• I don't know how this OnStellar network works yet, but slowly I'll catch up with it... In the meantime, anyone out there interested in #aliens #healing #psychic #pastregression #spirits #spiritcommunication #ancestors #spiritualcommunication #crystals #wicca #spells #magick, etc? Please hit me up. Thanks everyone!
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  • http://www.wicca-spirituality.com/dragon-goddess-tiamat.html #tiamat #moldavitemother #primordialremembrance #dragonsblood
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    Over 3 people (that's a lot) asked me if I agreed with what Jason Louve said about Wicca and Paganism. NOPE. Jason is LEFT BRAINED and cannot understand Mysteries + half his facts are based on what the WINNING side wrote about History, not the actual history. Be Well my Beloveds! Keep up your OWN studies!
    #Occult means Hidden from the UNINITIATED, and only Heaven can initiate you (not people).
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  • Sacred Geometry, in its bare essence, is the study of the "Oneness of Creation" from the perspective of Geometric Forms and Patterning found throughout Nature. The study of Sacred Geometry is a great way to integrate both sides of your brain. While being based in pure mathematics (left brain), it simultaneously gives you a profound insight into the interconnectedness, wonderment and sanctified divinity of all creation (right brain).

    It is a definite way to transcend what appears in the physical world to be "Organized Chaos" by connecting and reintegrating us with the "Source" of "All That Is," Was, and Will Be.

    Sacred Geometry has been expressed in symbols, images, art, mysticism, architecture, books and jewelry throughout history by masons, artists, sculptures, writers, metaphysicians and geometricians to convey religious, philosophical, cultural and spiritual beliefs.

    Sacred Geometry shapes are found everywhere in nature and throughout the Cosmos from the microscopic to the celestial.

    Each tradition has created its own unique version of this Divine Patterning:

    the Jewish Star of David and Tree of Life
    the Egyptian Eye of Horus and Ankh
    the Tibetan Buddhist Vajra and Mandalas
    the Hindu Om and Sri Yantra
    the Mayan Calendar and Galactic Butterfly
    the Chinese Yin Yang and Taoist Symbols

    the Christian Rosy Cross and Labyrinths
    the Wiccan Pentagram and Celtic Knots
    the Pre-Historic Flower of Life and Solar Symbols
    and finally, the MerKaBa, Crop Circles and
    Alchemical Symbols popularized by the Mind, Body,
    Spirit Cultural Creative Movement.

    This Sacred Teaching has Indigenous Roots that dig back Beyond Antiquity; however, the Sublime Wisdom you can attain by its study is timelessly fulfilling. The understanding of Sacred Geometry takes on even more relevance today by helping us to stay Centered and Integrated during this period of Massive Transformation.

    All this being said, the Sacred Geometry Symbols offered by this website each have a specific function and meaning. They are each fully charged with the energies of the Sun, the Moon and Crystalline Grids.

    Ultimately, the real beauty of our aesthetically pleasing pendant is that it is in essence, as my wife Pauline calls it a “Functional Healing Necklace.” They make excellent “gifts that keep on giving”. Each medallion comes with it’s own specific gemstone. Get your necklace for women and necklace for men. You can also purchase a Sterling Silver rope chain to go with your new healing jewelry.

    “Enjoy all of our sacred geometry patterns and their meanings.”

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  • If I'm allowed to choose and form my own reality;
    Then my fore fathers were wiccas. My biological father was not. He was just "the program" that kind of is described in the movie Matrix.
    If I'm allowed to interpret how my life was formed this time;
    Then I've chosen, for this life, to incarnate directly in, without safety net, into the "matrix-maschinery" to learn. And I've realized that you dont have to be parent-less, you can adopt! Of course only from your heart but still you can adopt! I've adopted new fathers, yes three of them, and it's an amazing feeling not to be the oldest one in my family
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  • My man knows how much I dig his artwork; especially things he composes around my specific areas of interest; like my witchy stuff (Wiccan), planetary stuff, and extremely surreal things; like things about which I dream. Here's one of my favorites which he composed in Bryce. The Pentagram in the clouds, whose shadow you see on the ground, is composed completely of diamond. Artwork by Phillip McGuffin.
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  • Still getting the hang of exploring Onsteller. I'm in the process of transitioning from a day job to retirement so I can devote my time to scripts/novels and learning more about CE-5 and how to get in 'tune' with our Cosmic Family. I'm a cancer survivor, a Witch/Wiccan/Pagan/ETBeliever. I'm interested in film making and my vision for my scripts is mostly Brother-Friendship stories. I've been a fan of such stories since I was a child and seek to write role models for men today who may wish to delve deeper and more fully into male-bonding. When a 25 year old college man asked me why I write Bromance, he really listened and then his eyes took on a faraway gaze. "I think I can get into this Bromance thing." He said it in such a way that it broke my heart. 'My Gods,' I thought. 'Does he think he needs PERMISSION?' He's one of the reasons I write such stories. (I do also write Gay Romance stories, but strictly for the relationship aspect. I know sex 'sells', but hey... I follow my heart, not the trend.) I'm also Asexual/Aromantic (Aro/Ace) so if there are other Asexuals out there, please give a wave. I love Led Zeppelin and classic rock. Jimmy Page's music helped me to fight cancer, so he has a special place in my spirit. I hope to put up a YouTube channel within the next week, so lots going on in my world. Wherever my ET Guides wish to lead, I will follow. Take care all and may we travel our journeys with wonder.
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  • Hello Everyone. My name is Erik and I am an Experiencer. Allow me to introduce myself...

