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    Citizen of Gotham@BitChute Citizen of Gotham@UGETube Citizen of Gotham2@YouTube
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    Rheist - Impunity [II045S] by INSANE INDUSTRY RECORDINGS
    Rheist - Impunity [II045S] Written & Produced By Rheist Mastered By Draugr INSANE INDUSTRY RECORDINGS All Rights Reserved, 21 October 2020 Cat. II045S @rheist @draugr8 ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Follow INSANE INDUSTRY: BC: SC: @insane-industry FB: IG: MC: DM: Website: Discogs: Official Facebook group: Youtube Channel: Merchandise:
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  • Gates-owned WHO warns against pursuing herd immunity to stop ‘virus’ (a gathering common theme from Cult operatives) but ‘herd immunity’ can be achieved by VACCINATION. So blatant it’s almost funny
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  • Minister Nadine Dorries says herd immunity doesn’t exist – So why are parents told they have to vaccinate their children to achieve ‘herd immunity’? Dorries is Minister of State for Mental Health, Suicide Prevention & Patient Safety. Oh, going well then
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  • How Referral Program Works On Bk8Asia.
    We rise by lifting others.
    The accuracy of this simple statement is underrated. When you have something that fetches you an income, you can tell your struggling neighbor to join you and make some money for themselves too. This is exactly how referral marketing works, it is also known as word-of-mouth marketing.

    Bk8Asia online casino can boast of having millions of winning players all over Asia, and these members didn't just register overnight . It took a referral marketing strategy to get to this stage.
    To make the referral program more fascinating for members, Bk8Asia made the process quick and easy with plenty of rewards for both the referrer and the referee.

    Bk8Asia referral program is designed to motivate existing members to invite friends and family to join Bk8, thereby earning more points for themselves and building the online casino network.
    If you haven't started utilizing the benefits of Bk8Asias referral program you're missing out on so much to be honest.

    So the big question is - how does the referral program on Bk8Asia work?
    That's right.
    So, let's get straight into details.

     Your unique referral code.
    Once you register as a member on Bk8Asia, the system automatically generates your unique referral code that looks just like this ”jknqwaoh”.
    You just simply have to send this generated code or unique URL to the person you want to invite. It's as simple as that!

     Your rewards come next!
    After your referral must have successfully signed up, he/she will receive a welcome bonus and other bonuses available for newbies on Bk8Asia.
    And for you the referrer your reward is not a one-time thing, you'll continue to receive unending rewards from your referrals as long as they remain active.
    These rewards come in form of points, gift prizes, cash rewards and bet credits. The points you get can be used to redeem gifts too.
    So you see, it's a win-win thing for both the referrer and the referee.

     The chain continues.
    There is no limit to how many members you can invite with your unique referral code, the chain is endless. Keep spreading the word about Bk8Asia and keep sharing your link.
    You're not only earning an income for yourself but you're also building a team in the process.
    Try to check up on your referees from time to time time to see how they're doing in bringing their own referrals too, you can't grow without them.
    The more people they invite, the more you earn rewards.
    This referral system is a very good way to increase your earnings in Bk8Asia asides wagering and winning.

    To make this program more active and fun for members, Bk8Asia just introduced a referral tournament, where members will have to challenge each other to a referral contest.
    You can stand a chance to win big prizes from this tournament, keep referring as many people as you can.
    If you succeeded in reading this piece till this point then you are ready to grab this referral program opportunity and start earning some extra bucks for yourself. Simply visit Bk8Asias official website to register now and generate your own unique referral code.

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    Esports Betting Malaysia | Esports Casino
    Esports bet at BK8Asia! Bet online on Dota 2, FIFA, LOL and more. Placing a bet on Esports has never been so easy. Fast technical support and withdrawal.
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  • A complete guide on health informatics

    In healthcare, the term Health informatics is defined as an information technology that can help organize and analyze health records to improve healthcare outcomes. Healthcare informatics solutions deal with the kind of resources & the devices and methods that can be used in medicine. There are some tools which include medical terminology, communication systems, and also computer technology. It provides electronic access to the medical records for the patient, nurses, hospital admins, insurance companies, and health information technicians. Health informatics is a growing way too rapidly. There could be many online and on-campus certificate programs in health informatics and health-related information management.

