From 1992 to 2002 investigator Christopher O'Brien investigated hundreds of unexplained events reported in South-central CO/North-central NM. His investigation is chronicled in his “mysterious valley” book trilogy and his investigative event log of UFOs, cattle mutilations, crypto-creatures, etc., is one of the largest databases of unusual occurrences from a single region in The USA. His latest book STALKING THE HERD is the most comprehensive book ever written addressing the misunderstood “cattle mutilation” mystery. O’Brien has appeared on over 70 TV shows; Ancient Aliens, Coast to Coast, UFO Hunters, Inside Edition, Extra, etc., and he co-produced the film “It Could Happen Tomorrow” winner of two 2012 EBE film festival awards—for Best Feature and Peoples Choice Award.
  • Investigative Journalist/researcher at
  • Studied Broadcast Media/Journalism at Leman College CUNY
    Class of 1980
  • Lives in Chemung, NY
  • From Medina, WA
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  • Want More Information About UFODAP?
    New article about UFODAP at…/      
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  • THIS is REAL Scientific UFO Research!
      This is an example of the UFODAP motion tracking software identifying motion and then tracking the acquired object, in this case, a jet taking off from Burbank Airport. Events will be recorded both with and without the bounding/targeting boxes. Our engineer, Ron Olch, has done a masterful job creating this sophisticated software program!   Go...
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  • Want to find out more about UFODAP?
    I'll be taping radio shows w/ Micah Hanks for the Gralien Report Monday, Alejandro Rojas for Open Minds Thursday and Live w/ Don Ecker and Richard Sarradet on Dark Matters Friday Night.  The subject? The SLV UFO Data Acquisition Project! Tune in to any of these fine shows to hear more about this groundbreaking project that involves high-def pan/tilt/zoom...
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  • Wanna Help REAL Ufo Research?
    FINALLY! The SLV UFODAP camera installion process starts in two weeks! The gofundme page is open and posted! I will be traveling to the San Luis Valley—America's premier UFO Hot-Spot—in two weeks to install the first two cameras and an instrument package. One camera will be on a cell tower in Monte Vista, CO, the other (18 miles away) next to the world-famous "UFO Watchtower," in...
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  • OUT THERE w/ Ted Bonnitt & Christopher to Debut in September!
    It's almost HERE! The new radio podcast: OUT THERE w/ Ted Bonnitt & Christopher O'Brien will debut in our inaugural 30 minute broadcast this coming month. We taped the show several days ago, before Ted left on his whirlwind trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD and then down to the "mysterious" San Luis Valley for his first taste of paranormal central. Ted and our cameraman are filming...
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  • What to see in the Mysterious SLV, CO
    Where to go and what to see in the mysterious San Luis Valley, South-central Colorado/Northern New Mexico: <<<<CLICK>>>>  
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  • David Perkins w/ Greg Bishop : Gaia, Memes and the conscious Earth
      Here is a link to a rare interview with David Perkins (aks as Izzy Zane)  who gets my vote as one of the most intensely creative thinkers in the paranorma/UFO/cattle mutilation realm. Perkins trained Linda Howe in the late 70s, developed the most workable theories to explain 'cattle mutilations,' and has been a mentor to me for over 25 years, Greg Bishop managed to lassoo "Izzy"...
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  • SLV part 11 The Unexplained Livestock Death ("cattle mutilation") Mystery
    In the realm of the paranormal, the San Luis Valley is most notorious as the “birthplace of the cattle mutilation phenomenon.” The first widely publicized case of this type occurred right in the heart of the SLV, September 8, 1967, but what makes this distinction compelling and perplexing is that the case in question featured a horse. In the thousands of cases of animal mutilation...
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  • SLV Part 10 The NORAD Event
     By Christopher O'brien    NORAD Command Center, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO   As noted in an article at my website, the NORAD Events (possibly the USA’s most underrated “dark horse” UFO affair of the 1990s) was comprised of a series of unexplained occurrences over a six week period, including reports of various types of...
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