I am an immensely multifaceted, multidimensional, and multifarious Techno-Hippie, Mystic Scientist, Integral Evolutionary, and Integral Tantric Healer, and Goddess Worshiper, with a kaleidoscope of deep interests, loves, passions, missions, and purposes, here on Earth at this extremely potent and significant time, with my Soul Tribe, and many like us, to help ground a new higher-level-functioning energy; to help birth The New Humanity and the New Earth.
  • Techno-Hippie - Mystic Scientist - Integral Evolutionary - Integral Tantric Healer - Goddess Worshiper at NowHere - Earth
  • Lives in Puna District, Pāhoa, Hawai'i
  • From Medford, New Jersey
  • Male
  • Single
  • July 31, 1972
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