• Enjin CTO on the revolutionary ideas Enjin is exploring for the Multiverse
    Coin Rivet recently spoke with the co-founder and CTO of Enjin, Witek Radomski, to discuss the wacky and revolutionary ideas Enjin has for the blockchain gaming Multiverse
    Coin Rivet recently spoke with Enjin co-founder and CTO Witek Radomski to discuss the wild, wacky, and revolutionary ideas and concepts Enjin is exploring for the blockchain gaming Multiverse.

    Witek discussed how the Multiverse is providing genuine innovation that the mainstream gaming industry has been lacking for some time.

    The Multiverse is a collaborative effort of many game developers feeding into one unique and authentic experience for both the developer and the player.

    One of the central pillars of the Multiverse is the ability to take in-game items from one game to the next – almost as if the player is being transported to a different universe complete with all their hard-earned gear.
    Enjin CTO on the revolutionary ideas Enjin is exploring for the Multiverse
    Coin Rivet recently spoke with the co-founder and CTO of Enjin, Witek Radomski, to discuss the wacky and revolutionary ideas Enjin has for the Multiverse.
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  • [A note on Channelling]

    Many Service-to-Others galactic, inner earth and interdimensional beings have reached out to humanity before, they were taken as gods and worshipped. This is not what they wanted. They wanted us to empower ourselves and create the change that we want to see.

    Of course there are Serivce-to-Self beings who has taken advantage of this and created a whole mess on our planet, but their time of reign is over.

    Just as we as channellers discern the beings and information that we receive, so do they. Channelling is not a game, it's not for fun, it's a serious discipline and requires the channeller to continuously work on themselves to clear their energetic blockages and raise their vibration.

    The lighter the vessel, the brighter and clearer the messages.

    The stronger the vessel, the more wings can be made.

    It really comes down to being grounded, remembering that you are always the empowered one, these are just guides, having an open heart and release the ego.

    It's a humbling journey to expand one's consciousness if this is the chosen path.

    Once again, channelling is a skill that anyone can learn.

    Channelling gives one great insight and knowledge about one's path, but the end goal is always to empower you and to help you see that you are one with Source and there is a great power within.

    Learn to open your heart, trust your own inner guidance and open your (third) eye to experience the miracles that this universe has to offer.
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  • #wakeup.. #political I am wondering how we are going to change the world? It must be done. We exist under what are certainly, intolerably unreasonable, political scenarios that ride herd on our freedoms like some shadow sailing over us, instead of an organized instrument of the people that fosters potential futures that actually serve the growth of mankind, and the unfathomable genetic depth of life on this ancient planet. When profit is the motive for industry, that industry is likely not profitable to the people at large, and even more unlikely to be designed to conform to a more ideal human future.

    OnStellar, has the potential to be such a forum, but the ideological synergism hoped for in the beginning hasn't spawned the outpouring of truth that was expected, even though we finally had a forum without rules. So why are we not burning up OnStellar with our knowledge of what is going on around us? Though many on my contacts list, are listed as not appearing for months now, it does seem that the most important players are still in the game. We need to blow on the coals! This fire needs oxygen! I am guilty as well. My posting here has been minimal. Many, many things have been occurring on a local level, but I chastise myself as well.

    I am just wondering about our fate here, on Earth, and I wonder how much of the full disclosure of the future, actually begins in concepts like OnStellar and the efforts of the people who put this fine entity together, for the sake of humanity! For the sake of the world and the truths they know need to be told! Heroes for certain, but we need to wield words here like Thor's Hammer, and put our perceptions out on the table, so we can sort through the jumble of mismedia, or propogandic presentations that do not serve the higher aspirations, human beings in general, incline toward. Those higher visions of what we can be, are true visions of the future, and the more we stay on the path, the shorter time it takes to make the journey to that intelligent existence. The path is always under our feet, as imperfection is impossible in a Universe such as this, but we wander needlessly away from our lovely goal. Every war has been just a bad choice, of people who have run themselves out of other options. War need never happen again. The environment is unchallengingly precious, and must be protected at all costs. We must know what and why they are spraying things in our skies, AND what they are spraying.

    I am just reaching out, trying to strike a match, maybe kindle some true dialog with the great minds I see on the list to my right. How can we align this world to true purpose, if we cannot start fires in rich tender like OnStellar? You will know the situation is dire, when it becomes obvious to the oblivious, and we have arrived! It is past the time to wake. The alarm has been ringing for years. I welcome your comments.
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  • People with a Sense of Unity Experience Greater Life Satisfaction https://snooze2awaken.com/2019/05/05/people-with-a-sense-of-unity-experience-greater-life-satisfaction/ #lifesatisfaction #satisfaction #happiness #joy #contentment #humanpotential #consciousness #consciousevolution #unity #unityconsciousness #wellness #wellbeing #healing #health #mentalhealth #awareness #awakening #psychology #positivethinking #positivity #connectedness #interconnectedness #universe #mind #enlightenment #meditation #spirituality #metaphysics #oneness #inspiration
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  • For Those Who Are Unknowingly Afflicted With The "Mr. Magoo Syndrome" —

