• "They are found on every continent EXCEPT ANTARCTICA!"

    And what was it that Buzz Aldrin said to his physicist friend David Adair?

    Here, taken from Anthony L. Peratt's work: "Petroglyphs, the carving of pictures on rock, have mystified and inspired historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, shamans, religious cults, and even some astronomers for centuries, if not millennia. They are found ON EVERY CONTINENT EXCEPT ANTARCTICA. Some are mere scratches while others were chiseled centimeters deep. Petroglyphs, "rock art," are thought to date back to the Pleistocene and Paleolithic--the earliest markings made by man on rock. While dating of petroglyphs has been a high priority for all who study or record them, there exists no consensus that an absolute age can be attached to any one pre-Columbian petroglyph. Differing exposures to the elements leads to differing durability, coloration of the rocks patina or desert varnish (a natural coating of manganese, iron oxides, and clay minerals), and lichen overgrowth. The uncovering of the Glorieta Mesa and Rowe Mesa horizontal petroglyph sites from under one meter of earth near Santa Fe, N.M. might give the best indication of the ages of some petroglyphs. Campfire remnants some centimeters above the petroglyphs, suggest that they are at least 4000 years old. In this paper, we shall limit the study to petroglyphs, thought to range in age, from 10,000 to 2000 BC."

    There's this really strange video I watched yesterday where it appears a lot of alien plasma forms appear to this lady. She doesn't seem to be aware of just what she's involved with. These I feel are false lights looking to seduce her and others away from the Earth. They act friendly, but you'd be surprised to find out what they're REALLY all about. Check out that top link video of David Adair talking to Linda Moulton Howe!
    "Cusco Alien Contactee Has Important Messages For All of Humanity" Nov 27, 2019
    Link to the video:

    I commented on that video where "Cusco Alien Contactee Has Important Message For All of Humanity," with this:

    "Those are plasma beings. Check out Anthony L. Peratt's work. He's a scientist/physicist. "Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity." In this paper, you'll find a lot of pictures, and many of them are very similar to the photos she's taken. I always thought they looked similar to people while studying the pictures that Anthony Peratt took of them in the laboratory. LOTS of Photos in this paper. Also, he compares them to the pictures the ancient people drew on rocks, and thinks that they were recording seeing some type of phenomenon in the sky, which may have destroyed them...because it's sort of like that thing that was blaring in the lady's car windshield...He said it was such a bright light, I think it had radioactivity or something in it? I don't know. I'm still studying this paper:
    And there's a Part 2 to this paper, also. I would be very careful about diving into anything one has no knowledge of. I heard from Cosmic Awareness Communications that there will be a lot of false light beings trying to deceive man to go with be on your guard. Ok? Good.

    What do we really know about plasma? Not much. Anthony is one of a very few scientists who have studied this. And today I was watching a video where UFO's were found sitting in storms where lightning went right through or around them. Sort of like they were gathering plasma. Maybe they are using the plasma to deceive us with? I don't know. Because we don't know whether plasma is just a field and it takes other conscious forces to use it for their benefit, or whether it is some type of conscious force. We don't know. But I know that what I saw in this video the lady has show us pictures she took, that that looks like plasma, and it seems to have a mind of its own, and that maybe something is using it to deceive us into thinking all those nice things are really what they're saying. But if you counted the words on that page, there were only 32 (instead of 33 like she said) because there was one word repeated twice. And when you put the word "GIVE" in the list, without putting the word receive right along with know there's deception involved..even if the lady don't know it, or is too scared to face the truth so she deceives herself. I don't have the answer. It's in your heart. Look inside it. Stop just thinking with everyone else's thoughts, and making them your own."

    So! Don't get seduced, because you won't find a way to get back to Earth after you find you've been duped. How do you suppose a hunter gets a deer? He places food that it likes in the area he knows it will come to, and then hides and watches. You don't have to experience something your own personal self to know whether it's true when you have people who have already experienced it and gave you their wisdom in their teachings. So when you listen, you learn, and avoid dangerous situations.
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  • Magenta...what is "Samhain?" I have never heard of it. Is it connected to Halloween? Isn't that a satanic festival?

    Response; Samhain celebration at the time of a cosmic or universal portal of energy which can be felt and utilised. Usually recognised around 31st October into 1st November although this year in 2019 the energy is highest from November 7th through to November 13th peaking on the 11.11. Celebrated predominantly by the pagan community but this recognition and celebration permeates through all shamanic, celtic, new age, conscious and aware individuals regardless of spiritual path. If you see this time of year as 'Satanic' then you place yourself in immediate duality to it and you will experience exactly what you perceive. If you stand in the knowing of cosmic natural cycles then you will be able to move into the light and love of this auspicious and powerful time, activating healing, expansion, growth and moving into manifestation and enlightenment. "Halloween" is a third dimensional distortion of the true Samhain energy portal <3
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    Shaman truth
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  • Shaman Video, the truth
    Should i contact spirits outside my tradition?
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  • Shaman Conduct 1. First time drinking. Where do shamans get their energy from
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  • WEREWOLF by #SolLuckman … Purchase this original acrylic-on-paper #painting, #fineart prints and other merchandise at … #wolfman #lycanthrope #lycanthropes #shapeshifter #thewolfman #manitou #manito #Southwesternart #Southwestdecor #beast #beastwithin #monster #horror #terror #scary #figuralart #figuralpainting #coloristpainting #colorfulart #pinkpainting #drawing #expressionism #shamanicart #shamanism #wolftotemanimal #poweranimal
    Werewolf Original Painting by Sol Luckman
    Werewolf Original Painting by Sol Luckman
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  • Be prepared to bring along all your unhealthy and negative spiritual attachments, and let us take them off your back?! THIS SHOW IS GOING TO ROCK, LITERALLY!! This Monday, Shamanic Intuitive and Kamba Practitioner "MICHELLE MARTIN" will be visiting with Rev. Shawn Whittington on an All New Vegas Supernatural's Shamans and The Spirit World. - MONDAY!!! 5 P.M. Pacific/ 8 P.M. Eastern ONLY ON
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  • never underestimate the amount of manipulations we have here.
    always keep in mind that each intelligent species that is here, around earth, inside earth and so on CAN (and most of them DOES) mind-control us to a degree.
    some more or constantly and some just sometimes.
    even the "good ones" so that we focus on things that will speed-up something and so on.

    you are not aware how strong their psychic powers are. even if you think you can imagine....
    or have you been fighting a psychic-strong higher dimension being before?

    -> they can manipulate our dreams
    -> our thoughts
    -> our emotions
    -> our chanellings
    -> our shamanistic voyages
    -> our psychic reading
    -> our technology in every way.
    -> our perception (they can stand right in front of you but you think it's just some other human like a friend or something...)
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  • Calling all #AwakeningPeople, come hang out this Saturday, 10:30am PST, for our online meetup! Share stories, challenges, #spiritualawakeningsymptoms & #ascensionssymptoms, and anything coming up on your #awakeningjourney!


    Event by Awakening Anonymous:

    #empaths #lightworkers #consciouscommunity #energyhealers #starseeds #indigos #spiritualawakening #kundalini #shamanism #metaphysics #psychicdevelopment
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