• Everything is best: Old Zen Story.

    When Banzan was walking through a market he overheard a conversation between a butcher and his customer.

    “Give me the best piece of meat you have,” said the customer.

    “Everything in my shop is the best,” replied the butcher. “You cannot find here any piece of meat that is not the best.”

    At these words Banzan became enlightened.
    The lesson of this story is learning to appreciate everything, seeing things in a better light, and changing your preconceived notions good and bad, it is simply telling us to enjoy life and what it has to offer. Everything is the best, even the worst of things have a silver lining whether we want to see it or not. It is about having a positive mindset about all aspects of life.
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  • What's up Onstellar? LOL....I know this is a dumb question....meaning that I cannot expect that anyone...not even one of my so-called friends here, especially those who lead me here in the first place will answer!

    The truth is, Onstellar is not the best place to get a response...unless you know how to and actually use the act of "tagging" friends you know who actually have the capacity to engage/respond to an alleged friend....and without fear because they already know you.

    In my opinion, FEAR & COMPLACENCY are the true offenders here...when you "ask for a response" (unless one has prepared by selecting a "preferred audience" of responsive friends... because NO OTHERS will respond...I think that may be due to fear and/or the decision that it isn't "their circus" nor "their personal monkeys"... that old saying that seems to me to be emerging more and more these sjust eems sometimes that people just DO NOT GIVE A FLYING PHUCK and few, if any, are willing to BE THE CHANGE

    It seems to me that people are growing more fearful and complacent than ever...fearful of aligning with certain "unknowns" people are basically "lazy arses" when it comes to researching and then to be asked to respond...LOL..."forget about it"...too WEIRD, too much to do, but this is a fact of life on per my experience here.

    Good Luck because many of us will need it (until we learn to change our strategy) if we expect even one soul to respond to an honest question posed in an original timeline comment. I'm sensing that We are all missing many great revalations due to FEAR in others who pretend to care about so called huemanity.

    Getting people to engage in just about anything has turned into a near impossibility due to the sheer numbers of scamsters, hacks and an assortment of others who prey in these venues...My personal favorite...those "selling" Satanic/Luciferian occultism as an acceptible belief system....I THINK NOT! And I don't intend to begin aligning with any of that BRAVO SIERRA (BS) here in Onstellar or any other experimental online community.

    One can't pretend innocence when we've chosen to dialog with certain online predators intending to coax others down to their level of depravity and chaotic mindset. To each their own!

    I dare anyone to motivation for this comment is because one of my Onstellar friends brought this mind-phuck to my attention...this is, when one asks for a response to an important question, the truth is, I was already aware of this NON-RESPONSIVENESS of members of Onstellar posing a "friends"...Even though I truly "get" that there are many who use this venue for their own indivualized purpose(s) of which we mortals will probably never know!!! LOL...SO BE IT and SO IT IS... I'm happy with that.

    WHY WAS ONSTELLAR CREATED? Is THIS the type of users that Onstellar attracts? I'm simply delighted to have a viable alternative to the mind-phuckery of Fakebook and ....that's basically why I joined. I've discovered that it's silly to ask anyone any questions while expecting answers....IT WON'T fact, hell will freeze over before you'll get an answer....from now on, just like on other social media, it will be a part of my approval/rejection process to ask "WHY" a potential friend would ask to be "my" friend here... or maybe continue pretending like all of the "good people" that all's well and that I'm all ZEN either way the communication goes. After all, I do NOT intend to be fixed by anyone here...just entertained whenever possible. Simply comment (to myself to archive) and then move on to the next adventure...I've discovered quite a few "adventures" in the Groups here, by the way. Check them out!!! PEACE & LOVE YA'LL!
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  • Black sun society, associated Nazi's, and Thule Society with compacted Vril Society (although not originally, very ancient adopted symbols that fit agenda.) occulted perhaps twisted co-opted information, symbols. Hidden in plain sight right with the planned false flag planned shooting event, outlining those however connected with the terrible orchestrated occurrence.

