Starfire Tor is the discoverer of "The Time Shift Effect" featuring the Core Matrix, Time Shifts, Co-Existing Time Lines, Time Travel, the dreaming brain, the Dark Matter Aberration, and The Unified Field Theory Of Psi - the science behind everything psychic and paranormal. Starfire Tor, who is also known for her accurate precognition abilities, has appeared on many radio and television interview shows including The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Dreamland with Whitley Strieber, Coast2Coast AM with Art Bell, Coast2Coast AM with George Noory, Coast2Coast AM with Whitley Strieber, and more. Starfire Tor also lectures, has an active presence on social media, and her life and work have been featured in books, films, and television shows, She was the head science writer for Quest magazine, and is a prolific writer of articles and reports. Starfire Tor is currently working on her book "The Time Shift Effect".
  • I am working on my Reality Shift Manifestation SoCal weather modification after mission report. This real time week long public RSM mission turned out to be scientifically historical. Therefore, the research concerning what happened is very important. BTW, 811 people - from around the world - informed me of their RSM participation. More than that may have joined in, but I can only count the 811 who came forward to be counted. Try to imagine, all the good that can be done, if thousands of people joined in on specific RSM Starfire Tor missions. Think of the lives saved, and the suffering averted.
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  • UPDATE July 25, 2018: Join This Successful Mission
    Operation Lower Southern California Heat Wave Temperatures
    Today’s Historic Public RSM Mission Was A Huge Success
    Fantastic Core Matrix Time Line Edit Evidence Captured
    Learn More About How Reality Shift Manifestation Works
    July 25, 2018 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

    My reality Shift Manifestation [RSM] weather modification mission, to lower this week’s Southern California [SoCal] heat wave temperatures, continues to be a huge success. Tomorrow is the last day of this mission. It is still time for people to join the RSM team, because the more people who do this and follow my instructions, the more powerful and successful my RSM mission will be. To date, 703 people have informed me that they have joined the RSM team mission. More than that, probably joined the effort. But for the sake of confirmed statistics I am going with the 703 number. If you joined in, but did not inform me about it – and would like to be counted as someone who participated – you need to tell me privately or publicly. Unless you tell me otherwise, the identities of all participants will be withheld from the public.

    Go here to see all of the reports related to this Reality Shift Manifestation [RSM] weather modification mission. This includes the RSM mission instructions, images, documented temperature charts, statistics, and updates. The RSM mission material, on my website, contains more information than what I have posted on social media. So, go to my web page for the best and most complete RSM mission information…/RSMJuly2018CAWeather.html

    This RSM mission began on Friday July 20, 2018 when a Southern California heat wave was forecast. The heat wave was forecast as going into the triple digits from Monday July 23, 2018 through Thursday July 26, 2018. Therefore, these were the dates that my RSM mission was programmed to lower the temperature on every day of the forecast heat wave. I always call my RSM mission experiments, because that is what they are. I make no promises, except that I will follow through with the mission. I have been doing these RSM missions for many years now, many of them in public – including through some of my interviews.

    Every single RSM mission, that I have ever undertaken – whether public or private - has yielded some level of success. The more missions that I did, the better I got at manifestation. My RSM protocols are based on my understanding of the workings of the Core Matrix, how and why it streams co-existing time lines, how and why it engages in time line edits, and how and why the Core Matrix-brain interface is the key to a successful RSM mission. Even though I have honed the process, there is still much that I have to learn about my own RSM protocols. This is why I always call these missions experiments.

    Besides developing RSM protocols that work, I also understand the inherent rules of conduct by which the RSM process must adhere. I will be teaching this in my upcoming book “The Time Shift Effect”. A successful RSM has little to do with intent, or fulfilling whatever wish you want. People who promote that, regardless of what they call it, are promoting a fantasy. As anyone can see, based on the documented results of this RSM weather modification mission, I don’t deal in fantasy. I deal in the Holy Grail of hidden and forbidden secrets. Reality Shift Manifestation work is only one of the many hidden and forbidden secrets that I know.

    Today, Wednesday July 25, 2018, my RSM weather modification mission continued the previous days of lowered temperature success. Not only, did the team RSM mission effort manage to lower forecasted SoCal temperature highs, but today saw a greater drop in temperatures than in the previous days of this successful mission. Part of this success was due to the overcast skies that appeared over SoCal today. In fact, showers are forecast in parts of SoCal starting tonight. This is exactly what I was going for, as described in my RSM instructions and goals. Furthermore, no weather forecast included overcast skies or showers for today. Hot and dry was the forecast, and that is documented.

