• How Eating from Each Plant “Sphere” Nourishes the Whole Human Being Enjoy this fresh perspective from Thomas Cowan, one of the world’s leading holistic medical doctors. Dr. Cowan’s extensive research, resulting in Dr. Cowan’s Garden, “nutritionally powerful and playful vegetable powders,” is a tremendous blessing to those of us endeavoring to heal ourselves, or simply remain healthy, in a global network of deception that has fed us a heaping plate of lies when it comes to the medical potential of food as opposed to pharmaceuticals. #food #diet #nutrition #plants #permaculture #gardening #nutrientdensediet #paleo #paleodiet #plantmedicine #herbalmedicine #plantspiritmedicine #health #healing #wellness #wellbeing #eating #alternativemedicine #holistic #holisticmedicine #vegetables #vegetarian #vegan #DrCowansGarden #spirituality #mindbodyspirit #plantsphere #selfhelp #foodasmedicine #healingfoods
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  • Lista corporaciones propiedad de George Soros

    Abbott Laboratories
    ACI Worldwide Inc.
    ADC Telecommunications Inc.
    Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
    AES Corp.
    Allegheny Energy Inc.
    American Equity Investment Life Holding
    AMIS Holdings Inc.
    Applied Materials Inc.
    Arbitron Inc.
    Archer Daniels Midland Company
    Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.
    Best Buy Co. Inc.
    Boston Properties Inc.
    C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc.
    CA Inc.
    Cabot Corp.
    Carnival Corp.
    Cascade Corp.
    Caterpillar Inc.
    CB Richard Ellis Group Inc.
    CEC Entertainment Inc.
    China Mobile Ltd.
    Coach Inc.
    Colgate Palmolive Company
    Aetna Inc.
    Alcan Inc.
    Alltel Corp.
    Altria Group Inc.
    American Oriental Bioengineering Inc.
    Arris Group Inc
    Ashland Inc.
    AutoZone Inc. Inc. ADS
    Banco Ita Holding Financeira S.A.
    Banro Corp.
    Bemis Company Inc.
    Brinker International Inc.
    CalMaine Foods Inc.
    Capital Common Serie
    CarMax Inc.
    Chemtura Corp.
    Comcast Corp.
    Community Health Systems Inc.
    Constellation Energy Group Inc.
    Corning Inc.
    Deere & Company
    DIRECTV Group Inc.
    Dominion Resources Inc.
    Duke Energy Corp.
    EMC Corp.
    Emerson Electric Co.
    Equity Residential
    FedEx Corp.
    Fortune Brands Inc.
    FPL Group Inc.
    General Dynamics Corp.
    General Growth Properties Inc
    Getty Images Inc.
    Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
    Google Inc.
    H.B. Fuller Company
    Halliburton Company
    Health Management Associates Inc.
    HLTH Corp.
    Honeywell International Inc.
    Host Hotels & Resorts Inc.
    ICICI Bank Ltd.
    Illinois Tool Works Inc.
    Compuware Corp.
    Convergys Corp.
    CVS Caremark Corp.
    Cytec Industries Inc.
    Danaher Corp.
    eHealth Inc.
    Entergy Corp.
    Entravision Communications Corp.
    Exelon Corp.
    Expeditors International of Washington I
    Flextronics International Ltd.
    Garmin Ltd.
    GemstarTV Guide International Inc.
    Goldcorp Inc.
    Greenlight Capital Re Ltd.
    Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.
    HarteHanks Inc.
    HewlettPackard Company
    Idearc Inc.
    Infinity Property and Casualty Corp.
    Integrated Device Technology Inc.
    Intel Corp.
