• Dear Ones, #HappyNewMooninScorpio! This new moon is all about #TRANSFORMATION! In 10 MINUTES & invite you all to join with people around the world in a #newmoonmassmeditation. #WeLoveMassMeditation always has 2 mass meditations for the New & Full Moons~~
one at the exact time the phase shifts, & one at 2:45 pm UTC the day of that month's new & full moons, this day chosen when most people around the world can join.

For USA friends this is: 

    10:45 am Eastern, 9:45 am Central, 8:45 am Mountain, 7:45 am Pacific times.

Here's the #guidedaudioinEnglish
    NOTE: there are audios in 13 different languages in the sidebar to this. & one with just music!

    Dear Ones, There are now #4planetsinScorpio, so you now it's time for #DEEPtransformation. Remember #BruceLeesadvice: “#Belikewater making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, & you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water… Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."

    You may feel like you are dying in parts of your life. Relax & go with whatever's happening without fighting it, remember Scorpio is the #scorpion, the #eagle & the #PHOENIX!
    Rebirth yourself into a whole new world of (y) our beautiful co-creation & manifestation!

    Thank you to ALL who join in these #MassMeditations! 

    HAPPY MEDITATING & I will see you in the ethers!


    Zeeva Amrita 

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  • Whats on my mind? or what the hell is in my mind...or better yet what the F is the mind? Mind you, I mind and I min respectfully

    Is it just me? which I know it is not just me so ignore the question and eye-suck my shared thoughts if ya got time...

    My sleep has gone crazy! Self-Employed small cleaning biz and yet to gain income with blogging but currently in the works, my sleeping patterns are NUTTY! The energy of the world feels more CHAOTIC as days pass and I have not yet conquered my shadows to the point of confidence.

    However from my innerstanding thus far within my own truths etc. my Alchemical Light is always lit and my inner knowing continuously grows during buffet of evolutionized rebirths...

    I have one major factor to conquer during my healing to heal even more. More chapters to Qi-Gong cuss, cry, yell, smile, laugh, and beyond.

    Just wanted to share to you guys because if not read; therapeutic none the less ~

    Photo by Amber Lamoreaux from Pexels
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  • 12:12 Portal and Ta’ Cenc-Gozo #TaCencGozo
    During Lemuria and Atlantis, every person had twelve major chakras and twelve strands of active DNA–the twelve codes of consciousness. The human race was ready to be whole and to ascend. During this collective trauma of the sinking of Atlantis, humanity failed to graduate to the Thirteenth Stage of its ascension, and in the process lost nine of its twelve codes in its DNA. So, instead of ascending, humanity spiralled down from fifth density to deep third and was left with only three strands of its previous DNA, and went into a long period of ‘devolution’ and ‘great forgetting.’
    When the Ascended Masters of Atlantis felt that the end was looming, they shaped twelve life-size skulls of quartz crystals and one amethyst. This thirteenth skull of higher frequency was holding in its structure the entire knowledge and ancient wisdom of Atlantis. They chose the sacred site of Ta’ Cenc on the island of Gozo to be the etheric repository centre of the thirteenth Atlantean quartz crystal. When humankind is ready to raise its vibration at the next Shift of Consciousness, it will re-materialise again and it will open the thirteenth code of ascension in all humans. It will assist humanity during its ascension process, and will serve as a driving force on its road to a new Multi-dimensional Reality.
    Thus, Ta’ Cenc is the vital guardian of the Thirteen Keys of creation and the Thirteen Codes to humanity’s road to ascension. These codes are waiting to be re-activated at the rebirth of the New Consciousness at the Shift of an Age. The island of Comino was holding the key to the ‘rebirth of humanity.’ (Extracts from ‘The Cosmic Perpsective.’) #francisbooks
    THE WAITING IS OVER! We have connected with Comino for the keys and with the Ta’ Cenc site to open the codes and activate the ascension process of all humanity on this special day - 12:12 Passageway - the Universal Ascension Code - New Knowledge, New Freedom and New Possibilities.
    IT IS DONE! You can activate your own ascension process and your own DNA by connecting etherically with the site through its sacred symbol (picture). “On this day the cosmic portal opens throughout the galaxy for access to higher dimensional realms of consciousness and the activation of all 12 strands of DNA…On December 12th, the sacred day of 12:12 provides a rare opportunity to receive a continual stream of Crystalline Photon Light into your energy field…transferring divine intelligence into your brain, into the micro-crystals in the pineal, into your blood and genetic code, and into your heart!” (Meg Benedicte-Quantum Access). “Bring all into full consciousness (which is LOVE) and be totally wide open and ready for all new realizations and understandings to come wide open for anything...don't limit yourself anymore.” (Lisa Transcendent Brown). (Sacred Geometric activation picture by Christine; Ta’ Cenc overlooking Comino by Francis; Ta’ Cenc Dolmen by Andrew Weasley).
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  • The CIA's Darkest Operations! docu by TruthWarriors