    First off, I came here to Onstellar yesterday afternoon after about 2 weeks plus of my other Online Paranormal Family (The Fadernauts) insisted that I create a profile over here and that I would do well. More on that in a bit.

    First, I will give you some background highlights. I am a child of wandering parents. The wandering took place in various locations from the San Joaquin Valley in Central California to the Eastern side of the San Bernardino Mountains of the western edge of the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Huh??? My Dad, a prolific workaholic, was a lifer in the Military to begin with; 6 full time years in the Navy during the early to mid 60's, hence my birthplace being Longbeach, California and then a couple of years later, he joined the Air National Guard wherein he became on officer in Air Force Intelligence. During the early 70's, he took a simultaneous second career as a Park Maintenance Worker for the California Department of Parks and Recreation. So, between the Military Career and the State Park career, we moved a lot. Like about every 2 to 3 years a lot. I was always the new kid in school. The longest we lived anywhere was Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains outside of Hesperia, California. That was about 6 years and I kind of imprinted on it and to this day, call it my home. My roots. I was 12 when we moved there and I left at 18 for my own brief stint in the US Army as a 95B Combat MP in Berlin, Germany.

    So, for the most part, with that setting, things sound ordinary and humdrum. Quite the opposite. My first childhood memories are of a supernatural/paranormal nature. The scenarios were unsettling but repetitive. Always the same thing occurring yet slightly different each time. It would start late at night or in the wee, small hours of the morning when I would be awakened by.........nothing. Something woke me but not a sound. Then I would realize, THERE IS NO SOUND! And then I would begin to hear disembodied whispers or quiet chattering from all around me and the house. But, I would not see a thing. Then, inanimate objects would begin to move haphazardly on their own with no seeming rhyme nor reason to their movements. Sounds like a standard haunting, doesn't it? Now the fun begins. These voices. The objects moving. The bizarre pounding on the floors and the walls. The whatever magical potion was sprinkled onto my little brother who had the top bunk in the same bedroom, my Dad, my Mom to keep them asleep while I lie awake terrified to witness it all. Sounds like a haunting. And it followed us everywhere. No matter how far we moved. But there's one last piece to the puzzle....The Blue Light.

    All of the strange poltergeist like activity appeared to be more like distractions. As if something were saying, "Look over here!"

    It would be while I was looking and distracted when my room would flood with an intense electric blue light coming through my window........And every window in our house. Then, quite suddenly, I would hear a loud buzzing in my ears and I could no longer move nor make a sound. Then the outlines of entities would begin to take shape in the brightly lit backdrop. Very dramatic, these critters. Lol. And then....(I know this sounds like sleep paralysis but it isn't)

    ...my next memories would simply be waking up in the morning as if nothing had ever happened. Except fresh pink scars and marks on my body where none were the night before.

    Later, after my brief time in the Army, and a few seasons as a Wildland Firefighter in Northern California, I became a logger in Colorado. We would be away at logging camp, 100 miles from anywhere, i.e., the middle of the Manti LaSalle Mountains in Utah, and the nightmares started show up. I was about 25 -26 years of age in the early 90's. I was starting to get glimpses of images that seemed to occur AFTER the Entities surrounded my bed. And, I also got smells and a low, humming sound. I didn't feel like I was in a craft. I got more the intuited sense that I was in a cave or underground somewhere. I recall smelling wet or musty earthy scents. Like wet rock. Sometimes I saw craft, but I don't ever recall being in any with gleaming walls, shiny lights, complex instruments or the other stereotypical things one might expect from experiences such as these. Just a dark underground feeling, an intensely bright white light over me that never hurt my eyes, but that could be simply because in my nightmares, I'm always lying on my belly, prone on what seemed like a round, stainless steel table. I have no recollection of being face up. Ever.