    International Game Technology
    J.C. Penney Company Inc.
    KEMET Corp.
    Liberty Media Corp.
    Liberty Media Corp.
    Live Nation Inc.
    Lockheed Martin Corp.
    Lowe’s Companies Inc.
    Macy’s Inc.
    MAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    Marriott International Inc.
    Marvel Entertainment Inc.
    MasterCard Inc.
    Mattel Inc.
    Merck & Co. Inc.
    Minerals Technologies Inc.
    MSC Software Corp.
    NAVTEQ Corp.
    NCR Corp.
    Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc.
    Network Appliance Inc.
    Interactive Common S, Autodesk Inc.
    InterDigital Inc.
    iShares MSCI Japan
    Ladish Co. Inc.
    LandAmerica Financial Group Inc.
    LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd.
    Lifeway Foods Inc.
    Logitech International S.A.
    LouisianaPacific Corp.
    Lyondell Chemical Company
    MasTec Inc.
    McDermott International Inc.
    MeadWestvaco Corp.
    Mechel OAO, Broadcom Corp.
    Medarex Inc.
    MercadoLibre Inc.
    Micrel Inc.
    Molson Coors Brewing Company
    Nabors Industries Ltd.
    Nalco Holding Company
    NII Holdings Inc
    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
    NVR Inc
    OM Group Inc.
    Pall Corp.
    Palm Inc.
    Pantry Inc.
    Peabody Energy Corp.
    PPL Corp.
    Public Storage Inc.
    Quest Diagnostics Inc.
    Research in Motion Ltd.
    Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
    RPM International Inc.
    Safeway Inc.
    Scholastic Corp.
    Secure Computing Corp.
    Select Comfort Corp.
    Simon Property Group Inc.
    Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.
    Starbucks Corp.
    State Street Corp.
    Novell Inc.
    Payless ShoeSource Inc.
    PepsiCo Inc.
    Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.Petrobras
    Quanex Corp.
    Questar Corp.
    Raytheon Company
    RealNetworks Inc.
    RockTenn Company
    Rockwood Holdings Inc.
    Rohm and Haas Company
    Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc
    Schlumberger Ltd.
    Sensient Technologies Corp.
    Shire plc
    Skyworks Solutions Inc.
    SonicWALL Inc.
    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.
    Stillwater Mining Company Inc.
    Tech Data Corp.
    The Bank of New York Mellon Corp.
    The Boston Beer Company Inc.
    The Gap Inc.
    The GEO Group Inc.
    The New York Times Company
    The Southern Company
    The Walt Disney Company Disney
    Titan International Inc.
    Under Armour Inc.
    Union Pacific Corp.
    United Microelectronics Corp.
    United Parcel Service, Inc.
    United Therapeutics Corp.
    Universal American Financial Corp.
    Walgreen Company
    Wells Fargo & Company
    Wendy’s International Inc.
    Western Digital Corp.
    Whole Foods Market Inc.
    Wynn Resorts Ltd.
    Sybase Inc.
    The McClatchy Company
    The SherwinWilliams Company
    The Valspar Corp.
    TiVo Inc.
    TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.
    U.S. Bancorp
    Unibanco Unio de Bancos Brasileiros S.A.
    UnitedHealth Group Inc.
    Valassis Communications Inc.
    VF Corp., Nordstrom Inc.
    Vornado Realty Trust
    WalMart Stores Inc.
    Westlake Chemical Corp.
    Weyerhaeuser Company
    Worthington Industries Inc.
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  • Healing on a Soul Level

