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  • Q the story
    Ok a billion . people are awake what now let me tell you.  years ago when I was 17 i started searching for the truth i had realized something was not making any sense.
    I started watching conspiracy theories at first i though now i know but after realy thinking about it it didn't make 100% sense something seemed out of place, so after watching the ant Christ conspiracy theory i knew that it was exactly the problem so i thought whith that knowledge i anderstand know but i was mistaken it was created by the cult to spread misinformation i released this when i watched thrive it made totally sense,but then i realized why would they tell us this. Because it was misinformation over the years finding the truth was olmost impossible so i stared gathering information. Critical thinking became the most important way to find the truth.I recharged pedophilia because of wat hapend to my sisters children boy and girl the father was guilty. I started going on line and looking for child porn having no idea what the dark web was if it's on the internet then i can find it i ended up only finding child modeling sites i report them and nutting was done about it appropriately it was legal. I didn't have enough information so i started downloading encyclopedias every book on the deep web not knowing it was the deep web i only knew it as kickasstorents i ended up whith 60 000 books some of them encrypted. I installed 7 zip i opened the folder and extract the files it was classified files fbi cia government secrets occult philosophy to meny to mention so i study them for months i learned the real history the way the world realy works the Clinton crime family, Rothschild history and their allegiance to demonic forces. Every thing became extremely clear and i knew this was the hidden truth i found it but knowing the truth is a very heavy burden. So i knew that the dark web was important to find still unaware of what it was, so i opened youthube and after a few hours i opened the 10 darkest things on the dark web. 3 was child porn 2 was little boys getting raped 1 was daisy's destruction i knew then and there that i wood not rest until i find a way to expose the entire dark web while using the classified files to attack the fbi and cia. This was October 2016 2 weeks before the election i didn't even know about trump i knew fully well what Obama was doing secretly. I knew all the disappearing children was connected to the
    Ritch & famous but most importantly i knew exactly what intelligence agency was part of the cult. I started by reporting child abuse content to the fbi then i started releasing the classified files strategically to multiple agencies while providing different child abuse content to each agency at that time i reported to interpol i gave them some classified cult secrets whith the  child abuse url and told them what i did. After that i send the fbi anther email and told them exactly what i found out about them using extreme language even in Afrikaans. The book of Moses was used to destroy my enemies it workd but i wasent done i kept sending selected files to selected agencies. Then the last report to interpol i send them all files all web url of documented crime scene evidence and i rote the story of Q. Then i told them we need a plan this is what i have in mind Phase 1. I can not allow this to happen again its olmost October again time for a new story and a new plan. I already have it i gust need to tel my story so people can understand what happened and what Q really means. Please reply so i can tel the story of Q you are the first one in the world reading this if there are misspelling. It's because i never learned English. This time the story of Q whil be different because the world is changing. You need to know the story to understand the plan. This is important. I had to tell you all this to get your attention to give me the opportunity to tell the story so you understand the plan. Let me explain the 1st story of Q. I'll be referring to children as Q
    It was the way they made money off of Q suffering and they always find a way to make more money of Q. I'm not going into detail about how they treated Q because you already know this is the difference between 2016 and now so you see Q means children. i just can't use a word that represents someone i love to explain how much money can be made from Q. So my next story whil be the story of Q and this time I'll be taking about children and how match i love them. The 1st story was dark.                  2nd story is light
    Plan to save the world             the plan to restoring humanity
    If i Reed what i right i would not send it good luck enjoy. misspelling this is how it is the its to important not to right and I'm not reading this. Only 2 stories left the story & the plan. I
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  • What's up Onstellar? LOL....I know this is a dumb question....meaning that I cannot expect that anyone...not even one of my so-called friends here, especially those who lead me here in the first place will answer!

    The truth is, Onstellar is not the best place to get a response...unless you know how to and actually use the act of "tagging" friends you know who actually have the capacity to engage/respond to an alleged friend....and without fear because they already know you.