    Robert David Steele said the following in the beginning of this enlightening video. ”I’m a former CIA operations officer saying that our 1,000 bases overseas are not there for national defense. They are there to serve as lily pads for smuggling of guns, gold, cash, drugs and small children! It includes satanic rituals, the murder of children and the drinking of blood. That’s the final veil!
    This is one of the best videos on all aspects of CIA operations including:

    super soldiers, egyptian rebirth ceremonies to shatter minds for MK-Ultra, delta force uses mind control, Cathy Obrien, satanic rituals and much more!
    watch here:
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  • Utsava Psychic Medium Democracy Lesson # 1 posted
    The Awakening-How to get out of the Matrix.

    The Awakening-How to get out of the Matrix.

    The control system
    There is an awakening going on. A lot of us are waking up from the Alien Matrix control system. We have been used as slaves by demonic alien groups that control our systems, our governments, schools, organizations, Secret societies, military industrial complex, companies, societies etc. The aliens are architects of the Matrix control system. Our own biology is the product of alien-produced engineering. Our drive is focused primarily on ego and mind, and they have produced the illusion to make us think we are the mind or ego. The odds are stacked against us. People who are not awake and don't pay attention, are completly controlled by this system.

    I remember, as a child, when I was five years old and walking home from kindergarden. I said to my mother: "I think we are part of a dream. Some sort of 'God' dreams up the life we have. This is a fake reality." I have been getting into this space of 'illusion' a few times in my life, that was a scary experience because you are in this 'unknown' and realize you are not who you think you are. This experience has been for me way beyond Mindful meditation. Recently I have heard that there was an evil god that created duality and this 'fake reality' for humans. The life we have, experiences and people we meet is part of this 'dream this evil god' has for us, also linked to the 'soul contract'.

    While I was working in the Psychiatric Hospital of the University in Zurich, Switzerland, there was a woman who was diagnosed with Bipolar, and she was screaming out loud, that all of the nurses and doctors would be programmed, by some outside force, except me. I had no idea at that time, that the control was going so deep, but I knew what she was talking about in terms of the people I was working with, who acted like robots, repeating the cold and sterile ideas of psychiatry.

    The control system has infiltrated itself into cultures, cities, communities and countries. It also has infiltered itself even into New Age communities. What may appear like 'light work' might be the 'false light of lucifer' or the false reality where they created light/dark as part of this duality system, which is an illusion. Real light is awareness, which comes naturally when we grow.

    The various conditionings of our society are linked with these dark entities. They create wars, anxiety, worries and fear in people. They want people to be structured certain ways, go to work; to be in the 'system' is the goal. People are having 8am-5pm jobs, usually five days a week and when they come home they are tired. The control system got people caught up in material things desiring more and as a consequence, having to go to work, where they are trapped into this control system. The system is designed to condition you, to suffer, working a lot, to be caught up in lower consciousness and busy worrying, stressing out, being caught up in sports or other activities that may distract you further from thinking about who you are and where you come from.

    Part of this 'Matrix' is also the duality which was created by evil aliens. There are many illusions that were created for us humans and to confuse us. They want us keep in duality-good/bad, right/wrong, democrat/republican or left/right brain. In the middle lies the truth. In this context the political parties are set up, schools, companies etc. that all 'run' this way.

