• Prayers for the hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced from their families and homes during these trying times.
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  • To anyone reading this: please send your prayers and healing vibes to Safira, my sister's 15 year old Siamese cat. She is having major surgery today and it's a high risk operation. Love and Abundance to all.
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  • I remember reading about the power of prayer, from someone who died and came back to life. She saw beams of light all over earth.. large beams of light, small beams of light, the power of prayer to the angels in heaven. Angels flying to each bright beam of light, the brightest beams of light are those that get answered first by the angels. They say the mother's love, the intensity of love for her children.. they burn the brightest and the most beautiful, so beautiful to see.. the pure intensity of love.. in prayers to angels.. the world needs more love like this.. the intensity of love among each other, would turn the earth into a true paradise of love and light.
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  • Hello my friends. So a few weeks ago I pulled both of my quad muscles. I am currently unable to walk, and stand. This is one of the hardest struggles I have ever had to deal with. I know that I will get better. I know that I will walk again. I know that I will overcome all of this stuff. I ask for prayers, good thoughts, good vibes, all positive things, etc.
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  • RGENT HOAGLAND NEWS!!! Dr. Robin Falkov is in a coma in a hospital in Albuquerque w/colon cancer she has had since 2011. She and Mr. Hoagland need prayers and intentions. NOW!!!
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  • Copied from John Lear's personal Facebook page
    Really disappointed with Project Camelot, they've done some great interviews in the past but if this is how they conduct business with a Legend like John Lear they deserve whatever Karma is heading there way! Read the entire post for details.
    Please if you can send John some prayers, love, light, or even better donate what you can to him!

    UFO Mega Con: Convention in Laughlin in March

    This will be a short explanation for why I won't be attending Laughlins UFO Mega Con, meeting with all my old friends and being interviewed Sunday night by Kerry Cassidy.

    I received an invitation for the interview with Kerry from Bob Brown and Lorien Fenton a couple of weeks ago which included a promise of a $1000 honorarium and room. As many of you know my health has been deteriorating over the past 8 years after 2 back operations and only with the help of Kratom have I been able to make it to age 76.

    Other than to visit doctors or to go to the hospital I have only left my den once in 8 years and that was to go to Darryl Greenamyers Celebration of Life in Indio California. Marilee drove me and helped me into the banquet.

    Accepting Bob and Loriens invitation was a major decision and I could see all kinds of problems. But I told them I would accept if they would pay for my daughter, Alli's separate room. She is my Caregiver 24/7. And since I am unable to walk anymore I asked that they provide an electric scooter for me to use to get around and pay for a rent-a-car (I don't have a car and haven't driven f or 8 years) from Vegas and back.

    After several days I received an email from Lorien asking if I could find a 'male' to sleep with to provide my 24/7 health care to avoid the added expense of providing a room for my daughter.

    I have to tell you I was totally shocked that Lorien refused to provide a room for Alli. How she could have been so insensitive to ask me to sleep with an unknown 'male' to save her a few bucks on an extra room was absolutely beyond me. You would have thought that she would have done everything within reason that she possible could to make this difficult and probably my last public appearance as easy as she could.

    Lorien also refused to pay for a rent-a-car preferring to substitute someone I don't know to take me on a hour and a half drive to Laughlin and leave me with no car in Laughlin. I may be 76 but I still prefer my own company and my own daughter to drive me and if renting a car is too expensive for Lorien then the whole UFO Mega Con operation is too cheap for me.

    Anyway I emailed her and told her in no uncertain terms what I thought of her counter-offer.

    I regret not being able to spend a few days in March with all my friends many who I have not seen in 25 years but Bob Browns and Lorien Fentons counter-offer was unacceptable, not so much the money issue but their whole attitude which made me wonder whether I would get paid after it was all over.

    All the best, John Lear
    Click here to support Lear Foundation organized by Fundraising team
    This is John Lear. For over twenty years my one goal has been to share with you all I know and can tell about a reality different than what is commonly accepted. Area 51, structures on the moon, 911, the shadow government has been my life's work. The appreciation you have had for my efforts touch...
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  • So Quiet -- But Something is Brewing...

    There have been no new Q posts for several days. However EyeTheSpy has posted two intriguing tweets that confirm major activity behind the scenes...


    These two tweets from EyeTheSpy were written 13 hours behind the time I am writing this post (3.30pm, 13th October EST)...

    'Busy times
    Half an hour ago
    Touched down
    WRI to RMS
    Back soon
    On with the show.

    'Cargo is secure
    RMS-ADW eta
    Approx 8-9 edt
    Happy trails.

    (Eye The Spy tweets)

    WRI is airport code for Wrightstown New Jersey Airport. RMI is Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. Ramstein is the base for the HQ of the US Air Forces in Europe and also NATO Allied Air Command. ADW is airport code for Andrews Air Force Base in USA.

    EyeTheSpy has alerted us to the transfer of 'important cargo'. At this late stage in the game, we can be sure that this 'cargo' is very significant to the Alliance plan.

    EyeTheSpy also warns Hillary Clinton about prison, and the desperation of stupid people. Clearly EyeTheSpy has 'an eye' on the inside operations of the Alliance.

    It has been my observation that when Q goes quiet, BIG things are happening behind the scenes. We must continue to TRUST THE PLAN. These are extremely dangerous days in the final destruction of the cabal.

    Keep President Trump and the entire Alliance team in your prayers. They are working 24/7 to free humanity and will keep us informed when they have the opportunity.

    Where We Go One We Go All.

    Love and Light
    Sierra (NZ)
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  • Angel Prayers...
    'Feathers Appear..
    When Angels Are Near'.

    This Beautiful-TALL! 'Azure Blue' Glazed Clay Pot...(Over Waist High)!..I am 5'3"
    Located/ The Garden & Home of My Dear Friend-in West Seattle...

    We Will Do a 'Fall Hues' of ..'Bright Oranges-RED-Yellows-Colors'-..
    Plantings w/ Nandina-Grasses-Perennials-Annuals...
    That Can Be Easy to 'Change OUT' (Replant)..w/The 4 Seasons!..
    It will Be 'Very Stunning'-Gorg!..A Beauty!....
    For 'Seattle's Fall' Season ...Thru Our 'Winter Months.'..

    Blessings-w/ Peace-Love...Namete.. Kate
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