    In my opinion, FEAR & COMPLACENCY are the true offenders here...when you "ask for a response" (unless one has prepared by selecting a "preferred audience" of responsive friends... because NO OTHERS will respond...I think that may be due to fear and/or the decision that it isn't "their circus" nor "their personal monkeys"... that old saying that seems to me to be emerging more and more these sjust eems sometimes that people just DO NOT GIVE A FLYING PHUCK and few, if any, are willing to BE THE CHANGE

    It seems to me that people are growing more fearful and complacent than ever...fearful of aligning with certain "unknowns" people are basically "lazy arses" when it comes to researching and then to be asked to respond...LOL..."forget about it"...too WEIRD, too much to do, but this is a fact of life on per my experience here.

    Good Luck because many of us will need it (until we learn to change our strategy) if we expect even one soul to respond to an honest question posed in an original timeline comment. I'm sensing that We are all missing many great revalations due to FEAR in others who pretend to care about so called huemanity.

    Getting people to engage in just about anything has turned into a near impossibility due to the sheer numbers of scamsters, hacks and an assortment of others who prey in these venues...My personal favorite...those "selling" Satanic/Luciferian occultism as an acceptible belief system....I THINK NOT! And I don't intend to begin aligning with any of that BRAVO SIERRA (BS) here in Onstellar or any other experimental online community.

    One can't pretend innocence when we've chosen to dialog with certain online predators intending to coax others down to their level of depravity and chaotic mindset. To each their own!

    I dare anyone to motivation for this comment is because one of my Onstellar friends brought this mind-phuck to my attention...this is, when one asks for a response to an important question, the truth is, I was already aware of this NON-RESPONSIVENESS of members of Onstellar posing a "friends"...Even though I truly "get" that there are many who use this venue for their own indivualized purpose(s) of which we mortals will probably never know!!! LOL...SO BE IT and SO IT IS... I'm happy with that.

    WHY WAS ONSTELLAR CREATED? Is THIS the type of users that Onstellar attracts? I'm simply delighted to have a viable alternative to the mind-phuckery of Fakebook and ....that's basically why I joined. I've discovered that it's silly to ask anyone any questions while expecting answers....IT WON'T fact, hell will freeze over before you'll get an answer....from now on, just like on other social media, it will be a part of my approval/rejection process to ask "WHY" a potential friend would ask to be "my" friend here... or maybe continue pretending like all of the "good people" that all's well and that I'm all ZEN either way the communication goes. After all, I do NOT intend to be fixed by anyone here...just entertained whenever possible. Simply comment (to myself to archive) and then move on to the next adventure...I've discovered quite a few "adventures" in the Groups here, by the way. Check them out!!! PEACE & LOVE YA'LL!
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    Another great interview with Emery Smith on Q Pscience Project radio with just Dan Willis as host in this recording. I do love and think that Emery's perspective is wonderful. He has a beautifully focused matured consciousness. Whether or not certain technologies, toxins, poisons, or information may be used from certain groups with the intention to harm most of humanity, or keep us physically, mentally, consciously held down, WE can have the conscious power to turn that around and choose to use the technologies, with our inherent DNA and consciousness spiritual superpowers to focus these things to NOT be of a negative intention or agenda! Instead, choosing to use them to enhance our being instead, making us more resilient, great in genetically advancing strength, greater in mind, spirit, not allowing the negative effects.

    Also, with awareness of much of these extraordinarily advanced technologies/knowledge for spiritual and consciousness awakened awareness use that we as a human race DO have the capabilities with (anything that you have seen in or have imagined since from any media outlet, movie, video games, books, shows, in science fiction or any other; we HAVE done that and yet FAR more are we actually capable of, beyond our current open overt imaginary perspective repertoire.), we can essentially spread the word. Think about it ourselves, share about it, communicate and connect, and focus together our intentions in consciousness awareness for the unsupression, full disclosure, and peacefully stand up and demand with this exponentially growing overt world awareness, the release and positive application positive use of these technologies instead of against ourselves and others.

