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    love is the way
    love is the way is a unique limited edition custom  shoe concept designed by Shyler Ford. Classic skater, completely custom made in Italy, featuring pristine italian leather.
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  • WELCOME TO THE LIONS GATE PORTAL! G1 minor Geomagnetic storm in effect. Let our Benevolent Star Family in the Sirius Star System guide us to expand our consciousness and help us slow down enough to meditate! Wonderful changes can occur when we can sit in silence out in Nature with our shoes off! The natural Circadian Rhythm of Gaia will help you realign with the Cosmic alignments! Please consider staying hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! Blessings Everyone! We are Sovereign, We are Free! More inspiration and info at https://www.youtube.com/c/TravisCarper C&G 8-6-2019 3:30pm PST
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  • Walking shoes and fish suppers are better than supplements that claim to boost brain health, experts say http://ow.ly/pM6N30p1VJt
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  • May 27, 1988:
    The U.S. #MonstersOfRock traveling summer festival opened in #EastTroy, WI.
    Where did you see this tour at?

    Featuring five bands, it was the second highest grossing event of 1988 earning $26.7 million. Tour promotion included giving away 100 autographed guitars that were specially designed for these concerts. Reportedly, Van Halen added a contract rider calling for a fluffer to be present backstage for each stop on the route (a fluffer is a woman found on adult film sets and her job is to ensure the male actors remain "at attention"). Witnesses in multiple cities reported attendees passing out from dangerously overheated conditions, stadium-wide out-of-control food & water (sod, shoes, trash, anything) fights between people in the stands against those on the field, and a list of other incidents that signaled this was the decade-closing tour for that genre.

    documentary - 43 min.
    #VanHalen - 6/19/88
    " " 6/26/88
    " " 7/3/88
    #Scorpions - 6/4/88
    " " 6/26/88
    #Dokken - 6/4/88
    #Metallica - 6/26/88
    " " 7/24/88
    parking lot - 7/17/88
    #classic #rock #metal #music #history #OTD #80s
    = CIRCUS Magazine: https://www.circusrockmag.com/ =
    World-saving Public Service Announcements
    for the week of May 20th – 26th
    Benjamin Fulford https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2019/05/benjamin-fulford-may-20th-2019-battleships-and-war-planes-gather-near-indonesia-as-u-s-china-proxy-war-escalates/
    David Wilcock https://youtu.be/zap984YekG8
    Arcturian Group http://www.onenessofall.com/newest.html
    Earthlings https://youtu.be/BrlBSuuy50Y?t=27
    #Alliance #WhiteDragonSociety #GalacticFederationofLight
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  • 414 million pieces of plastic found on remote Australian islands: Study
    Almost one million shoes and over 370,000 toothbrushes -- they're among the 414 million pieces of plastic found washed ashore on the remote Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean, according to new research.

    The study, which was published in the journal Scientific Reports Thursday, found that the Australian territory was littered with 238 tonnes of plastic, despite being home to around 500 people.
    The group of mostly uninhabited 27 islands -- which are 2,750 km (1,708 miles) from Perth -- are marketed to tourists as "Australia's last unspoilt paradise."
    Much of the rubbish was single-use consumer items such as bottle caps, straws, shoes and sandals, University of Tasmania marine eco-toxicologist Jennifer Lavers, who led the study, said.
    414 million pieces of plastic found on remote Australian islands: Study
    Almost 1 million shoes and over 370,000 toothbrushes -- they're among the 414 million pieces of plastic found washed ashore on the remote Cocos (Keeling) Islands, according to new research.
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  • Lista corporaciones propiedad de George Soros

