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  • 11•11•11 Gateway|Cosmic Balance Is BEing Re-Stored Thru Your Light Encoded DNA


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  • Dialogue with Snider Woo-Woo, who thinks what is truth and what is going on
    Enter Maia Nartoomid site Spiritmythos" (just google- link not given because I don't want this reply being deleted because of that) and then look at "The Story of Thoth" - she had a relationship with this Being (just like Drunvalo Melquizedek, William Buehler, Jackie Queally, Mitchell Earl Gibson and others) and it is NOT all "gloomy and corrupt" as presented by Ashayana Deane (he stole CDT plates and then used in his favour) and the ascension glossary above. To pre judge someone before having any definitive relationship with this someone is the definition of prejudice. Neither of the individuals mentioned "went really bad after being in touch with Thoth. When someone tell us "bad things about other people" (as social media and politicians does 24/7) psychologically speaking, this person is telling more about himself-herself than the supposed criticized people. The evidence of direct experience is the juice of
    Thoth, The Hierophant
    Akashic (channeled) info on Thoth Hermes
    (a superficial, biased, completelly polarized piece of desinformation by itself. Nobody who really reads their books and studies their histories will not fall this short. Articles like that are irrestricedly accepted by fundamentalist christians, evangelics and perhaps new agers without maturity)

    Thothian Grid - Ascension Glossary

    Snider Woo-Woo . There are many delusions and imposters and manipulations in the lower astral; to be attached to any “beliefs” is just ego, many have been fooled by such entities and it is part of the reason why we are in the mess that we are in now, due to the false light teachings of such beings.
    Alvaro Brants Goncalves Sure it is. But "to be afraid of demons" just because someone tell us so, or perhaps "corrupt beings", "dark beings" from that point of view is a sign of lack of discernment, cowardice, immaturity. No way "we are in this mess because of demons". This "mess" is lack of PRAJNA, direct apprehension of the absolute nature of void or radical non-existence of "I" "me" (anatta truth of buddhism) than then project this phantasmatic entity "Me! child of god! holy divine I!" in the samsaric winds of karma. The esoteric formula is God=Human=Demon or Fohat=Prana=Kundalini or Horus=Osiris=Isis or Lucifer=Christ=Ahriman (Rudolf Steiner formulation) or Affirm=Conciliate=Deny. All relative mind games using the 7 hermetic laws of kybalion in this phantasmatic matrix game. All there is are experiences and lessons. Nothing more. All that exists, from the Suniatta perspective is FALSE, including "true techings" and "false teachings". Let us not be afraid of "demons" and see (through direct relationship with them) what are THEIR side of the equation. Ignorance gived birth to a "afraid and weak I" and this "afraid and weak I" then contructs a castle of things to "protect itself". A "real god is not afraid to die and lose his soul because of a demon". a fundamentalist christian is afraid, of course. It takes one to know one.
    Snider Woo-Woo : Alvaro Brants Goncalves Who said I was afraid? Just pointing out a deception. Do you think we should ignore deceptions that are intentionally harmful to one's lightbody and positive spiritual growth?
    From my point of view "to avoid death and destruction" by definition is to be afraid.
    Almost all "new agers" I know, and that "want to ascend" are only self-centered afraid persons.
    A true god can live on eternal hell of damnation and still be OK.
    It doesn't work this way "to point out a deception", Ian.
    This is NOT KNOWLEDGE:
    If you tell me "beware of this man, he is a killer!" until I don't have DIRECT EVIDENCE, the only "knowledge" I will have is that I have listened to you telling me this is so.
    If you don't have it, what is the use for me of what you have just said?
    Do you base YOUR LIFE on what OTHER PEOPLE tell you this is so and so?
    For me this is completely useless.
    And unfortunately, from my experience, about 99% of "people that tell us things" do NOT have direct experience.
    I am NOT afraid of any demons from hell,lost souls, dark beings, phantom universes, whatever.
    I "have been there" and there is "nothing to be afraid of".
    I will repeat myself:
    True knowledge comes ONLY through direct experience.
    And the "holy divine christ self" is a illusion (annatta truth):
    The real nature of reality is ABSOLUTE VOID WITHOUT DISTINCTIONS.
    The mirror of empty light without forms and any substantial existence.
    All the "rest" are mind games of samsaric minds on the winds of karma. Death empowers the true warrior.
    Any god who is afraid "to die" is not a real god: it is a coward "I".
    Snider Woo-Woo :
    Alvaro Brants Goncalves If you are ego attached to the idea that Thoth is working for team light, it is not different from a sleeper who can't believe Obama works for the cabal. There are many tricksters and imposters and manipulations in the lower astral; I'm sorry but just because you had the experience doesn't mean it wasn't a deception. Many who have these experiences get ego attached to the thought form that they are "special", "chosen", and get caught up in the ego gratification of that and forget to discern the energy of the being or the message.