    Getting an intuitive hit of the possibility that "Christchurch" is a code name for that same stepped octagonal structure recently disclosed and talked about from Spartan 1 & 2 with Linda Moulton Howe? A secret "sacred" meeting place for those of the deep state/cabal or whatever you wish to call them, and the specific groups involved with this place and event therein? Still ultimately associatively the same.

    Though in no way does she or anyone own that information or the people under the guise of the whistblower/insider names. Whatever she may think or has agenda with others for or however, she was simply a portal for them to release this information via sharing their experiences. And I am wholely thankful for that <3.

    Or was it deliberately part of an agenda with those conjoined peoples in agreement to bring bigger disclosures of Antarctica, its discoveries and our unveiling Earth and Humanity's history, along with those of the deep state/cabal and associated black sun/Nazi dark occult societies? For them to control and roll out these disclosures with specific information at the head, followed by the symbolism as revealed and the known occult co-opted groups connected? What is really going on here?

    I do not mean to cast claim or blame whatsoever for I do not know of anything involving Linda, the Spartan twins, or why she or others involved has taken direct action against another of esteemed name as David Wilcock, simply excitedly importantly sharing exactly from her, the information that she and the two military insiders have kindly shared. A threat to an agenda with wanting control of the meticulously orchestrated revelations? I am simply thinking openly, though within logic and reason, as I encourage anyone to do, to help put this puzzle together regarding these recently added pieces <333. Thank you!
    - Dillon Macy

    Thanks brother Ian Parks for these thoughts in sharing this post! You're the best man!

    "This is a still from a New Zealand news report showing some of the personal belongings of the man who shot all those people in the Mosque

    Notice the round symbol displayed prominently as if on purpose? You will notice some dogtags right next to this symbol which also contain symbols that have been intentionally faced towards the camera signifying they are intended to be seen by the public, thus are pivotal to what this was all about

    The location where this shooting took place was Christchurch in New Zealand. Christchurch is where all the world leaders go when they are visiting all the secret military installations in Antarctica. Christchurch is the final port before jumping into the Antarctican Network which is on total lockdown by the deep state military given what is there

    In a recent video by Linda Moulton Howe she showcases a whistleblower who allegedly was a Navy Seal called 'Spartan1' tasked with investigating an ancient facility in Antarctica reportedly very very old and from an ancient builder race. He drew a symbol from memory which was on the front entrance to this ancient facility and undeniably it is the same symbol as on the shooters backpack.

    This, and other symbols found in these pre-ancient facilities, have apparently been adopted by the Nazi and Deep State secret societies currently in control of Antarctica and the pre-ancient structures and technologies found there. In their twisted mindset they believe these symbols somehow give them power and purpose in conducting their control agendas

    Given the location of this shooting and this symbol the media has made a conscious effort to display, it's a fair conclusion this whole shooting event is connected to the same forces in control of Antarctica and that whole agenda."

    - Ian Parks
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  • Be the causer, not the effect to someone else’s cause.

    #higherself #loveyourself #mindset #mindfulness #lawofattraction #meditation #selfrealization #consciousness #innerspacetravelers
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  • Those things or people which oppose you or trigger you, push you to act or be as you know or will come to realize is not right, do not respond to them or else only from a true self, calm, patient, positive mindset that can open, non subjective and heal or resolve that thing. Do not feed that energy with the response it wishes to provoke, which will only build it power against you and draw more energy from you. Very simply positively disciplined, let it be. It may have power, that which in part may be to siphon energy through emotional response from others, but you also have power to not allow that and not do the same for others. Do not give power to the thing that does not help you be your best. Respect, Love, compassion, understanding. Be your sovereign conscious strength, in truth, wisdom, and love

    [in essence, if responding positively, you are being and acting with a higher vibrational consciousness, that which is of greater power, yes, but in a free sovereign non subjectual way that will only add to and lift others, inspiring them to allow themselves to grow with their own higher consciousness. Changing their ways of being through thought, action, and resonant feeling. By free will choice.
    This opens up why it is so crucial to speak with conscious intention. Being aware of the words and emotional entwined energy with those words, simply attitude. It can either support another's sovereign conscious free will as a beautiful individual being, or infringe upon it if you are not to careful, which sways there thoughts and choices at particular moments. No matter with who, what you are talking about or doing, whether its simply talking to and being with a friend, and you want to do something with them or however, be aware of your wording to allow space for their own choosing, without emotional pressure from your words.