    Soon, after the nightmares kicked in, I began to obsess, much to my ex wife's chagrin, with the brief images and smells lodged in my memory. I knew there was more. I tried everything. Deep meditation. Creative visualizing. Tablet after tablet after tablet of drawing paper filled with my drawings of the same three images over and over and over again. Nothing more came.

    Something else funny/strange began to happen. I began to understand complex physics, linguistics and my art flourished. I have no formal education beyond high school and the military. I also became intrinsically fascinated with shamanic practices of healing and Eastern Philosophical studies. I read everything I could get my hands on. Bhagavad Gita. Black Elk speaks. The Peaceful Warrior series by Dan Millman. A Course in Miracles. The Celestine Prophecy series. The Law of One. Ra Speaks. Everything by Ken Wilber. Two subscriptions to Buddhist magazines; Shambala Sun and Tricycle. The Book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. Tao Te Ching. The teachings of the Dreamtime by the Aboriginal Elders in Australia. Wicca. Druidism. The teachings of the Kogi Tribe in South America......on and on and on.....On a side note, I've never done any hypnotic regression. I don't trust it. I have a close friend that feels she was exploited by a very high profile researcher who shall remain unnamed by me here out of respect.

    I finally went on a few Zen retreats whereupon I learned about Reiki. After six years of intensive study and practice, I earned my Master Certificate. At about this time, I was about 3 years into running a blog called Contact. Around 2006. I got noticed by Bill and Nancy Birnes and one of their editors, Leslie Gunter invited me on as a writer and blogger for UFO Magazine while Bill and Nancy ran it. It was at this time, again through dreams, a theory was coming about intuitively in my head. At the same time, I met a good friend, and to this day he is still a good friend, the Father of Cropcircle Research and the coiner of the term "Cropcircle", Mr. Colin Andrews. I began writing and publishing essays simultaneously on my blog, Contact as well as on UFO Magazine blog. A few kind folks thought I should make some of the best essays of my theoretical work into chapters and thus was born my book, The Psychoterrestrial Theory, Are You The Trickster?. And my friend, Colin Andrews was very kind and offered to write the forward to it. I did the whole Podcast Tour with it for about a year, but I could not handle the hostility of Ufology in general so, I left it never to return. You can still find it on Amazon, amazingly enough. I think I've sold about 20 copies since it was published in 2012. Lol.

    Since then, I've found myself divorced and in several different bad relationships until the beginning of last year, when I met Kim. She got me. She even understood me and my brokenness a little. And.........she insisted I focus full time on my art career.

    The images you see me posting are intuited. Well, most of them. I'd say about 85% to 90% of them are purely channeled and intuited. They come about through deep, thoughtless meditation. And once the image comes, it will not let me sleep or anything else until it is out! Relentless. But, I also intuited that the images are medicine. Some may resonate with what has been painted. It jogs a familiar memory or emotion that might've been otherwise lost. At the same time, the Entities themselves are finally allowing me to see them through my own work. Clearly. So.............we are all healing with this creative endeavor.

    Incidentally, this is only the second time that I have ever shared a kind of "Highlight Reel" of my experiences. The only other time I've shared this much with someone other than very close friends or family, is with Colin Andrews when I sent him an essay on them.

    I feel safe here. I feel that I am with those whom understand or are at least trying to understand such things. Hell, I don't even have close to a complete understanding of them and they happened to me! I do not call them alien as I know not where they are from or what they are. I do not use the acronym, UFO often and instead to simply refer to them as craft. Because I do NOT know a damn thing.

    I thank you all for your patience and I do heartily apologize for the lengthy introduction. I am a huge believer in complete transparency and the bravery and courage it takes to maintain it.

    Please enjoy my art. It is for you. If it inspires you or stirs something positive, please share it. All I ask, in a very gentle and polite fashion, is that I am credited for it with my name and my website URL.

    Most grateful for all of you,


    #erikstittart #thepsychoterrestrialtheory #ufology #paranormal #fadernauts #ufologyart #scifiart #mysticalart #spiritualart #spaceart #aliens #ufos #space #astronomy #planets #stars #nebula #prints #posters #colinandrews #ufomagazine #billbirnes #nancybirnes #experiencer
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  • Raised Jehovah’s Witness: Firsthand experience with “cults”, and bloodline / family of origin spiritual issues.
    Wicca: Self dedicated Wiccan student at age 16. High Priestess / Wiccan teacher at age 18. Founder of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”, from 1999 to Present. Over 20 Marriages brought together under my ministerial services.