    Abbott Laboratories
    ACI Worldwide Inc.
    ADC Telecommunications Inc.
    Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
    AES Corp.
    Allegheny Energy Inc.
    American Equity Investment Life Holding
    AMIS Holdings Inc.
    Applied Materials Inc.
    Arbitron Inc.
    Archer Daniels Midland Company
    Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.
    Best Buy Co. Inc.
    Boston Properties Inc.
    C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc.
    CA Inc.
    Cabot Corp.
    Carnival Corp.
    Cascade Corp.
    Caterpillar Inc.
    CB Richard Ellis Group Inc.
    CEC Entertainment Inc.
    China Mobile Ltd.
    Coach Inc.
    Colgate Palmolive Company
    Aetna Inc.
    Alcan Inc.
    Alltel Corp.
    Altria Group Inc.
    American Oriental Bioengineering Inc.
    Arris Group Inc
    Ashland Inc.
    AutoZone Inc.
    Baidu.com Inc. ADS
    Banco Ita Holding Financeira S.A.
    Banro Corp.
    Bemis Company Inc.
    Brinker International Inc.
    CalMaine Foods Inc.
    Capital Common Serie
    CarMax Inc.
    Chemtura Corp.
    Comcast Corp.
    Community Health Systems Inc.
    Constellation Energy Group Inc.
    Corning Inc.
    Deere & Company
    DIRECTV Group Inc.
    Dominion Resources Inc.
    Duke Energy Corp.
    EMC Corp.
    Emerson Electric Co.
    Equity Residential
    FedEx Corp.
    Fortune Brands Inc.
    FPL Group Inc.
    General Dynamics Corp.
    General Growth Properties Inc
    Getty Images Inc.
    Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
    Google Inc.
    H.B. Fuller Company
    Halliburton Company
    Health Management Associates Inc.
    HLTH Corp.
    Honeywell International Inc.
    Host Hotels & Resorts Inc.
    ICICI Bank Ltd.
    Illinois Tool Works Inc.
    Compuware Corp.
    Convergys Corp.
    CVS Caremark Corp.
    Cytec Industries Inc.
    Danaher Corp.
    eHealth Inc.
    Entergy Corp.
    Entravision Communications Corp.
    Exelon Corp.
    Expeditors International of Washington I
    Flextronics International Ltd.
    Garmin Ltd.
    GemstarTV Guide International Inc.
    Goldcorp Inc.
    Greenlight Capital Re Ltd.
    Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.
    HarteHanks Inc.
    HewlettPackard Company
    Idearc Inc.
    Infinity Property and Casualty Corp.
    Integrated Device Technology Inc.
    Intel Corp.
    International Game Technology
    J.C. Penney Company Inc.
    KEMET Corp.
    Liberty Media Corp.
    Liberty Media Corp.
    Live Nation Inc.
    Lockheed Martin Corp.
    Lowe’s Companies Inc.
    Macy’s Inc.
    MAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    Marriott International Inc.
    Marvel Entertainment Inc.
    MasterCard Inc.
    Mattel Inc.
    Merck & Co. Inc.
    Minerals Technologies Inc.
    MSC Software Corp.
    NAVTEQ Corp.
    NCR Corp.
    Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc.
    Network Appliance Inc.
    Interactive Common S, Autodesk Inc.
    InterDigital Inc.
    iShares MSCI Japan
    Ladish Co. Inc.
    LandAmerica Financial Group Inc.
    LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd.
    Lifeway Foods Inc.
    Logitech International S.A.
    LouisianaPacific Corp.
    Lyondell Chemical Company
    MasTec Inc.
    McDermott International Inc.
    MeadWestvaco Corp.
    Mechel OAO, Broadcom Corp.
    Medarex Inc.
    MercadoLibre Inc.
    Micrel Inc.
    Molson Coors Brewing Company
    Nabors Industries Ltd.
    Nalco Holding Company
    NII Holdings Inc
    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
    NVR Inc
    OM Group Inc.
    Pall Corp.
    Palm Inc.
    Pantry Inc.
    Peabody Energy Corp.
    PPL Corp.
    Public Storage Inc.
    Quest Diagnostics Inc.
    Research in Motion Ltd.
    Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
    RPM International Inc.
    Safeway Inc.
    Scholastic Corp.
    Secure Computing Corp.
    Select Comfort Corp.
    Simon Property Group Inc.
    Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.
    Starbucks Corp.
    State Street Corp.
    Novell Inc.
    Payless ShoeSource Inc.
    PepsiCo Inc.
    Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.Petrobras
    Quanex Corp.
    Questar Corp.
    Raytheon Company
    RealNetworks Inc.
    RockTenn Company
    Rockwood Holdings Inc.
    Rohm and Haas Company
    Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc
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    TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.
    U.S. Bancorp
    Unibanco Unio de Bancos Brasileiros S.A.
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    VF Corp., Nordstrom Inc.
    Vornado Realty Trust
    WalMart Stores Inc.
    Westlake Chemical Corp.
    Weyerhaeuser Company
    Worthington Industries Inc.
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  • Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in his shoes. Thet way, when you do criticize him, you're a mile away and have his shoes.
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  • Bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with but I've been tripping all day.
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    "I saw a large manlike creature, covered with brown hair, about 7 feet tall! It was carrying in its arms what looked like a man! I could only see legs and shoes..."

