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  • Guardian's professional virtue-signaller George Monbiot gets himself arrested to virtue-signal some more - another privileged and posturing 'man of the people'. Talking of which - where's Owen Jones? http://ow.ly/y3WX30pJtRp
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  • Furious commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters from the roof of a London Underground train as demonstrators are forced to admit bringing more chaos to the capital's travel network 'was a huge own goal http://ow.ly/36Bd30pJsJA
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  • JUST A HEADS UP AS DARKER THEMES (cabal,deep state,corruption,service to self,etc.) RISE TO THE SURFACE! Consider a Holistic Healthy Preparedness Protocol for you and your household as more Photonic Energetic Light penetrates this Solar System. We can stay grounded and compassionate during these turbulent times to come. Let us be the Light that shines and supports this newest Awakening in others. Blessings Everyone! Stay Hydrated with Structured Water! We are Sovereign, We are Free! #HolisticHealth #Ascension https://www.marines.mil/News/Messages/Messages-Display/Article/1979422/manpower-guidance-for-activation-and-deactivation-of-reserve-component-marines?fbclid=IwAR25Nb5t6V9f3vTqflUor15zsngXDVl4tXMvxIpwjLMFQs5k-EkZ_mcftzs#.XafNlRRp8OY.facebook
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  • Shearling leather coats are considered the most sophisticated and warm outerwear in winters, for the past couple of years the popularity of sheepskin coats have been booming and as expected more and more people are becoming a part of this fresh trend. Mens fashion is comparatively more stable compared to women ever changing fashion trends. And Men Brown Shearling Leather Coat is for sure a classic piece of clothing that will last decades. Grab one for you now!

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    Men Brown Shearling Leather Coat | Men Jacket | Mauvetree
    This is real deal in winters, it will make you warm not make what the temperature is. The coat is made up of 100% Real Sheepskin leather. It has internal soft fur lining, along with fur collar. Grab this for you now!
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  • the connection is more real than you have been told...
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  • October 14, 1981:
    #Prince released his #Controversy record.


    new report
    A growing number of people believe that the lives of both Prince and his ex-girlfriend #Vanity were deliberately taken last year while the public has been misled about the causes of their deaths.

    It appears that in 1982 during the creation of his "1999" double-record, Prince received a lot of industry career support - explaining the albums artwork with backwards writing, the 666, the all-seeing eye/eye of Horus on the vinyl labels and other hidden signs: https://flic.kr/p/TQyHvG

    In 1996 Prince called himself a slave to his record label and began an 18-year battle with them over the ownership ($$$) of his catalog. This Simpsons cartoon depicting Prince's murder was created as a warning to frighten him into giving up his legal fight with Warner Bros.: https://youtu.be/BTmLOK9Io70

    In April 2014 it was announced that he had ultimately won the rights to his music. But in the advent of Prince's death, all profits from his album sales would then go to the record company. His close friends have revealed that Prince received a series of threats on his life immediately after winning the lawsuit. The biggest artists always sell more albums after their passing than when they were alive (Prince album reissues and unseen video is scheduled for the market this summer).

    If Prince had "sold his soul" to the power elite for fame and success, they would have never allowed him to give public revelations against their organization. It was known that he was writing a tell-all memoir that was going to be published the following year. Was he silenced for speaking out on issues that were forbidden to discuss? https://youtu.be/3zEiAQdyAGk

    "JUST WHEN U THOUGHT U WERE SAFE..." was his last Instagram message to his fans before his body was discovered. The Carver County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota has recently stated that the investigation into Prince's death is "open and active". We look forward to when the truth about this matter can be confirmed.