    I used to think Thoth and Drunvalo were great, then discovered on my own that Drunvalo was teaching reverse Merkaba's that are life siphoning.

    To me it's pretty simple. Thoth was one of Crowley's main teachers along with the being Aiwass. And Crowley was probably the main human responsible for the corruption of many Earth grids (mostly healed now), corruption and infiltration of secret societies, and propagation of pedophilia within the elites. So given that Crowley was responsible for that and much else, and Thoth was one of Crowley's main teachers, if you don't think Thoth has any major issues I would check your discernment for blind spots......

    "Thothian Grid

    Book of Thoth
    The collective consciousness of Black Magic Grids were controlled and installed by the consciousness of an Atlantian teacher and Solar Lord archetype – Aleister Crowley and his mentor Thoth and the Negative Aliens."

    Recently [1] the Annunaki - Thothian controlled grid network (called the Phoenix Grid Spike Site in the Astral Plane in the 4D Stargate area of the Cairo, Egypt that feeds on the Golden Eagle Grid (which is based in usurped creation code written in "Thelema/Ulema" intelligent language pattern) has been made obsolete in certain areas of the planetary circulatory system. This means that critical areas where the NAA Controllers siphon human energetic consciousness power and redirect it back into their Artificial Machinery systems is failing in the percentage they need to power the global Mind Control and other NAA systems.

    Thothian-Annunaki language (based on usurped enochian language of the Original Creational God Code – The Law of One) was given to Crowley at the turn of the century in order for him to be the human embodiment that was necessary to bring this "black magic" language into the physical realms – which continued the Atlantian brotherhood war and its Atlantian Conspiracy in this reality system. Crowley was manipulated through his own massive ego of patriarchal superiority, greed, genetic elitism, ego maniacal selfishness and sexual deviance to install a vast circulatory system of Ley Lines of control for Thothian interests. This is synonymous in defining the structure of Satanic forces which run the reversal energies in "black magic grids". He was groomed in the United Kingdom (the location of the last of the lost Atlantian colonies from 11,500 years ago) with the government heads (reptilian central leaders, such as Winston Churchill) grooming him to be in special operation for the Black Sun Program and the Sons of Belial black forces which were trained in the British Secret Service. He was a primary operative used for directing psychological-spiritual warfare in the purpose for mind controlling Hitler for the Black Sun Programs and received much material and earthly power for his cooperation, on multiple dimensions."

