• Abstract Painting

    Open doors to darkened rooms
    shut the windows
    choke the springtime air we breath

    Hanging on the northern wall
    set above the hardwood shelf
    the abstract painting
    tells it all

    A tortured night
    a twisted day
    a small blue wall
    to hide the way

    A smile by itself
    in a flower bed
    holding hands
    with the god of war

    a hundred dove flock
    across the sky
    the smile watches as they pass
    she knows its not the final stop

    a choke hold on
    the god o war
    she knows in his hear
    he's weak and naive

    a smile and her touch
    it's all that I need..........

    She's naked
    shes dressed
    she stands all alone

    her lovers and dreamers
    all bow at her feet

    the crown on her head
    looks much like a halo.......
    no...... more like a wall,
    an entrenching circle
    to keep out the pain
    and stark reality
    to hold in emotions
    explosive bold face.

    a picture to some
    a story to others
    a spot on the wall
    where something was spilled

    The abstract painting
    on the wall
    of a room with
    no address...

    By Jody Williams
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