    For this RSM experiment, I focused the weather modification on the San Fernando Valley [the Valley] part of Southern California [SoCal] of the region. The San Fernando Valley is a good model to choose, because of its varying landscapes and variant temperatures. The Valley, which is part of Los Angeles, is home to about 2 million people and possibly millions of domestic and wild animals. It has 5 incorporated cities, 5 unincorporated cities, and 33 sprawling neighborhoods.

    The results, of today’s RSM mission, have yielded more than just data on how many degrees the temperature was lowered. The localized time line edit, part of the protocols, also yielded some terrific time line edit evidence too. This evidence, which is I have documented, shows the following: There were 2 different weather forecasts, given for the exact same areas on the exact same 2 final days of the heat wave. The first, higher temperature forecast, has the heat wave extending into Friday July 27, 2018. The lesser temperature forecast does not. They are as follows:

    Valley High Temperatures Original Forecast
    Wednesday July 25, 2018 108°
    Thursday July 26, 2018 107°

    Valley High Temperatures Revised Forecast #1
    Wednesday July 25, 2018 110°
    Thursday July 26, 2018 108°

    Valley High Temperatures Revised Forecast #2
    Wednesday July 25, 2018 105 °
    Thursday July 26, 2018 102°

    As can be seen from the date: Regardless of which forecast chart I use, the original or either of the 2 simultaneous time line edit forecast charts, the actual temperature highs from today Wednesday 25, 2018 were lower by many degrees. On top of that, overcast skies, clouds, and rain entered the actual forecast – although it entered none of the documented weather forecasts for the multiple day heat wave. This is how the data breaks down, which documents the RSM mission success.

    The original Valley temperature high for Wednesday was a collective average of 108°.
    The actual high temperatures, for that day, was a collective average of 101°. That is an average lowering of 7°. However, different Valley neighborhoods and cities had different numbers, which in some places lowered the forecasted highs even more. The largest temperature drop, in the Valley, was 10°. This is the breakdown.

    San Fernando Valley [Valley]
    Actual HighTemperatures Recorded
    Wednesday July 25, 2018
    San Fernando Valley 101° cloudy [averaged temperature]
    Van Nuys 98° cloudy
    Toluca Lake 101° cloud/pm showers
    Burbank 102° cloudy
    Woodland Hills 98° cloudy
    Encino 99° cloudy

    Forecast Temperatures for Thursday July 26, 2018
    [same source as ‘actual temperatures]
    San Fernando Valley 98° cloudy
    Van Nuys 95° cloudy
    Toluca Lake 93° cloudy
    Burbank 97° cloudy
    Woodland Hills 95° cloudy
    Encino 93°cloudy

    Starfire Tor
    "The Time Shift Effect" Book and Research Fundraiser
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  • UPDATE 2 July 24, 2018: Join The Mission Now And Save Lives
    Operation Lower Southern California Heat Wave Temperatures
    Today’s RSM Mission Was A Success Despite Challenges
    Another Geomagnetic Storm Hits Earth: Good For RSM Work
    July 24, 2018 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

    Please read the first update from today Tuesday July 24, 2018. This is the second update from today, which directly connects to the first update.

    Go here, to see all of the reports related to this Reality Shift Manifestation {RSM] weather modification mission. This includes the RSM mission instructions, images, and documented temperature charts statistics.…/RSMJuly2018CAWeather.html

    In my first update, today, I laid out the Reality Shift Manifestation [RSM] mission successes and challenges starting on Friday July 20, 2018. Since the first update, Southern California [SoCal] has documented its high temperatures for the day. I have also located the SoCal weekly weather forecast that begins with tomorrow Wednesday July 25, 2018.

    This RSM mission is not just taking on a 1 day heat wave. This RSM mission is taking on a 4-5 day heat wave – which is a very powerful and dangerous weather event. Despite the fact, that this RSM mission was able to lower the temperatures on every day of the heat wave thus far, a surprise was thrown into the temperature challenge for today Tuesday July 24, 2018. This challenge was so daunting, that I requested that thousands of more people join the RSM. I am not sure about thousands, but I do know that hundreds of more people joined the RSM mission today. Because of this, the day’s temperature challenge was overcome and the RSM team rang up another success.

    In the original SoCal heat wave weekly forecast, from Monday July 20, 2018, today’s Tuesday July 24, 2018 temperature was supposed to reach a high of 107°. After launching the RSM mission directives, starting this past Friday, the temperature forecast for today actually dropped to 104°. That is already a drop of 3°, thanks to the RSM energy work. Yesterday, Monday July 23, 2018, the original temperature forecast was for 105°. Yesterday, the RSM mission team lowered the temperature down to 99°. That was a temperature drop of 6°.

