• "Rock Angel" - Let the music take you higher
    Prints available @ CafePress, DeviantArt, ImageKind, Redbubble, Saatchi Art, and Society6. See https://8ththoughtexperience.com/prints/ for links. #art #music #metaphysics
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  • #OrgoneEnergy https://www.psionicmetaphysics.net/
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  • People with a Sense of Unity Experience Greater Life Satisfaction https://snooze2awaken.com/2019/05/05/people-with-a-sense-of-unity-experience-greater-life-satisfaction/ #lifesatisfaction #satisfaction #happiness #joy #contentment #humanpotential #consciousness #consciousevolution #unity #unityconsciousness #wellness #wellbeing #healing #health #mentalhealth #awareness #awakening #psychology #positivethinking #positivity #connectedness #interconnectedness #universe #mind #enlightenment #meditation #spirituality #metaphysics #oneness #inspiration
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  • Calling all #AwakeningPeople, come hang out this Saturday, 10:30am PST, for our online meetup! Share stories, challenges, #spiritualawakeningsymptoms & #ascensionssymptoms, and anything coming up on your #awakeningjourney!

    ALL WELCOME! REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/AwakeningSupportMarch219

    Event by Awakening Anonymous: https://onstellar.com/groups/awakeninganonymous

    #empaths #lightworkers #consciouscommunity #energyhealers #starseeds #indigos #spiritualawakening #kundalini #shamanism #metaphysics #psychicdevelopment
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  • Reality Is Fake and so is Materialism - Time To Wake Up - Lessons In Metaphysics http://ow.ly/fnpf30ndf25
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  • UMMO Physics and Metaphysics
    UMMITE PHYSICS AND METAPHYSICS - A new website devoted to the Ummites - welcome page
    UMMITE PHYSICS AND METAPHYSICS, the essential texts
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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byRk_IMB-Eo&feature=share

    A highly recommended introduction to the metaphysics that underlies our reality; it covers so many esoteric topics that may help deepen our understanding of what matters most:.
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  • #dark #matrix #religion #spirituality #science #politics #metaphysics #triggers #feeding #manipulation #control
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  • My Newest Creation Of Living Art, Just Finished it!! Orgone Pyramid with 6 Layers, Hand Made, Sanded, And Polished. It Contains Quartz, Copper, Turquoise, And Lapis Lazuli 3X3 Inches In Width, 2.5 Inches in Height And Weighs 8.5 oz!! It Has A Blue Glow In The Dark Pigment. Share This Amazing Energy!! Love and Peace!!!

    For More Check Out My Website:

    Layer 1- Quartz
    Layer 2- Copper
    Layer 3- Turquoise, and Quartz
    Layer 4- Copper
    Layer 5- Quartz, And Lapis Lazuli
    Layer 6- Copper

    A Few Things About Orgones:

    -Orgone pyramids are made one layer at a time and alternating between organic and inorganic material in each layer and sometimes contain certain essential oils.

    -Negative Ions are healthy for living things while positive are bad. Positive ions are made by electronic devices.

    -The different stones in the pyramids also have their own energy and benefits too them.

    -The metal in the Orgone helps attract the positive ions into the pyramid.


    -Quartz - Quartz crystal is valued for its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, by which it can transform mechanical pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy, and vice versa. Its ability to focus, amplify, store and transform energy is used throughout the technology world in ultrasound devices, watches, microphones, radio transmitters and receivers, memory chips in computers and other electronic circuitry. Clear Quartz produces a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surroundings of positive ions, protecting the aura. It dispels static electricity, and cancels out the harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity. Quartz is good for healing, meditation, expansion of consciousness, communication with guides, past-life recall, attracting love or prosperity, or virtually any purpose. However, with this power comes responsibility. To benefit from Rock Crystal's blessings, one must feel in harmony with it and deserve its gifts. Intent other than for good inevitably brings harm back on oneself. Quartz is connected to the crown Chakra.

    -Copper - strengthening the circulatory system, strengthening bones, and easing arthritis pain. High Energy metals used in small pieces because the smaller the pieces are, the more positive ions it will attract into the device, to be transmuted to negative ions. Wearing copper can help you improve your awareness and expand your consciousness. Crown Chakra.

    -Lapis Lazuli - Is considered the stone of universal truths. IS considered the symbol of both wisdom and truth, it is also a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It is also considered excellent for increasing memory, and encouraging honesty in ones self. Also considered a stone of friendship, because of its unique characteristic to bring people together. Associated with the throat and brow Chakra, and helps to activates the psychic centers at the Third Eye. A stone of protection that may be worn to guard against psychic attacks, Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality. Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one’s truth and inspires confidence. It bonds relationships, aiding in expression of feelings and emotions.

    -Turquoise - The Healing Powers of Turquoise Metaphysical Healing Powers of Turquoise Turquoise is one of the most powerful Metaphysical healing stones. Turquoise has been a had metaphysical healing powers before the word Metaphysical was invented. The Native American Indians, and before them the Tibetans, and before them the Egyptians were enamored by Turquoise and considered it to have great healing powers. To this day the Native American Indians consider Turquoise to contain very powerful Metaphysical and spiritual healing powers. The healing powers of Turquoise are considered very powerful in many cultures, not just with the Native Americans. Most people around the world associate Turquoise to the Native Americans and the Tibetans, but many cultures love Turquoise and respect the healing powers of Turquoise. According to crystal healers and New Age believers, crystal and gem healing is an art and practice, done on a metaphysical level, that is being rediscovered because of the power of the earth's energies that have been absorbed by these sacred objects that, in turn, inherit vital healing powers used to heal many types of ailments. They believe that crystals have physical, spiritual, spirit, crystal energy, tranquility, spiritual awareness, zodiac, powers that can be used for Eastern Medicine treatment of everything from pain, stress, depression, therapy and feeling in the Mind, Spirit and Body. This healing section will provide information on Chakra healing, Psychic healing, Eastern Medicine, purification rituals, of Vedic Astrologers and followers of Atlantis Religion and the occult, paranormal, aromatherapy, metaphysics, and ESP. Position: In order to feel the healing powers of Turquoise at their greatest healers believe you can place Turquoise ANYWEAR, but especially the throat, third eye, and solar plexus. It makes an excellent elixir. Specific Types of Turquoise believed to be more powerful: Many healers believe that the healing powers of Turquoise are stronger in Green Turquoise such as Tibetan Turquoise or Nevada Turquoise are more powerful. The green Turquoise carries a slightly different vibration from the more vivid blue Turquoise. This different vibration in the green Turquoise, as far as the healing powers of Turquoise, are especially useful for clearing throat chakra blockages and suppressed self expression back down the ancestral line until the source is cleared. Third Eye, Throat, and Sacral.
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