• Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates & No MMR Vaccine = Healthier Children https://snooze2awaken.com/2019/05/09/japan-leads-the-way-no-vaccine-mandates-no-mmr-vaccine-healthier-children/ “A central tenet of a free and democratic society is the freedom to make informed decisions about medical interventions that carry serious potential risks. This includes the right to be apprised of benefits and risks—and the ability to say no.” #vaccines #vaccination #vaccinedangers #vaccineinjury #vaccinelies #vaccinesdontwork #MMRvaccine #BigPharma #bigpharmakills #mercuryinvaccines #health #publichealth #healthychildren #infantmortality #wellness #wellbeing #flushots #flushotscam #medicalcartel #mandatoryvaccination #medicaltyranny #lifeexpectancy #vaccinesaretoxicandnotvegan #freedomofchoice #medicalfreedom #medicalexemption #immunization #herdimmunityhoax #vaccinesharm #vaccinesandautoimmunity
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  • People with a Sense of Unity Experience Greater Life Satisfaction https://snooze2awaken.com/2019/05/05/people-with-a-sense-of-unity-experience-greater-life-satisfaction/ #lifesatisfaction #satisfaction #happiness #joy #contentment #humanpotential #consciousness #consciousevolution #unity #unityconsciousness #wellness #wellbeing #healing #health #mentalhealth #awareness #awakening #psychology #positivethinking #positivity #connectedness #interconnectedness #universe #mind #enlightenment #meditation #spirituality #metaphysics #oneness #inspiration
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  • When we become more aware of how poverty consciousness is being engineered into the materialistic minds that power up and feed into the machine of the global consumerism economy, we can see one of the main goals is to keep individuals feeling a constant pressure and concern over gaining material possessions and assessing their access to resources that equate into personal status, security or power. This same social conditioning is aimed directly at the spiritual ascension communities or those that are heavily marketing themselves on social media towards the consciousness industry, to manipulate the lower instinctual drives and get people to buy or endorse many forms of spiritual consumerism and label it as “being conscious”. By specifically targeting and spreading poverty consciousness fears designed to generate insecurity, doubt and desperation in the masses, they fuel the deification of materialistic values throughout the world, and this runs an infection throughout many spiritually based modalities. Consumerism has become the main world religion, which capitalizes on the insecurity and survival fears in people in order to continually sell and market assembly lines of products, and it is wise to remember that spiritual products are also used in the same way.

    On the spiritual path, if we are being honest with ourselves, it is important to observe the exact same marketing schemes used to make ascension, or higher consciousness a consumer item that can be easily purchased. Marketing campaigns are being used with all the consumer key notes to attract a massive spiritual following, and are being introduced and peddled to the public through social media, and YouTube. People that generally are not equipped with strong discernment and a cultivated b.s. meter, have the tendency to give away their personal power to an outside influence, such as a guru type, group consciousness or a spiritual consumerism movement marketing themselves as a spiritual authority. Too many people are believing that spirituality, expanding consciousness, and becoming enlightened can be achieved through the pathway of consumer spirituality and self-proclaimed experts that call themselves masters. They can buy enlightenment, have a glamourous spiritual life hanging out on the galactic planes, rather than commit to the deeper inner work of clearing the shadow, by observing the unruly ego in action and correcting abusive patterns of behavior.

    Materialistic values powering up consumer cultures glorify and breed narcissistic personalities that have little to no empathy for other people. People that are materialistic and externally motivated tend to equate their value, worth and esteem on their accumulated wealth, status and possessions. Yet, the same pitfall is common under the label of spirituality or higher consciousness, a breed of spiritual consumerism that is marketed as enlightenment to gain a marketed level of faux spiritual status. A belief that enlightenment can be achieved through instant gratification and by skimming on the surface of life, while ignoring the deeper inner emotional work that leads to personal accountability and greater integrity.