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  • Shift

    By Jeff Street

    The subject of Trapped Emotions is one that many are not aware of, especially if they’re not familiar with energy and the energy body. A more common term for Trapped Emotions is “emotional baggage.” Although most people probably think that emotional baggage is just memories of emotionally traumatic life experiences, it is much more than that and has a slew of detrimental effects that most are unaware of.

    Just about everyone has some emotional baggage from painful life experiences. But it’s not all in your head like most people assume. Our emotional baggage is very real, and unbeknownst to most of us, it is causing profound negative effects on the quality of our lives including our health, relationships, happiness, success, and much more — including whether we’ll be able to continue participating in the ongoing Ascension process!

    Trapped negative emotions are one of the big hidden reasons why so many people are unwittingly manifesting needless adversity in their lives and sabotaging the manifestation of their true desires. And, as a quick aside, trapped emotions are just one of many reasons why many of us are sabotaging the manifestation of the success and abundance we deserve, check out my FREE e-book The Top 5 Reasons You Are Unwittingly Sabotaging

    The Manifestation Of Your True Desires to learn more about this.

    Despite the adverse effects of the trapped emotions that virtually all of us hold, the good news is that our trapped emotions can be released and by doing so many undesirable manifestations will often disappear from our lives. And perhaps more importantly, by learning some new skills, adopting some new perspectives about the challenges and people in our lives, and changing ourselves (our state of being) we can avoid creating new trapped emotions, and their harmful effects, in the future.

    The Detrimental Effects of Trapped Emotions

    Trapped negative emotions are the root cause of, or a significant contributing factor in, almost everything that goes wrong with your physical body. Including dysfunction, disease, and pain. They also contribute to creating dysfunction in your relationships, career, and in many other areas of your life.

    And trapped negative emotions often contribute to maintaining the undesirable circumstances that spawned them in the first place. And worse yet, they can even attract (via the Law of Attraction) similar adversity in the future. Trapped emotions are a potent force that is ever present and silently blocking you from manifesting health, happiness, and success.

    And last but not least, if we don’t clear our trapped negative emotions we will not be able to continue to participate in the ongoing ascension that is taking place here on Earth. If you are unaware of this, there is something profound underway on our planet. The long heralded great spiritual transformation of Humanity is underway. The energetic frequency of everything on Earth is rising, including the frequency of our bodies and consciousness. More and more people all over the planet are awakening and remembering their higher selves and the greater reality. More and more people’s level of consciousness is shifting upwards as well. This shift in consciousness will ultimately (over the next 20 to 80 years or so) completely transform ourselves and our world.

    One of the things that can hold us back from this process is our trapped negative emotions. They are literally like an anchor that will hold us down, not allowing us to ascend with everyone else if we don’t clear them from our bodies. As the frequency of everything rises the detrimental effects of having trapped emotions will be amplified and those holding them will experience increasing health issues and adversity. So more than ever, it is extremely important to clear one’s emotional baggage.

    With all the detrimental effects that Trapped Emotions cause I think you can appreciate why releasing them could be very helpful. Before we get into that let’s explore what Trapped Emotions really are and how they form in a bit more detail.

    What Are Trapped Emotions and How Do They Form

    Emotional baggage isn’t just memories trapped in your head it’s also negative energy that is trapped in various other parts of your body. Everything is energy — matter is energy, thoughts are energy, emotions are energy, and of course, your physical body is energy. Your body is a very complex set of energy patterns (energy of a very slow vibration that is visible and seems solid) and the energy of negative emotions interferes with the energy that composes your body and its functions. That’s why it causes pain, dysfunction, and disease. Besides the effects trapped negative emotions have on your health they also are a potent force that, by the Law of Attraction, attract undesirable circumstances into your life.

    Far too often many of us suppress and hold on to the negative emotions associated with unpleasant life experiences — emotions like anger, resentment, frustration, fear, sorrow, grief, despair, shame, unworthiness and so many more. When we do this, we trap the negative energy of the emotions in the energy field of our bodies.

