• Magenta, is it not true that both the flower of life and the cadeuceus are distorted, hijacked, reversed configurations? If so why do you speak of them in your videos and interviews as being positive symbols?

    My response; I can only tell you the teachings I have received. I am aware that different conduits/channels receive different information so please just go with what resonates with you. I have been shown flower of life is a basic blueprint for the creation of life. The cadeuceus is a representation of the DNA field in it's awakened double helix configuration and represents kundalini awakening and the balancing of the magnetic and electric poles within the energy body into the trinity configuration. The cadeuceus and the flower of life can look different depending on the perspective viewed. Both are living structures and not fixed or solid. One could say that the Caduceus looks 'reduced' from its true form in many depictions but these are two dimensional presentations of the double helix but hold the potential for the quantum DNA strands within. It shows the trinitisation of the awakened energy system. It is too simplified to just say they are distorted, hijacked or reversed. There has been much distortion, hijacking and reversal within our DNA and galactic structures this is true but these configurations are clean and of the light (although the cadeuceus can be used for dark magick) both structures work for you as you are and with all that you are. Your interpretation creates the energetic of the structure for the observer changes/creates the observed. You are one with your environment most especially with the geometric pattern of creation blueprints. As I said, take what resonates x
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  • I don't know how this OnStellar network works yet, but slowly I'll catch up with it... In the meantime, anyone out there interested in #aliens #healing #psychic #pastregression #spirits #spiritcommunication #ancestors #spiritualcommunication #crystals #wicca #spells #magick, etc? Please hit me up. Thanks everyone!
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  • Magenta Pixie and Daniel Catzmagick - our wedding day, St Patrick's Day 2019, sacred handfasting
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  • On a wildly Halloweeny edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — engrossing paranormal talk with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we visit the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick with owners Steven Intermill and Jillian Slane and dive into their collection of witchy paraphernalia and magickal doodads. We talk with Steven and Jillian at , Joel and Eric review the latest paranormal news from the America’s Most Haunted Twitter feed.

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  • ~ Tonight 8pm Central Time ~
    All it takes to expand is the want to.
    - Sri YahNahVah
    To participate: www.youtube.com/c/CenterofLightRadio/live

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  • Taking our part in counteracting intentioned binding and psychic harm to those who are part of the light/truth structure upon Earth at this time.
    To be repeated out loud, spoken softly, placed under a crystal, within alter, sleeping space or buried in Earth or burnt within fire. Or use your own magickal practise and ritual.
    With love,
    Magenta Pixie

    We do not consent to the 'beacons of light' or to any individual or group of the 'alliance of light' or to those who switch polarity from a service-to-self structure to a service-to-others one being hexed, spelled, bound, cast or magickally interfered with on any level beyond purity, love, compassion, forgiveness, light, healing and joy throughout the quantum infinite infinity matrix fields.
    We, starseeds of Earth, those that come forward from many distant planets, realms, worlds and dimensions do stand by our very existence, honour, integrity and alignment to truth, justice and balance, counteract with our very being any such intent.
    We counteract this by sending love, light, joy and nurturing support to any individual who stands within integrity for positive polarised truth and service-to-others patterning.
    We, as a collective that represent and are the 'Divine Princess Aurora' and her beloved 'Twin Flame Arch-Angel Michael', do hold fast a network of light availble to all those of integrity and of a pure heart who wish to utilise this web of light for healing, safety and protection.
    We offer a safe space to those who leave service-to-self structures, break free of false nets and false traps and look for armistice and sanctuary in the temple of the true light matrix.
    We welcome them.
    We place a permeable barrier of mirrored, plasmic- light around any individual, construct, event, situation, structure or group that is cohesively intentioned binding and harm.
    We place a neutralising and recycling effect around said same structures from non-cohesive dissipating thought that may touch any level of reality of said same structure.
    We give thanks for the powers of light naturally present within the crystalline-platinum-diamond gene formations of all ascending starseeds and we stand together to create this living, loving sanctuary matrix.
    In lovelight and lightlove,
    It is done.