    People that are materialistic tend to have highly ambitious, competitive, arrogant, and aggressive behaviors and are deeply concerned with issues of personal adequacy and exerting their power in the world. These unethical qualities can show up quite aggressively in that which can be labeled as a spiritual community, or in the industry that has sprouted up around topics promoting higher consciousness development. Thus, when a spiritual community or organization operates with this blaring blind spot, they also will compromise ethical and humane behavior in order to accumulate the resources and possessions they want, in order to gain more power for their cause. Maybe they justify that power grab as required for serving the greater good, they feel they have a greater mission that is more important than others around them. Maybe they have deemed themselves as the leader of a mass movement for needed consciousness shifting, and like many others that have gone before them, are leaving the same trail of emotional damage and destruction in their wake. A spiritual leader is a servant of the people, and holding compassion and empathy for others is the primary milestone of being dedicated to the spiritual ascension path. Otherwise, it can quickly digress into a consciousness trap with astral delusions of grandeur that cause a root downfall from repeated power abuses. How many times have we seen the same storyline, different era, different people working in the spiritual communities, yet the same abusive narrative is repeated over and over, and goes unnoticed and unrecognized?

    Over many years, the group dynamics and world of forces present in many spiritual groups are not recognizing power abuses when they are occurring, which are caused from the same unchecked destructive egoic behaviors. These are the important lessons from the past that remain unlearned. What we do not learn, we keep repeating. If we study spiritual gurus and spiritual communities in the recent years, one will begin to see a very disturbing pattern of gross abuses of power. Where an absolute power was given and fully corrupted, this set the group mission up to fail. The group field of the community begins to drown in the same massive archetypal dark forces that prefer to use spiritual betrayal and victim-victimizer manipulation tactics to continue the divide and conquer agenda within that group.

    That is the big set up on the earth, a person that highly desires external validation of self-worth and special-ness, will have to play the mind games to get what the broken ego and instinctual drive wants. This means they must make the deal or Faustian pact to give up personal sovereignty and many times prostitute themselves, because of who is really behind the power abuses and controlling the spiritual structure. The first thing these dark forces do is find that spiritually ambitious person’s pressure point and work to compromise personal integrity and derail spiritual actualization, in order to exploit addictions and weaknesses through psychological and emotional blackmail. An emotionally unstable person is a weak-minded person that is easily possessed, therefore is easily manipulated by their uncontrollable impulses until they become so fully corrupt, their physical body is used to satisfy the whims of dark forces that are controlling their instinctual impulses. Instinctual impulses are not enlightened behaviors, they are the marker of a spiritually undeveloped person. Thus, spiritual consumerism can be highly addictive to the instinctual body, as it is marketed as entertainment and an astral bliss pill. This is the main reason why so many people fall prey to their instinctual reactions and personal indulgences transferred over to spiritual consumerism, which leads to a rapid spiritual decline, which exacerbates even more unethical behaviors and power abuses.

    For many spirituality is viewed like a consumer option, like an extension or app with a free activation and trial period. Maybe this week we’ll try the mindfulness app, or the shaman Ayahuasca app, or the hot yoga app. Something that we can add to our operating system which offers to bring change, to help lift our base instincts, make us feel more fit, more kind or more peaceful. This usually comes with subconscious limitations, placing an internal stop on too much change, that would make us uncomfortable or disrupt the way that we see ourselves or relate to the world around us. This description of spiritual consumerism may seem callus, but there is a very surface feel-good quality associated with the marketing and monetizing of spirituality and self-help, that operates almost like a bait and switch. The bait and switch have dishonesty at its core, in the marketing used to fool our mind into thinking we are buying a product that will make us spiritually strong and more evolved than we actually are.

    Attending week long retreats to look at our anger, our grief, or our thighs are treated as the false equivalent of an awakening or enduring a deep emotional healing process. Retreats that scratch the surface and allow us to feel something, allow us to check off a box that later gets turned into, I’m beyond all that shadow because I’ve dealt with that already. Thus, the setup is to ignore red flags and emotional weakness in everyday life, because the fear of actually facing deeper issues and having to make changes in one’s lifestyle is too overwhelming. Spiritual development is about getting the negative ego out of the driver’s seat and being open and willing to feel the changes that need to actually happen while being honest with ourselves. If we are really being honest, we may know we need to change, but we will be faced with a test of self-responsibility. In the consumer spiritual market, we can transfer that responsibility onto something else, and pretend that we are actually doing something spiritual because we paid for a product or listened to a guru type that promised awakening.