    Each of us on this earth plane has three parts to our being: our ego, soul and spirit. Neither of the first two are who we really are. Ego is that part of us which develops from birth on and is comprised of the events and experiences we undergo through life, the culture we grew up in and our environment including the friends, family and others we interacted with. Foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals are included as part of our environment. But the ego is not who we are, it is simply directs how we react and interact with ourselves and others.

    Our soul is that part of us that follows us throughout time and space such as our past lives, again not who we are. In many cases, trauma we experienced in past lives carries forward into this life governing who we perceive ourselves to be. These traumas can leave our soul bruised and fragmented. It is essential that we heal these wounds in order to be whole again.

    Science would have us believe that disease and illness are passed on to us through our DNA from our family members. I believe that it goes deeper than this. When an ancestor experiences a trauma or wound, that soul wound is carried forward through all our ancestral lines. In treating such an ailment it is essential that we go back to the original wound in our ancestor. In doing so we can heal that bruised or incomplete soul being. Since time and space are not linear that healing then transmutes through all lineages, even forward in time to our children.

    Our Spirit is who we truly are, our true essence and that which connects us directly to source or the Creator and links us with ever living entity in the universe. Since we are all part of one spirit or universal consciousness, when we heal ourselves we positively affect the entire collective.

    To truly heal ourselves we must dig deep below the surface of our physical, mental and emotional bodies and reconnect with our true spirit. We need to remove the constraints and bindings around us on a soul level, returning our soul's being into full and complete resonance with our spirit.
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  • Mike Adams posted on


    “Walking along a street in any crumbling urban area in this country you see miserable faces staring blankly as they trudge through their lives on the road to nowhere or wasting time absorbed by trivialities and bull**** emanating from their iGadgets,” writes Jim Quinn in an especially prescient post on The Burning Platform Blog:

    The lives of so many are a meaningless march of misery and mindless repetition of daily chores. There is an overwhelming cloud of sadness permeating the lives of the masses as our repulsive culture, built on fulfilling desires, consumerism, selfishness and greed, ultimately results in delusional, disappointed and desperate human beings.

    Quinn explains the collapse of cognizant civilization as arising out of “social indoctrination” and the organized programming of children via the disastrous public education system:

    Our society did not become so ludicrous, misguided and defective overnight. It has been decades in the making. And it can be attributed to the purposeful effort by those in control of the government in destroying our educational system and replacing it with a social indoctrination system. Children are no longer taught how to think, but how to feel. Children are being raised by the state as nothing more than cogs in the machine.

    Children who question authority or do not act in a subservient manner are immediately diagnosed with ADD and drugged into submission. The public-school system doesn’t want high performers, critical thinkers or anyone questioning their government mandated orthodoxy. The ruling class (aka Deep State) wants controllable, malleable, non-thinking automatons to do the menial low paying jobs, buy cheap foreign crap with their credit cards, and be dependent upon the state for their miserable existence.

    His assessment is correct, but there’s another layer to this that makes the public school indoctrination possible: The mass poisoning of human beings with brain damaging chemicals.
    The coordinated mass poisoning of humanity

    The mass poisoning of humanity isn’t an accident: It’s a coordinated, engineered assault on the human mind, carried out by globalist corporations and swept under the reg by “captive” government regulators that have long since sold out humanity. The purpose of the mass poisoning is to weaken the human mind and spirit, crushing any outbursts of consciousness, awakening, innovation or revolutionary ideas that might challenge the status quo.

    All humans must be chemically restrained and prevented from breaking free of their chemical prisons, the globalists believe. This is the only way to prevent humanity from rising up and overthrowing the globalist cabal that depends on mass indoctrination and subservience for its own continued existence.

    They’ve built prisons for our minds, and those prisons are constructed out of tiny, toxic molecules that now inundate the food supply, common medicines, personal care products and even the open skies. Here’s a short list of the primary vectors of this mass poisoning that’s now driving the human race to the point of utter madness and collapse:

    Toxic food is sprayed with brain-damaging pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, often right before harvest. This guarantees the maximum potency of toxic chemicals in the food raw materials that are used to manufacture cereals, baby food, corn tortillas, breads and thousands of other common grocery items.
    Toxic medicine is deliberately engineered to alter brain function in the name of “treatment.” From the mass drugging of children with ADHD medications to the exploding prescriptions of SSRI antidepressants for adults, Big Pharma’s chemicals are altering the brains of over 100 million Americans… with catastrophic results on mental stability and cognition. And yes, flu shots are still intentionally formulated with mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal that damages the neurology of all living beings.
    Toxic personal care products are intentionally made with brain-suppressing fragrance chemicals, cancer-causing additives and hormone-disrupting molecules that help push the population toward transgenderism, the enemy of sustainable sexual reproduction (which has sustained the human species since its inception). These toxic chemicals inundate laundry products, shampoos, deodorants, skin lotions and cosmetics, saturating the human body with chemicals that damage the nervous system and promote cancer.
    Toxic disinformation is mercilessly broadcast by the propaganda networks (CNN, NYT, MSNBC, etc.), “weaponizing” false information that burrows into the minds of the masses, whose brains have been weakened by chemical assault. When the mind no longer functions, individuals become incapable of questioning disinformation and are easily recruited into becoming the thought police / speech police that now typify the Left Cult, which is full of obedience-demanding “progressives.”
    Toxic culture hammers the “softened up” masses with utterly toxic, self-destructive cultural memes such as transgenderism or narcissism. Seeking peer approval, the groupthink masses are easily corralled into narrow fields of social behavior. Social media is used to reinforce obedience and attack independent (or even rational) thinking. An especially shocking example of this is the fact that indoctrinated progressives now claim that men have vaginas, that genetics do not determine sex, that men can get pregnant and that all children are born “genderless,” then “assigned” an arbitrary gender after birth. These are not metaphors or allegories, they are believed to be biological facts by the brainwashed left-wing masses that now dominate news, culture, education and the voting population.