    Why do we suppress the negative emotions that we feel from painful life experiences? We suppress them because we don’t like feeling that way and we just want it to stop, we just want to get rid of them. What we don’t realize is that by forcing ourselves to stop feeling the uncomfortable feelings we aren’t getting rid of them we’re just hiding them from ourselves. The energy of unfelt (unreleased) emotions just stays in our bodies energy field, where they arose in the first place. This is why we say the emotion is trapped — we didn’t want to fully feel those feelings and hence release them so they stay in the energy field of our body.

    Emotionally Charged Memories

    Your trapped emotions aren’t just isolated clumps of negative energy, they are associated with the memories of the experiences that “caused” them. As an aside, memories are energy patterns too, just like everything else.

    Our memories of our traumatic experiences often have very strong negative emotional energy associated with them — that is, some memories are highly charged. And those charges stay there until you release them, but you don’t because you don’t like thinking about that experience and feeling the way it makes you feel. Or if you do revisit those memories, and you feel the feelings, you hold onto the feelings because you want to — for instance, you want to remain angry and resentful about the perceived harm another “did” to you.

    But ultimately, your perception of any event, and the emotions that you feel because of it, is your choice despite how its seems. The choice to play the victim arises from not wanting to take full responsibility for all your experiences and how you interpret them. More about this important topic later in this article.

    The emotional charges associated with your memories can vary widely — from highly negative, to neutral or none, to highly positive. But of course, positively charged memories are not a problem, it’s the negatively charged ones that cause all the problems.

    And it’s not the memories themselves that are the problem. You can’t avoid your experiences being recorded as memories. There’s nothing wrong with memories, they are just objective recordings of what happened. It’s your interpretation of those experiences that creates the emotional charge associated with the memories.

    The reason you store the emotional charges with your memories is because during and after the experience that triggered them, while you were intellectually and emotionally processing the experience, you didn’t fully express, and hence release, the emotions associated with the experience. They were uncomfortable, and you didn’t want to keep feeling them. You may have also judged the emotions you were having as being “wrong” or “bad” — believing that you are not supposed to feel that way (for instance, some believe it’s wrong to be angry) making you feel even more uncomfortable with having those emotions.

    One of the keys to avoid trapping emotions is to understand that there’s nothing wrong with feeling any type of emotion, including uncomfortable ones. If we stop identifying with and judging our emotions and instead see them as natural and allow ourselves to feel them completely and let them flow out of us, and hence be released, we’ll be much better off.

    Instead, we bury them with the memory rather than fully feeling them at the moment and then releasing them. We force ourselves to stop feeling them and they get trapped in there with the memory. We think we’ve deleted the memory and associated feelings but all we’ve done is hidden them from ourselves — suppressed them and they become effectively trapped within us.

    And each time we revisit those memories and dredge up the associated emotions we just reinforce the memories and their associated emotional charge because we never release them and hence we unwittingly maintain or even reinforce those trapped emotions and all the undesirable effects they cause.

    How Trapped Emotions Affect What You Manifest

    Anyone with just a superficial understanding of the Law of Attraction understands the importance of deliberately choosing their thoughts and keeping them as positive and optimistic as possible. But what about your subconscious thoughts? Your subconscious mind has a big effect on what you manifest in your life.

    The detrimental effects of emotionally charged memories (trapped emotions) arise largely because they subconsciously affect how we think, feel, and behave and hence adversely affect what we experience and create. You may be trying your best to think positively at the conscious level, while subconsciously you are having lots of negative thoughts and feelings that are contradicting your conscious thoughts. The more trapped emotions you have, the more subconscious negative thoughts and feelings you have that are silently eroding or negating your conscious point of attraction and blocking the manifestation of your true desires and attracting adversity.

    Also, we sometimes revisit those emotionally charged memories on a more conscious level — often more frequently than we are aware of — just to wallow in anger, blame, self-pity, etc. or when we’re worrying that something similar might occur in the future.

    When you revisit your emotionally charged memories it’s like you’re reexperiencing the event with all of its thoughts and feelings. Which is the perfect formula for manifesting more of the same. It’s like the practice of intentionally visualizing and imagining your desires to hasten their manifestation except in this case your just remembering a past experience but the effect is the same — you are attracting it!

    When you revisit your traumatic memories and reexperience the emotions you are creating a very potent point of attraction which is increasing the chances of experiencing more of the same. And most of us are revisiting our traumatic memories and feelings far more often than we’re aware of. It’s kind of just a bad habit.

