• A New age has begun *

    After a massive burn-out from my job in 2012, I decided to isolate me and work this album of music that I completed in December 2012 (Yes by the end of the Mayan calendar)

    For some reason, I did not put the songs in the order of how I made them.
    But I hope that you can hear that yes I went through a lot of 'darkness' in my life.
    And the 2 last songs that I composed:

    End of time & New age

    Were the only songs when I clearly felt something was changing in my conscioussness.

    To make it short: I think those songs were channeled to me and did not come from me.
    I felt some spirits of light came upon me to give me hope and light.
    And I tried the best I could to express what this feeling felt like through the lyrics and sounds.

    By the time I did not know anything about the Mayan calendar, I isolated me from all medias for most my adult life , I never listened to Radio, never watched Tv and did not read news neither, so I had no clue.

    This is only by 2017, When I read 'The Law of one' that all this became clear to me.

    yes a time of great change is upon the planet that's the reason why I am here.

    I know now that I made the choice to incarnate here and experiment 35 years of darkness because I wanted to assist and witness to the awakening of Humanity.

    When Humans are going to ascend and will give up the illusion of death old age and sickness.

    When Humans are going to open their heart and realise they are far from being alone in the Universe ... there is a Confederation into space where all the Nations in service to the Creator collaborate all together for the purpose of expanding the original plan of the Creator.

    When Humans are not going to tolerate anymore corruption of any kind as well as misery, violence, poverty, pervertion and aggressivity , and that they gonna open their heart for that everyone lives in comfort and free from pain and sufferings.

    #officialfirstcontact #suppressedtechnologies #fulldisclosure #abovemajestic #lawofone #goldenage #lostinartificialreality #endofthemonetarysystem
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