    The reptilian aliens keep us locked into these events of lower density experience. Lower frequency experiences also include conflict, religious, zealot nations, emotional trauma and division. The higher frequencies are the ones of harmony and our life force, the Chi, is flowing freely. There is a sense of self empowerment and control. Remember higher beings don't want to control you, they want you to be free and appreciate your free will. There are many lower being disguised in higher beings, they control psychics, public speakers and polititians. They may talk about the light and higher things, which then leads to the trap of lower things. For instance they may talk spirituality but it is all designed to control you and it may cost you a lot of money to achieve 'these goals'. An example are expensive seminars or when people make big promises without having the back up to show the results or in the end bring the results. The 'guru' or scammer might have great goals in mind that look fabulous, yet it is a reptilian creature full of greed 'controlling the show'. Usually when there is a sense of 'dark magnet' or strange pull towards them, this could be an indication of evil forces 'at work'.


    When it comes to money, I catch myself thinking how I could make more money. I personally don't mind to live on a small budget and have aboundance in my life, I do catch myself somethimes wanting more, while everything is fine. There is nothing wrong with more aboundance in your life, to expand and be creative, it is likely that we are caught up in this 'matrix', this control system, by focusing too much on our material success, worldly things and having more and more. A lot of people want to switch careers, and go from an industrial or banking career, for instance, to a 'spiritual' career. Perhaps they are getting into hypnosis, healing, coaching or even psychic readings. They often then focus on getting more famous, making more money, charging outrages fees and simply get caught up in this 'more and more thing'.

    I have been on a spiritual path all my life and met a lot of people in Ashrams in India, in Mystery schools all over the world, in Christian groups, in Esoteric groups, in New Age communities and at Seminars. People focus on reaching enlightenment, achieving more 'balance' in life, becoming powerful, more relaxed, obtaining a light body etc. While there is nothing wrong working on these things to some degree, often times people are simply caught up in the mind again, wanting more and more. Nothing has really changed. They are still caught up in the illusion, in greed.

    What the mind does, it wants to change things, fix things, achieve higher goals etc. There is nothing wrong in using the mind as a vehicle in order to obtain things we want and they are good for us, the trap starts when we get identified with our minds and ego and get too much caught up in the material world. The mind becomes less of a vehicle, we become a vehicle of the mind and this control system if we get caught up in greed and the future.

    You can be in the field of New Age, even a healer, a psychic and caught up in your mind, always being busy achieving something else. In the business world you wanted to make more money, have a career, in the spiritual world, you want to be this 'perfect spiritual being' and it is the same thing; the mind and ego we are identified with, wanting more and more. We are already 'there', it is about recognizing who you are and to be aware. There is nowhere to go, awareness is the key.

    In Buddhism there are Three Poisons, or Three Unwholesome Roots, which are the source of all "evil" and negative mental states. The Three Poisons are lobha, dvesha and moha, In Sanskrit and Pali, the Three Poisons are called the akusala-mula. Akusala, a word usually translated as 'evil', actually means 'unskillful.' Mula means "root." The Three Poisons are, then, the root of evil, or the root from which all unskillful or harmful actions spring.Sanskrit words usually translated as "greed," 'hate' and 'ignorance'. One Sanskrit (Pali) is translated as 'greed' or 'desire'. When they speak of the 'Three Poisons', the word for greed is lobha. This means we want something in order to make us happy. This is a hindrance to the mental concentration to realize enlightenment. The Second Noble Truth teaches 'trishna' that is the cause of stress and suffering. It is clinging and attachments. More specifically it is called upadana that cause attachments.

    The Theravadin teacher Nyanatiloka Mahathera has said:

    "For all evil things, and all evil destiny, are really rooted in greed, hate and ignorance; and of these three things ignorance or delusion (moha, avijja) is the chief root and the primary cause of all evil and misery in the world. If there is no more ignorance, there will be no more greed and hatred, no more rebirth, no more suffering."


    We have forgotten who we are and are identified with the mind and ego. The mind can be very tricky, what can have a beautiful mask, of glory, can be controlled or driven by greed, which is linked to the lower chakras and the Reptiles. We are not our mind or ego, that all is caught up in greed, desire and ignorance. We are choiceness awareness, we are the watcher. When we practice Mindful Meditation we recognize this.

    How to get out of the Matrix:

    Mindful Meditation: Practice daily Mindful Meditation. Be the watcher, during the day, whatever activity you do, be the watcher, anything can be a meditation, while you are washing dishes, do gardening and see that you are not your mind, the matrix is not you. You are pure awareness. You are soul.