    Yet there is an importance of value-based exchanges when we are in service in spiritual community. We must spread that value and service to others, in order to keep circulating the money-energy to exchange with others that also contribute to the overall wellbeing of the community in their own ways. When we value human beings and what they contribute, the value is embedded in the work, service or product that is exchanged. The money received should represent the fair value exchange of that work. Money received represents the value of your work, time, energy, talents and contribution, when you spend that money you are letting go of the value created and honoring the value another person has created.

    It is interesting to see people who would describe themselves as long term spiritual practitioners, get completely knocked off center by basic everyday challenges, or have a meltdown about political elections. It is also interesting to see those who have positioned themselves as spiritual teachers, abuse power so frequently by sleeping with students or throwing tantrums where they are verbally abusive. These are some of the issues with consumer spirituality, where we invest time and money in a product, technique, tradition or artifice by making it a part of our routine and possibly our social fabric. Someone can have years of “practice” like this hanging out on the surface of spirituality, but then get knocked over like a house of cards by relatively small events of adversity. People can flip in-between these states of lower ego and higher frequency (momentarily) and how long they hold sustained higher frequency states is the hallmark of spiritual maturity and mastery over the personal energies. When people lose their center, freak out or lash out, you are looking at an ego tantrum, and when they do it is the sign of inner violence, fragmentation and the need for integrative spiritual healing. Inner violence generated by the three layers of ego and mind control programming that remains unhealed will result in control-oriented tantrums. This is an important piece to remember as to why Krystic beings never deviate their focus to engage in combative strategies that are violent, and choose to stay peaceful and holding a pure loving heart within even the most difficult interactions.

    Spiritual development takes authentic human character development and deciding what kind of person you really want to be in the world. When we are honest and responsible about our personal commitment to improve ourselves, it is this commitment to do what is necessary, that takes us beyond our comfort zones and actually makes us stronger and more balanced people. This is the time to take an active role in healing ourselves, healing our lives in so to become healthy and balanced people. When we can identify emotionally destructive behavior, and are willing to take steps to heal our thoughts and emotions, we empower ourselves in taking steps that lead us to spiritual freedom. May love, peace and spiritual strength bless you.
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  • Enjoy the Best of DNA MONTHLY Free Online! http://www.phoenixregenetics.org/resources/dna-monthly/current-issue This special retrospective issue features “Understanding Our Bioenergy Blueprint,” “Tuning the Human Biofield,” “Frequency, Vibration & Oscillation: Energy Patterns Affect Your Wellbeing,” “3 Scientific Game Changers that Will Transform Medicine” & much more!
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  • E-1906
    The Government of Canada has a duty to ensure the rights and wellbeing of Canadians;
    The maintenance of our borders and limited merit-based immigration are essential to our rights and wellbeing;
    Polls consistently have shown the majority of Canadians reject illegal border crossing and subordination of our citizens' needs to those of illegal aliens; and
    Several of our allies notably the United States of America, Poland, Hungary and Austria have withdrawn from the United Nations' global migration pact citing its threats to their sovereignty, peace, order and good governance.
    We, the undersigned, Canadians, call upon the Government of Canada to likewise withdraw from the Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Sign/e-1906?fbclid=IwAR0XXpHYnDcgj0PQBbdYVRG2KDKFu1pv9zfthAbH05bAUGZ-oer5esVpGj8
    Sign this Petition - E-petitions
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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njWcrYwundg&feature=share

    NExt time you read mainstream articles about these topics, this may help promote you to be smart, think, analyze, and wonder if these things, if you were not previously aware, are really there to help us. I'll hint to you, they are NOT. Vaccines and GMO's are overtly 1000% not for your well being. But proper seriously real food nutrition, as clean as you can get, organic, non-GMO, lifestyle choices in exercise, focused thoughts, feeling, conscious breathing, meditation, and simple inside thought choice of how you wish to be and what you want your reality to be, are key.

    You are your own health professional, you know your own body, mind, spirit best if you just stop for a moment and listen within. What is needed? Get out there and do it, because obviously its impossible for anyone else to do it for you! Do whats right for you, so that you can be happiest, most effective for others, for together and connected we all are, do what you most want and is vibrantly aligned in your path and mission of being! You are responsible for your own wellbeing, firstly.