    As providers moved quickly to embrace EHRs, which are designed to store and share information from all providers involved in a patient’s care, Informatics in healthcare specialists will continue to help healthcare facilities implement new systems, upgrade existing databases and work toward the development of a fully interoperable healthcare system. In the continually evolving field of health informatics, the goal is to use this data and the insights it produces to Improve patient care at the individual and clinical level and also to improve the health of entire populations and also enable health organizations to deliver care more cost-effectively.

    Nursing Informatics

    Nursing informatics is “the specialty that integrates nursing science with multiple information management and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage, and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice.” Much like clinical informatics, this field of study is aimed at supporting clinical caregivers, in this case, nurses, in their practice and in their ability to support and care for patients.

    Public Health Informatics

    Public health informatics builds bridges across siloed public health work areas by ‘translating’ between these communities, creating opportunities for interoperable information pathways. Ultimately, public health informatics empowers disease interventions and prevention—leading to better health of individuals and the community in which they live.”

    Read more about Health Informatics here.
    Health Informatics - Osplabs
    Health informatics - custom healthcare informatics solutions that harness all the medical data from the health information systems to offer actionable insights. We build medical informatics to boost the quality of patient outcomes through healthcare information systems.
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  • What is Healthcare software product development?

    It may not be buzzing in mainstream tech conversations. Still, the healthcare software industry has long surpassed multi-billion-dollar marks and shows no signs of slowing down. While the software has been leveraged in healthcare extensively, market opportunity and room for exploration remain vast. Healthcare software product development is typically developed for simulation and medical training, research, diagnosis, database storage and equipment planning. Healthcare software product development can be defined as any software developed for the purposes of the healthcare industry. As such, it encompasses medical solutions. Software product development are developed to improve the patient experience by streamlining communication between hospitals, patients, pharmacies and other healthcare suppliers, digitizing patient record storage, appointment scheduling, prescriptions, drug ordering and delivery, and improving hospital management processes including logistics and CRM.

    Off the Shelf vs. Custom Healthcare Software Development

    Healthcare application development is tailor-made to the client’s needs and specifications. They are also easily scalable, yield long-term cost savings, are more impervious to security breaches, and the list goes on. These are, therefore, advisable to organizations with unique, highly complex, and sensitive requirements. The disadvantages of developing custom healthcare solutions are just as intuitive; In a nutshell, they take more time, effort, and initial investment. The shelf healthcare software solutions are commercial products developed to cater to the general market needs. They are non- to moderately customizable in terms of function and branding, and require a less initial investment.

    Read more about Healthcare software Product development here.
    Healthcare Software Product development - Osplabs
    OSP Labs healthcare software product development solutions help organizations to design, develop and deploy advanced healthcare software solutions faster and efficiently.
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  • Implementation guide to Population health management

    In healthcare, Population Health Management (PHM) is an integral part of the healthcare system in the U.S. It tends to govern the process of care to a community of people with similar healthcare needs. Population health management solution is acting as a unified platform of analytics for improving the insights of patients, care managers, and care providers towards population health management. Care providers can find outpatients who need primary healthcare interventions. This helps in laying a proactive foundation for improved preventive care and better disease management. With Population health management analytics, patients are now getting involved in different patient meeting platforms to fulfill their care goals.

    Population health solutions itself encompasses the proactive implementation of strategies and interventions to specify people groups' cohorts across the gamut of healthcare delivery to sustain or improve health at the lowest possible cost. Marking a shift from acute care due to electronic data availability, PHM is now focusing on shared accountability provisions to increase its scope. This expansion covers an increasing keenness for data related to other care pathways and the continuum and formal fiscal agreements for sharing the responsibility.

    They are putting Population health management(PHM) to work for better future outcomes. The ultimate goal of Population health management systems is to improve the quality of care while reducing costs. PHM helps improve care for patients with chronic and costly conditions by providing solutions that track and manage their care. PHM also helps in Cost savings for providers by leveraging data analytics. It helps improve clinical outcomes while reducing costs.

    Read more about the Population Health Management in here.
    Population Health Management - Osplabs
    Population Health Management - Population health management strategies to improve the outcomes of the US public health system using advanced patient health analytics and state-of-the-art population health management informatics.
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