    Professional Psychic:
    Age 17, Premiere engagement, at “The Warehouse Nightclub” 1992 – 1997.
    Exclusive Psychic of “Jillian’s Entertainment Complex”, 2000 – 2005.
    Psychic fairs, personal clients, and a myriad of special engagements, parties, social gatherings and rock concerts. Professional Tarot and psychic soul coun’soul’ing currently, for 27 years. Along with my personal studies, and evolution,I have unlocked many mysteries of the human psyche and heart through gnosis (experiential learning).

    Buddhist Devotee of Sri Mamau Devi: I took refuge with my Guru Sri Mamua Devi, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha in 1995, age 21. Currently under psychic guidance of my Guru, and the Bodhisattva Karma Kagyu lineage.

    Owner of “The Occult Shop” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 1998 – 2004
    Spiritual retail and community temple, home of the “Coven of the Illuminated Shadow”. Owner and webmistress of “TheOccultShop.com”. Large Event creator and organizer. Professional cat herder. Expert on “Pagan Time”.

    Co-Owner of “Aquarius Star and Shangri-La Spiritual Center” Retail & Services: Brick and Mortar location. 2006 – 2008. Still owned and nurtured by my business partner, Lydia Stec. Rebranded “Lydia’s on Ludlow”.

    Founded Events:
    “The Cincinnati Witches Ball”: Creatrix, Founder, Producer. 2001 – Current. An Annual full costume, DJ spinning, Witches Dance. Age 18+, for those of all faiths who have a “Witchy” side. Hosted at the Historic victorian mansion, “The Southgate House”. The Cincinnati Witches ball became the event of the season. Our first year, we had over 600 in attendance. I was the coordinator, head of vendors, Mistress of Ceremonies, Priestess of Live Wedding on stage, playwright of Halloween skit.

    “HearthFire Festival”: A collaborative community effort I spearheaded, to meet the late Druid / Author / Activist, Isaac Bonewitz (r.i.p.). A weekend pagan festival, 4 days of camping, vendors, performance ritual and sharing. Family Friendly.

    “Womens Full Moon Lodge”: A weekend retreat for ladies only. Based on ritual and mythos of Inanna. Spiral dancing, ritual, meditation, guided visualizations, group healing reiki, Organic food + chef catered, camping on private property, vending, networking and celebrating the Goddess within. Co-created with Lydia Stec. (Just the two of us and the retreat was an amazing success, lives were changed!)

    Youtube Content Creatrix:
    Over 3000 subscribers, over 150 Videos; http://www.youtube.com/user/occultpriestess
    Radio Show and Podcast interviews also posted on the Occult Priestess youtube channel. 2008 – Current.

    The Kosmic Kore Podcast: My dear friend Freeman Fly, of FreemanTV.com challenged me to come up with a Podcast, he would then host on his network. I continue to work with Freeman, though currently, I am independently producing “The Kosmic Kore”, and seeking opportunities. 2016 – Current.

    Broadcast: Interviewed by local FOX news, Subjects: “Columbine School Massacre and the Gothic lifestyle”, as well as a highlight piece on my business, “The Occult Shop” retail store and temple. Writing, art and expression, have also been ways I give of myself to my community. Over twenty locally published articles, and interviews (Ohio/Kentucky).

    MY FIRST MOVIE: “The Nightmare” a new kind of film, a real life mixed with horror movie magic, a hybrid. Directed by Rodney Ascher, on the subject of Sleep Paralysis and the Shadowman entity, a bedroom intruder. I am one of seven Sleep Paralysis survivors, who share their Story, in this most unique film of 2015. Premiering at Sundance Film Festival. Available on Netflix. Rodney Ascher contacted me directly after seeing my YouTube Presentation of “Death and the Maiden”. Connected through Ted Torbich, podcaster.

    My Second Movie: “The Hatman Files” : Yet to be released. On the topic of “Spiritual warfare”. Addressing the phenomenon of the Shadowman, with a hat. Directed by Kyle Jay. Projected Release 2018.

    First Live Performance in Los Angeles: August 2017, a two night engagement, as hostess and narrator of “The Ancient Rites of the Cultus Septem”. A Stage Play / Initiatory Rite, hybrid, with musical score and full costumes, by Johnny Royal. See Full blog at this LINK. Thanks to Chris Sanders and Creator Johnny Royal!

    Fade To Black, December 2017: A Guest on FADE TO BLACK #F2B Radio with Jimmy Church. That week the guests were Me, David Icke + Linda Moulton Howe. 2 Major teachers, and me ~ wow!
    Occult Priestess
    M.I.B. : MAIDEN IN BLACK Korinne Wilson: Also known as, “Kore”, “Reverend Banshee” Just the Facts Ma’am: Raised Jehovah’s Witness: Firsthand experience with ...
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