    ~ Prince ~
    June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016
    ~ Vanity ~
    January 4, 1959 – February 15, 2016
    = CIRCUS Magazine https://www.circusrockmag.com/ =
    World-saving Public Service Announcements
    for the week of Oct. 14th – 20th
    Benjamin Fulford https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2019/10/benjamin-fulford-october-14th-2019-historic-changes-unfold-worldwide-as-zionist-project-collapses/
    David Wilcock https://divinecosmos.com/davids-blog/23251-it-begins-epstein/
    Montague Keen http://www.montaguekeen.com/2010-2013/index.html
    Earthlings https://youtu.be/w8B547L5VkQ?t=56
    #Alliance #WhiteDragonSociety #FederationofLight
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  • More #5G Satellites To Be Launched Before November — Deadline to Sign International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth in Space on 10/21 http://ow.ly/CcgC30pIHcI
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  • APPLIED MINDFUL ASKING! SELF EMPOWERING PSYCHOLOGY! More Embodiment and Purging going on, so please consider keeping up with Healthy practices for your overall Avatar! (Mind, Body and Spirit) Plasma absorption or Ionized particles (Adamantine particles) will increase! Especially in the spring of 2020! So daily detoxing and a Heavy Metal detox for sure! These are just a few Holistic Health Tools we cover in the Workshop! Stay Hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! We are Sovereign, We are Free! #HolisticHealth #Ascension https://youtu.be/Ky98VC1kbZk
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  • Dear Ones, #HappyFullMooninAries & with your #weeklyreminder for our regular #Sundaymeditation—oh my goodness —today feels like a marathon! We start with a #FREEhealing for those who feel in need an hour BEFORE the #KeytoFreedomMeditation & the #FullMoonMeditation too (scroll down for links).

    We have SO #MANYmeditationstojoininwith today! Of course, the #KeytoFreedom is crucial for #criticalmass, so if there’s only one you can join in with, that’s the one to choose! & before that— there’s a healing & the #FIRSTFullMoonMass mediation of the day! Since the world is in such flux—& we KNOW #massmeditationshavepositiveeffect, the more we can all join in mass meditations for #harmony & #peace, the better!


    I am putting links (for the main events for today) in the order they come! Please feel free to cut & paste to re-share as those times come!


First will be a FREE healing session from #InternationalGoldenAgeGroup (#IGAG) & #PrepareForChangeJapan (#PFCJapan) (2 pm UTC see below.)

    15 minutes after the healing, we go into the first #FullMoonMassMeditation that is always at 2:45 pm UTC (links below).


    IMMEDIATELY after THAT we go into our WEEKLY Sunday mediation the Key to Freedom Meditation ~~ as always 3:00 pm UTC Sundays!

 (links below)

    At 9:07 PM UTC— the exact time the moon becomes full,—we will also be doing the #PeaceMeditationforSyria. The #Syriangoddessvortex is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid so our intent is to #anchormoregoddessenergy to Syria to help the situation to be resolved quickly & in the best possible way. (links below)



First: at 2 pm UTC: for those in need of healing—IGAG & PFC Japan’s 2nd session will begin first—that lasts 1/2 an hour. These powerful remote healing sessions are always from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC.

    As always, the introduction & explanation will be given first in Chinese, then in English.

    All you have to do then, is lay down & receive.
    Much gratitude to IGAG & PFC Japan



For USA friends, this is:

    10:00 am Eastern Time, 09:00 am Central Time, 08:00 am Mountain Time, 07:00 am Pacific Time, 04:00 am HAST Honolulu

    Are you in another time zone? Find the time for this healing session for each day in your time zone here:



Please visit IGAG’s LiveFeed on their YouTube channel to access these remote healings.



    The first #FullMoonMassMeditation will be at 2:45 PM UTC, this time is chosen to be when the most people around the world can join at the same time on the day the moon becomes full. 

    For USA friends this is:
10:45 am Eastern, 9:45 am Central, 8:45 am Mountain & 7:45 am Pacific

    For friends in the European UK it’s 3:45 pm BST

    Guided Audio PLAYLIST in MANY languages:




THEN we go right into the #KeytoFreedomMeditation ~~ 3:00 pm UTC!

    For USA friends, this is:

    11:00 am Eastern Time, 10:00 am Central Time, 09:00 am Mountain Time, 08:00 am Pacific Time, 05:00 am HAST Honolulu

    For London Friends this is 4 pm BST 


    If you’re in another time zone, check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:



    Then at 9:07 PM UTC— the exact time the moon becomes full, we will also be doing the #PeaceMeditationforSyria.

    For USA Friends this is:

    5:07 PM Eastern, 4:07 PM Central, 3:07 PM Mountain, 2:07 PM Pacific


For European UK friends this will be 10 PM BST

    Guided Audio Playlist in many languages here:



    Dear Ones—the more we can meditate now, the better WE ourselves will feel & the more positive effect we can have on the planetary situation. So please take a look at the #ActiveMeditations page of #WeLoveMassMeditationblog:



    Thank you to ALL who join in these Mass Meditations! 

    HAPPY MEDITATING & I will see you in the ethers!


    Zeeva Amrita 

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