New Friend! Fun to be here, in the future with you. Okay, here we go, finally, blockchain. Now we're permanent. Really need a blockchain blogger web CMS and my heart will be full. Then I'll finally be happy. Then I may need something else to make me happy at that point. But that's in the future. Umm, okay one probable future. No, maybe possible a parallel future in which a blockchain web blogger cms exists in parallel with some other internet, where I may actually be happy in both realities. Hmm. Will get back to you. Okay I just found the sidebar menu. My heart chakra just opened a little. Nice. Okay now I'm happy. I totally wasn't happy 5 minutes ago. So happy now.
  • linguistic metaphysician at small desk in the corner of my living room
  • Studied echolocation at 25°43'50.6"N 79°13'46.1"W
    Class of Mammalia
  • Lives in Vancouver
  • From Vancouver, BC. Sorry.
  • Male
  • Married
  • December 5, 1971
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