    As Quinn explains, the tech giants have transformed social media into a “social concentration camp:”

    Combining the power of the surveillance state with the devious underhanded methods of Google, Facebook and Twitter has created a social concentration camp with government armed guards and social justice warrior corporations providing the propaganda.

    Social media is nothing more than virtue signaling and peacocking by people trying to pump up their own egos. The incessant narcissism broadcast by the “beautiful” people results in others comparing their lives to these shallow egocentric elitists. When normal people spend their days comparing their plain lives to the fake awesome lives of strutting egomaniacs, they become depressed and unhappy with their own lives.

    Until people put down their gadgets, spend time living in the real world with real people and stop idolizing shallow faux icons, they will become even more mentally unstable.
    Unleashing the animalistic mob that’s driven by lower brain stem function

    Inside every human brain that’s capable of higher thought is an animalistic brain — the “reptilian brain” — that’s driven by sex, violence, lust, power and self-centered behavior. When the bombardment of chemical and cultural toxins obliterates the higher brain function of which humans are capable, it unleashes the animalistic lower brain function that we now see dominating our crumbling society.

    Pop culture is now devoid of higher thought or the celebration of individuality. Rather, it celebrates and promotes sex, lust, fame, violence, narcissism and the destruction of others. Any last semblance of morality, work ethic, self-discipline, individual achievement or honor is long gone. In its place, the left-wing “progressive” culture pushes all the traits, behaviors and mental models that resemble the brain function of animals, not humans.

    Today’s human children are cognitively retarded compared to the children elephants. They are less intelligent than child dolphins, and they are less compassionate than chimpanzees. Most of today’s children have less survival instinct than a newborn dog, deer or armadillo. The youthful masses of modern society are trained for mass indoctrination and obedience by a sick, authoritarian society where every individual is a slave to their electronic device that tells them what to think and feel.

    I was at a Thanksgiving dinner over the last few days, and at one event, a 14-year-old boy spent the entire time glued to his mobile phone, utterly oblivious to the reality taking place around him. From his point of view, the entire point of a Thanksgiving dinner was to take photos of “cool” things that could be shared with his fake friends on social media in order to gain social standing in a virtual world. The actual events taking place in the real world — with his real family — were of no value to him. Like all youngsters, he has been trained to dissociate himself from reality and focus all his attention on a fictional construct where the “friends” and “likes” and even the lives of those he admires are all faked.

    Reality is of no interest to those children anymore. And whatever their mobile phones tell them is relevant is what matters most in their lives. The mobile phone has become a prison that enslaves children, and parents sit by and willfully allow this mental kidnapping of their children to take place right in front of them. Those parents are no longer raising their own children, they are merely surrogate care providers who are raising obedient zombie children for the authoritarian State.
    No way back: Poisoned minds have turned the human race into a “suicide cult”

    Survival is arguably the strongest instinct in healthy human beings, yet the survival instinct has now been obliterated by the mass poisoning of human minds, launching humanity down a path of self-destruction. This “suicide cult” is now a deranged, lunatic mob of emotionally charged, cognitively suppressed automatons who obediently follow whatever commands they are given by popular sources.

