• The chemical bio weaponz (Chemtrayels and the dirty WHO/Gill Bates Vaxine) and the energetic frequency bio weaponz ( FiveGee and digital mikro chyp) designed to depopulate, devolve and hold back humanity's development physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, will not be allowed to occur on a global scale. All attempts at genocyde, eugeniks and prevention of organic evolution will not and can not occur. However, it is of the utmost importance that you realise that this is their intention. Do not dismiss this truth as if it were a falsehood, story, fiction or tale. Only when you understand the plan can you stand united against the plan.

    You will do this people of Earth and when you do, those that intend these for you and their heinous plots cannot sustain and they cannot and will not manifest.

    So it is and so it shall be.

    Magenta and The Nine
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  • ABOUT: In this episode of "Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy" that we have titled as "PSEC - 2020 - The BIGGEST Question" -- when a person wakes up to the reality that the world is controlled by psychopaths and run by idiots, there is a very important question that they ask. Sometimes the answer to this question can seem elusive. This video has been put together with the intention of making that answer less elusive.

    This video also includes some third party content for purposes of illustration and expression, all of which fall squarely under fair use and Creative Commons License.

    Participants List: Dave Kelso, CC / Fair Use: David Icke, LondonReal, Selena Gomez, Tuner
    Hashtags: #reality #power #awareness
    Metatags Space Separated: reality power awareness
    Metatags Comma Separated: reality, power, awareness

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  • Happy New Galactic Spin Day! It’s a Galactic Activation Portal, too. What are your intentions through December? Where is your attention? The video at the end of this blog had me in tears. I love you, Pacha Mama!!!
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  • Dear Ones Happy #FullMooninVirgo~~ it’s a powerful #SuperMoon
& before the end of the day~~ Mercury will station Direct! Hope you’ve all been doing your best to keep your balance riding these energies & your frequencies high amidst the chaos.
    Please join the Full Moon Mass Meditations today. Remember, We Love Mass Meditation (WLMM) always has 2 mass meditations the day of the Full Moon. Join one or join both. In fact, there are a LOT of mass meditations you can choose to join in with (see the Active meditations page on WLMM blog~~link below.)

    One of the best ways to ‘go placidly among the noise & haste’ these days is to meditate~~a lot. Most of WLMM’s guided mediations are around 15 minutes. Do a few daily! Feast yourself, elevate your frequency & help raise the planetary frequencies!

    Please join the Full Moon Mass Meditation Monday, March 9th at 2:45 PM UTC (this time was chosen to be when most people around the world can join this meditation at the same time on the day the moon becomes full.)

    For USA friends:
10:45 am Eastern, 9:45 am Central, 8:45 am Mountain, 7:45 am Pacific, 4:45 am Hawaii

    Guided audios for Full Moon Meditation in 12 languages here:

    Check out the event page for meditation directions & to commune.

    Please also join the Peace Meditation for Syria, Monday, March 9th at 5:47 PM UTC. This meditation changes times each month to be at the exact time of the full moon (which changes monthly.)
    Using the energy of the Full Moon, we can anchor more Goddess energy to Syria with the intention to help bring peace & harmony.

    For USA friends this is:
    12:49 pm EST, 11:49 am Central, 10:49 am Mountain, 9:49 am Pacific
    Guided audios for Syria Peace Meditation in many languages:

    Dear Hearts, this March 9 Full Moon is at 19°37′ Virgo, opposite Neptune & trine Jupiter. The strongest influence now is the Sun & Neptune opposite the Moon. Jupiter sextile Neptune amplifies the fortunate influence of Jupiter & can bring out the more positive side of Neptune, a generally positive influence, yet there are some potential challenges to be aware of: Full Moon opposing Neptune can cause confusion, deception, & scandal. The trine to Jupiter brings the potential good fortune, trust, & faith.
    Tune yourself to the frequency you want to attract. Now this generous aspect to the planet of growth could also increase the spread of (da-da-da-dahhh) the virus. We do have Command RCV Stardust! Are you using it?

    These Full Moon aspects activate Jupiter sextile Neptune, an idealistic & spiritual enlightening aspect which gives this Full Moon its overall positive influence. There may be some fears, suspicions or secrets from Neptune flying around, tap into Jupiter’s hope, faith, & moral integrity— which can overcome any of those.

    At last, late in the day MERCURY GOES DIRECT in objective & cool Aquarius. Observe. Discern. By the end of the week, you will have realized that you’ve made it through chaos & it’s alright.

    & oh yes my dears: the March Equinox Meditation coming FRIDAY MARCH 20… be ready!

    Thank you everyone! SO MUCH LOVE!
    Zeeva Amrita

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  • Using Human Intention Helps Manifest The Physical World Into Being
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  • Good Sunday dear Light Family! Happy New Year! I invite you, in about 50 minutes, to join in the FIRST weekly #SundayMassMeditation of 2020! How wonderful that more & more meditators around the world are gathering & focusing intention with the #KeytoFreedomMeditation! Welcome!
    As always it's at 3:00 pm UTC Sundays!