    Although, with intelligent compassion, we can definitely all help one another, care for one another, support one another, even if at times harsh truths are involved, that is supporting, being honest, being truthful with one another, if somebody on the outside recognizes something for you that may be accurate and can be done that you are refusing to take care of. Sometimes you need to hear it from someone else, to wake you up, snap you out of your blockages. But ultimately, you must DO IT, have and use the courage and finally just do it, no matter what others think! You are the leader of your life, your reality and world amongst this collective and unified reality. Lead yourself, and guide others, and they do for you :3.

    Do your own diligent research, seriously dive deep and reconsider a lot of information, one of the most absolutely important for us all to understand and get a hold of, is health and nutrition, real knowledge of vaccines and GMO's. We are growing in awakening, growing greater conscious, these dark instruments of control and in healthful delineation, shall be no more!
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  • Thankyou All. You are special here and it's a joy to have each of you sharing Harmonising of Energies in this new world of caring we create. Everything you do for yourself and others increases the wellbeing of all. Well done. Post, share your interest and what works for you. THANKYOU. https://onstellar.com/pages/harmonising page will share "what works for me giving this group a focus on what works for you. Thankyou. Love, David
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  • Thankyou. Its a joy to have each and everyone of you to share what will help your health and wellbeing so much with Crystals, Gemstones and Gemstone Energy Medicine. Well done. Blogging on this page leaves space wide open for you to share in our group https://onstellar.com/groups/gemstones. Your upvotes, downvotes and comments will let me know what will help you most and which experiences to post more of here for you. Thanks again. Love again. David
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  • Spiritual Wellbeing
    Why Spirituality?
    Four Areas of Vibration
    Free Will and Spiritual Freedom from Mind Control
    Spiritual Anxiety
    Why Spirituality?
    We live in a very complex world. On one hand we live in a sort of matrix reality where there is a prescribed life path that all are encouraged to follow. It can be different customs in different nations but in everyone's world you are born into a reality that is defined for you by parents, your religious community, by governmant, by schools or places of learning and by your neighbours.
    The world around us is becoming less and less workable for the masses. With the development and bold use of weapons of mass destruction during the last century and with the environmental destruction that has taken place, existence of the human species itself is at risk of being obliterated.
    Spirituality asks the questions: Who are we, what are we and why are we here? The journey of spiritual exploration is an attempt to sit back and look at life from a different perspective than what we have been brought up to see and believe.
    It's interesting that the term 'mindless masses' became popolar during the 1960' - 70's. When you just forget about such hard spiritual questions and just go about living out your daily life, you are living as one of the 'mindless masses'. It's like living inside a program on a computer.
    As more and more people start wondering what kind of future we have to look forward to, there are greater numbers of people focussing on a spiritual journey. Many rejected the religious teachings they grew up with. They often found them very restrictive and guilt-producing which limited their satisfaction in life. They also don't provide much in terms of answers about how to rectify the increasing suffering that is going on in the world. But there is a worry and concern about what is happening and there is an inner sense that life is about to get even worse or open to something we don't yet understand that might be better than we've known up until now. The youth of today are particularly having a problem with the empty concept of a prescribed life that their parents and teachers have encouraged.