    Go inside When you go inside you will find inner strength and are less likely controllable. Stop looking outside for the fault of your problems or for satisfaction, go inside, change your thoughts and work on your beliefs and behavior pattern. This will change your world. Stop blaming. Look for solution. If you are having problems, know that you are having the power inside to solve them. Pray, and focus on solutions vs the problems. Think positive. Behind your thoughts is the 'Divine kingdom', it will create. Positive thoughts will create positive things.

    Keep your frequency on a higher level Have lots of Orgonites, Chrystal and Gemstones at home, they will offset the EMF and lower frequencies. Be in nature a lot. Pray and demand lower entities to leave your home, which might be in your home. Don't eat meat, Gmo's, don't eat processed foods, junk food, drink synthetic soda (only natural soda), drink natural spring water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, Quinoa, Brown rice etc. preferred organic. Eat healthy, don't do synthetic drugs. When your frequency is at a higher level, lower entities are less likely able to control you.

    Awareness Awareness is the key. During the day, ask yourself, where is my energy, what is going on right now inside of me? While you are talking with people, are at work, go inside and ask yourself, how you feel? The presence alone will bring change and the light body will manifest more, without having to do this 'lightwork'.

    Change your perception We always have to consider that our thought process is manipulated. The governments do electronic mind control, demonic and alien spirits manipulate our thoughts. They intend for you to see things negative vs. positive. They create conflict for yourself. You can be in a difficult situation and suffer. By changing your perception, you may not suffer anymore because you can view the same situation in a more positive light.

    Know you got the power. There is nothing wrong in doing prayer work, healing work or asking for assistance. But the true healer is the 'inner healer'. If we are busy in looking outside of ourselves for help, our own life energy gets depleted and cannot function property. By believing in yourself and your own abilities, trusting and loving yourself, you will get stronger and more resilient to the outside control.

    Don't get trapped in the duality. Whenever people try to say 'this is a good person', or 'this is a bad person', or 'republicans are bad', or 'Trump is bad', be careful. Smear campaigns and Group think are part of the deception. Don't become a 'flying monkey'. In schools the teachings are designed either left brain or right brain. They want children either to be stupid, or caught up in the intellect. In America there is a motion to 'dumbing down the society', while in Europe often people are more caught up in the left brain, the intellect. They think rational, and tend to rationalize more than Americans. In America, because the notion is less left brain in a certain sense, people often believe more in psychics, UFO's and are perhaps more intuitive than in other places. In India, people are perhaps more in the 'middle'. Mind control works best when people use only one part of the brain to process information.

    Be honest with yourself Many people are caught up in a behavioral pattern, behavior, beliefs and attitudes that 'run on auto pilot'. When we become more aware and are honest about what is really going on inside of our minds and watch our behavior, this is the first step to change. Somethimes people justify behavior that is not serving them, based on past experiences. All we have to do is become aware of these things and the awareness alone will bring a shift.

    Unravel your pattern and Childhood conditioning A lot of people are stuck in patterns that have originated in childhood. Go back into your childhood, see what has happened, how it all made you feel, and as a consequence, you started to believe things. By simply being aware of these mechanism, the awareness alone can help. Pray and do healing work to heal your inner child. Often times the childhood pattern is linked to a Past life pattern. Your pattern is deeply linked with the Matrix of suffering and usually rooted in beliefs. Examine these beliefs, see if they are true or false, likely:
    These b e l i e f s are lying.

    Have your focus in your life on your spirituality, on family and friends, on your personal growth, not on materialism. Go inside your heart, focus on looking inside, on relaxation, having fun in life and be in the moment. Be more child-like, innocent, and free. Find your own way. Nobody has the right to control you and control your thoughts. Reclaim your right to be free.

    Do not consent to this control system. Demand all soul contracts to be null and void. Throw away your soul contract. We can learn our lessons without suffering. The idea of karma has been misrepresented . Most of our experiences are alien-controlled designed to cause suffering and keep our frequencies down, not karma. Remember, the most advanced people have the most difficult life. Usually the people controlled by demonic force get into power, since they get the help. Great people always face more obstacles that is designed to control them and keep them down.