    The coordinated censorship of independent voices by the evil tech giants guarantees that children and teens will no longer encounter any information that encourages them to speak out as individuals. Even the twisted encouragement by parents who tell children to “be themselves” by coming out as gay or transgender is nothing more than a sick, new form of mass conformity buoyed by the adornment of adults who now indoctrinate their own children into transgenderism in order to achieve social standing among their peers. “Look at my little Tommy, he used to be a girl. Isn’t that amazing? He’s such a unique individual.”

    Except it isn’t unique at all. It’s just one more twisted fad being pushed by a mentally ill society that has decided the exploitation of children to push adult sexualization agendas is suddenly socially acceptable. The fact that such exploitation of children is now applauded in mainstream America is further evidence of the collapse of sanity and the power of social conformity to convince living beings to destroy their own children. Only human are so foolish. No animals deliberately destroy their own children, because that would be suicidal. Yet humans now celebrate it on daytime television such as Good Morning America, which recently featured a trans male child parading around in women’s clothes while adult audience members applauded with glee.

    Take a close look at the picture below, and read the caption, noting how the media asks him to describe what “inspires him to express himself.” Thus, the twisted abuse and exploitation of children with adult sexualization themes is now framed as “individuality” and “courage” rather than the child abuse it clearly has become:

    All these efforts to twist the minds of humans have been shockingly successful, and they have put humanity on a catastrophic path of self-destruction at every level of existence. Global “progressive” society is killing itself, and it’s all by design. Here are just a few of the ways this is being accomplished:

    Learned helpless / the teaching of victimization – Children and college students are now taught to be helpless victims who cannot think for themselves, rather than capable individuals who can solve problems.
    Cultural invasion and occupation – The globalist left-wing call for open borders is designed to overrun First World nations with Third World masses who have proven they are only good at destroying nations and civilizations, not building them up into successful, sustainable systems.
    Chemical suicide / infertility explosion – The mass inundation of humanity with toxic chemicals is causing a deliberate implosion in fertility, leading to dramatic drops in birth rates and reproductive sustainability. This is all part of the depopulation plot to accelerate the elimination of the human species.
    The vilification of sexual reproduction – The sheeple are now being taught that sexual reproduction is abnormal and weird. Only gay sex or transgenderism is now accepted as “normal.” Anyone who attempts to sustain the human race through traditional procreation is designated a bigot, racist or purveyor of hate speech.
    Fomenting race wars and hatred – What used to be “tolerance” of the political Left has now become outright bigotry and racism, with the mass indoctrination of children, teens and college students to hate white people and decry them for being born with white skin. Even white people have signed up for the brainwashing, professing their “white guilt” and apologizing for “white privilege” while the racist Left pushes for the complete elimination of white people from all public offices or positions of power. What used to be called “eugenics” is now called “equality.” Adolf Hitler would be proud.
    Fiscal suicide and a global debt time bomb – The coming global debt implosion will wipe out entire nations, destroy national economies and send much of the world into a Venezuela-like scenario of mass poverty and starvation. This will, of course, lead to the concentration of power in the hands of corrupt government — the very same government that currently allows for the mass weaponization of the food supply as a means to decimate the human population and make way for the rise of the labor robots that will soon replace human workers.
    The destruction of reason – As an added layer on top of everything else, the very foundations of logic and reason are under assault by “progressives” who claim that mathematics, science, physics and even the rules of logic are racist and rooted in a “White patriarchy” which must be relentlessly attacked by irrational Leftists who equate stupidity with equality.
    Ecological mass destruction – The mass pollution of the planet with pesticides, GMOs, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing chemicals is already obliterating ocean ecosystems. The mass pollution of the soils with concentrated toxic waste and human feces (concentrated in cities) is called “Biosludge,” and it is a government-approved form of mass chemical pollution. (See for the full film, coming out in days.)

    Solutions? There is no solution except to survive the coming collapse

    Considering what you’ve learned here, you might wonder what the solutions are to reverse course, save humanity and put us back on a path to sustainability and abundance. After twenty years of analyzing current events and human behavior, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there is no solution except to survive the coming global collapse.