    For USA friends, this is:

    10:00 am Eastern Time, 09:00 am Central Time, 08:00 am Mountain Time, 07:00 am Pacific Time, 05:00 am HAST Honolulu

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio in English:

    If you’re in another time zone, please check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

    Please NOTE: A VERY IMPORTANT Mass Meditation is happening January 11th &12th!
    PLEASE PLAN TO JOIN in the Age of Aquarius Activation 2020-01-11/12! I will be sharing more to remind you!

    I want to thank all of you who have donated to my fundraiser~~I’m 87% of the way to my goal & have already begun the treatments I need to get really WELL & strong again. I have just a little bit to go! Won't you help? Thanks also to any of you who have & still will SHARE so I can make the goal!

    Please remember that meditation is a fine way to balance & raise your own frequency as well as help raise the frequency of this planet! I especially encourage you to participate in the PEACE meditations. Please check We Love Mass Meditation’s Page (link at bottom of this post) for all current Mass Meditations, with links & tables that show the times for a selected set of timezones, so you can join into the ones that resonate most with you at the times that you can!


Thank you to all who continue doing the Flower of Life meditation! The Light Forces continue to ask us to meditate, visualizing the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet helping to harmonize the planetary situation, so we ask everyone to do the Flower of Life Meditation as often as possible. We are doing the Flower of Life Mass Meditation EVERY 4 hours & asking those of you who resonate & who can, to join in! Join them ALL or join in any one or more them as you are able to or feel so guided! 

    Description, directions & links to guided audios here:

    In this post from the We Love Mass Meditation blog, there’s a table so you can see what the scheduled times are in your part of the world!

    Please feel free to do this meditation ANY TIME YOU FEEL LIKE IT!
I continue to encourage us all to continue to LOVE & nurture ourselves & others with KINDNESS & COMPASSION.

A beautiful 11-minute guided audio for the #FlowerofLifeMeditation is available in many languages here:

    Remember my dear Hearts, #LOVEwins! #SHINEyourLIGHT! #BeLOVE!

    For those of you who can & resonate, we also do the Key to Freedom Meditation daily at 3 PM UTC & until further notice, also every 4 hours

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio in English:

    En español:

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio PLAYLIST in MANY languages:

    Key to Freedom Event page:

    Here’s a great interactive tool some of you may like using for this meditation!

    Remember Beloveds, there are MANY synchronized meditations on the #WLMMblog active meditation page--but if there is only ONE Mass Meditation a week you can join in, this #WeeklyMeditation—the #KeytoFreedom is the one where reaching the #CRITICALMASS of 144,000 meditating at once is the MOST IMPORTANT!

    Please do check out the latest #WeLoveMassMeditationBlog for regular updates & links to all the presently scheduled & ongoing meditations that you can join in to help harmonize & raise the frequencies of the planet!

    Thank you to EVERYONE who joins in these Mass Meditations! 

    HAPPY MEDITATING & I will see you in the ethers!


    Zeeva Amrita 

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  • Message from Matthew
    Love energy spreading, love “in action”; vibrations of words, intentions; effects of music; importance of trees; Creator Source
    December 14, 2019
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  • Beijing says US interference in Hong Kong unites Chinese people against Washington’s ‘sinister intentions & hegemonic nature’
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  • ‘I like oil!’ Trump reaffirms predatory intentions in Syria as Assad calls him ‘the best’ US president for his honesty
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  • Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith and spirituality, spiritual awakening and awareness, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual development, mysticism, intuition and inner-knowing, inner-wisdom, psychic abilities, the esoteric, inner-selves, deep contemplation, introspection, eccentric, religion, thoughtfulness, understanding of others, natural healer and healing, secrets, myth, ritual, peace, poise, emotions and feelings, inner-strength, endurance and perseverance, persistence of purpose, the ability to bear hardships, quick-wit, the loner, solitary, isolation, long-sighted, the non-conformist, independence and individualism, intentions, manifesting and manifestation in time and space and good fortune.

    Number 7 also relates to the attributes of mental analysis, philosophy and philosophical, technicality, scientific research, science, alchemy, genius, a keen mind, specialising and the specialist, the inventor, determination, the written word, logic, understanding, knowledge, discernment and discerning, knowledge seeking, study, education and learning, writing and the writer, evolution, stability, the ability to set limits, completion, refinement, stoicism, silence, perfection, chastity, dignity, ascetic, rigor, ahead of the times. -
    -from numerology-thenumbersandtheirmeanings


    Shift your focus from the problem back to love.
    We are conditioned to dwell on problems.
    The true reality is love.
    Make the choice now,
    “Everything is okay.
    I choose love
    Whispers of Love Oracle by Angela Hartfield

    ......lust v love continued .....
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