    Don't repress your feelings. Find a way to express them, take a bath, relax, breath into them. Do chakra work. We have to bring up our feelings, to the surface, in order to process them, regulate ourselves and heal. When we have beliefs they say that they are 'bad', we may hide them and create a phony self. Feelings have been repressed, especially in Western societies, for way too long and people became con artists, 'politically correct' or otherwise twisted.

    Willingness to let go. There is a price to pay, when we grow and free ourselves from the matrix. Perhaps we have to let go of our status quo, our 'glittering image', or outside persona and false identity. It hurts to let go of the ego. Or we don't have the great mansion anymore since we decide to downside, quit our job and start our own business, go on a trip, or otherwise, just want to not be tight down anymore. We may not have the great social standing anymore, or the comfort of luxury we are used to. When we switch our perception, we may realize that these possessions enslave us more than they help us. It is not always easy to let go, but we can do it.
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  • Incantation/Activation from recent upload Media Pole Shift, New Earth Infinity Portals - 11th August 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse X

    I have received the energetic codes through this Eclipse Trinity into Infinity Stargate energetic. I hold these codes within me. I ask now that you assist me in the integration of these codes as I bring forward cosmic downloads and DNA uploads creating the stargated upgrades of third dimensional and fifth dimensional merge.
    I thank you for presenting yourself to me as my higher self, so much closer than before as we move through the final eclipse of the Trinity. The veils between the worlds are thinned at this time and you are closer and closer and closer until we merge until we are one.
    You are me and I am you, we occupy the same body, the same consciousness. I see through your eyes the cosmic wonders of the Garden of Eden and you see through my eyes the world of man.
    You are the anti matter to my matter and I am the child of the Father, Mother Union.
    I hold strong to the unification of these multidimensional poleshifts that take place within and without this day.
    I give thanks for the star that you are and for the seeds that I am as I seed the stars of the memory fields in the name of Excalibur.
    I bring online the empowerment that is the mane of the Lion, the paw of the Sphinx and I allow my Egyptian, Lemurian, Atlantean and Sirian memories to come online and take their places within all that I am and all that I shall be.
    I am but a child, a baby in the ways of Ascension and my knowing this, my acknowledging this and my integration of this makes me an Ascended Master.
    Then you, dear star, higher self aspect stand as my beloved child and the cycle begins again. I embrace this inner pole shift and I give thanks and hold the highest gratitude for this experience that is the Trinity into Infinity Eclipse, Lion's Gate Alignment.
    I walk into the re birthing pool, the plasma star gate that is the partial solar eclipse and know that my celestial and my solar light codes are activated at this time.
    With unconditional love, in the greatest of blessings, this pole shift, this rebirth is all that I am, it is done. We are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine <3
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  • LEAVE THE CORD ATTACHED AND BREAST FEED UNTIL THE BABY BREATHES. The placenta will then begin to detach knowing the baby it cares for no longer needs it. Cutting off the air cord and smacking the newborn bum is assault. Breath techniques clear the trauma but why have that trauma affecting us for decades before we can do Rebirthing? Perhaps you could let a local Rebirther like myself help as soon as you can? Love, David
    Gemstone Energy Medicine Awakening Coaching Nutrition
    Conjunctive Therapies offered with Diamond Gemstone Therapy
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    The Lionsgate Portal is considered a gateway into the heavens and into higher realms of consciousness. During this time, higher frequency energies from the star, Sirius are beamed down onto Earth, in order to help advance the human race and raise the consciousness of the planet.

    The Lionsgate Portal is activated every year on August 8th when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky.

    During this time it is easier to access higher realms, and receive downloads from angels, messengers, and your loved ones from the other side. It is also a favorable time for healing deep seeded wounds, and opening both the heart chakra and third eye.

    But what exactly is taking place in the cosmos that allows us to experience this?

    The Lionsgate Portal involves three key players- the Sun, the Earth, and the star Sirius.

    Sirius has long been known as our “Spiritual Sun” and is revered by many ancient cultures as a place of higher consciousness. It is believed that higher frequency beings inhabit Sirius and that it is home to the purest type of love.

    Many ancient Shamanic tribes also believe that Sirius is the gateway to heaven, and that our souls go there once we depart from our physical bodies.