    The self destruction of the human race can no longer be stopped. We are long past the point of achieving a sufficient critical mass awakening that might turn things around and end the insanity. Human societies are now inescapably headed into a shared, global catastrophe that can only end in mass financial, political, ecological and cultural collapse.

    With that collapse will come global pandemics, disease wipeouts, social unrest, political chaos and mass starvation. This outcome is now inescapable, and some believe the world is being deliberately pushed in this direction to achieve both a global population wipeout and the establishment of global government that rises out of the engineered crisis to “save” humankind.

    One in ten people might survive what’s coming, and no one will survive with their individual liberty intact. Following the global collapse of modern society, a dystopian, globalist-run police state society will rise to power. It will be modeled after China’s authoritarian social score system that monitors the online speech, purchasing behaviors, physical movements and psychological profiles of every citizen, then blocks access to societal infrastructure (travel, home loans, public education, etc.) for those who do not sufficiently conform to the demands of the State.

    We are living in the last days of anything resembling human freedom, and yet the blind continue to lead the blind, with obedient left-wing Brownshirts demanding more censorship of independent media, more attacks on independent voices and the complete crushing of individual liberty or even free market economics.

    It is only by a very narrow path of unlikely events that any region of the world might emerge from this with anything resembling liberty or freedom. If any region is to survive the globalist takeover, it will be America with its Second Amendment mass armament of citizens and the desire of its citizens to resist tyranny with force. Within the United States, the only regions still capable of such resistance against globalism are the Idaho / Wyoming / Utah regions, Texas and perhaps portions of the Deep South. The East and West Coasts are already lost to globalists, and the brainwashed youth who inhabit the politically progressive regions of the country are beyond reformation or rescue. Montana, Colorado and Arizona are largely controlled by sellout Leftists, and even once-rural areas like Michigan are now run by insane, self-destructive Democrats.

    Now might be a good time to take a serious look at strategic relocation so that you and your family have at least a slim chance to live in a free society after the coming global collapse. From here forward, any individuals who dare to speak the truth, defend freedom or protect their borders are all considered enemy combatants by the globalists. Plan accordingly and prepare to fight for your very right to exist.

    How to stay informed:

    See tens of thousands of independent videos at

    Read for daily news on liberty, globalism and more.

    Read for near real-time updates of news headlines from dozens of censored news sites.