    I am......(say your name)

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  • Truth is the energy of the third dimension in your current reality and the symbol for this is Excalibur, sword of magickal construct that can never be defeated.
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  • Magick is not so much a mystical power, but rather a way to hack the matrix
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  • I was literally just telling all this to my mom last night also. this article is so ****ing spot on.. omg its everything right out of my own thoughts! maybe im practicing sync magic right now also. lol https://www.salon.com/2018/07/16/donald-trumps-chaos-magic-author-gary-lachman-on-the-far-rights-links-to-occult-philosophy/

    i dotn care for politcal views.. but this part is like reading from my own mind on how ive been ranting and raving about the purpose of "reality tv" ever since its inception has been to blur the distinction between REALITY and TV, only further exacerbated by the NDAA act repealing the smith mudnt act to where hollywood could make it legal to broadcast hollywood (magic wand) scripts acting, and screenplay on live news stations without having to disclose to the public that its merely a hollywood production and its not real whatsoever nor did it even happen (the way its reported), completed with companies like crisis cast and protests staged and hired by crowds on demand, financed by ****cheeses like george soros.

    events like the ferguson missippi riots which created black lives matter being staged by the CIA branch of hollywood's social media psyop to promote THE PURGE when it first came out and stirred up a social media campaign that the "PURGE WAS HAPPENING TONIGHT" "YOU GUYS GUNNA PURGE WITH ME?" ETC ETC and it blurred the reality of people who take too many drugs, lsd, and perscriptions to not know if it was real or fake, so much so that the swat were on orange alert terror level in preparation for chaos in the streets which is what hollywood (illuminati) has been pushing for all along, and so the cops were so fearful that they executed whats his face in cold blood in the street for no reason, lighting the fuse for a modern civial race war, which never came to full head until the trump card psy op was played, and as we know during the white walkers marching on HBO while the white walkers were on the march in charlotesville NC KKK riots etc etc etcet cetctetc etctetc etctetc etct etc.

    HAA! YES! so enlivening to read my own thoughts that i could quite find the time or energy to write out, bu have been ranting about how the inner net is also our collective ether net, where we share our minds and thoughts and whats happening right now for the first time in history (since we were telepathic aeons ago, lol) is that our minds are clashing since we are more connected now than ever before, but i feel as all things do, the universe organizes towards order and harmony out of periods of chaos as in cymatic frequency shifts, so right now the waves are destructive interference but eventually the clocks should sync up in sympathetic vibratory resonance as they always do without fail, but first there WILL BE BLOOD, (pun, civil war) the unmentioned EVENT that ALWAYS takes place preempting every dystopian "orderly and utpoian" society in every film and book, from Book of Eli, Hunger Games, the Giver, Divergent, Mad Max, In Time, 1984, farhenhiet 451, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

    look forward to tons of full length feature esoteric film content on this. See my full film transcripts in the comments below. here >>>https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.patreon.com%2Fposts%2Fsymbolism-will-18728732&h=AT0ZwbjJQ5SovvLSGAi0YKkwaE6UO91Gitqyijr7IWxpImSGpclKZwItKM0BBHQR-r-NlyA3iAEMoPrsr6tb9vt8FEqZ4Eyn8thOnYPS6ptrkbYst8M99EjDosC-zPLZw5Yp8PM31g

    and the Trump card here >https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.patreon.com%2Fposts%2F12633382&h=AT2973RA_k8XREm9S4O5hnHc6Y8eqrGKohN46Q9OATFDNYRvUDFlhOgjNzT3RppSurF4Z_03BKigN57ldhSPjlxb8fb9FPX_iOp88iLiDkQXfGcnDENvJUh4hSoDrMCXX0qHwOPRrA

    shocking occult secrets of #Qanon here > https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.patreon.com%2Fposts%2F18158425&h=AT2oKx8xqNQYZH78fMU0fC9Swb95no5eyQfjdPG12XGUCUokDsoo3me0sEOji24jKMJs8MkkucYYXyluOr5JVvh7ndL4uxSZYN-wXKHabUTen8yUwD_pFUzlU9bnpsyNzK4WqNyxvw

    The Engineered chaos Magick Race War > https://www.patreon.com/posts/engineered-race-13921204

    @Lifting_TheVeil is now on all social media.
    All of my full video presentations and articles can be found at patreon.com/LiftingTheVeil for full #esoteric film presentations, research articles, livestream hangouts, lessons and so much more mind blowing esoteric content on #theology, #mythology, #etymology and #language, #symbolism, #science, #biology, #health and so much more!
    Donald Trump’s “chaos magic”: Author Gary Lachman on the far right’s links to occult phil...
    Onetime Blondie bass player and culture critic on Trump, Putin, Pepe the Frog and right-wing magical thinking
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  • EXCERPT from my new Ebook "Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall and Our Redemption": https://www.patreon.com/posts/18728732
    "Ozymandias has some common similarities with Thanos from Marvel comics Avengers, not in the least being the common EL-ite ELder royal pharaonic bloodline color parapsychology of PURP-EL and GOLD, which are the royal colors of the ancient Canaa Phoenicians who were known as the the "PURPLE PEOPLE" because that is the meaning of the word Phoenicia, whose chief deity was EL, (the supreme bull god of the Bible from ancient Byblos) who was the Greek TITAN Kronos, who became the Roman god SATURN. See my full presentations where i've recycled this common Elite symbolism explicit in just about every major event and attack in recent history.