    This is probably why the Buddha shared these words of wisdom with the world:


    Releasing Your Trapped Emotions

    So, I hope I’ve impressed on you the profound detrimental effects that your trapped emotions are having on the quality of your life. The good news is there are many ways you can release or clear your trapped emotions and gain relief from their adverse effects.

    There are many different methods ranging from what I call passive external methods to active internal methods. What differentiates passive external methods from active internal methods is the degree which they require you to identify your trapped emotions and the experiences that created them, and to understand why you chose to interpret and respond to those experiences in the way you did, and perhaps prompts you to learn new ways of responding.

    Because completely passive external methods of releasing trapped emotions do not require you to identify or understand the trapped emotions and their genesis they are quick and easy as compared to methods that lie on the active internal end of the scale. But their downside is you don’t learn anything that will help you avoid responding differently to situations in the future and hence avoid trapping more emotions.

    In the following sections I’m going to explore some of the more well-known methods of releasing trapped emotions. There are probably more that I am not aware of and many variations but these are a good start at understanding the options. I’m going to start with the methods that are more passive external oriented and then progress to ones that are more active internal.

    Sound Therapy

    This method has many variations but what they all have in common is the use of sound to affect the energy in your body. One example of this is the use of a series of 6 musical tones called the Solfeggio Frequencies that are said to increasingly raise your vibration when listened to. These tones help dissolve or transmute negative energy such as trapped emotions which effectively releases them from your body and energy system.

    This method is a totally passive external method that does not require you to identify your trapped emotions, or the experiences that caused them. Check out this great article about the healing power of the solfeggio frequencies for more info and to listen to the tones.

    Third Party Removal

    There are a number of energy healers that act as facilitators or intermediaries for non-physical beings who provide the service of removing or dissolving our trapped negative emotional energy. The exact methods used by the various practitioners vary but they all claim to be able to remove your trapped emotions and provide immediate long-lasting relief from their adverse effects.

    This is a completely passive external method. It does not require you to identify your trapped emotions, or understand what experience was involved in creating them, or change yourself in any way. It simply requires you to want to clear yourself of negative energy and be willing to allow it to occur. A great example of someone who provides this service is Ethan Fox, check out Energy Transfer with Ethan Fox to learn more.

    The Emotion Code Method

    The Emotion Code method was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson and it uses muscle testing to quickly and accurately identify what trapped emotions a person has and what experience created them.

    Muscle testing is a procedure that accesses the subconscious mind (and infinite intelligence) to get yes or no and true or false answers to specific questions regarding what trapped emotions we have and their cause. Apparently, the spirit realms have provided us this query tool to facilitate clearing our negative trapped emotions which is essential if we are to awaken and ascend according to the divine plan because trapped negative emotions are one of the key things that are stopping us from achieving this.

    Once one has identified a trapped emotion they then state their intention to release the emotion and swipe a magnet (which produces an electromagnetic energy field) over the governing energy meridian of their body to amplify their intention and to release the emotion.

    The Emotion Code method is a hybrid method that lies somewhere between passive external and active internal. Even though the direct method is fairly passive and external in and of itself. Dr. Nelson, in his book The Emotion Code does address the changes of attitude and perspective that can greatly help in releasing old emotional wounds and avoid creating new ones.

    Overall, I think this is one of the best methods and one that anyone can learn and administer to oneself or one’s friends and family. Dr. Nelson provides a thorough explanation of the whole topic and teaches the methodology in his book The Emotion Codewhich I highly recommend.

    Regression Therapy

    Regression Therapy uses hypnosis to access a person’s subconscious mind to find forgotten and repressed experiences and the trapped negative emotions associated with them. The process facilitates the release of those trapped negative emotions and it also encourages the subject to change the way they interpreted those experiences and to change themselves so they will respond differently in the future making it perhaps the most active internal method available.

    Other Methods

    There are a bunch of other methods that claim to release trapped emotions that may or may not be effective. Here are a few of them: The Sedona Method, Access Bars, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping) — there are certainly others.
    Shortcomings of These Methods

    The problem with many of these methods is that even though they can clear your accumulated trapped negative emotions and the undesirable manifestations they cause from your life they do not ensure that you won’t trap more emotions in the future. And this is because they do not require you to change yourself — the way you interpret and respond to life’s traumatic experiences.