    The sacred knowledge for potential rapid consciousness and spiritual development, is all inherently positive. It only depends on who and how that information is used, co-opted, whether occulted or not in specific agenda, or shared openly and allowed anyone and everyone to ALL use our free will perceptions and open conscious discernment; to choosing for ourselves what resonates in each of us individually and sovereignly for each our potential consciousness and spiritual development. Then this coming together as a whole, unified, intelligent, collective free and sovereign family, tribe, civilization. Much of this information is of course, out openly available anyway, can be directly accessed, or yet within the collective consciousness via vibrational resonance and then information with simply come to you, or be guided for downloading into you as you openly ask or search with positive loving intentions.

    With these positive focused intentions, we can grow up. Become matured enough to understand, fully overtly publically handle the information and advanced technologies for good collective and positive potentials that they all have inherently in their make, for the whole of the Earth NOT simply Humanity. The home, the planet, the Earth in which we are privileged live on firstly, is important to take care of. SO the technologies that we would at all use, should be clean, smart, kind, and harmonious for all of life in nature, animal, plant, Earth and us as a whole.
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  • Black sun society, associated Nazi's, and Thule Society with compacted Vril Society (although not originally, very ancient adopted symbols that fit agenda.) occulted perhaps twisted co-opted information, symbols. Hidden in plain sight right with the planned false flag planned shooting event, outlining those however connected with the terrible orchestrated occurrence.

    Getting an intuitive hit of the possibility that "Christchurch" is a code name for that same stepped octagonal structure recently disclosed and talked about from Spartan 1 & 2 with Linda Moulton Howe? A secret "sacred" meeting place for those of the deep state/cabal or whatever you wish to call them, and the specific groups involved with this place and event therein? Still ultimately associatively the same.

    Though in no way does she or anyone own that information or the people under the guise of the whistblower/insider names. Whatever she may think or has agenda with others for or however, she was simply a portal for them to release this information via sharing their experiences. And I am wholely thankful for that <3.

    Or was it deliberately part of an agenda with those conjoined peoples in agreement to bring bigger disclosures of Antarctica, its discoveries and our unveiling Earth and Humanity's history, along with those of the deep state/cabal and associated black sun/Nazi dark occult societies? For them to control and roll out these disclosures with specific information at the head, followed by the symbolism as revealed and the known occult co-opted groups connected? What is really going on here?

    I do not mean to cast claim or blame whatsoever for I do not know of anything involving Linda, the Spartan twins, or why she or others involved has taken direct action against another of esteemed name as David Wilcock, simply excitedly importantly sharing exactly from her, the information that she and the two military insiders have kindly shared. A threat to an agenda with wanting control of the meticulously orchestrated revelations? I am simply thinking openly, though within logic and reason, as I encourage anyone to do, to help put this puzzle together regarding these recently added pieces <333. Thank you!
    - Dillon Macy

    Thanks brother Ian Parks for these thoughts in sharing this post! You're the best man!

    "This is a still from a New Zealand news report showing some of the personal belongings of the man who shot all those people in the Mosque

    Notice the round symbol displayed prominently as if on purpose? You will notice some dogtags right next to this symbol which also contain symbols that have been intentionally faced towards the camera signifying they are intended to be seen by the public, thus are pivotal to what this was all about

    The location where this shooting took place was Christchurch in New Zealand. Christchurch is where all the world leaders go when they are visiting all the secret military installations in Antarctica. Christchurch is the final port before jumping into the Antarctican Network which is on total lockdown by the deep state military given what is there

    In a recent video by Linda Moulton Howe she showcases a whistleblower who allegedly was a Navy Seal called 'Spartan1' tasked with investigating an ancient facility in Antarctica reportedly very very old and from an ancient builder race. He drew a symbol from memory which was on the front entrance to this ancient facility and undeniably it is the same symbol as on the shooters backpack.

    This, and other symbols found in these pre-ancient facilities, have apparently been adopted by the Nazi and Deep State secret societies currently in control of Antarctica and the pre-ancient structures and technologies found there. In their twisted mindset they believe these symbols somehow give them power and purpose in conducting their control agendas

    Given the location of this shooting and this symbol the media has made a conscious effort to display, it's a fair conclusion this whole shooting event is connected to the same forces in control of Antarctica and that whole agenda."