    Individual sovereign consciousness and free will is everything in an abundant world!]
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  • Words from Jason Quitt to our community <3. Agreed)

    ""The community is in very rough shape these days. Everyone is looking for the “shill” or the “larp” infiltrating the community. I guess if you’re in the conspiracy world, you have a conspiracy mind and will look for anything to try to discredit anyone and everyone. People really don’t last in this field because of that mindset.

    I feel that this community has been torn apart lately and it really breaks my heart. The most current topic that is really bringing the monsters out is the SSP narrative. With Corey and David at the top of this.

    Let’s get it straight, both of these men have made a huge impact in this community. Their efforts, even if you agree with it or not, has brought so many new seekers into this community. They have made a positive shift in thousands of people’s lives. This cannot be denied or discounted.

    Even if many do not agree with everything that is said, that does not mean we can’t be friends and debate topics. That’s what friends do, we ask questions. Questions should not be considered an attack. They are meant to further the conversation so we can all grow together. This is a community of friends all searching for the same thing. Truth and transparency. And right now we need community now more then ever.

    There will always be people that will believe - no matter what you try to say to sway their judgment. That’s just the nature of this community.

    Corey is an experiencer, just like David, just like myself and just like millions of others around the world. But the thing with experiences is you either believe or you don’t believe. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you show. It really comes down to the individual’s belief and where they are on their spiritual journey.

    So if you’re for that belief - I love you and honour your path. If you’re not for that belief - I love and honour your path.

    We can’t be so polarizing and take the stand “you’re either with us or against us.” - George W. Bush.

    That type of consciousness just further divides us. And when we are a divided community we are a weak community that can easily be manipulated.

    We are not here to start a new religion or new dogmas. That’s the last thing we want. Unfortunately belief can easily become “the absolute word of god”. And that is extremely dangerous. Just look at the last ten thousand years of darkness.

    I truly have faith in this community, we have big hearts that have been broken before. That’s why these topics effects us so deeply.

    We need to heal and learn to open our hearts again. When we do, we will bring more joy and laughter to this planet. A light heart will illuminate the deepest truths.

    Let’s get back to supporting the community, sharing and laughing though the good times and the bad. That’s the only way we can move forward.

    Just remember if someone is out there purposely messing with this community and spreading disinformation, that karma is on them. Time will always illuminate the truth. Be patient, still and listen to your heart. And never forget, you can expose the greatest horrors hidden from humanity. But you always have to find ways of bringing truth into this world through a joyful light heart.

    This post was not meant for any specific individual. This is a post directed at the community at large. Please share if this way of thinking resonates with you."

    - Jason Quitt
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  • Unpack all that no longer serves you. Fast track your spiritual growth by reconnecting to your highest self like never before!

    Registration open till Jan 13.

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    Register ASAP to get all the prep material.

    Free intuitive connection call to see if this course is right for you

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  • SAVING JESUS.......Excellent read....Jesus promised that those who truly put his teachings into practice would do all the wonders he said and greater. Why then, even after 2000 years, has there never yet been any significant sign of these wonders happening in any of the more than 20,000 Christian Churches and Congregations that are proud to bear his name
    The Crucifixion took place on the eve of Passover. That major Jewish Festival centered on the sacrifice of a lamb on the alter of the Temple. The shedding of its blood was believed to wash our sins in the sight of God. It was almost inevitable that the earliest followers of Jesus would have tied Jesus to the Sacificial Lamb Passover. Over the centuries this warped belief that Jesus is a Suffering Saviior, who came here to die for our sins, has dealt a crippling blow to the emergence of the spiritual power that he promised us.
    There is hope. This book assaults those cripping beliefs by an investigation that ranges through history, the religious mindset and the workings of the brain. It shows how we can learn to change that deeply embedded and subconscious programs. As Jesus said; Those who have ears to hear let them hear
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