    Imagine that you are a fish, swimming in a pond - and that you can move forwards & backward, side to side, but you can never move yourself up and out of the water...If someone happened to be standing right beside the pond, watching you, you would have absolutely no idea that they were even there - because, to you, that little pond is an entire Universe, and is the only reality that you've ever known...Now imagine that someone reaches down into the water and lifts you out of the pond. You would [then] see that what you had previously thought was the 'entire world' is now only a small pool... You would eventually see other ponds... The trees... The mountain ranges... The cloud-formations overhead, and the vastness of Earth's horizon in a 360-degree / panoramic mode-of-vision... You would [then] inevitably begin to realize that you are a part of a much larger and more perplexing 'reality-setting' than you had ever dreamed of beforehand from within the blurry containment facility of your initial limited surroundings.
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  • We are THAT, prior to the Universe arising. So at least we have THAT going for us.
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  • The “World Group Service” will be facilitated by WhiteAvatar,through the collective universal voice of us all. As a vessel, I give us all my voice to facilitate the Consciousness of God~Creator~Love.
    This is no religion, it is no man with white beard in the sky, or an entity in a physical or non physical vessel. This is the purest Consciousness of creation itself. This is beyond the creation of universes. Many third dimensional, linear words for this frequency is used by us humans. This is the source of “Simplicity of life, and the way of living as co~creative beings,on this planet,and all creations there is. This Consciousness invites in all of God~Creator~Loves children,all around creation. Beyond the human lineage, all children in all ages that is. It has come a time, where balance shall yet again lay in everyone’s hearts, and live it through the physical and non physical vessels, everywhere.
    The illusion of separation, the belief systems of linear thinking, all world created matrix systems shall crumble; one by one,from the inside,and out. The healing of collective wounds shall be taken to a whole new level of awareness,and understanding. The time where we as humans separate us into groups are dying. We shall stand together in the storms to come. The controllers of the linear created systems shall return to source energy, and the balanced shall inherit the way of the living.
    God~Creator~Love has never left the building, only those who listened, stopped listening. It has come a time, where we shall all start listening again.
    And this time we shall act!

    In humble love, I EL, invite you,Brothers and Sisters from all around creation,to join in a co-creative awakening, once and for all.

    This will be an interStellar event ✨

    More info will be at www.whiteavatar.com next week. Today’s date is 27 April 2019.

    The Force IS with us.

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  • Challenge :
    Not buying anything for a year!
    The thought is: There is nothing out there, it is all inside of me. And! The universe provides with anything when i need it. Not buying anything for a year, except food could be possible. I already had to make an exception for yardsales...
    An average person holds minimum 10.000 items in their household. Lots of that is never used, clothign only worn for special occasions, things kept in boxes just to consider using them in some time in the future. I can sew so that won't be a drama.
    Not buying anything for a year means to me, i have to look at what is already there and piling up in my apartment and finally start using it! The goal is to cut what i own in half. I am moving at the end of the year so it makes sense for that too.
    I am going into total allowing, total trust and expecting all needs to be fullfilled.
    I will also consider "scandinavian death cleaning". That is a way to get rid of stuff you want to keep because you want to pass it on to children, friends or other when the time comes to go. And getting rid of stuff you don't want others to find out about.
    It will be fun how the "Matrix" reacts to this.
    ...to be continued.
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    the devil's surround me
    like a desert storm
    how can I grow
    when I scream there is no sound
    when I look I cannot see
    when I feel, .. my heart is crying
    no end to this misery
    faraway from my people
    they all abandoned me
    long ago

    broken love surrounds me
    love, love, love
    always there when I hit the ground
    life me up women
    hold me tight
    let’s have some peace
    just for tonight
    kiss me, kiss me, kiss me hun
    till the darkness fades
    Into the light

    let’s spend the day in bed
    do it all again
    got something to show you hun
    It’s my writhing soul
    love comes from above
    hate comes from below
    fear I’ve never had to know
    eleven dragons tried to eat me
    turns out I’m all *******
    they took one sniff
    embraced me as their own

    shiney one light my way
    In the darkness,
    as we play
    no love is ever wasted
    as you well know,
    it’s always tainted
    true love is never fragile
    no, .. you can not break it
    I can see right through you, .. hun
    You can see through me

    If you want somebody
    You better let them know
    It’s the only way for love can grow
    even a nobody like me has love

    once the flame is ignited
    the fire spreads, … you can fight it
    You will get burnt, .. but you can’t deny it
    feel my pain as I lay dying
    whisper to me all my crimes of youth
    remind me of my living wild
    I need you now
    I need your love
    doesn’t matter how you find me
    our life together was a crime wave
    crimson blood bleeding out on the floor
    let me taste you one last time
    before I go
    tomorrow , .. when i’m gone
    You’ll go to my closet
    and smell my close
    Yeah, .. smell my close
    then I’ll live in your universe

    [rough draft] ... part one

    ĐłⱤɆ ⱠɆ₲łØ₦ © April 8 - 2019
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  • It's an easy mistake to make. Many of us come to holistic healing looking for something to fix us, something to make us feel better about ourselves.
    Often times we are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and want something to give us our peace back.
    The most difficult lesson is that we can only find permanently within ourselves. Other people, places or things may help temporarily, but at the end of the day it's down to number one.
    Luckily, all the peace in the universe already resides inside of you, you just have to learn how to tap into it.
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