    - Ian Parks
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  • Werewolf Occult Origins from dark historic reports & stories
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  • Something that I've been thinking for a while:

    Many of us (especially those so resonant, understanding sort of, willing to research and really dive deep into the info regarding Secret Space Programs, advanced technology, and consciousness) more than may be thought, have probably been a part of Secret Space Programs haha!

    Or of course conversely, simply star seeds from with souls previously or else technically currently still, - as freely volunteering to come here in this planet right now as a Human amongst this world,- from/part of advanced ET or ED's races. Some of those ET's could even be us from, you could say the future, OR yet the remote past even from Earth!

    From a previous cycle of our Earth Humanity when advanced further than now, (perhaps those from ancient priest casts/occult groups, whether good or bad, compartmentalizing information and knowledge, knowing how to survive cataclysms and natural galactic cycles), breaking out into the cosmos, progressing from there, colonizing other worlds. Or Else the same from other worlds to Earth.

    So even some of the more nearly same Human ET's, like so many of those categorized of "Nordic" human like beings, could be PAST versions of ourselves, that are in effect then also FUTURE versions of us all the same! Based on consciousness, spiritual, technological, etc advancement from our current perspective and understanding.

    So while many ET's (all the same, brothers and sisters, no matter what form and from where.) that are Human like as we know, are LITERALLY our cosmic cousins, from the same terrestrial Origins! (though Human design like us is inherently a basic repetitive form across the universe among countless star systems and planets..... so these questions and thoughts circle themselves hahaha :p)

    But back to the original thought: A large mass of us could actually have served or been a part of SSP's, and sent back as per usual as your service is complete.This information as revealed by others, resonates so deeply with that which may be hidden in our subconscious, knowing all to well this truth and the overarching details extending to all involved....

    Though sequentially the same, I've heard say that many of those who DO NOT exactly resonate with this information, OR really anything beyond base societal programming essentially, talk of life elsewhere, ET's, other worlds, ghosts, extradimensionals, etc, those opposed, simply not wanting to hear about, or having actual hardcore reactions toward, can often be those have been involved/served. the mind wipe and programming having been very successful and difficult to surpass.

    Some, for both varying.

    But I don't know haha, these are developing thoughts as I go along, trying to bring it all together, unified and holistic. Remembering things as I go and become attuned with the thoughts and what I am trying to say here. So much revising really needed, not complete. though none of my thoughts ever are.

    Ever changing, ever evolving as I learn onward, as I hope for all of us. Even in the moment as I learn more with reaching deep into flowing information all abundant around us that vibrates accordingly in stronger connection and clearer access the the radiating collective consciousness informations of all forms, thoguths,feelings, imagining, experiences. Available to all of us, where no time or space exists and is always changing, always growing in therefore are no limits....

    The Akashic records of thoughts, memories, experiences, information. All of it. Accessing infinite Source energy.

    I try to make these things short hahaha, doesn't work...... :p

    Hope its fun for you and can help in any way) <3.
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  • The Disclosure
    Disconnecting 10 out of 12 DNA-strands, crippled our abilities
    The world is undergoing a massive transition
    2019 – The year of Transition

    The relationship with the invisible world

    The birth of the New World Order would have been accomplished, thanks to the Invisible Master called Yahweh, also named the bad God, in contrast with the Good God, who we can only connect with through “gnosis”, according to the Gnostic bloodline members present on Earth.

    Plato was the one who, for the first time, used the term Gnostikos, meaning having knowledge, or the art of knowing, or alternatively, the art of managing all things known.

    The ideal politician is defined as being a master of the gnostic art. However, the original Gnostics refrained from assuming any role in politics, because their intention was and so it remains today, to not change or control society through social engineering and mind control. Instead, they endeavour to produce balanced, highly-skilled, enlightened individuals, who would together, eventually create a truly enlightened society, that would be perfect enough and certainly not in need of being run by external, alien management.