    "Child Sacrifice
    Because it was A. Crowley birthday yesterday (October 12th) and many Satanists pay homage to him on that day. I will talk about why Crowley is synonymous with all Black Magic, Black Sex Magic and Pedophilia. It was this man that brought Satanist architecture through powerful Atlantian Technology (and Thothian books) at the turn of the century, and he was given the information in Cairo by the NAA Reptiles by his then possessed wife Rose. (Shortly later, she killed herself, and they knew he would psychologically break from the power he was given over others, and he did, insanity and power consumed him and he was responsible for laying the Satanist architecture into the Planetary Logos body and planetary heart chakra) All Satanist activity on the planet, feeds into grids Crowley is responsible for. This Phoenix Grid network is a subsidiary feed to the UK Nephilim Reversal Grid NRG and the Golden Eagle Grid. The Phoenix Grid network piece shown ( for now and is where Crowley went personally – tracing his steps back through time) is a 45 degree pyramidal triad from UK/London through Belgium, Germany into Iran Gate 10th Gate the bottom then slides east into the Cairo Wormhole and back up into the UK gate. From Cairo moving down vertically into Africa is a massive feed line being agitated into Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and all the way down to the tip of South Africa. South Africa tip has had a 3D timeline frequency fence put into the land mass/energy system and this is to incite more of the 3D frequency fence mind control enslavement to instigate fear and pain in the vertical line moving North-south to throw off the Great White Lion Elohim System. Alpha Draconis/Orion Group or Draconians are going after children 0-12 because they receive power in their soul light or blood when it’s used in soul binding ritual. They can possess or bind a soul in a child’s body easier than an adult, and they believe it will give them immortality."
    Hi Snider Woo-Woo, I have studied Ashayana Deane material (My guess is that this site is about 90% from her material) since 2000, and I have been with her ex-husband too. This Aleister Crowley "presentation" is really shallow.
    I have experience with Drunvalo merkabah, and it is NOT "life sucking demoninc device" in any way, whatsoever.
    I have read and studied Aleister Crowley books since 1985, and I insist that the presentation above is heavily distorted.
    All these "polaric games" for me are a waste of time.
    They are not on my menu now.
    We can dance all the dances we can and imagine.
    At the end of the day: SUNIATTA.
    I am not fired by the polaric pathos most people are attracted now.
    I have 8000 pages from this "keylontic material" -very interesting stuff. But is does NOT mean that "it is a xerox-copy of how reality works" or a "faithtfull history record". It is ONLY A PARADIGM or PERSPECTIVE. Without DIRECT EXPERIENCE is NOTHING MORE. That simple.
    Snider Woo-Woo.
    Alvaro Brants Goncalves Not sure why you are lecturing me, I have not had any experiences with Thoth, in which case I default to the experience of someone else I trust; like Lisa Renee, certainly we cannot experience everything at this level and in this life and if we want knowledge about certain things must discern what others have shared, like anything "black and white" or "all or none" thinking is just another limiting mind control program, and we can grow through experiences and we can grow through the teachings of others, I agree of course the former is better but it certainly does not have to be exclusively that way.

    Not sure if you understand the goal of the negatives; their goal is to permanently entrap and enslave human consciousness, which can happen at this level of consciousness but not higher levels in my opinion, and I'm not cool with that. Your consciousness eventually returns to Source, it is the manner of the return that I am concerned with, I'd rather return as a highly intelligent evolved powerful creative loving force after having experienced trillions of years separation from Source, rather than return as unintelligent space dust after having been entrapped and enslaved by negative beings for hundreds of millions of years.......
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  • Awaken your light body... "As your energy becomes more beautiful and radiant, people will act and think in higher, more loving ways around you without your trying to change them. Your heart will be more open and you will understand what it means to love as your higher self and soul." #lightbody #ascension
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  • For the first time we're seeing a full lightbody shot of a Lyran being. Lightbeings are common throughout the universe but the Lyrans are some of the most evolved and of the higest density.

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  • Dusk brings the #fullmoon, but what will bring the #dawn?

    #mightymayiscoming #rubyrenegade #theevent #lightworkers #starseeds #kundaliniawakening #indiempaths #indicos #twinflamereunion #kundalinihealing #spiritualawakening #spiritualrenegade #rainbowlightbody #ascensionsymptoms #pyrotonics #indigos #blueraybeings #dnaactivation #clauraudient #clairvoyant #clairsentient #5d #empaths #rainbowbridge #christconsciousness #higherself #lightbody
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