    Four Areas of Vibration
    Note: I have looked to try to find the source of this for years but to no avail. I can't take credit for putting it together but I have thought about this and worked on it over the years. If the reader thinks it sounds familiar and you can find an originator of these ideas, please let me know.
    A. Chaos
    The first area is a reality where there is utter chaos. Nothing is predictable and people have no set of primary values they live by. There is also a lack of meaning and purpose in life. This brings to mind a life of anarchy where there is no governing order - but it's more like what the ruling class would have you imagine would happen if their rule was overthrown. With a higher level of spirituality, there can still be an order to life based on universal values. A world of chaos is more like a world where the gangsters ruled and everyone was just out for themselves. A client I spoke with told me of his life in Iran where it wasn't safe to be out in community. He got safely to school and back but the rest of his life was basically in the parental home due to chaos in the community. His own life had order and purpose but the way he described the outside community was more of a chaos reality. Your day is one where getting food and shelter is the main priority. You never know what will happen and you just live to survive with no sense of security. Managing day to day events takes all your energy and there is no space for considering the purpose and meaning of life.
    If there was no moral order or regulatory body, then the service-to-self orientation could take over. The biggest bullies would take advantage of the weaker people. There would be no protection from or retribution for incidents of lying, cheating, thievery or assault or even murder.
    The positive side of living this reality is the self-determination that it upholds. Some people might reject a heavily structured world in order to not have to be intimidated by guilt and responsibility. There is a sense of personal freedom in this, though you have to become good at either protecting yourself from others' selfishness or be indebted to others who would protect you.
    B. Dogma/Rules
    In the second, quite rigid structure, it is a reality where everything is very ordered and regulated. Some of the nightmarish sci-fi films and books describe a world where everything you do is regulated by police/robots. Anyone not following the expected code of behaviour is quickly brought under scrutiny and control. Those who rule such a world would justify their methods of control by making you afraid of the chaos you would live in without it.
    Lots of people will develop a strict moral code, often of a religious nature, to bring order and predictability to the chaos. Without their sense of rules and rigid codes of ethics, life feels like chaos. It can be very frightening. When you start to question their expectations and rules, they often become angry or dissociative. They are very defended against questioning of their rules for fear of reality breaking down into chaos. They picture a God who punishes sinfulness so even if you don't get punished or incarcerated for your unruly actions in this lifetime, you will meet your maker at death who may very well put you in hell where you will suffer consequences for eternity. This expectation of accountabilty serves to maintain an order of life where expectations are clear and adhered to for fear of punishment.
    On a positive note, people who live within this reality can get any questions they have answered by the authorities that uphold the rules. They don't have to think for themselves but can rely on their structured view of reality to provide all they need to know to live a 'successful' life. There is a strong sense of belonging with others who follow the same rules and they often reiterate these values with each other to reinforce their belief systems.
    C.) Scientific View of Reality
    People who have grown up in a place where there is a strict expectation of moral behaviour will often reject 'religion' altogether. It feels filled with so much judgement and control. They look for 'evidence-based' orientations of how to successfully live life. They entertain a more scientific approach to life. This feels like a better way to bring order to chaos in stead of just making up rules based on assumptions and fantasy. These people are often angry when people bring up values that are based in a religious view of the world. They see world religions based on delusions rather than reality. They usually do welcome a moral code of behaviour, but often it lacks a sense of purpose other than protecting the human species from extinction. The scientific approach scrutinizes assumptions that people live by. Those assumptions can greatly limit our knowledge and understanding of how this reality works. Scientific research and discovery brings great progress in lifestyle and opportunity for advancement.
    There have been some greatly valued scientists over the years whose knowledge and theories have carved a foundation of scientific knowledge. Consider Einstein, for example. In the scientific paradigm, there appears to be a great attachment to old established theories and it's difficult to 'think outside the box' at times. At present there is quite a split in the world of science between old order scientific foundations of knowledge and some of the questions and theories coming out of quantum scientific research. Somtimes scientists are just as quick to quote the foundational knowledge as the 'fundamentalist religious people are with their structured view of life. However, generally, a theory is seen as having some merit until proved wrong. Within this, though, there is heavy scutiny of the credentials of the theorist. If you don't have a solid foundation of scientific inquiry, your questions and theories are seen as naive or uninformed.
    D. Sense of Wonder