    The good God is contrasted with the Ancient Greek god Prometheus, the Titan who stole the fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind. This god has been identified as Lucifer, the spirit of evil and the adversary of the God in the Christian and Islamic religion, according to author and teacher John Lash.

    According to author Uri Dowbenko, the controversy began when certain Mystery Schools started abusing their knowledge, being redirected into practicing behavioural manipulation, psychological programming and mind control technology. In the religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, these techniques of mind control are required to keep their followers in line.

    The relationship with the invisible world is very complex. The Gnostics consider the Son of God concept to be a delusional idea, imprinted into the human mind by an alien species of aberrant, nonhuman entities or mental parasites, called the Archons, together with the underlying concept of Good versus Evil, especially concocted for mainstream humans.

    The fact of the matter is; that the Anunnaki are not our creators, as the illuminati would like us to believe. They only manipulated us into being their slaves.

    As explained in previous essays; the Anunnaki participated in our material evolution as a human species, through their genetic manipulation in ancient times, but they only helped to enhance our physical bodies, not our soul. The Anunnaki are in no way the source of our spiritual beings, which were created out of pure Love-energy by the Source-God, according to Zecharia Sitchin.

    The invisible masters belong to an invisible extra-dimensional realm of immortal beings, who only impart esoteric teachings through carefully chosen disciples in secret societies. – Jesus and also Buddha before him fulfilled this role model.

    The real Hidden Masters, in contrast with what we have been taught in popular culture, are believed to be good aliens, not aliens from the dark side. The good ones don’t have the desire to rule or control our lives. This goes against universal occult laws.

    However, the dark elites attempt to operate beyond universal laws. They act at present as guardians of the material world, i.e. they have taken on the same role as the Archons, which are dangerous, intra-psychical-mind-parasites, as exemplified by their Islamic counterparts, used by the occult Elite and the Intelligence agencies to trick and manipulate us.

    Aliens are hyper-dimensional beings. They hide behind the veil of our perception and can project themselves into our visible reality at will. They are not recent visitors to Earth, but have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps even millions, protected by an inter dimensional reality that we have been disconnected from being able to see, through DNA tinkering.

    Disconnecting 10 of our 12 strands of DNA crippled our capabilities

    Some aliens helped genetically engineer the human race, while the Anunnaki later crippled human genetics by disconnecting 10 of our 12 strands of DNA, which turned mankind into slaves for them. The disconnected strands have been qualified by mainstream scientists as junk DNA. So, actually, we lost almost all or at least the majority of our abilities and we were tuned genetically only to reproduce more slaves, functioning and existing solely on our two remaining strands of DNA. When, all of our 12-DNA- strands are eventually restored, we will truly have amazing abilities, being able to, once again, use the 100% full potential of our brains again as per the original Divine design. In contrast, at present, the majority of the people are only able to access and use twelve percent of their brains.

    Certain extraterrestrials would love to have our DNA with our creative capabilities, and adaptive qualities. They envy us for the God Spark we all have, that makes us immortal in spirit. As the Bible says, we were created in the image of our Creator God. When Jesus performed miracles; He said “and you can do these things too”, suggesting that humanity could do these things before the Anunnaki enslaved us by disconnecting 10 of our 12 strands of DNA.

    For this reason, the elites of today put Fluoride in our drinking water to calcify the Pineal Gland in the brain so we cannot use our psychic abilities. We have been living a lie, kneaded into a ‘Belief System’ and by learning the truth about our beings and about our heritage, we will be migrating into a ‘Knowledge-based System’ put into motion through the coming disclosure.

    The Corrupt Creators

    The dirty little secret is that there have been false, corrupt Creators introduced to us, that are waging a psychological battle on humanity who refuse to embrace God. They are incredible beings that are beholden to dark forces, playing a game of inversion of truth and life itself, in order to garner our energy and ultimately, our worship of them.