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    "Walking along a street in any crumbling urban area in this country you see miserable faces staring blankly as they trudge through their lives on the road to nowhere or wasting time absorbed by trivialities and bullshit emanating from their iGadgets," writes Jim Quinn in an especially pres
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  • On the Revolution Radio "Matrix of Perception" show with host Monique Lessan interviewed me regarding my involvement as a witness with the hit #1 documentary "Above Majestic" on Amazon Prime and Apple iTunes. We discuss the technological rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s due to various extraterrestrial alliances and how in the late 1940s the USAF and USN split into two separate secret space programs and how Eisenhower lost control to the corporations of the military industrial complex in 1955 that was working in concert with the Nazi SS that had infiltrated the US and created a matrix of perception to hide their operations through the control of education and the mainstream media. Eisenhower aware of this, set up a secret USMC intelligence unit as a future safeguard if the corruption and human rights abuse were ever to destroy our constitutional republic in the future. In 2017 executive orders have been put in place and tens of thousands of sealed indictments collected today in 2018 indicate that military intelligence has been activated and is attempting through the QAnon posts to inform the public through the bypassing of the controlled mainstream media which is manipulating the public's perception through perception management operations that have created a false matrix of perception ever since Operation Mockingbird was initiated by the Nazi infiltrated CIA back in 1950. There is great hope and many indications that military tribunals will soon be used to bring to trial and incarcerate those involved in treasonous subversive corruption and human rights abuse. The implications of this may mean that these "unwarranted influences" as Eisenhower warned, that have suppressed our civilization on this planet technologically for decades, may now soon no longer impede the release of these hidden advanced technologies in all areas of science, such as transportation, health, and energy etc. which I have personally witnessed many scientists I've worked with for over 10 years that have received National Security Orders not allowing the world to benefit from these breakthroughs that could eliminate the need for nuclear, oil, coal as well as many pharmaceuticals with the release of these advanced suppressed sciences.
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  • MENTAL DISORDERS DO NOT EXIST … Writes #JonRappoport in this provocative article, “[P]eople have every right to believe they have been helped by a psychiatric diagnosis and a prescribed drug. But they also have the right to reject that paradigm and seek knowledge and help elsewhere.” Read more at … #ADHD #autism #bigpharma #chemicalimbalance #mentaldisorder #mentalhealth #psychiatry #mentalillness #vaccineinjury #trauma #alternativemedicine #medicaldiagnosis #misdiagnosis #anxiety #depression #schizophrenia #nervouscondition #mercuryinvaccines #vaccinedangers #health #healing #wellness #selfhelp #selfcare #psychology #autismandvaccines #pharmaceuticals #allopathic #braindisorder
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  • LOVE YOUR LIVER WITH DR. COWAN'S THREE-BEET POWDER Enjoy this recent update from the desk of Thomas Cowan, one of the world’s leading holistic medical doctors. Dr. Cowan’s extensive research, culminating in Dr. Cowan’s Garden, “nutritionally powerful and playful vegetable powders,” is an inspiration to those of us seeking to heal ourselves, or simply stay healthy, in a society that has fed us a plateful of lies when it comes to the curative potential of food as opposed to pharmaceuticals. #health #healing #liver #liverhealth #diet #nutrition #foodasmedicine #alternativemedicine #circulation #detoxification #holistic #holisticdoctor #beets #organic #permaculture
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  • Beta-blocker pharmaceuticals found to be totally useless for heart attack patients… but they are routinely prescribed by doctors anyway
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    Many are unaware that we are living in a time that is described in the Holy Writings. The Holy Writings explain these times are critical and hard to deal with, we can certainly see that, when we look around the world and see the many wars and atrocities that are taking place. Many of these wars and atrocities we are unaware of, simply because we are under a system, a Sinister Agender system, which practice various form of censorship, no matter where on the planet we live.
    “But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.”
    Many are also unaware that the Holy Writings do describe a wonderful hope for the Global Community when these times have ended. This page is dedicated, at least once a week to the prophecies that we are currently living under. My hope is that many will see the validity of these prophecies, and recognize that they affect each and every one of us on the planet.
    “Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more; You will look at where they were, And they will not be there. But the meek will possess the earth, And they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.”
    “Happy are the mild-tempered, since they will inherit the earth.”
    “The righteous will possess the earth, And they will live forever on it.”
    Mankind is unable to stop the wars and atrocities that are taking place on this planet, If they could have stopped it, it would have been stopped a very long time ago. Instead, we have seen some of the most brilliant of minds create weapons of mass destruction, these destructive weapons-Demonic Technologies, are being use on and against humanity. These weapons of mass destruction have taken many forms, to mention some of these, the obvious, bombs of many types, and other weapons of war. Some of these menacing weapons are the poisoning of our air, food, and water supply . Let's not forget to mention Pharmaceuticals. Some of them are responsible for the maiming, destroying and taking of many lives each and every year.
    “For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom,”
    “ one place after another food shortages and pestilences..;”
    “...on the earth anguish of nations not knowing the way out..”
    “…Woe for the earth and for the sea…”
    Who will be willing to deny that the global community is in a state of woefulness, and with so many brilliant minds on the planet, we need to ask ourselves. Why? If we are being honest with ourselves , we would have to admit that man is not capable of bringing about peace, prosperity, health, a planet free of pollution, hunger, illnesses, and death.
    It is evident that mankind is unable to solve these woes. Therefore , we are awaiting our creator to end all these atrocities. However, we do bear community responsibility in doing our part in making this planet a pleasant place. The Holy Writing proves to be a guide in helping us to accomplish this, many live lives that are filled with joy and a measure of happiness and peace because of following the guides as set forth in the Holy Writings.
    “ He is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; He burns the military wagons with fire.”
    “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

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