    No Longer Creating Trapped Emotions

    So how do you ensure you don’t trap more negative emotions in the future? By understanding how your current state of being is contributing to how you interpret and respond to challenging situations and learning a new way of being that responds differently. After all it is how you interpreted and responded to your past experiences that made them “traumatic” and “emotionally charged” and caused you to trap negative emotions in the first place.

    The Greek Stoic philosopher, Epictetus, had this to say about the importance of how you respond to life’s challenges:


    Here are several changes you can make to yourself that can change how you interpret and respond to life’s challenging situations. Making these changes will not only improve how you feel as these situations are occurring but will also greatly reduce the chances of trapping emotions.

    Here they are:

    Learn to deliberately choose your emotions rather than being emotionally reactive.
    Allow yourself to fully feel whatever emotions arise without judgment.
    Become more forgiving and less judgmental.
    Take full responsibility for everything you experience.
    Look for the pearl of wisdom in every situation and learn the lesson rather than blaming.

    Let’s explore each of these in more depth.

    Reducing Your Emotional Reactivity

    One of the things that contributes to the creation of trapped negative emotions is your level of emotional reactivity. Emotional reactivity is when you unconsciously react to situations with strong negative emotions. It’s when you let circumstances dictate how you feel and respond rather than deliberately choosing how you want to feel and respond. It’s your knee jerk reactions that you have to life’s happenings.

    One thing that can help you transcend reactivity is being aware that you, and only you, choose your emotions.

    You Choose Your Emotions

    Many people believe that their emotions are caused by what someone else is doing or the situation they find themselves in. You’ve seen this belief in action if you’ve heard people saying things like "My husband makes me so mad…" or "That made me so depressed…" or

    "That put me in such a bad mood."

    Of course, this is kind of ridiculous because no one but you chooses how to interpret and respond to situations — no one can make you feel any emotion that you don’t choose to feel. Things that happen to you do not determine the emotions that you feel. Although you may not have deliberately chosen every circumstance you find yourself in, you do have the ability to choose how you think, feel, and act. No matter what happens, you ultimately are responsible for how you respond.

    Many of us unwittingly fall victim to our emotions at times. Our knee-jerk emotional reactions can happen so fast that it seems like there isn’t any time to choose differently. If you are late for an appointment, you may automatically feel anxious. If someone treats you rudely, you might automatically feel offended. When you are insulted or abused, you may immediately feel resentful or angry in response.

    All of us experience disturbing situations occasionally but unless you take responsibility for how you respond, you will simply react. When you allow yourself to react, your subconscious mind and your ego often will deliver negative emotion, likely ones used in similar circumstances in the past. This is because you are allowing the situation to trigger your automatic response patterns, but you don’t have to. You can override them and deliberately choose how to respond. In every new situation you encounter you can choose to feel and respond differently than you have in the past.

    You always are choosing your emotions it is just that you are either doing it unconsciously or consciously. Simply becoming aware of this can greatly facilitate you becoming less emotionally reactive. Of course, setting an intention to become more deliberate about how you respond to life’s bumps can help greatly also. It’s not always easy but you can get better at it with intent and practice.

    So here’s a practical suggestion on how to avoid simply reacting unconsciously the next time you are faced with a challenging situation. When you feel that surge of negative emotions starting to build (and with practice noticing this will be come easier) take a short pause and breathe. This gives yourself the space to connect with your higher-self and remember who you really are or want to be and to consider what response will be the most productive, loving, and compassionate. And only then respond in a deliberate fashion based on that.

    Of course, one of the keys to consistently choosing to feel and respond differently is to fundamentally change how you interpret situations. And the key to this is to adopt new beliefs and attitudes about people and situations. What I’m talking about here is adopting a more understanding, forgiving, less judgmental attitude, taking more responsibility for your experiences (rather than the tendency to blame others), and focusing on the pearl of wisdom that these situations almost always contain, rather than focusing on the problem itself. I will explore all of these in some detail shortly but first let’s take a look at how to handle the emotions that do arise, so you can reduce the chances that you will repress them and trap them.

    Allowing Yourself to Feel the Emotions Fully

    Regardless of what emotions do arise you must not judge those emotions or yourself for having them. Doing this is part of the reason that you suppress and trap them.

    To ensure that you don’t trap them you must allow yourself to feel those emotions fully — without judgment. There’s nothing wrong with how you feel, they are just feelings. Let them flow through you and feel them completely. Really let yourself vent — jump up and down, scream, cry, or whatever you need to do and just keep doing it until the feeling dissipates.