    But then something happened. After the RSM successes, from yesterday and before, the forecast for today turn a turn for the worse. Today’s temperature was originally forecast as being 107°. As I said, after the successes, that forecast dropped to 104° for today. But early this morning there was a revised forecast for the week, starting with today Tuesday July 24, 2018. That forecast had today’s SoCal temperature highs at 109°. That is 2° higher, than the original forecast, and 4° higher than our lowered forecast from yesterday.

    Regardless of the challenge, and the many questions that this reversal and raising of today’s temperature was, I still knew that the RSM protocols – along with the many hundreds of people on board – could and would turn it around. Before the day was out, that high number would be lowered by many degrees – and so it was. The average high temperature, in the San Fernando Valley of SoCal, was 102°. That average comes from a number of cities high temperatures taken into account. The actual individual temperatures ranged from 99° to 103°. This made the temperature drop, from the forecast temperature of 109°, from 6° to 10°.

    There is more good news. After the RSM did its work, a revised weekly forecast was released. The forecast begins Wednesday July 25 and goes through Tuesday July 31, 2018. Instead of tomorrow’s temperature hitting a high of 111°, the high is now forecast as reaching a high of 105°. Thursday July 26 – the original last day of the heat wave – has also gotten revised lower numbers. Thursday is slated to reach a high of 102°. At least for now, those inexplicable raised highs have been lowered by the RSM mission team. The original forecast for Wednesday was 108°, with Thursday reaching a high of 107°. This is already a 5° drop. Regardless, the RSM will continue and try to bring those temperatures lower even more. Either way, this RSM mission has been a resounding success.

    More updates tomorrow, as this successful Reality Shift Manifestation weather modification mission continues. Thanks to all who have participated, and will continue to participate until this SoCal heat wave has ended its run. With 2 more days of the heat wave to go, there is still time for people to join this RSM mission team. Join, and be part of this historical life saving RSM mission.

    Starfire Tor
    "The Time Shift Effect" Book and Research Fundraiser
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  • UPDATE July 23, 2018 Join The Mission And Save Lives
    Operation Lower Southern California Heat Wave Temperatures
    RS Manifestation Mission Success continues
    Today’s Weather Shows Lower Temperatures Expected
    July 23, 2018 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

    Please take a moment, and donate to my research and book fundraiser

    On Friday July 20, 2018 I posted the instructions for my Reality Shift Manifestation [RSM] Southern California weather modification mission. The goal was to use my RSM protocols, which are based on my knowledge of Core Matrix workings, to reduce the impact of the coming heat wave by at least 10 degrees. I invited the entire world to participate, because the more that participate the better the outcome can be. My Reality Shift Manifestation protocols, and my successes using them, has been publicly documented for years.

    This RSM has already yielded documented temperature drop results. But the RSM mission can do even better, if more people participate. There is still time for you to join, and make a difference by saving the lives of countless people and animals during this Southern California forecasted heat wave. 25 million people, and millions more animals, live in Southern California. A heat wave, especially for those without a cooling system, can die a terrible agonizing death from heat stroke and heat related medical issues such as breathing and heart problems.

    This RSM mission continues through Thursday July 26, 2018. You can join the RSM mission at any time during this mission window. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by giving this mission a serious try.

    Go here now, to get the RSM participation instructions, and join the hundreds who have already gotten aboard this Reality Shift Manifestation errand of mercy.…/RSMJuly2018CAWeather.html

    Here are the Reality Shift Manifestation mission results so far:

    On Friday July 20, 2018 a triple digit heat wave was forecast for Southern California. In response, I posted about the mission on that same day, at 3:46PM PDT. I posted the RSM mission instructions at 7:38PM PDT, which began my personal RSM mission launch. For the rest of the world, I set the RSM mission to launch hours later on Saturday July 21, 2018 at 10am PDT and remain open through Thursday July 26, 2016 at 10pm.

    As an example of the various Southern California weather forecasts, at that time for the expected heat wave, the California San Fernando Valley - which covers a wide swath of Southern California - was forecast to experience the following high temperatures:

    Monday July 23, 2018 …….. 105°
    Tuesday July 24, 2018 ……. 107°
    Wednesday July 25, 2018 …108°
    Thursday July 26, 2018 …… 107°

    I documented these predicted temperatures, by posting them, along with the forecast.
    Only hours after I launched this RSM weather modification mission, the forecast for the week had already changed. The change ranged from a temperature drop of 3° to 8°. I documented this, through a posted July 21, 2018 RSM mission update.

    Monday July 23, 2018 …….. 102°
    Tuesday July 24, 2018 ……. 104°
    Wednesday July 25, 2018 …104°
    Thursday July 26, 2018 … … 99°

    This temperature drop, was a great indicator, that my RSM protocols were working. But I also knew, that for any RSM mission to be successful, the localized time line edit programming must be anchored in the Core Matrix. This is why my instructions include telling participates to repeat their RSM work every day that the RSM mission window is open. This repeating is what helps to anchor the RSM mission goal.

