language. As long as you create it with FA as your base and emotion and intent, it will be perfect. Power songs are usually kept private and seldom sung in public.

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