    In this fourth area - and it wasn't called a sense of wonder by the original source - people see that there are many wonders around them that may or may not ever be explained by a scientific approach. Coincidences and syncronicities become interesting on a new level. In this area, life is seen as a personal, spiritual journey.
    I bring this forward because it helps for us to understand the perspective that people are coming from. This way of understanding people can bring a more compassionate view of their position. Some people who are trying hard to recover from addiction or from a life of crime will do so successfully by getting involved in a strong religious group. The addiction/crime lifestyles can represent a life of chaos. With addiction there can be ongoing instability of resources. They are living day to day, often facing hardship of not having food or lodging or a means to more drugs/alcohol etc. Relationships with others can be frightening and unpredictable. Joining a religious order where they feel accepted and helped back on their feet can be a welcome relief from the chaos of their previous life. These points can be true for people who grew up in chaos and go into the world of crime to provide for themselves. The strict moral order can offer them structure and a sense of attainable forgiveness to wash away the trauma of the previous lifestyle. When they relapse they quickly enter the world of chaos again.
    Religions have played a major role in instilling a behaviour code in our societies. The dogma is presented to the growing child in many cultural norms that are acted on by the people around them - in the home, in their place of worship and in their community. Children grow up with an identity attached to their religious order. Any behaviour that is outside the behavioural code is criticized and 'corrected'. Most religious groups see everyone within their group as being favoured by God or a creative designer of the universe. People outside their group are seen as 'less than' or inferior. It can be quite disturbing to see when people fall out of their religious group and the people who so cared for them within the group turn their backs on them, judging them as unworthy of their support and caring. This reflects their view of the Creator as judging them worthy of divine love only if they follow the rules of 'moral living'. Within their group, they feel a sense of belonging and love. When they withdraw from that group, they feel judged and abandoned by the very people who they thought were so loving. All of this centres around a fear of chaos. Within the world of chaos, people often feel alone and without purpose.
    The restrictions of organized religion can also bring a sense of aloneness. If your identity is so attached to the identity of your religious teachings and community, it can feel like a lack of freedom and personal fulfillment. The caring of that community can feel very conditional on following their expectations and the sense of being 'cared for' can seem very superficial.
    The world of scientific investigation can take you out of your emotions and into your intellect. It can set up a structure of life that takes you out of chaos and into predictability. It can give you your freedom of personal perspective with an ongoing leaning process about 'how the world works'. If something is scary, you just don't understand it well enough. If there is no evidence that warrants the fear respone, one can use intellectual reasoning to 'make it go away'. Many in this perspective can be very judemental of those who are attached to religious orders. The beliief in God is based on religious teachings with no hard evidence of his existence. The stories of religious lore are seen as fictional, meant to control the masses. The mindset of those who have been 'duped' by those teachings are seen as rather primitive and uneducated. There is an inordinate amount of guilt put on people who disobey the teachings. There is fear of punishment by a creator being for whom no evidence exists to support its reality. Often there is a belief that when we die we die. Any out of body or near-death experiences are seen as originating from a psychological or neurological underpinning. We have such as 'need' to believe in a reality greater than ourselves, that our minds will create it. The 'sense of purpose' in this area of reality is that we continue to scientifically investigate the world around us and over time, future generations will live in a time of much greater understanding of how to live a successful life. Some in this area do keep an open mind to there being more beyond this reality but they believe we will likely never know what that is. All the efforts to prove a greater reality are full of holes in intellectual reasoning.
    Often people with a scientific view will spout their agreed upon beliefs with each other, not unlike the fundamentalist religious groups. There is a shared reiterating of scientific knowledge and skepticism. It can be difficult to discuss personal questions or points of view that are outside of the scientific knowledge base. If you were to have a 'mystical experience', for example, it would be quickly written off as coming from some psychological or neurological basis that if we only had more scientific investigation of the circumstance, it would no longer be a mystery.
    There is so much defending of one's position in the above realities.
    The Wonderment of Life's Journey
    Approaching life from a sense of wonder takes life into an amazing personal journey. This journey is unique for everyone. There is an interplay between experience and knowledge. At times you have an 'inner knowing' that is hard to explain or justify but that doesn't minimize its importance.