    Another question to be answered is; how can aliens, and by the same token, physical space ships, change shape, as has been observed many times by various spotter experts? These extraterrestrials seem to apply interdimensional magic that obviously defies our present science. They can vanish right in front of our eyes by using interdimensional portals where they hide in parallel dimensions, rendering them undetected by our eyes, comparable to radio stations on different wave lengths.

    The Anunnaki will be returning soon, as their planet Nibiru has entered our solar system. The suggestion is that they have apparently turned to the Light and will no longer pose a threat to humanity?

    The world is undergoing a massive transition

    Fortunately, thanks to President Trump, the Patriots and the Q-movement, the world is undergoing a massive transition. Everything the Cabal has put in place is now being destroyed, step by step.

    Most importantly, their global fiat financial system is being brought to the point of deflation, which will force the Deep State to relinquish their global control. The fiat financial system will be replaced by local currencies, i.e. gold-backed sovereign money systems, based on the QFS. Monies that cannot be counterfeited or made worthless. This will be the foundation for the post-fiat, GESARA world.

    The military are now slowly realising that the ‘wars for profit and depopulation’ were false flags and they were used to kill other human beings, in support of the Deep State’s depopulation agenda. The dark aliens which have had control over this planet through their Deep State proxies want us to destroy ourselves, reducing our large, uncontrollable numbers to a more manageable level, so that they can take over this planet totally.

    The Satanic Vatican has created over 6000 Fake Religions to control humans by teaching the fear of death and hell, that are lies. There is no hell, except the one we are living in today. The churches will soon be forced to apologise to their congregations for all the lies and misrepresentations they have sold to them.

    Where the Taxpayers Monies go

    The Vatican decided what wars would be fought to promote their agenda. Nations were forced to borrow money from the city of London, for which income tax was established; the people of all nations were forced to foot the bill of the interest repayments on these criminal war loans. The Washington DC corporation was administratively moved to Puerto Rico as was the IRS, while both are illegal.

    The pontiff of Rome was given control over the monarchy, with the signing of the treaty of 1213 between King John and Pope Innocent III, that forever pledged England as a vassal state of the holy Roman empire. Therefore, all our taxes went to England. 67% of our taxes went to the Crown of England, 23% to the Committee of 300, the shareholders of the Rothschild-controlled federal reserve bank and most of all other central banks. While 10% of the tax income went to the IRS-agents to keep their mouths shut about this sweet deal.

    Since 1913, none of the income tax collected by the the IRS has gone to the federal government. The federal government is funded totally through black budget projects, such as drug-trafficking, human-trafficking, including child-sex-trafficking and the off-budget accounting on the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR).

    Lifting the Veil

    The veil that has aided in keeping our soul prisoner on this planet, via the loop- reincarnation process, is going to be lifted, making humanity free to ascend as the Creator has always intended.

    There is ‘off-world’, advanced technology coming our way that will fix all that is wrong on earth; all that has been destroyed by our criminal oppressors. This advanced technology is rumoured to have the ability to keep us young and healthy. – We will learn about technology, such as healing machines that are already in operation of which it is said, “that it could keep us young and alive for as long as we want, which could be up to about 1000 years, before a race may have evolved enough to ascend to the next level”.

    In our obsession about questions like “When will Disclosure come”, many people often fail to ask more interesting questions about what might happen afterwards. Some of the most fascinating that will arise relate to science and technology. What scientific knowledge might extraterrestrials possess, what technology could have been developed from this knowledge, and what might happen when we get access to such technology? Nick Pope uses his inside knowledge to explore some truly world changing paradigm shifting possibilities. Follow this video to learn more about what is coming within the next 30- years.

    Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets Told Us Everything We Need to Know

    In a fascinating summary of all that has been explained in the six foregoing issues, follow the exposé of the late Jim Marrs, who, from his point of knowledge, exposes the whole history of the past and also predicts the future. It is truly mind-blowing. Just spend 55 min. of your time and listen to the recap of all that has been published in the six forgoing issues on the FWC-site regarding our origins.
    Secret Societies
    The Invisible Rulers
    The true origin of humanity
    The Anunnaki
    Population Decimation
    Truths about our Human Origin

    2019 – The year of Transition
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