Intuitive Visionary, holding a direct connection with the Divine since birth, Along with Multi-dimensional time traveling that started around 4-5 years old with memory of my other physical bodies residing in other dimensions. Blessed with empathic, and pinpoint enhanced spiritual gifts and abilities. I love taking photos of the clouds and have gathered a pretty good collection over the years.
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  • May 18, 1964
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  • My Abduction Experience and Visits From Another Species
    My Abduction Experience  and  Visits From Another Species   2015 was an eye opening year for me, and the beginning of what is considered by the public as paranormal activity. Not only did important abductions take place, and countless visitations from other species, but I was enlightened as to what was actually going on in my personal situation. Being multidimensional, my...
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  • I, ME, MY... WHO AM I??
    M.E.   I, ME, MY…. WHO AM I??     The big question. The unsolvable mystery. The piercing light. The dark cloud of the unknown. The missing puzzle piece. I, ME, MY, Who am I? And why am I here. Is this Heaven or Hell? Am I alive, or are we all dead and just holograms? And in fact, if we are all holograms of a thought manifested into an experience, at what point will be...
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  • Beetle??
    I had something happen that I am hoping someone might have information about... I had this beetle type thing appear in my truck the other day. I know it wasn't anything I have ever seen here before. It's body was round and brownish in color with a hard body and it was the size of a baseball. It had some sort of wings because I could hear them buzzing they were moving so fast. It started like...
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    ENOCH Giants     In 2015 Enoch long with a few others appeared to me and began teaching me. After 3 years of things surfacing and confirmations manifesting left and right… I was still left with one question. All religions in history point to the giants or the fallen angels, or Gods (which ever form is irrelevant for where I am going with this) bred with the humans. All this...
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  • Look Beyond the Surface
    I just have to say that if anyone here is looking for people with DEEP SEEDED knowledge, they are on this site. Noone may have recognized them yet and they may not have many followers yet...... But they are here. I just met someone on here that is absolutely incredible. I am not saying stop looking at the more popular ones..... I am saying look at the ones that have not been found yet.. The...
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  • The Mandela Effect In Everyday Life
    The Mandela Effect In Everyday Life   It has taken me years to realize that what I was experiencing was also known as the Mandela Effect. When I first was drawn to a video about this I was in total amazement. Then I came into the understanding that sometimes the same event is described differently by the perception of the individual. The Mandela Effect is very simple, even though so...
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  • My Precious Child
    My Precious Child   You question me; Why does it hurt? Why does love include pain Does the turning of the page mean no more pain with love? The beast is gnawing at my flesh I can't tell if it is real or a masquerade Then I connect to the lighthouse within the depths of my soul My flow of tears now has begun to slow The tug at my breath loosens Your peace begins to settle in My...
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  • My Personal Story; Remembering Your Other Dimensional Beings
    My Personal Story Remembering Your Other Dimensional Beings How my Understanding Erased and Replaced Fear!   I am not sure if this information is something that people are interested in hearing or understanding, but I decided that If I could help just one person then sharing my story was worth it. I tried to publish some of my work last year, but I tend to get too technical about...
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