    In my life experiences, I have come to see myself as a Christian, though most who live by that label might not see me as one. For one thing, I don't really believe in organized religion for myself. This means I don't go to church - maybe I'll go every couple of years to enjoy the Christmas celebration, but that's about it. If I do go, I ask the creator to show me in the experience what it is I am to learn from the experience. There may be some wisdom that shines out of the sermon given that will resonate with me and lead me to a particular kind of exploration of ideas, knowledge or reflection. The reason I would call myself a Christian is because I greatly value the cited words of Jesus - Love one another as I have loved you. I do not believe in a punishing God but I believe in a loving creator energy in this reality that wants us to embody and manifest that love into the world around us. I believe we are spiritual beings, eternally connected to that Creator energy and we are here having a human experience in order to help us to evolve to a higher state of consciousness. I have recently come to believe that the whole universal reality is also evolving forward. I look for and find the love messages in all religions. Even the nonreligious orientations can have a 'service to humanity' value system. As I wite this, I am aware that the wisdom teachings of Matt Kahn, a Buddhist, have been particularly illuminating over the past couple of years.
    I've had many personal experiences or listened to those of other people that have opened my view of the kind of reality we are living in. There are many times that my insight about reality has had major jumps forward.
    In the sense of wonder, it would seem that everything has a purpose or interconnection. Though it is primarily a personal process, there is a belief that everything I do or think affects everything else and what I experience is affected by everything else going on in this universe. This gives me a personal responsibility to have a more positive impact on all energies around me.
    It's interesting that I feel a need to justify my rejection of organized religion and I also feel a need to justify not spouting 'evidence' that has led me to the understanding of life that I have developed. But in the sense of wonder, it is tedious to go through those kind of arguments. It is more important to focus in the present with awareness that all thoughts and experiences of your past have led to this present moment of being. It's also not important whether life feels the same for other people. It's delightful when others resonate with how I experience this reality but I also know that each of them have their own unique experience. It is said that 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear' (and vice versa).
    What is Consciousness?
    Many more scientifically oriented views would see consciousness as connected to the brain. When your brain is active, you have consciousness. We know that we can have 'altered states of consciousness' such as when we are sleeping or delirious. The brain is still functioning but our awareness of reality is altered. It's interesting that when someone has a 'near death experience' and is lying 'brain-dead' on the surgery table, their brain is not functioning, yet they will return to life having had an experience of consciously knowing and watching what is going on around them. There are multiple documented cases of this. The person might have been listening to the conversation in the operating room or watching someone moving around in the environment specifically during the time when their brain was not functioning. Surgeons and their nurses can confirm that what they experienced was indeed real. However, their consciousness existed separate from their brain function.
    Most mystics are very aware of consciousness existing outside of the body. Some will 'leave' their body and experience a whole cosmic awareness of reality that is quite different from reality in this earthly existence. However, most people have not had such an experience and are usually afraid to explore such experiences.
    Many in this budding age of consciousness evolution are thinking that we are not 'human beings having a spiritual experience' but rather we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. In this view the body is more of our 'avatar self', a temproary vessel that we occupy in order to have a limited experience in this earthly plane of existence. Consciousness is viewed as our eternal self, an energy form that is not only individual but also interconnected with all energy in the universe. We are all an integral part of creation in action.
    This becomes rather abstract and can be hard for most people on the earth plane to imagine, let alone understand. It's easier to see ourselves as one individual compartment of energy, connected only by chance and choice to the physical world around us. A scientist would perhaps say that our belief in connectedness is only real because we 'want to see it as so' Religious people might see the above view as a temptation by arrogant evil forces who wish to have control rather than be subservient to a God/Creator.
    There is an empowerment that comes with consciousness evolution. We are much greater than our parts and we have a significant connection with 'all that is'. However, with that empowerment comes a great deal of responsibility. If we are an integral part of a whole connection of energy, what kind of influence do we have within that connection?
    Quantum Physics
    I am not a scientist, but I do read and listen to videos about scientific theories that continue in development. It's interesting to see the studies that show a strange view of energy and magnetism at a quantum level. There is also a theory that there are parallels between viewing the micro state of reality and the macro level of existence. There's a lot more unidentified 'stuff' than we have realised before - for example the present exploration of what dark matter is or what our so called 'junk dna' is for. How can a particle in one place affect an 'entangled' particle in another place - perhaps thousands of miles apart?