    Just as we find the evil demiourgic deity APOCALYPSE "Great revealing" of the SUN, in the Marvel XMen comics, as the ROYAL TYRIAN PURPEL TYRANT going on a TIRADE as Ruler of worlds, implementing the enslavement of humanity under the purple gods.


    "Purple - Perp EL
    Perp - Perpetrator - One who commits a crime..
    EL - God
    Violet - Violence- Vile Ends - Vile Ette

    The ROYAL TYRANNICAL PURPEL is the archetypal holly wood black magick or BLACK LIGHT ULTRAVIOLENT color symbolism of the EVIL VILE traitor, the deceiver, the DEVIous DEVI, or DEVIlish DEITY, the trickster god who brings the PERPetration and PERPetuation of downfall, declination and DEATH at the EVENing time, when again, the Bright ORANGE Sun of God is crossed and betrayed, deceived and receives the KISS OF DEATH at his temporal downfall of PURPLE PASSION, emblematic of the PASSING or CROSSING over and transcending to the other side beyond, during the evening of the cycles of dualism as already covered!

    PURPLE is used symbolically from ancient Canaa Phoenicia as TYRIAN or ROYAL PURPLE also known as Tyrian red, Phoenician purple, royal purple, imperial purple or imperial dye, is a reddish-purple natural dye from TYRE, the trade and commerce capital of Phoenicia, which gives us TYRANT, TYRANNY, and is the color worn by ancient tyrants, representing tyranny.

    To rehash the full backstory quickly, Tyrian purple comes from the secretion of a rare sea snail called murex, and is so expensive that it was only reserved for ROYALTY as a symbol of STATUS. Its significance is such that the name Phoenicia means 'land of purple.'

    It came in various shades, the most prized being that of "blackish CLOTTED BLOOD". This is because ROYAL CRIMSON PURPLE is the color of PASSION which comes from "SUFFERING" which is the color of BRUISING AND BEATING, ABUSE, hence CRIMSON PURPLE BLOOD!

    Hence why the christian churches have the PURPLE PASSION and GOLD robes representing the royal PASSION "suffering" of the Christ!

    “The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth.” (Revelations chapter 17:4-6).

    The scarlett woman is Phoenician "Queen of Heaven" Asherah. It should be known that Asherah is the consort of the Semitic god EL whos is Roman SATURN, which will come hugely into play further on.

    Royalty are the ones who wore the robes. ROBE comes from "TO ROB" but that's for another time.

    PURPLE AND GOLD is the color parapsychology of the PURPLE HEART medal, which gets its name for the same reason of being wounded in battle, hence the CRIMSON PURPLE PRIZE OF CLOTTED BLOOD!

    This is why the PASSION FLOWER is named after ROYAL PURPLE. The name was given by missionaries in Brazil as an educational aid while trying to convert the indigenous inhabitants to Christianity; its name was flor das cinco chagas or "flower of the five wounds" to illustrate the crucifixion of Christ, with other plant components also named after an emblem in the Passion of Jesus.

    I think It's, hands down, the baddest ass and most beautifull flower ever! It's sheer vibrance seems to transcend into the UltraViolet spectrum. (This segment should've fit better further up by the Jesus Passion, but it's too late now, the struggle is real)

    It seems akin to the purple thistle. At some stages of growth, it even resembles a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eating monster! We will get to that at the end about the one eyed alien monster. WHAT? There's an alien monster in here as well?! Of course there is!

    Purple/ UltraViolent is the chosen color psychology representing the Psyche-delic PSYCHE, the MIND (which harkens to OZYMANDIAS being the SMARTEST MIND in the world) coming from the Greek Goddess Psyche, who’s symbol is the MONARCH BUTTERFLY and who’s color is purple, because the color of ULTRAVIOLET is the spectrum of the beyond.... the UNSEEN REALMS of the spirit, above and beyond (meta) our visible red and blue spectrum, hence it is the color of transcendence beyond duality and into the higher psychic realms of psy and meta human abilities, which was the initial goal of project MK ULtra, was to push the physical and mental limits of the victims to have them break and transcend, or die, as all creatures that are forced into evolution by adaptation are required."- Cullen Smith SEE FULL PRESENTATION >> https://www.patreon.com/posts/18728732

    I Have ALOT MORE to add but for some strange reason (trump) patreon isnt letting me edit this article anymore...

    _TheVeil is now on all social media.
    All of my full video presentations and articles can be found at patreon.com/LiftingTheVeil for full #esoteric film presentations, research articles, livestream hangouts, lessons and so much more mind blowing esoteric content on #theology, #mythology, #etymology and #language, #symbolism, #science, #biology, #health and so much more!
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