    You might want to remove yourself from the situation before you do this but let yourself do this. And like I said, and this is very important, don’t judge what you are feeling or yourself for feeling that way — this will only encourage you to suppress those emotions, which is what we are trying to avoid.

    The goal is to feel your feelings fully and then let them go. If you hold a grudge or can’t stop thinking about a situation it’s probably because you haven’t released the emotional charge that you allowed that situation to create within you.

    Becoming More Forgiving and Less Judgmental

    One of the ways that you can change how you interpret and hence respond to events is nurture a less judgmental and more forgiving attitude. The inability to let go and forgive is one of the primary reasons why people end up with trapped negative emotions. Understanding the reasons why you are less forgiving and non-judgmental than perhaps you could be, and how to change that is therefore an important step on the road to no longer creating trapped emotions. Let’s take a look at some of them.
    Reducing Your Egoic Pride

    One of the reasons that people find it difficult to let go and forgive is egoic pride. Although there are positive types of pride, egoic pride is an insidious and damaging type of pride that ultimately ends up harming those that wield it even though they are likely completely unaware of this fact. And sadly, it is very common.

    Egoic pride expresses as selfishness, jealousy, hatred, resentment, superiority, ill will, or anger toward others. Egoic pride leads those that are in its grip down a dark path to strong negative emotional reactivity, often starting with the feeling of resentment. And of course, this makes them unwilling to forgive others. Instead, they hold on to the real or imagined wrongs they have suffered, and allow themselves to feel angry, frustrated, resentful, etc. And in the worst case it may even drive them to pursue retribution against those they perceive have hurt them.

    What they unfortunately don’t realize is how damaging holding onto negative emotions is to themselves — because if they did, they would certainly choose to change their ways.

    Becoming aware of the nature and consequences of egoic pride and to what degree we are in its grip can be very helpful in nurturing the ability to be less reactive, more forgiving, and to let go. The problem is that even though it’s very easy to recognize egoic pride in others, it is often very difficult to recognize in ourselves. But of course, with increased self-awareness you should be able to catch it in yourself. A sure sign that your egoic pride might be out of control is if you are easily and quickly offended (and brought to anger, frustration, and resentment) and tend to hold a grudge.


    The Liberating Effect of Forgiveness

    It is so important to understand how much that letting go of old hurt feelings helps you. You may think that you are justified in holding on to hurt feelings because it punishes those that hurt you. But in truth, holding on to negative emotions hurts only you, not them. Those that you perceive have wronged you may or may not be aware of how you feel and may or may not suffer along with you. But your choice to hold onto the perceived wrong ultimately hurts you far more than anyone else.

    The Buddha eloquently echoed this point when he uttered these words of wisdom:


    They may have done something truly horrible and it may seem impossible to let it go. This is your opportunity to do something truly liberating — you can choose to forgive them unconditionally and free yourself of all of the negativity associated with the situation.

    Forgiveness and Unconditional Love

    One of the keys to becoming more forgiving is to foster the quality of unconditional love and compassion within ourselves. These qualities will motivate us to look beyond the surface of another’s actions to try to understand why they behaved that way. These qualities will enhance your ability to understand how and why they feel the way the do and why they have behaved the way they did.

    When our hearts are full of love and compassion we are much more likely to get beyond our own self-centeredness, and we are much more forgiving, patient, and kind, we are much more interested in the welfare of others and making others happy, and we are much less likely to develop trapped emotions. Our tendency will be to overlook the faults and weaknesses of others, rather than to judge them. Our tendency will be to look deeper into the reasons behind another’s actions and feelings and understand that they are just doing the best they can based on the sum of all their experiences up to this point in their life.

    Beyond Forgiveness

    We may even realize the deep wisdom that if we were in their shoes, truly in their shoes, we would feel and do the same. And so often the harm we do to each other is unintentional or happens out of ignorance and looking beyond the surface will often make us realize this. These realizations take you to the lofty understanding that everyone is doing the best they can given their life history and experiences up to this point and that it really could not be any other way. Then you begin to see the challenges as simply opportunities for everyone to learn and grow.