    Science, itself, is throwing us forward into more wonderment and is teaching us that we really need to consider a broader view of reality that our five senses show us. When they found that the expectations of the researcher profoundly affected the results of the experiment - well what is that? How about the effects of our emotions on the molecular structure of water?
    There are several brave scientists who have opened these doors to discovery even though they have often faced ridicule and discreditation from their fellow scientists. This brings more of a bridge to a 'spiritual' view of reality.
    My adult children said to me that perhaps 'spirituality' is an evolutionary jump forward from 'religion'. That was an interesting point of view and it fits beautifully with this paradigm that I am describing. The sense of wonder encompasses and appreciation for 'chaos', 'dogma' and 'science' and more...
    Experiencing the Sacred
    I sat in counselling a woman who had been through horrendous abuse. I was being very careful to not 'lead' her descriptions of what she had been through. There has been a lot of pressure by the 'False Memory Syndrome' people about the role of therapists in exploring issues of childhood trauma. While I was listening and talking with her, she began looking at something up and around the back of me. I asked her what she was looking at and she said there was a huge angel behind me. I asked if the angel had a name and she said it was 'Raphael'. I asked what the angel was telling her and she said he was saying to listen to me. Well, I never experienced such 'performance anxiety' in my life! We really didn't talk much in the rest of the session. However, I began reading lots about angels after that. I found out that Archangel Raphael particularly helps trauma survivors - and assists those who provide healing to trauma survivors.
    It makes you feel a little 'crazy' to think about the angelic realms. I didn't see the angel myself, so believing in angels goes back to believing in something that I have no tangible evidence for. However I have heard so many stories from people about unusual experiences in this sort of genre that I don't easily write this off as fantasy or delusion.
    I've come a long way since that day in the office. I've learned that our consciousness is much greater than the physical reality around us. For example, I believe that when you think about someone who is in hospital or suffering and you 'wish' them peace or comforting, that they actually feel that. It has become more commonplace these days that someone will ask you to think about them, such as in a job interview or when facing a difficult meeting, hoping that your well-wishes will positively affect the outcome.
    A few weeks ago, I had a 'sense' that Archangel Raphael was with me. In my mind/heart space, I expressed gratitude for all the support he has given me over the years in caring for troubled people. I had a tremendous awareness of a very deep and expansive love feeling that he is. I was almost in tears to feel that intense love. It felt quite 'sacred' to me and was overwhelming. As I recognized how incredibly strong and loving this being is, he said for me to 'not do this to him' ie. he encompasses the sacred love in 'all that is' and I can be that love as well. He is not 'greater than'. There is no hierarchy in the spiritual realm. That sense of love is available to all who seek it and is to be shared in every way.
    Some experiences are really hard to put into adequate words. This is true of probably all sacred experiences. There is a sense of awe and wonder that is on a non-verbal level. I have had a few experiences of this nature during my lifetime and I am deeply grateful for those experiences. They bring about a trust in the sense of wonder and not having to have everything logically explained or justified.
    Many spiiritual guides will not give you the wisdom you seek so much but will guide you into practice that will help you access the wisdom within you or within your own personal connection to the cosmos.
    Perhaps the development of religions was originated from a set of wisdom guidelines that had this same intent. However many of the world religions developed rules of life to follow and a push to give one's own judement over to the masters who know so much more than a naive student of life. Personally, I think with the 'marriage' of church and state, the powers that wanted to rule the general populace saw the opportunity to develop and use religious dogma to maintain a control of a then subservient group of subjects. There are also some religious leaders who are within themselves quite narcissistic and feel a strong need to be seen as better than others - more knowledgable, more righteous, closer to God, more special. But many of the actual sources of wisdom over the ages were probably not of a disciplinary nature.
    It's interesting to see the process of our indigenous people in North America in the variety of their beliefs. I have not met an 'elder' yet who was arrogant or 'preaching'. They will tell you about what they have learned but usually do so in the form of a story - something they have experienced in their lives - or wisdom that was given to them by an elder, for them to ponder and consider. They see us as connected to all life on the planet and they pay attention to any signs of guidance from the nature that surrounds us. An example of this in action was once when I went to presentation where a few of us were to talk about various aspects of addiction. A female elder was there and we joined for lunch. In preparing for her presentation, she watched all that was happening around her that day that gave her 'guidance' about what she would talk about in her presentation. In contrast, I had written out an outline of what I hoped to cover in my part. There is no competition in this. It's just different ways of approaching a presentation. I love the native ways of approaching life though and their intimate connection to their surrounding environment.
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