    Today, Monday July 23, 2013, is the first day of the forecast heat wave in Southern California. As documented, today’s San Fernando Valley temperature was expected to reach 105°. Shortly after the RSM mission launch, that weather forecast dropped the temperature to a high 102°. But today, that temperature high has been dropped again to 99°. That is a total temperature drop of 6° for today, which takes the temperature out of the triple digit zone.

    Please join this Reality Shift Manifestation mission right now. If more people participate, then today’s temperature high may drop even more. So please join in right now. I still want to lower today’s high temperature even more, and then insure that the high temperatures for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday also continue to go lower. Let me know that you are participating.

    Starfire Tor
    "The Time Shift Effect" Book and Research Fundraiser
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    Join my Reality Shift Manifestation mission to lower the upcoming heat wave temperatures for Southern California. Go to the link for full instructions and updates.
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    What It Is, Where It Is, How It Works, What It Looks Like
    Please Read The Entire Post Before Clicking On The Links

    I have already posted the link to my whole interview with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland. which premiered June 22, 2018. I explained in that post, that due to ongoing Dreamland site problems - which made it impossible for most people to hear the subscriber second half of my show, or even hear the free first half without problems, my webmaster Sharri and I have put the entire interview on my website. Go here to listen to the whole interview:

    This interview was very important for a number of reasons, which is why it is so important that you listen to the entire interview. One of these reasons has to do with a promise that I made to you, a while back. This promise, was that I would finally reveal advanced information about the Core Matrix. This includes more about Core Matrix origins and functions as well as where it resides, what it looks like, and what the human connection is to the Core Matrix. In this show I talk about this advanced Core Matrix information, as well as a range of other first time topics.

    But that interview was only part of the Core Matrix advanced information. Many times, during the show, I refer the listeners to my Core Matrix report. The show and the report go together, although the report itself can stand alone. The Core Matrix report is on my website, and includes some of the most unique and important images you will ever see. Please do listen to me talk about this article, and these images, on the show. But also absolutely read the article and look at the images. I told you, that the information would blow your minds, and when you see these images of the Core Matrix - compared to dark matter and the our brain's neural network, you will have a whole new appreciation of what I have discovered. Go here for "The Core Matrix Report":

    Starfire Tor
    #starfiretor #thetimeshifteffect #thecorematrix
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    Please Read This Entire Message Before Clicking On The Link

    I have heard from so many of you, that it was impossible to listen to my whole recent June 2018 interview with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland. This was due to the Dreamland site not being fully operational. The second half of my interview was put in the subscriber’s section. But those who were not already subscribers to Dreamland, and who wanted to subscribe to hear the last half of the show, found that they could not do so. There is a notice, on that site, saying that the subscriber sign-up option is not working. Also, many who wanted to listen to the free first half of my interview found that the audio was only partially working, and in some cases only consisted of an advertisement that made them think that none of the interview was there at all.

    I consider this June 2018 Dreamland interview to be one of my most important interviews. Ironically, part of the show addresses something called “Dark Forces Attacks”. I feel that this is what I am battling, in my effort to get this show’s information to you. First: I have not done an interview on Dreamland for about 2 years. So this was a reunion show. Second: I released a lot of new information through the show, as well as revealing some very personal information that I have never shared before.

    If you can’t hear the whole interview, then you haven’t gotten the full benefit of the interview. If you can’t hear the whole interview, then you have been denied access to the very Truth that you have a right to hear. Keeping you from the truth is the goal of “Dark Forces Attacks”. Whitley has also been a victim of attacks. But his wasn’t the only website that was attacked. Mine was too. My webmaster Sharri Lorraine and I have been quietly working to restore it – but we have a long way to go. As you will hear, in the interview, I AM NO LONGER STAYING QUIET ABOUT THE BATTLES THAT I FIGHT TO GET THE TRUTH TO THE PUBLIC.

    GOOD NEWS! Through the efforts of my wonderful webmaster Sharri, everyone can now listen to my complete new Dreamland interview. Just click on this link and listen

    In this new hour long interview I discuss a range of topics that include The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, Time Line Edits, Time Slips, Precognition Hits, Ancient and Present ETs, The Dark Matter Aberration, Dark Forces Attacks, and The Future of Mankind.

    Of course, when the Dreamland site is fully up and running you can subscribe to it. The small subscriber fee does not go to me. It goes to support Whitley’s website and all it has to offer.

    Starfire Tor
    #starfiretor #thetimeshifteffect
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