    The qualities of unconditional love and compassion are worth nurturing within yourself because they will create a life of positivity that will have you floating joyously high above the negativity and drama of most of the everyday world.
    Taking Full Responsibility for Your Experiences

    A very important realization that is both critical to self-empowerment and greatly facilitates changing how you interpret and respond to life’s challenges is taking full responsibility for everything that comes into your experience. For anyone on the road to self-mastery and mastery of their creatorship a crucial understanding is that blaming others is a hugely disempowering habit. When you blame others you implicitly are saying to yourself and the Universe “something outside of myself, over which I have no control, is the cause of my experiences and my happiness.”

    Which of course is not true, because you are creating your reality absolutely without exception with your very own thoughts and beliefs regardless of whether you understand how. And by not embracing this you effectively abdicate your creatorship and you unconsciously create your experience which will likely contain more adversity and undesirable things than you would prefer.

    The most productive attitude is “there is nothing being done to me.” By the Law of Attraction, you draw to yourself every experience your soul requires, in order to learn, evolve and grow.


    When you accept this completely, you will begin to really see the gift in every situation, however challenging, and you will extract the pearl of wisdom from it and use it to propel your growth and evolution, and you will never again dwell on your past experiences with the slightest amount of resentment or remorse.

    Focusing on the Pearl of Wisdom

    Another way that you can change how you interpret and respond to life’s challenging situations is to always focus on the pearl of wisdom that every challenging situation almost always provides you — rather than focusing on the immediate problem or offense.

    Is there a higher principle or ideal that can be gleaned from the situation? Is there a lesson to be learned? What pearl of wisdom does the situation contain that can help you grow to be a wiser, more loving, and happier being?

    Focusing on the wisdom to be gleaned from, and the growth opportunity provided by, every situation takes you to a higher plane far above judgment, blame, recrimination, and any other negativity to something far more productive. And it will greatly increase your chances of never trapping negative emotions again and unwittingly suffering their insidious damaging consequences.

    Cultivating Self-Awareness

    One of the key skills that is important to transforming yourself so you can forever become free of negativity and the threat of trapping negative emotions is self-awareness. Self-awareness is essential to all forms of healing and change. Without awareness of your state of being no change is possible — awareness enables the choice to make a change. While this may seem obvious it is often overlooked. Without becoming aware of our defensive and negative thoughts and judgments how are we to choose to be different.

    Nurturing and cultivating greater self-awareness is crucial to all growth including growing beyond emotional reactivity and holding on to negative emotions. One thing you can do that will help with this is to set the intention to become more aware of mental and emotional habits and behaviors. You might perhaps even ask for help and guidance — from the Universe, or God, or your spirit guides, or your higher-self, whatever works for you.

    And believe it or not this will actually help you begin to catch yourself reacting in ways that perhaps you’d like to change. When you do catch yourself reacting go ahead and acknowledge it and give thanks that it has come to your attention. For example, you might say to yourself, "I’m feeling irritable for some reason. I’m really glad I can see that." The increased awareness that you will cultivate will give you the opportunity to learn, grow, and change.

    If you always respond to becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings with something like "I’m really glad I can see that." and you feel genuinely pleased and grateful to be able to notice them and have the opportunity to address the source of them then you will find yourself quickly becoming more and more self-aware. And as you do you will find yourself gaining deeper and deeper insights into yourself and making more and more healthy changes. Just remember to be non-judgmental about anything you find in yourself that you would prefer to change. You don’t have to make yourself wrong to change yourself, in fact, it makes it harder. It is always most productive to notice your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors lovingly and without judgment.

    With sincere intention and practice you can become very self-aware and this will facilitate much learning, growth, and change in yourself for the better.
    Summing it Up

    Trapped negative emotions are one of the biggest causes of all sorts of adverse effects on your health and what you can manifest in your life. You create them when you interpret and respond to situations that unfold in your life with strong negative emotions that you are uncomfortable with completely feeling so you suppress them, which only traps them in the energy field of your body and hides them from you.

    There are quite a few ways that you can release or clear existing trapped emotions from yourself that will give you relief from there adverse effects. But ultimately, you will need to fundamentally change yourself if you want to avoid creating new trap emotions and subjecting yourself to their adverse effects in the future.

    The choice to clear your trapped emotions and learn how to avoid creating more in the future should be a no-brainer once you understand how damaging they are to the quality of your life.

    To your success!

    Explore the magnificent truth of what we are with this fascinating collection of essays on the metaphysical nature of reality, self, and existence by Jeff. Topics explored are the structure of universal consciousness and our relationship to it, the universal ascension process, the illusion of time, the mechanics of reality creation, and more!
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