    Sirius is also believed to be far more technologically advanced than Earth, and many Starseeds who have memories of originating from Sirius, claim that they have access to technologies that are nowhere near close to being discovered on Earth.

    Even though Lionsgate happens on August 8th, it is actually set in motion in July.

    On July 4, the energy of the Sun and Sirius align. Now, both these stars are very far away, but looking up at the sky, it appears that they merge into one another.

    The merging of their energies was seen as very auspicious and was considered a time where our Sun would fuse with the energy of Sirius in order to upgrade its energy and level of frequency.

    For all of July, the ancients watched our Sun get swallowed by the magnificent Sirius, and it was believed at this time that our Sun experienced a type of “death”.

    The ancients would watch as these two heavenly bodies would appear as one, and would wonder what secrets and messages Sirius would be whispering to our Sun.

    Then come the first week of August, Sirius and the Sun would rise again as separate stars. This was an auspicious time and represented a grand rebirth and the opening of the Lionsgate portal.

    Sirius would align in Orion’s belt, the Sun would be in the constellation of Leo (hence the name Lionsgate), and together our physical Sun and spiritual Sun would beam down onto Earth, activating these higher frequencies.

    Although the rising of Sirius and the Sun happens during the first week of the month, the 8th of August is still considered the most auspicious and the most significant date of this portal because it is when the Sun and the Earth align directly opposite each other.

    It is this opposition that allows our newborn Sun, that has been bathed in the glorious Sirian energy to send high-frequency beams directly to planet Earth. These high frequencies can make it easier for Earth’s inhabitants to receive upgrades, updates, downloads, and higher wisdom and knowledge.

    This high-frequency energy is mostly received through the heart chakra and third eye. It is common around the time of the Lionsgate Portal to receive heart healings, heart openings, and third-eye awakenings.

    Because this energy is so easily accessible, doing rituals and working on your heart and third eye chakras can be extremely effective and potent. It is also a powerful time to do release work to help cleanse away any blockages that may be present.

    Even though the heart and third eye chakras are always activated around the time of the Lionsgate Portal, in 2018, it also seems that the chakra at the back of our neck is also going to be activated.

    This little-known chakra is called the Cerebellum Chakra, and is extremely sensitive to psychic energies and empathic energies. Empaths are on the rise on planet Earth, and this is because we desperately need more love, empathy, compassion, and understanding.

    The greater message for Lionsgate 2018 is to embrace these empathic qualities and to think about we can use them to help serve the planet. The energy from this Lionsgate is about honoring empathic gifts and knowing that they can be a source of strength, rather than a weakness.

    We live in a world where showing empathy is not always encouraged, but if the Sirian waves can tell us anything, it is that love reigns supreme. In fact, the only thing that is real, the only thing that is left when we strip the ego bare, is love.

    The more we can love through our hurts and through our sorrows, the more we can forgive, the more we can open our hearts to the beings we share this planet with, the greater chance we have to create a better world for ourselves and each other.

    Loving is really about accepting one another, and trusting that even though we may have different values, and different ways of life, we are all here on our own unique journey and we are all here to teach and show each other the way.

    Loving is not about allowing yourself to become a doormat or tolerating bad behaviour, it is about acknowledging and accepting people for exactly who they are. It is about accepting without judgement, and seeing that there is so much more to each and every one of us than just what we see.

    We are all cut from the same cloth, we are all made of the same thing, and we will all return to the same place. We were all chosen to be born on Earth to help the planet, to help our fellow humans, and to remember, even though we are constantly distracted by our differences, that we are all one and the same.

    We are here for a unique journey, a journey to find love, to find ourselves, and to leave this planet in better shape than when we found it. We don’t have to do anything heroic, we don’t have to sail the seven seas, all we need to do is find our way to the truth. For when you arrive at the seed of truth that lives within and crack it open, all you will find is love.

    During the Lionsgate Portal, protect your Cerebellum Chakra by cleansing it daily. To do this, simply allow warm water to hit the back of your neck and repeat the following mantra or write your own-

    “It is safe for me to open my heart, it is safe for me to see through my eye. It is safe for me to lean into all that I feel. For when I do, I find my strength, I find my truth, and I find what I am guided to do.”

    It is also recommended to meditate on the Lionsgate Portal to help open and receive any intuitive messages and insights.
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  • FINDING FREEDOM: If I was to live life again, as I am, I'd explore love, life and all it means. This is what we do, This is what you can do. This is what we help others do in Gemstone Energy Medicine and as Naturopaths, Rebirthers and Life Coaches. It is what is what we do for each other. Love David,
    Gemstone Energy Medicine Awakening Coaching Nutrition
    Conjunctive Therapies offered with Diamond Gemstone Therapy
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  • Aloha From Aurora

    Greetings from the glorious Red Rock Vortexes of Sedona. There is an Edenic Life that wants to manifest its glory in and through us... and each day, we are receiving assistance from the Realms of Light to be in that Sacred State of Being, realizing our greatest potential and paving the way for slower evolving souls who have forever lived out of the darkness of their Shadow Selves. We are the Way Showers, Teachers and Healers the American Indian Nations prophesied would come at a time of great darkness in the Earth... to lead humanity into an Enlightened Era... and here we are, right on time, doing our part in transforming the world. Each one of us is important to this equation... no one better or less. It is taking all of us to pull this off and we need each other's support, compassion and caring each step of the way. Together we are vanquishing the Dark Night... together we are bringing in the New Day. Together we are birthing a glorious Eden out of the rubble of a world in chaos. By standing in the Earth doing our part, while invoking the Hosts of Light to assist, our Spiritual Alliance is making great headway even midst looming disasters and the major cleanup underway.

    The LIGHT of the Global Awakening Meditation and Activation on the Solstice, followed closely by the Shekinah Glory Activation (Activation of the Indwelling Spirit) during July's Global Healing Forum are a testimony of the times, as a Host of Divine Ones from the Realms of Light are ministering to a world in transition. Elevated and advanced on an even more accelerated track to awakening fully to who we are... we are beginning to realize the victory of a glorious future that is within our reach. Called more than ever to align with those of like heart and mind and bring our expertise, talents, insights and vision to a world in a major rebirth, we are rising on Wings of Light, manifesting the glory of the Indwelling Spirit in the world of form. **Daily, through inner work, we can realign our energies with the Great Divine Plan** and be vessels of an extraordinary light and healing of our world. This is the time we were born to... the glory of which is manifesting before us despite the Great Travail many on Earth are in the throes of. The key is to quell the Shadow Aspects that would rise from the deeps to overcome and overwhelm us. The times call us into mastering our psychology at last and to stand strong in the LIGHT and TRUTH of who we are... doing our part in creating a better world.

    Right now there is so much distress, separation, dissension and alarm going on as appearances and mirages trigger the darkness within. This can flood us with fear, anxiety, upset and even incite us to judge and tear down those we believe are doing wrong. However, unless we are really inside another person, experiencing everything they are experiencing, we cannot really know what is going on for them. I would caution everyone that we are in a critical time and where we are at in our consciousness is having a direct affect on what can take place. When triggered, it is important to move our focus within and tend to our inner world... clearing everything coming up that is distressing in anyway. It may seem like its all about "them" and what they are doing, however, if the focus is not changed quickly, we will be lost in a negative dynamic supporting the dark play, which can be debilitating on many levels. There is a way out of the madness... a Way to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace... and this way must be forged for it to manifest for all. We will not have the Enlightened Future many are giving their all for if we are not in resonance with it.

    Living in the authority of our Divine Self, divinely directed and crystal clear in all our endeavors and interactions is essential now... as is living in the Edenic Reality we are birthing together. Don't let the darkness that rises from within take your joy away. Eden is a here and now reality for those who have the mastery and skill to transform the Shadow Aspects quickly and return to the peace, serenity and ease of their Divine Nature. This level of mastery is calling you and all humanity, who for too long have fought and torn down each other in a world that has been chaotic rather than peaceful. Through this Activity of Light, I have provided tools for your rapid transformation, sky rocketing you to the success that is the outcome of living in your Divine Nature and allowing the Indwelling Presence to lead the way.

    Thank you all for your ongoing support and for sharing my newsletters, programs and products with loved ones across the world. Together we are making a difference! The shift in our consciousness is changing the holographic field of Earth to LOVE. Because we are all here at this significant time together manning our stations across the planet, playing our unique roles in every area of life, the world will never be the same!
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